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He was looking.

But not really watching.

"But why not?" Youko whispered to him and Kurama swore he could see multiple tails swishing mischievously, "There is no harm in looking."

'These are high school girls,' Kurama almost wanted to roll his striking green eyes, 'I am in university now, remember?' He wondered why Yusuke wanted to meet him near a high school of all places, but it was Yusuke after all.

"We are both frustrated!" Youko snorted, watching the teenage girls pass them by through Kurama's eyes, "I can practically smell the lust pouring off them from here!"

Kurama did roll his eyes this time around and easily ignored the adoring glances he was receiving from the passing females and even a few males, 'I doubt Kaa-san will appreciate it when we're thrown in prison for having an affair with a teenage girl.'

"Fine, then go have an affair with a married woman like you're so fond of, boy!" Youko growled with annoyance, "But I am still allowed to look–!?"

"Excuse me?"

Kurama stiffened at the female voice that interrupted his mental conversation with the silver fox and found himself suddenly staring into blazing blue, "Yes?" He responded politely, somewhat surprised that someone was bold enough to approach him.

"I am sorry if I sound rude," The girl was extremely pretty with her long silky-looking hair and rare coloured eyes, yet the expression on her face was tight, "But you're being a little... creepy just standing there and staring."

Kurama was shocked, vaguely hearing the girl's friends asking 'what the hell she was doing', but he paid it no mind when the girl leaned even closer so her friends couldn't hear and he felt something that he only knew from Youko's past experiences.

"Listen, Kitsune, if you're here to seduce and steal energy from any of my classmates, then I will end you," The girl threatened and Kurama's skin tingled unpleasantly when the feeling of holy energy skimmed over him, "Have a good day otherwise."

"Did that really just happen?" Youko asked with amazement and Kurama watched with wide eyes as the Miko left with her equally surprised friends, "A Miko? In this age?"

What an intriguing puzzle...