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Chapter-1: Invitation

Word Prompt: Invitation

Dialogue Flex: "It's clear we're not on the same page."

I let out a frustrated sigh and look at the woman sitting across from me. She smiles in what she must think of a very sexy manner, but to me, it looks more like the wicked grin of one of the witches in the old cartoons.

"Honey, come with me. It'll be fun," she insists once again.

I start to shake my head even before she's finished talking. "No, Tanya. Thank you for the invitation, but I'm not going to this party."

"Why?" she asks with a pout. "Are you that busy in here?"

I shrug. "No, I'm not." She opens her mouth to speak, but I continue, shutting her up. "I'm not going because I don't want to."

A crestfallen look crosses her face, making me fell slightly bad for being so blunt. Rubbing my hand over my face, I tell her, "Look, we broke up months ago. I've moved on with my life, and I think it's time for you to do the same."

Her eyes narrow as my words register in her mind. "Is there someone else?"

I feel my anger rising and I snap at her. "I don't feel obligated to answer your question. Just know that our lives are separate from now, okay?"

"You don't know that ..." she mumbles, and I finally lose it.

Standing up from my seat, I say as calmly as I can, "I think you should leave, Tanya. This discussion isn't going anywhere. It's clear we're not on the same page here. So until you get there, I think you shouldn't come here."

She looks scandalized by my abruptness. "You said we'd be friends when you broke up with me," she hisses to me.

I nod. "Yes, but you inviting me to your sister's wedding as your date is not friend-like behavior. So … goodbye, Tanya."

After throwing one last disdainful glare at me, she walks out of my office, allowing me the reprieve to finally let out a sigh of relief.


After the Tanya-debacle is over and done with, I decide it's time for me to take my lunch break and enjoy being a free man again.

I choose the café across from my office simply because Tanya hated that place. Being a little spiteful is only human, right?

As I'm about to enter the café, I see a woman stand in the doorway, partially blocking the entrance. I prepare to tell her to move away and look into her face, and immediately, I feel like I've swallowed my tongue.

She's beautiful.

There she stands, in the entrance of a crowded café, but her face is lifted upwards, as if inviting the sun to kiss her skin. In the bright rays of the spring sun, she's the most beautiful creature I've ever laid my eyes on. The smile that stretches on her lips as she inhales deeply makes me smile as well.

Following her gaze, I look up at the sky, and suddenly realize that the sky looks beautiful as well. Has it always been so beautiful? Why haven't I stopped to look at the sky before? I ask myself.

I tear my eyes away from the breathtaking sight only to find her gone.

I search around, hoping desperately to see the long brown ponytail that glows red in the sunlight once again, but all I'm met with is disappointed.

My mystery girl seems to have vanished in thin air … for now.

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