My name is Maria, and I live on farm with my brother, Wesley. The farm belongs to a girl named Buttercup and her family. She seems really nice and we get along well. After a while, Wesley left to go get more money so he and Buttercup could get married. Buttercup and I begged him not to go, but he still went. We then got news that he was attacked by the dread pirate Roberts. Long story short, Buttercup wept, got engaged to the prince and was whisked away to the castle, and I was alone. One night, I couldn't go to sleep, so I stared out my window. I saw 2 boats out in the middle of the night, in eel infested waters, so I decided to investigate! I grabbed a row boat and sailed out. I was super sneaky, until I hit the side of the second boat. A man in all black looked over, saw me, and pulled me into his boat. "Please don't kill me", I begged the man. "Now I may have done some cruel things, but I would never harm a child", the man said. "Who are you", I asked. "I am the dread pirate Roberts", he said with flare. I looked at him with anger and sorrow. "You killed my brother", I said. I saw guilt in his eyes, but he masked it well. "Possibly, I kill lots of people", he said, a sad look coming to his eye. After a while, I asked, "Why are you following those men?" "To take something of theirs", he said. I simply nodded, then asked, "Can I call just call you Roberts, or do I have to call you dread pirate Roberts all the time?" He laughed and said, "Roberts is fine child." "By the way, my name is Maria", I said. "Ah, now I remember your brother, Wesley, was it? He talked about you", he said. I smiled. Finally, we were almost near a cliff when Roberts handed me a dagger saying, "In case you need to protect yourself." I nodded and grabbed the dagger.