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And so, here we are. The story is mostly complete. I've toyed with posting it all in one go. Then I thought, nnaaaahh… I'll just give you guys short chapters. As usual, it's not worth suing me for writing fanfiction because I don't make enough money with my actual writing for it to be worth it for anyone. If I ever become as rich as the original creators of these TV shows, well then…

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The sea breeze played in the long strands of russet hair, and Fox Mulder couldn't help gathering his partner's hair in his right hand and twisting it around his fingers, all the while keeping his left arm wrapped around her waist. He knew very well that she had let her hair grown even longer because he had asked. Dana Scully was a pragmatic woman, and really long hair in her profession was more of a hindrance than anything. You always had to make sure it was securely out of the way, and wear those silly caps.

The woman in his arm sighed softly and leaned back in his embrace, her own arms crossed over his left and holding it in place. Not that he would have let go for all the wealth in the world. In his opinion, he already was the richest man in the universe because Scully loved him.

"I can feel you thinking."

Mulder huffed a laugh and nuzzled Scully's neck. Her soft giggle reminded him once more why he was suffering through the growth of a few days-worth of beard. He preferred himself clean-shaved, but knew he had a tendency to let himself go when focused on a project. Sometimes for weeks at a time when he worked on a book. She enjoyed the scratchiness, although she would never admit it.

"I'm wondering if I can convince you to get back to the hotel with me?" Mulder finally said.

"I need convincing for that?"

"You might when I tell you precisely what I have in mind."

"I know exactly what you have in mind, Mulder," Scully replied as she pressed herself even closer to his body if it was possible.

The two stood in silence for a few moments, watching boats sailing past. This little holiday in San Francisco had been his idea. Their last break had been nearly a year ago, after all the troubles the FBI had put them through after that missing person case. Mulder had never been so happy to see Skinner hovering above him.

In the wake of that case, Mulder had quietly booked a holiday some place warm and sunny, called the hospital to sort out Scully's leave, packed their suitcases, unexpectedly picked the woman of his life from work, and drove her straight to the airport before she could start arguing against his plan. He'd taken her away from the darkness and hidden them for a little while. And she'd let him know how grateful she'd been.

And so this year, he'd decided to do the same again. He'd chosen San Francisco because Scully had spent a long while in the area in her childhood. The Captain had been stationed in San Diego. That city had been out of the question though: last they knew, Bill Scully Jr. was still stationed there and he was far from their greatest fan. The last conversations with the rest of the Scully family all those years ago had not been joyful ones after Scully had to give up Will. Not to mentioned that Emily had been found and lost in San Diego.

Los Angeles had been a possibility. They'd had a great time at that movie premiere. But in the end, he'd decided to go for the slightly quieter San Francisco. And it seemed neither of them was regretting his choice for now.

"Have you planned anything for us to do this afternoon?" Scully asked.

Mulder smirked and pulled lightly on his partner's hair, turning her head so he could look at her gorgeous azure eyes. And so she could see his leer. Her laugh was all the recompense he needed.

"Not what I meant, G-man. Get your mind out of the gutter."

Mulder laughed along with her.

"Well, I've managed to feed us at least."

Scully nodded even as she turned into his embrace. She lifted her head to peck at his lips.

"You did."

They had stopped at the SeaGlass Restaurant and shared tacos. They now stood just outside the restaurant, just gazing at the ocean in front of them. Well, he was. Scully now seemed quite happy to just look at him.

"What?" Mulder asked.


But Scully's hundred watt grin told him she had something in mind. She stepped back and linked their hands together before pulling him gently away from the rail they had been standing at. He followed her beguiling smile without a word and they started to walk.