A/N- This is my first fan fiction so please forgive me for any mistakes. There will be slash. The timelines for both the Harry Potter and Supernatural will not follow canon. There will also be changes to the Supernatural arcs due to Harry being with our favorite Super boys. If there is a lemon scene, I will mark it so you can skip, if that is not the boat you float on. But WARNING- WARNING if slash is not your scene, back out now and reverse and heaven help me I have no beta so mistakes are all mine. If you see something crazy, please all feedback appreciated. I added lines to show time changes. The story really starts when Harry goes to Hogwarts but I wanted to show a few things on how Dean, Sam and Castiel were affected by Harry being there.

Dean didn't want to have this conversation but he knew it had been coming. Ever since his dad had leaned over and whispered he should kill Sam if he turned evil was killing him. He'd finally said it the words his father told him. Sam was hurt, shocked and upset. Dean understood. He'd poured himself in a bottle every night and told himself it was for keeping all these damn secrets.

The explosion behind them brought them both out of their thoughts.

"It was over there." Sam said running to the car.

Dean followed him steps behind and they were peeling out to the road. They came to the house in minutes. The entire roof was half gone and debris littered the yard. The almost inaudible sounds of a child could be heard above them.

Sam took off running with Dean going to the trunk grabbing the duffle. Dean pocketed his knife and gun as Sam kicked in the door. Dean made it to him as Sam walked to check on the man on the floor. His eyes glazed and lifeless stared up at him.

"You check the downstairs. I'll get the kid."

Sam nodded grabbing the duffel and a gun and headed towards the living room. Dean stepped over the body and walked to the stairs following the crying child. The child's room looked like a bomb had gone off. Two bodies lay on the floor a man and woman. The woman's body was half covering the crib. Dean stepped over them and went to the child.

The child's sobs stopped as soon as his eyes met Dean. His hands shot up and Dean didn't hesitate as he picked him up. Blood caked his face from the scar on his forehead. Dean pulled the child into his arms and stopped long enough to check to see if anyone had a pulse.

He pulled out his phone as he headed down the stairs. Dean was already dialing 911

when Sam met him at the stairs.

"Two dead upstairs." Dean spoke.

"Yeah, I'm at 902 Watercrest. I need you to send an ambulance and the police. We were nearby and heard an explosion. There is a child and three dead bodies."

"Sir, it is illegal to make prank calls."

Dean pulled back the phone and looked at the number he dialed. "Excuse me?"

"There is no such address. Do not call again."

Dean looked to Sam when he heard the woman hang up.

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"She told me not to prank call again and hung up."


"She said there is no such address."

Sam walked out to the door which had the address listed. "What is going on?"

"I don't know. Let's get his stuff and we will go to the police department. This is all the fuck we need."

Sam nodded and went upstairs putting clothes and toys into a bag. Dean walked to the kitchen and got a cloth and wiped the blood away from the child's face. The child watched him but didn't start crying again.

"We will get you someplace safe. You okay there big man?" Dean spoke quietly as he washed his face and grabbed a bottle from the counter.

The bottle was still warm. He gave it to the child and headed to the car to wait for Sam.

"There is no car seat or anything in the house." Sam spoke as he slid in the driver's seat.

Dean only nodded and continued to feed the child. They found the police department and Sam went inside while Dean waited.

Sam walked up to the front desk and found a desk sergeant. "Hi, I'm Ted Nugent. I was traveling with my brother and we heard an explosion at 902 Watercrest. We went over hoping we could help. We found a child and three people dead. We tried to call 911 and were hung up on. We took the child with us. He is in the car outside."

Something came over the man's face.

"Sir, it is a very serious crime to make false statements and reports. You should leave or I will arrest you. This is your last warning."

Sam stood confused mouth open as he watched the man stand and unclip his gun. Sam didn't wait and walked out of the station. What the hell was going on, he thought. Sam walked back to the car and slid in.

"Dude, what is going on?" Dean spoke after looking at Sam's face.

"They told me to leave or they were going to arrest me."


"There is seriously something going on here. What are we going to do with a kid?"

The child in question was snuggled up on Dean's chest finally asleep. "Let's go get a room and see if we can find out anything."

Sam nodded and drove them to the nearest hotel. Dean waited in the car as Sam checked them in. They walked inside dumping their gear and sat lost. The child slept quietly as Dean and Sam looked at him like they had no idea what to do next.

"Research?" Sam finally spoke.

"Sleep, then research. We have no idea how long he will be asleep."

Sam nodded. Dean laid pillows all around the sleeping child then they both crashed. They woke to crying. Dean was confused jumping up and almost knocked the child beside him off the bed. It took him a minute to remember they had a kid with them.

Sam turned to Dean and threw up his hands in surrender. Dean rolled his eyes and picked up the crying child.

"I'll get breakfast and see if I can find anything out about the explosion."

Dean nodded and began grabbing supplies from what Sam grabbed earlier. He rolled his eyes when he saw Sam didn't grab anything for him to eat. Dean cleaned up the child and dressed then headed for the small grocery store across the street. The child in his arms was smiling his arms pointing and waving at people as they passed.

Dean smiled at the happy child as they made it in the store. He stood in the baby section for half an hour looking around. He had no idea what he was supposed to buy.

"Need help?"

Dean turned to a younger woman around his age. He gave the Winchester patented grin. "Yes. I helped take care of my younger brother but that was years ago."

"Your son?"

Dean looked down to the child that was chewing on his fist staring at him. "Just found out about him. I don't know where to start."

The woman studied him. She moved walking to the child and pulled out his fist and looked at his gums and teeth. "Baby food. He should be able to drink milk also."

Dean nodded and sat the child in the basket and began dumping baby food into the buggy. "Thank you."

She laughed grabbing several things off the shelf she thought he would need and added them to his buggy.

"Good luck." She whispered before sauntering away.

Dean grabbed a few more things then headed back to the motel. He had the child sitting on the table in front of him feeding him something resembling bananas as Sam walked in.

"Nothing, no one is speaking about the explosion or the accident and you need to see something." Sam was breathing hard like he'd been running.

Dean cleaned up Harry as they packed up and walked to the car getting in. Sam was nervous and Dean knew whatever it was it wasn't good. Neither spoke as Sam drove them back to the house.

The house looked the same as it did last night but now a wooden sign was in the front yard.

Residence of Lily and James Potter. Lily and James Potter along with their son Harry James Potter defeated the dark lord, HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED. Our hearts go out to them, they will forever be remembered as the wizards who stopped the greatest evil of our day.


Harry was moving pointing to the house. "Mum, da?"

Dean looked at Sam. "What do we do now?"

Sam looked at the child who was curling back in Dean's chest finger still extended to the house.

TWO YEARS LATER 000000000000000000

Dean was falling asleep. He tried to fight it and the pull to the bottle sitting on Bobby's kitchen table. Harry was curled up beside him on the floor asleep with Sam sprawled over Bobby's couch. Harry would not let him out of his sight since he'd come back from hell. He hated himself for doing this.

Harry already had abandonment issues from Dean and Sam constantly having to leave Harry with Bobby to hunt. Dean was so lost when Sam died and he sold his soul. At the time, he didn't think how that would affect Harry. He just needed his brother back, the brother that sometimes he thought of as a son, and was lost to that grief. How could he not when he'd raised Sam? Harry, so young, could not understand what happened. Sam, following Dean's fucking footsteps, lost it also and just left Harry with Bobby to go off searching for a miracle that would get Dean back.

He should beat the shit out of the both of them.

Harry was what mattered. When had he lost sight of that? Dean stared down at the child that had a death grip on his shirt. This child deserved better.

He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

Castiel stood waiting for him in the kitchen.


Dean looked down to the beautiful raven child and slowly stood up and walked in the kitchen. "What do you want?"

"Excellent job with the witnesses." Castiel spoke arrogantly making Dean want to beat the ever-loving shit out of him.

"You were hip to all this?"

"I was made aware." Castiel's eyes were looking at Harry on the floor.

Dean moved blocking his view from Harry. It was bad enough Harry had been here when the ghosts attacked. They'd barely kept him from being killed.

"Thanks for the angelic assistance. I almost lost my son."

"I'm not here to perch on your shoulder." Castiel's eyes flicked back to Harry. "We had larger concerns."

Dean stopped looking back to Harry. "Why are you looking at him?"

Castiel stopped looking at Dean then walked around him to Harry. Dean moved shoving himself forcefully in front of Castiel. "I don't know what the hell you want from me or your boss, if he is real, but you will leave my son out of his. Do you understand?"

Castiel looked at him. He moved getting too close for Dean's comfort. "There is a God. Something is wrong with that child."

"What do you mean something is wrong with him?"

"There are two souls in his body. One is feeding off him to stay alive."

"Can you fix him?"

Castiel turned from Dean and looked at Harry again. "Why should I?"

Dean took a step getting closer to Castiel. "You want my help. I'm sure your boss didn't have you come get me out of the goodness of his heart. You will fix my son."

"You should show me some respect, I dragged you out of hell. I can throw you back in."

Dean knew he should be terrified right now, but all he could think about was Harry. "You want my respect… You save my child."

Castiel studied him. His fingers lifted to Dean's forehead. Dean woke up on the floor with Castiel standing over him. Sam was still asleep on the couch so was Harry.

"They will sleep."

Dean watched him as Castiel studied Harry like a scientist over a Petri dish.

"He will scream. This will be painful."

"Will it save him? Will it take out the soul that is feeding on him?"


Before Dean could move Castiel was digging around in Harry's chest. Dean's hand twitched to whip his gun out of his bag. Harry's small chest was arched as he fought against the pain. Dean gripped his hand as Castiel dug around and finally pulled out a bright ball of light that had black twists of smoke rolling through it.

Castiel took out his angel blade and stabbed it. Dean watched as the soul screamed and light flooded the room and it was over.

"Will he be okay now?"

Harry jumped up between them and looked at Dean and Castiel.


"You okay?"

Harry sat up but he turned from Dean and was looking at Castiel. His little hand reached out and began to grab at the air. Castiel froze.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked trying to grab Harry away from the angel he still didn't know if he could trust.

"He grabbed my wing."


Harry broke into peels of laughter. Dean picked him up and stood. Castiel followed.

"It seems my grace has affected him."

"Excuse me?"

Castiel reached over and put his fingers to Harry's forehead. Dean wrenched him away. "What are you doing now?"

"He has grace inside of him."

"Will it hurt him?"

Castiel was stepping closer to examining Harry. "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Dean roared and had Harry flinching below him.

Dean moved Harry strapping him on his hip. Harry smiled then up at Dean. Dean couldn't hold back the smile. Harry turned to Castiel. Castiel glared at Harry. Harry's arms went up for Castiel to grab him. Castiel took a step back.

"What is he doing?"

Dean looked at the angel that was frightened by the love of a child. "Wanting you to hold him."



"This is not why I came here. I came to tell you what you are up against."

Dean sat Harry down on the floor as Castiel began to talk. Castiel refused to admit that Harry was playing with his wings as they spoke.


"Anna, take Harry and get in the back." Sam pushed Anna back into the room.

"What the hell were we thinking bringing him here?" Dean roared as they slammed the door.

Dean, Sam and Ruby watched as Castiel and Uriel walked into the now broken door.

Dean was relieved he saw Castiel. "We've come for Anna."

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"She has to die."

Harry ran out of the room then. Everyone froze.


Dean tried to grab him as he ran by but he was quick and slammed into Castiel's legs. Uriel looked angry. Castiel looked constipated and confused.

"Cas! Pretty Wings. Want to fly."

Dean was moving trying to grab Harry. He scooped him up sliding him behind Sam's legs and stood in front of them.

"Cas! Cas!"

Dean didn't know what to do at this point. He trusted Castiel but didn't trust Uriel.

"Anna is an innocent girl."

"She is far from innocent." Castiel was pulling himself out of his confusion.

Uriel moved to grab Ruby and threw her against the wall. Castiel was moving to Sam. Dean pushed at Castiel's chest. Uriel groaned and they watched as he was taken from the room then Castiel followed. Harry screamed as he watched Castiel being taken.

Dean and Sam checked on Harry then went in the room to check on Anna. Harry was still crying as they wrapped up Anna's wrist.

"What did you do?" Dean asked watching Harry walk to him as he looked at the ruins on the mirror. "Did you kill them?"


Sam walked into the room with Harry on his shoulder. They were going to head back to Bobby's as soon as they got some rest. Harry had passed out in the back of the car hours ago. Harry was refusing to stay at Bobby's without at least one of them there. It wasn't ideal and they needed to convince Harry they weren't abandoning him but how could they when they were always in danger. Sam knew Dean still blamed him for abandoning Harry when he went to hell. He was trying to make up for it.

Dean's scoff had Sam looking up. Castiel and Uriel were waiting on him.

"Winchester and Winchester, you are needed."

"We just got back from Pamela's funeral." Sam spoke trying not to wake up Harry.

"Pamela, you know psychic Pamela. Cas you remember her, you burned her eyes out. Maybe, you can stop pushing us around like chess pieces for five freakin minutes." Dean roared stepping in front of Sam and Harry.

Harry's head whipped around and took in the room. His eyes roamed over Uriel then back to Cas who was standing in the back of the room almost like he was trying to cut himself off from what was happening.

"Raised you out of hell for our purposes." Uriel's voice was like sandpaper to all of them.

"What were those again? What do you want from me?"

"Start with gratitude."

"Dean, we know this is difficult to understand?" Cas finally spoke.

Harry began to fight Sam to be sat down. Sam ignored him.

"And we don't care." Uriel's voice pulled Cas back to staring into the room again upsetting everyone in the room. "Seven angels have been murdered. The last one was killed tonight."

"Demons that have the juice to ice angels must be out of our league, right?" Harry jerked as Sam spoke.

Sam finally sat Harry down. Harry ran to Castiel and jumped on his legs demanding to be picked up. Dean was watching Castiel look down at him with a mild look of confusion and something else that Dean had not seen from the angel yet, longing.

"We can handle demons." Uriel sneered at them.

Castiel finally picked Harry up. He stood holding him out for a second each looked at each other with a look of perusal. Harry opened his arms and Castiel moved sitting him on his hip like he'd seen Dean do many times before.

Castiel moved walking to Dean and ignored Uriel who was looking at the scene like he was watching Castiel play in filth. "We have Alistair but his will in strong we have arrived at an impasse."

Dean was trying not to smirk as Harry laid his hands on Castiel's shoulder and began to stroke the invisible wings behind him. "Well Alistair is like a black belt in torture you guys our out of your league."

"That is why we came to his student."

Castiel spoke trying to get Dean to look past his fury at Uriel. "Dean, you are our best hope."

"No!" Dean watched Harry sigh with contentment and Castiel turn from Dean's face to look at him with confusion. "You can't ask me to do this Cas, not this."

"Who said anything about asking?" Uriel smirked and Dean was gone.

Castiel followed leaving Harry standing alone.

"Damn it!" Sam roared.

Harry looked at the empty room then turned to Sam and began to scream. Sam bent down scooping Harry up terrified for Dean and furious. Harry jerked demanding to be put down. Sam tried to keep him calm but finally sat him down. Harry began to scream again and almost vibrate. Sam watched him terrified. Harry threw his arms out as the lights in the room began to flicker and the wind picked up in the room. Harry screamed then disappeared.

Harry landed in a room with Anna and Castiel talking. Harry stood listening to the screams and moans coming from inside the other room. He knew his dad was in that room. He left Anna and Castiel and opened the door. It took him a few seconds to get the door open.

Harry looked inside and watched Dean throw water over the demon. He could see the differences of his dad and the man strapped to the wall.


Castiel and Anna froze and looked to Harry and the open door.

Dean whipped around taking in Harry.

"Dad, stop."

Castiel was moving trying to get Harry away from the door. Harry turned from Dean to Castiel. "Make him stop."

"Who's this?" Alistair spoke. "Do we have a small wee Winchester?"

Harry moved into the room with Anna and Castiel following him. "Dad, stop."

Dean was still frozen looking around the room at what he had begun. He dropped the knife and moved to Harry. He dropped to the floor and Harry ran into his arms.

"Dad, let's go."

Castiel moved to them. Harry flinched from him and Anna. "This is bad."

Castiel studied Harry and Dean as he was almost folded in on himself. Anna moved grabbing Dean's arm and began to pull him from the room. Harry looked back to the demon and saw him step down from the devil's trap.

Alistair moved to Harry. Alistair slammed into an invisible shield. Castiel moved slamming the demon blade into Alistair. Alistair laughed as everyone turned to him.

"You should really talk to your plumber."

Harry moved taking a step to Dean. Dean jerked him off the ground and ran into the other room as Alistair began to fight with Anna and Castiel.

Castiel flew through the wall followed by Anna. They stood up running back at Alistair. Dean moved trying to get back to the demon blade Alistair had thrown on the floor. Sam ran through the door slamming Alistair into the wall.

Harry ran to Castiel and jerked on his trench coat. Castiel picked him up automatically as they all sat terrified as Sam tortured Alistair with the power of his mind.

Harry watched it all with Castiel. Castiel's hand was gripped around Harry trying to shield him. Anna was standing next to Dean trying to keep him from stopping Sam. Sam killed Alistair and everyone froze. Harry grabbed a handful of feathers and watched Sam. Harry moved closer to Castiel's ear.


Castiel looked away from Alistair to Sam. Harry and Castiel were studying Sam.

They all stood waiting for someone to speak. Finally Castiel spoke. "I am going to take Harry back to Bobby's."

Dean looked back to Harry who was wrapped around Castiel and watching Sam. Dean nodded.

Castiel looked at Harry. Harry turned from Sam to Dean.


"I'll come to Bobby's soon."

Harry's hand dug into Castiel's shirt as he studied Dean. He leaned into Castiel as Castiel flew them to Bobby's.

Bobby was asleep upstairs when they arrived. Harry sighed as he looked around the room. "Harry?"

"Bed time?"

Castiel walked upstairs with Harry still wrapped around him. He moved to the guest room that had been converted to Harry's room. Castiel walked him to the bed and waited as Harry put on his pajamas and crawled into bed.

Harry pulled out the book that was still sitting on the bed. "Will you read to me?"

Castiel looked at the book and to the child sitting looking up at him with huge eyes. "I need to go."

Harry deflated then dropped the book and laid down. Castiel watched him then sat down on the bed next to him. Harry perked up and moved sitting in Castiel's lap. Castiel sat confused overwhelmed.

Castiel picked up the book with Harry in his lap and began to read. Harry fell asleep half way through the book. Castiel picked him up and tucked him in. Castiel could hear Jimmy's voice in the back of his mind. What is this that I'm feeling? Castiel thought. Jimmy's voice so distant could barely be heard, love. You love this child.


Harry walked in the door with Bobby. They'd just got back from seeing his dad and Uncle Sam. Everyone was worried, Sam had killed Lilith and Lucifer was now out of hell. Bobby was on full research mode. Harry had started to learn to read and Bobby was beginning to teach him a few words in other languages.

Harry walked upstairs to his room and sat on his bed. Castiel was dead. Dean had sat him down and told him Castiel was never coming back. Harry felt the tears run down his face. He felt so small. He loved Castiel and now he was gone like his dad had left him when he was taken to hell.

He heard wings and looked up. Castiel was standing in the room with him.

"Dad said you died."

Castiel walked to him and put his hand on Harry's chest. Harry almost fell over when he felt Castiel use his grace on him.


"I carved your ribs to keep you safe."

"Are you going to leave again?"

Castiel sat beside him on the bed. "I need to find your father. He doesn't know I'm alive."

Harry nodded and leaned into Castiel. "Will you be my mom?"

Castiel flinched. "Why?"

"You come and check on me. You read me stories and make sure I'm okay when dad is gone. Your grace is inside me. That makes some of me yours. Will you be mom?"

Castiel leaned over and picked Harry up and sat him in his lap. "If that is what you want."

"Mom." Harry muttered and pulled out a book from the shelf. "Will you read me one book first?"

Castiel picked up the book and began to read.


Castiel decided to stay in the hotel with Harry while Sam and Dean checked out the warehouse so they could meet the trickster. Harry was leaning over a book trying to read. He was getting better. Castiel sat down with him helping him sound out the words.

Castiel laid his fingers on Harry's forehead. Harry shook his head and looked at the book. "I understand it all now."

"Yes, I just gave you the knowledge to read. You will still have to study and learn."

Harry put down the child's book and picked up one of the books on demons. Castiel watched him read for a few more hours and started to get worried about Dean and Sam.

Harry fell asleep with the book in his hands. Castiel sat watching the door all night and began to pace.

Harry woke to Castiel staring out the window.


"Get dressed. I got you breakfast. We need to go find your dad and Sam."

Harry got dressed and ate the biscuit Castiel had waiting for him. Castiel flew them to the warehouse where Dean and Sam went to check on the 911 call. They walked inside and Castiel busted in the doors. Harry followed him inside and they stood inside a game show.

Harry ran to Dean's side. "Mom used grace and now I can read."

Dean turned to Castiel. "What did you do?"

Castiel shrugged.

"Mom?" Dean asked confused.

Harry looked from Dean to Castiel. "He said I could call him mom."

"Since when?" Dean was staring from Harry to Castiel.

"Is this really the time, Dean?" Castiel asked.

Loki showed up and snapped his fingers. Harry was in a room with Loki alone.

"Where are my dad, mom and Uncle Sam?"

"They are doing something for me. You are safe what do you want to do while your family talks."

Harry looked around the room. It was like a fun house. An arcade was set up on one side with a snack bar and library on the other.

Harry walked to the bar and sat down. Loki joined him.

"How about some ice-cream?"

"It's morning."

Loki laughed and snapped his fingers. The biggest ice cream sundae Harry had ever seen popped on the table. Loki whipped out two spoons and grinned. "What are we waiting for?"

Harry giggled. "Dad is going to kill you when he sees us."

Loki grinned and winked. "Our little secret."

Harry took the spoon and began to eat as Loki snapped his finger adding more candy. Harry put his hands over Loki's then shoved his own spoon in Loki's mouth.

"It's fine, eat."

Loki laughed and tucked in himself.

Harry ate then Loki drug him around the room and they played.

Harry stopped when Loki tried to pull him into a bouncy house that looked like a castle with a dragon wrapped around it.

"Why are you doing this to my family?"

Loki stopped looking at Harry. "Why do you call Castiel mom?"

Harry smiled. "He reads to me, comes when I'm scared and call to him. He protects my dad. He puts his wings in front of me when he thinks I'm in danger."

Loki looked at him. Harry reached out and grabbed one of Loki's wings. "I see your wings."

Loki looked at him shocked then laughed. "The tiny Winchester."

"Does that make you my uncle?"

Loki looked at him and puckered his lips. "I guess it does."

"Will you let my family go now?"

Loki looked at him.

"Family looks out for one another. Please don't take my dad from me again."

Gabriel snapped his fingers. Dean, Sam and Castiel stood before them.

"What have you done to my son?" Dean roared.

Harry moved sitting in Loki's lap. "Uncle Loki has been feeding me ice cream and playing games with me."

Dean opened his mouth and closed it. "What is going on?"

"Gabriel?" Castiel finally spoke.

"The arc angel Gabriel?" Sam asked.

"One for the Samsquatch."

Harry slapped Gabriel on the arm.

"Whose side are you on Gabriel?" Castiel asked taking a closer step to Gabriel and Harry.

"I just want this over. I want the fighting to stop."

"So, you want us to just roll over and let Lucifer and Michael in?"

Gabriel looked at Castiel. "I'm tired of the fighting. I want the final show down over."

Dean threw his hands up and started pacing. Sam was watching Harry as he sat on Gabriel. "You could pick a side. You could help us fight."

Gabriel laughed. "You want me to join team free will."

"Yes." Sam replied and pointed to Harry.

Harry looked up to Gabriel. "Uncle Loki?"

Loki laughed. "Team free will just made four."


Dean was on a tangent. There was nothing Harry could do. He'd been reading books with Bobby trying to find another way to stop the apocalypse. It was not working. Harry watched his dad and knew he was seconds away from screaming yes at the sky and demanding Michael in. The only thing that was keeping him from loosing it was him. Harry had caught the look in his eyes and knew he was the only thing holding him back. Gabriel and Castiel were at their wits end.

Castiel dropped hitting the floor. Gabriel was leaning over, his hands slamming into his forehead. Harry watched them stand then look to one another and were gone.

Harry stood panicked.

Dean paced while Harry stood fighting off whatever was inside him. It was overwhelming the power he felt. He couldn't fight the small outbursts that snapped out sending books and papers off the shelves.

Sam ignored the outbursts and collected the items as Harry fumed watching his dad pace.

Castiel and Gabriel returned. Castiel slung the body hanging over his arms to the couch. Sam and Dean walked over and froze. Harry moved sitting on the couch beside the body.

"Who is it?" Gabriel asked.

"It's our brother."

"We have to hide him."

Castiel moved slamming his hand into Adam's chest. Adam jumped off the couch and stared around. Harry moved getting in his face.


Adam looked around the room confused. "Who are you?"

"I'm your nephew, Harry."

"You are?" Adam couldn't help smiling at Harry's enthusiasm. "So, I guess you would be Sam and Dean."

"You know about us?" Sam asked.

"The angels told me."

Dean snorted. "Want to take a shower?"

Adam looked down at the mud caked all over him. "Yeah."

They all waited as Adam showered and joined them. Harry was bouncing on the couch watching everyone argue over what was going on. He'd pulled out another old tome and was flipping through it. This one was in Japanese and he could barely read it. Bobby had just started teaching him.

Adam walked back in and joined Harry on the couch. Harry pushed the book away. Adam looked at the tome and raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Harry grinned. "I can read."

"How are you alive?" Sam asked.

"I was in heaven and some angels asked me to come back and fight the devil with Michael."

"Look, I know you don't know us or trust us but you can't say yes to Michael." Sam spoke after looking at the face Dean was making.

Castiel and Gabriel were exchanging looks. Harry was watching Castiel knowing Castiel was trying not to say something to Dean.

"Why should I trust you?"

Sam opened his mouth to speak. Harry interrupted him. "The angels can't be trusted. They let the seals fall."

Adam turned to Harry. "How old are you?"

"Almost five."

"How do you know any of this? Shouldn't you be in preschool?"

Harry laughed. "Have you seen my family? Look around Uncle Adam. Castiel and Gabriel are angels and my dad and uncles are hunters. Do you think I should play with blocks and drink juice boxes?"

Adam stared at him amazed and confused.

Gabriel started to laugh. He moved picking up Harry off the couch and slung him over his shoulder. "The Wee-chester."

Harry screamed before turning into fits of giggles. "Loki, put me down!"


Adam was taking in the scene with a confused stare. "Look, I was told I could see my mom."

"They lie." Dean spoke.

"Loki, can we go do something dad looks…"

"Hey." Dean spoke.

Harry giggled again then whispered. "Mom is about to loose it too."

Gabriel grinned and turned to Castiel who was trying to act like he didn't hear Harry. "What do you want to do son?"

Harry arched his back so he could look up at his dad and grinned. "Loki, can we do simulation four?"

Dean whipped his head to Gabriel. "What have you guys been doing that we don't know about?"

Gabriel threw his hands over his heart. "You wound me."

Sam and Dean both snorted.

Harry kicked his legs back and tumbled off Gabriel's shoulder. He rolled and landed beside Adam and grabbed his hand. Harry looked back to Gabriel and grinned. Gabriel snapped his fingers and they were all in black slacks and turtlenecks.

Gabriel snapped his finger again and a door appeared. Harry smiled to all of them then pulled Adam's hand and ran to the door.

"Adam is on my team." Harry screamed.

Harry ran through the door dragging Adam and going for the wall. Lining the walls was a rack of paint ball guns, they were especially made for Harry so he wouldn't have to load them and only pull the trigger.

Harry picked up a sniper riffle and slung it over his head then grabbed a nine millimeter. Adam was looking at him like he was insane. "Paint ball, calm down. We need to get going dad and Sam will be in here soon."

Adam grabbed the same guns as Harry and they ran off into the black warehouse. Harry rolled his eyes when he heard his dad and Sam enter with Gabriel, Bobby and Castiel.

"You've been teaching him how to use guns!" Dean roared.

"Dad is going to pitch a fit."

Adam smirked at Harry as Harry ran around another corner.

"Come on Dean-O," Gabriel picked up a gun and shot Dean in the chest. Paint flew out splattering his shirt but nothing else happened. "See, it won't hurt him."

Castiel puffed up. "Gabriel if I could smite you, I would."

Gabriel snapped his fingers and lights started to flash through the rooms. "Looks like I'm the game maker tonight. Harry will be happy, I cheat. Be warned, he is spry."

Dean and Sam were frowning as they grabbed guns.

"When the hell did you both start this?"

Gabriel only winked then disappeared.

"Freakin angels." Dean turned to Castiel who was fuming looking down the corridor.

Harry had dragged Adam to the middle of the vast maze. The lights started to flash yellow. "Are you ready?"

Adam nodded following Harry's direction.

Gabriel's voice began to fill up the maze. "Welcome contestants. Points will be given based on kills. Paint shots must be kill shots to work. You will receive extra points for unicorns. If you take a killing blow, your guns will no longer work. Extra points for shooting the opposing team."

"Umm… Harry."

Harry grinned. "Just keep firing. Your gun won't run out of ammo."

Adam looked at him then smiled. "I can do that."

Red lights began to flash. "Just don't shoot the dragon. He only comes down if you hit him."

"Dragon?" Adam stuttered as the panther walked around the corner.

Harry pulled out his gun and hit it in the eye.

"First kill, Harry." Gabriel screamed.

"Adam turn around, I'll cover this side you get my back."

Adam laughed as Harry shot two more panthers. He flipped around and barely saw the panther as he moved. He shot more on instinct than anything and shot the animal as it was jumping through the air claws extended.

Glitter exploded over him making Adam cough as he held up his gun and continued to fire. Gunfire sounded all around them. Within half an hour, Harry pulled on Adams shirt and he was leading them farther in the maze.

They made it around a corner and came face to face with a unicorn. Harry threw himself into Adam and barely moved him as the unicorn charged. Fire roared out of the unicorn's mouth as a rainbow trailed behind it. Harry fired and missed.

Adam grabbed Harry and shot the unicorn as they ran. Harry screamed in triumph as he began firing over Adam's shoulder.

"Unicorn killed by Adam. Team Wee-chester is in the lead by 300 points. Dean you are getting your ass handed to you by your son."

"Suck it Dad!" Harry screamed as Adam raced around another corner.

It took another half an hour for the dragon to appear. Adam and Harry looked up as it swooped down and peered at them but didn't attack.

"Can I show you a secret?"

Adam and Harry were both covered in paint spray from were they'd fired so many shots. Adam grinned. Harry lifted his hand to the dragon. His gun picked up and floated into the sky. Harry pulled out the rifle and lined it up.

"How are you doing that?"

"I'm a wizard. I heard mom and dad talking about it. They still think I don't listen behind doors. I've started trying to do stuff when no one is around. I can lift things and sometimes I can feel something inside of me wanting to lash out when I'm scared or angry. Gabriel doesn't know I do this when I fight the dragon. It's cheating. Are you ready to fire?"

Adam was looking at the gun floating in the air but nodded. Harry took the rifle and fired. It hit the dragon in the nose. The dragon's eyes turned to them.

"Twenty shots." Harry screamed.

"The final boss battle has begun." Gabriel roared.

Harry fired off the gun in the air as he used his rifle on all the tiny bull's-eyes on the dragon. Sam and Dean made it to them making Adam and Harry run. Sam almost hit Adam but Harry used his magic and pushed him several feet out of the way. Adam hit the wall hard but smiled back at Harry as he reached down and kept firing at Dean.

Dean rolled out of the way and Harry ran around another corner as the dragon's fire flooded the corridor they were in. He looked back. Adam was about to be hit. Harry dropped throwing out his hands. A dome wrapped over Adam. Adam stared up at Harry amazed. Harry threw out his hand and the gun flying in the air shot in his hands and he grabbed it. He hit the ground on his back and fired. The dragon exploded and the game stopped. They were all standing in an empty warehouse.

Gabriel was clapping. Harry let his hand fall to the ground he was exhausted.

"Team Wee-chester has won."

"Harry, that was awesome." Adam started to laugh and threw himself down on his back.

Harry just lay their panting.

"Let's see tonight's highlights." Gabriel snapped his fingers and a television appeared.

Harry rolled his eyes and laid back watching the screen. He heard the intakes of breaths when they watched Adam and Harry talking and Harry using magic. Harry glared at Gabriel.

"Damn it Harry, how long have you known?" Dean asked as the television went off.

"A year."

Castiel moved walking over to Harry. "You are very powerful. Most wizards can not manifest their power without wands."

"Wands?" Dean and Sam asked together.

"Can I get one?" Harry asked over them.

"Only when you go to school."

Harry perked up. "Next year?"

Castiel shook his head. "Eleven."

Harry frowned.

"Eleven." Dean shouted. "How much do you know about wizards Cas?"

Castiel huffed and stormed out of the warehouse back to Bobby's. Harry looked over to Adam and rolled his eyes. "Can you help me cook dinner?"

"I think the losers owe us dinner."

Harry looked to Sam and Dean. "Dad, you should go get pizza."

"Fine. I need to have a chat with wings anyway." Dean spoke as he stormed off.

Harry picked up his guns and walked to the shelf and dropped them. Adam and Sam followed him as Gabriel followed Dean through the door.

For the next few weeks, Adam and Harry became closer. They made a palate in Harry's room for Adam. Harry's utter devotion for Adam made him come around and listen to Sam and Dean as they told him their story. He understood what Zachariah was trying to do. Adam began to slowly get to know Sam and Dean.

Every night they would go through Gabriel's little worlds that he created for Harry. It let the brothers bond.

Adam had been there fifteen days before all hell broke loose. Gabriel was off with Castiel trying to track down a lead on some books that Bobby had wanted. Harry was sitting in the living room with Adam trying to learn Latin with Bobby while Sam and Dean were in the kitchen burning dinner.

Zachariah and twelve other angels appeared in the room. He grabbed Harry and jerked him up before cramming the angel blade against his throat.

Sam and Dean ran into the room as the smoke alarm started to go off. Zachariah waved his fingers and the alarm disappeared.

"I'm tired of dealing with you Winchesters. Enough is enough. Your son will die if you don't say yes Dean."

Adam stormed over to the other side of the room and knocked Dean out. Dean hit the floor unconscious. Adam moved putting his foot over Dean's throat.

"Adam, what are you doing?" Sam moved trying to get to Adam.

Adam pushed down on Dean's throat. "Dean is not going to say yes. I will kill him first. You are not going to use Harry against any of us. You will call Michael down and he will take me or he will have neither of us."

Zachariah held up his hands. "I can revive your brother. What you want is of no consequence."

"You better think really hard about this. I have been praying to Gabriel. He will be here in seconds. You better decide if you want to deal with another arc angel or take the second choice. And until you let go of Harry, I promise you no one here will be saying yes."

Zachariah let go of Harry.

Harry moved to Adam. "Please, don't do this."

Adam smiled as the room started filling with light. Everyone was dropping to the floor covering their ears. Harry looked at Michael as he turned to Adam.

"What you are doing is wrong." Harry's voice could barely be heard over Michael's voice.

Michael turned to him and slit his eyes as he moved into Adam. Adam's foot rose off Dean's throat. He turned to Harry.

"I hate you."

Michael took a step to Harry. "This is my destiny."

Gabriel and Castiel appeared in the room. Michael ignored them.

"Your father would be disappointed in you." Harry's voice was not the voice of a child.

Michael's shoulders were rigid as he stared at Harry everyone in the room froze. They both stared at each other furious.

"You stole my Uncle. You tried to steal my dad. You will kill Zachariah for what he has done to my mom, dad and the rest of my family."

Zachariah fumed. "Listen you little maggot…"

Michael lifted his fingers and Zachariah exploded. Harry didn't even flinch when they were covered in gore.

"I still hate you. Adam, we will get him out of you."

"Adam isn't here anymore."

"We will get him out of you."

"Big bro." Gabriel spoke.

Michael turned to him. "Hiding among the humans?"

Gabriel shrugged. "Daddy left, why stay at home with the sycophants."

Michael smiled then turned back to Harry. Harry's magic whipped out. Everyone in the room hit the walls. Harry stood in the middle of the room trying to calm down.

Michael was the first to jerk off the floor. He took in Harry. Harry snarled at him before Michael and the rest of the angels disappeared.

Gabriel stood checking on everyone else as Harry calmed. Harry felt the tears begin to slide down his face. Dean jerked off the floor. His eyes whipped around the room to find Harry. He moved crawling to him.

"Dad, Adam said yes to save you."

Harry dropped to the floor as Castiel and Dean wrapped him in their arms.

"This is all my fault."

"No." Castiel spoke running his fingers over Dean to make sure he was okay. "This is Lucifer and Michael's fault."

"We have to get him back."

Dean looked at Castiel over Harry's head and they both knew they were out of their depth.


It had been a year since Sam threw himself in the pit with Michael and Adam. Dean and Harry had stayed with Bobby. Bobby began to home school him. Harry was learning several languages along with hunter training. Castiel was still in heaven. Harry was devastated that Castiel had not come back and Sam was gone. Dean had researched everything he could find and nothing could get Adam or Sam out of the pit. No spell, no creature could penetrate the walls. Gabriel came and visited Harry every weekend. They would watch movies or Gabriel would take him somewhere with Dean arguing but relenting finally letting him go.

Harry was furious with Castiel and hurt.

Gabriel had left several hours ago. Harry was sitting on the front porch watching Dean clean his car. Dean had stopped hunting for the past year. Bobby had left Dean and Harry alone and not told Dean anything about the hunts going on around them. He knew they were both grieving.

They both turned when a car pulled into the salvage yard. Sam stepped out of the car and they both froze. It was comical to watch their reactions. Harry stood frozen unable to move as Dean ran to Sam.

Harry watched as they hugged.

"Mom, if you ever gave a damn about me or dad, you will come here now. Sam is back."

Harry almost dropped on the porch when he heard wings beside him. He turned and looked at Castiel. Castiel was watching the scene outside the house of Dean and Sam embracing. Fury and pain whipped through Harry. How the hell could he leave like that and show up and not even look at him. They were supposed to be family.

Harry's magic whipped out slamming into Castiel like a freight train. Castiel slammed into one of the cars by the house shards of metal and glass flew through the air like confetti. Harry charged at him tears running down his face.

"You didn't come back. You left. You left us here alone."

Another wave slammed into Castiel as he tried to stand.

"I thought you loved me. I thought you cared."

Harry moved walking to Castiel and kicked him in the face like Gabriel had taught him to do. It shouldn't have fazed Castiel but the power crackling around it gave it the edge and control it needed to break Castiel's jaw.

"You left me." Harry looked down to Castiel and the now swollen black eye he'd given him. "I hate you!" Harry roared and turned running back to the house and his room.

Sam and Dean stood frozen watching Harry and Castiel. Their eyes stayed glued to him as he ran into the house. Castiel watched unmoving as the door slammed behind him.


Dean was at his breaking point. Sam's soul was gone and Harry refused to speak to Sam or Castiel. Harry felt betrayed and lost knowing they both abandoned him and Dean. When Dean came back to Bobby's, Harry refused to speak about either one of them. If Dean snapped and demanded they talk, Harry's magic would lash out. The bruises on Dean and Bobby were enough Dean had decided to drop it.

Gabriel had become more of a staple in Harry's life. He kept visiting him and dragging him around the world when Dean and Sam were looking for Sam's soul or hunting. Dean made more of an effort to keep coming home and seeing Harry. Castiel barely spoke to Dean anymore and refused to bring up Harry. Dean could see what Harry's refusal to speak to him was doing to the angel but Dean was lost as to how to fix it.

Dean concentrated on finding Sam's soul and desperately trying to figure out how he could put his family back together.


Harry came back to the house with Gabriel. Sam was locked in the panic room with Bobby and Dean.

"Harry, stay here."

Harry sat down in the kitchen and dropped the bag he was holding. Gabriel had made him go to the beach and bought him shirts with flowers on it he planned to burn in the back yard as soon as Gabriel left.

"Would you like to join me?"

Harry looked up to see a man holding a cane.

"Who are you?"



Harry moved to the table and sat down. Death pulled out a bag of fast food. He slid Harry a hot dog and French fries and then started eating his own. "I've been wanting to meet you."


Death looked Harry over as he began to eat. Harry smiled down at the food. "This is good."

Death nodded. "Harry Potter, you are destined for great things."

Harry snorted. "That's what Michael said about the apocalypse. Now, my uncles are in the cage."

Death was still watching Harry as Dean walked in. "Harry, can I have a minute."

Harry picked up his food. "Will I see you again?"


Harry smiled and walked into the living room.

Harry finished eating and walked up to his room. He heard Sam screaming and ignored it and stayed away from the basement. Gabriel came and joined him and Harry knew that Castiel was downstairs.

Harry walked down the stairs and stood at the basement stairs and listened to Castiel's voice. Castiel felt Harry and took a few steps to the stairs so he could see him. Harry looked at him but took a step back and ran back upstairs.


Harry walked downstairs. He'd heard the whispers that Gabriel was trying to keep him away from. Team free will had lost Castiel, he had betrayed them. Harry was past hurt. Castiel was finally gone. Dean was lost to his grief and hiding his feelings. Harry was starting to believe there was more between his dad and mom. Dean had been almost inconsolable when they'd returned from the last hunt.

Harry listened at the top of the stairs to his dad and mom talk. Harry walked down the stairs.

"Or what Dean?" Castiel's voice almost broke Harry.

"You will finally loose both of us." Harry spoke quietly and both Castiel and Dean's eyes whipped to him.

"I have to do this."

Harry shook his head. "You abandoned both of us already. If you do this, we won't be able to get you back. Don't you love us enough to stay, to stop?"

Castiel looked from Harry to Dean. "I'm doing this to save you both. I won't let him restart the apocalypse."

Castiel left them both. Harry collapsed on the floor. Dean rushed over to him and rocked him as Harry cried. It was almost nine months since Harry had spoken to Castiel and Castiel left him again.


Gabriel was trying everything to keep Harry in the house. Harry had tried everything to leave. He knew the final showdown with Raphael and Castiel was happening. Sam, Dean and Bobby had gone leaving Gabriel to watch Harry.

Harry's magic was lashing out. Gabriel had been on the brunt edge of it for hours. Gabriel was fighting his nature to just make Harry sleep through the fight. Harry looked at him and smirked. Gabriel cringed as Harry disappeared.

Harry manipulated the power inside him to attach to his grace. His grace was part of Castiel and he used that to go straight to him. Castiel stood looking at Dean and Bobby. By the amount of blood on the floor, Harry hoped Raphael was finally gone.

Gabriel fluttered in seconds behind Harry. Everyone turned to them. Castiel looked wrong. His wings were singed, his essence that made him angelic looked stretched and almost shredded at the corners.

"Mom, stop. Please stop. You look broken."

Gabriel was seeing the differences too. Balthazar fluttered in and Harry caught his first glimpse of him.

"Mom, you are loosing yourself. Come back to us. You killed Raphael. Please, come home."

Castiel studied him like a stranger. "You've wanted nothing to do with me."

Harry lashed out. "You left us! You went to heaven and never came back. You've been here with Crowley. You stopped coming to see me."

Castiel cocked his head. Dean took a step to him. "Cas, look around. We are your family. We care about you. Please, return the souls while you still can. Please, come home."

Gabriel moved a step to Harry not trusting what Castiel was becoming. "Little bro. I made the choice to become part of this family like you did. You killed Raphael."

Gabriel started to chant and opened up the portal to purgatory. "Let it go, for Harry." Gabriel's eyes flicked to Dean. "For your family."

Castiel walked to the opening and released the souls. His body dropped. Harry ran to him. Dean was right behind him as Harry shook Castiel's body. Castiel jerked off the floor.

"That was unpleasant."

Harry was shaking in his lap as Dean stood. Castiel pulled himself off the floor and looked to Harry. Harry opened his mouth but it snapped shut as Castiel screamed.

"Run, they are too strong. They stayed."

"What?" Gabriel roared.


Castiel changed. His arm whipped out and slammed into Harry sending him slamming into Dean. Gabriel moved slamming into Castiel and they fought. Castiel hit the floor as black goo began to flow out of him.

"Harry!" Dean shouted checking on Harry.

Harry was out cold. Gabriel was moving to check on him as Balthazar threw his arm out hitting Castiel. Castiel barely flinched then smiled dementedly and began to walk out of the warehouse. Harry woke when Gabriel healed him.

"Where's mom?"

Bobby pointed and they all ran to follow. They barely made it to the river's edge as Castiel exploded. Harry collapsed into Balthazar and was swooped into his arms as Dean stumbled to a stop.

"We just got him back." Harry spoke so quietly it was almost inaudible.

"Stupid child." Dean spoke and picked up Castiel's coat.

Gabriel disappeared. Dean moved walking back to his car. Everyone followed. Harry was inconsolable and didn't move or argue in Balthazar's arm. Gabriel appeared then with a naked and unconscious Castiel.

"He's still alive, barely. I'll meet you at Bobby's."

They all stood stunned.


Castiel was unconscious for months. Gabriel assured them he was alive and inside his vessel. Jimmy Novak was long gone. The threat of the Leviathans was starting to be felt. Harry continued to study and train with Gabriel and Bobby. Sam and Dean were trying to clean up Castiel's mess and find out what their next move would be. They finally found a way to stop the Leviathans with Borax and with the help of Gabriel and Balthazar were making very small dents in Dick Roman's plans.

Castiel finally woke when Harry and Dean were making a car bomb borax bomb. He stumbled into the kitchen as Dean was hooking up the Borax. Harry and Dean froze.

"Mom, are you alright?"

"I'm sorry."

Harry ran to him and wrapped himself around Castiel's waist and legs. "Please, don't leave again."

Castiel dropped to his knees and hugged Harry. His eyes met with Dean's over Harry's head. "Can I stay?"

Dean watched them. "You're family."


Dean and Sam strode back into Rupert's old cabin with the briefcase. Bobby was waiting with the phone strapped to his ear arguing with Garth. Castiel was staring at the case they held confused. "Dean, do you know what you have?"


"You have the word of God."

Dean handed over the briefcase and they all waited as Castiel broke the clay exterior. Balthazar and Gabriel fluttered into the room looking at the tablet.

They all stood confused at the tablet. None of the angels could read it. "Dead end again."

Two days later, they were met with the prophet Kevin. Shocking all of them was what came out of Kevin's mouth when he saw Harry.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

"He's talking about me isn't he?" Harry asked when Kevin passed out trying to grab at the tablet.


Crowley was a no show. Harry was sitting with Kevin and Balthazar. Gabriel was conjuring so many sweets Sam was about to strangle him.

"Have you ever heard of vegetable?"

Gabriel just snorted and began digging into his second pie. Dean sat down and an apple pie appeared before him. He smirked and began to dig in. Harry ignored them and sat up beginning to pace. So much was riding on the King of Hell.

Crowley showed up and everyone froze. Harry stopped pacing and watched as Dean and Sam were thrown a vial of blood.

Harry was ignoring them. He was too busy watching the Hell hound pace behind Crowley. It was huge. Harry took a step to it. Behind them was a small pup. Harry ran to it and scooped it up before anyone could figure out what was going on.

Harry ran with the puppy and slammed into Crowley. "Can I have her?"

Crowley stopped mid rant and looked down to Harry.

"Have what?"

"Harry is holding a hell hound." Castiel answered Dean's question walking to take the puppy from Harry.

Harry dodged him still looking at Crowley. "Please. I want a pet."

Gabriel was snickering as the puppy started burying its face in Harry's neck. Crowley took in the puppy and the frozen horror on Dean's face.

"Absolutely pet. I think that would be a wonderful idea." Crowley smiled to Dean as he spoke.

"No!" Dean moved to get to Harry.

Harry beamed at Crowley. "Thank you."

"No, no, no, no." Dean chanted and was ignored by Harry as he ran away from Castiel and Dean when they tried to catch him.

"I'm going to call her princess."

Crowley burst into laughter. "I think that is an excellent idea."

Dean stopped mid chase and snarled at Crowley. "You will take your mutt and leave."

"They've bonded. You wouldn't want me to deny your child."

Harry smiled and ran outside puppy in tow as Gabriel burst into laughter with Balthazar.


Dean and Castiel were in purgatory. Harry had been without his dad and mom for almost a year when he finally snapped and ran away. Sam and Gabriel were arguing about Kevin and Garth with Balthazar when he took the car and Princess and ran. He ran to Bobby's.

Gabriel had tried to open Purgatory with the same spell Castiel used to get the souls. It didn't work. They'd exhausted every resource they had. Harry had thought of one more but knew they would never let him do it.

Harry went through Bobby's drawers until he found all the ingredients he needed. He began to bind death.

Death came to him. Harry unbound death as soon as he saw him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know how else to speak to you. I don't want to bind you."

"Harry Potter."

"Will you help me get my mom and dad back?"

Death looked at him. "You are impetuous as your father."

Harry moved to the kitchen. "I made us dinner."

Death followed him into the kitchen and Harry made them plates. They both sat down and Harry ate but the food tasted like ash in his mouth.

Death finished eating and stood. "I will open the door for you to get in and out. I will not retrieve what you seek."

Harry didn't think this would really work. He looked at death. "What do I need to do?"

Death snapped his cane down on the floor. A door appeared. Harry looked at it. "How long do I have to get them back?"

"I'll give you time."

Harry nodded and went to raid Bobby's house for guns and weapons. He came back with a full bag and enough ammo to hopeful make it to his dad and mom. Death was waiting looking at the door.

"Are you ready?"

Harry nodded loading his shotgun and strapping it over the front of him. He grabbed his machete and walked to the door.

"The door will only open for you."

Harry nodded. "Thank you. I owe you."

Death nodded. "I will see you again."

Harry smiled then shook his head and walked through the door. He was standing in the middle of an open field. A Wendigo stepped out of the trees. Harry swung his machete and barely slashed it. His power crackled and the Wendigo faltered long enough for Harry to cut its head off.

Harry stood panting.

"Mom, I'm in purgatory. I ran away, stole dad's car and asked death to let me in. You should tell dad so you can both come and ground me. Mom, please hurry. I don't know how long the door will be open to come through."

Harry moved hiding behind some bushes. Branches snapped around him. It was only a matter of time before someone saw him. He needed to stay put for a little while incase Castiel heard his prayer.

Castiel fluttered in front of him. "Mom."

Castiel was covered in dirt and grime. His eyes were dim like he'd given up.

"I thought it was a trick but I came."

Harry stumbled out of the bushes and looked around. "Where's dad."

"I left him. The leviathans have been chasing me since I got here. I couldn't stay with your father or risk getting him killed."

"Dad is going to be so mad."

"I agree."

"Death gave me a door but…"

"Death, you made a deal with death." His voice came out a statement there was no question to it as Castiel glared at him.

"No, I told him I would owe him one thou. Everyone was giving up. They've exhausted every resource, looked through every book. We had nothing. Garth has even been helping. Bobby is drinking so much I can barely keep him conscious and Balthazar and Gabriel are faking confidence. I was over it. I stole dad's car and ran. I'm sure Sam is having a fit right now."

"We need to find your father."

"Can you sense him here?"


Castiel grabbed Harry's hand they flew to Dean. Dean was fighting. Harry and Castiel stood watching. He didn't need there help. Harry picked up his shotgun from his chest and fired at something huge that ran out of the woods. Dean turned hearing the gun and faltered. Another man ran out behind Dean and chopped off the head of the vampire that would have killed him. Dean wasn't paying attention. He was running to Castiel and Harry.

"What are you doing here?"

"We need to go now." Castiel spoke.

The other man turned to Dean. Dean's head whipped around. "This is Benny. Where the hell have you been Cas? I prayed to you every day."

"I had to keep the Leviathans away from you."

Dean frowned. "You left me surrounded."

Harry looked between them. "Why can't you both stop running from one another?"

Dean and Castiel turned to Harry. Harry fumed, idiots.

"We need to go?"

Dean turned back to Castiel. "Benny is coming with us he knows of a door. We've been looking for you so we can leave."

"We don't need it. Death has a door we can go through."

"Death?" Dean ran his hand over his face and turned to Harry. "What did you do and where is everyone else.

Harry snorted. "Later. We need to go while we still can."

Harry grabbed on to Castiel. Dean and Benny moved to Castiel. Castiel was glaring at Benny. "Why is he coming?"

"He helped me when you left me." Dean snarled.

"Hi Benny. You're not human. You look like a vampire."

"Smart kid." Benny spoke in his lazy drawl.

Harry grabbed his hand so Castiel wouldn't protest so much. "Well, let's get out of here."

Castiel flew them back to the door. Leviathans were surrounding the door kicking and hitting it trying to get in.

Harry whispered as they took in the scene. "I am the only one who can open it."

Dean grabbed Harry's bag and they all began to fight. Castiel ran to the door throwing people out of the way as Dean dumped Borax around them. Benny was right behind Dean chopping off heads as people screamed. Harry moved shooting anything he could see to slow them down and help Dean.

Harry made it to the door and swung it open. Angry faces waited on the other side. He ignored them and their shock as he ran through the door still firing off rounds. Sam grabbed him throwing him inside the kitchen and ran through the door trying to help everyone get inside. Gabriel and Balthazar followed and they were able to get everyone through before the door slammed shut with one extra vampire in tow.

The door disappeared and everyone started breathing again. Sam rounded on Harry. "Harry, you stole the car and had us worried to death. What did you do?"

Harry sat down the shotgun on the table. He looked at the floor then told them everything he'd done. "Sorry Uncle Bobby for raiding your cupboards."

They all scoffed.

"Kiddo pulls through again." Balthazar moved picking up Harry and walked into the living room.

Dean began to calm down then. He was home. He was back. Dean dropped in a chair and looked around. Dust covered everything. The house looked like it was still abandoned.

"Can we move back here now?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Bobby answered.

"The cabin was getting boring." Gabriel snapped his fingers and the layers of dust began to disappear. "Can we talk about remodeling?"


Harry looked around as Balthazar and Kevin started talking. Dean and Castiel were looking at each other and it was not a promising look. Harry watched them as Benny began to speak.

Sam moved to Harry. "Harry, you can not do that again. Once Dean settles down and realizes you stole his car, he is going to have a fit."

"He's going to be even madder when he sees the dent I put in it. Look at them." Sam followed Harry's eyes. "Something is broken."

Sam saw the distance between them now and could do little more than nod.


Harry followed Princess inside the bunker. Sam was already inside. He'd stayed while Dean drove to pick up Harry. Bobby had followed them over with Kevin. Dean was ecstatic they finally had a base camp of their own.

Garth was on his way. The family dynamic was getting bigger. Garth and Kevin were going to stay here and take over Bobby's job as hunter central. Bobby had been gathering all his second copies of books to put with the massive amount of information with the men of letters. Bobby was already salivating to see what was hidden inside the rooms.

Gabriel, being Gabriel, had begun to change the rooms around in the bunker to suite everyone. He'd even made rooms for himself, Balthazar and Castiel. They finally had enough room so everyone would be comfortable. The entire place was like the panic room so this was going to be the official ground zero for safety. With Abaddon, it was getting more dangerous for all of them.


Harry knew something was wrong with Dean when he walked in the door. Everything about his father was different. Harry moved to him raising his arm. Dean didn't protest. Castiel moved into the room and looked down to what Harry was looking at. Castiel froze.

"What did you do, Dean?"

"What I had to."

Harry took a step from him. "That was what mom said before he left us."

Dean and Castiel both flinched as Harry ran back to his room.


Naomi stood in the bunker looking down at Harry and she was crying. Harry moved to her and was physically pushed out of the way by Balthazar.

"Naomi, you shouldn't have come here."

She began to babble, tears rolling down her eyes. "I saw Metatron's mind. He is using Castiel to push all the angels from Heaven. He lied to everyone. He wants revenge for what we did to him and making him seek exile. The spell Castiel has been working on to close heaven is not that spell. We will all fall."

"Why are you telling us this? Why not Castiel?"

"After me trying to manipulate you? I need you to believe me and he won't do that but I have a chance with you both. We lost our mission, I understand that now. We should have been protecting what father created not destroying it. We are no better than Lucifer. Please, I will do whatever you want. I will reign in the angels and help you but please, stop Castiel before Metatron casts everyone down."

Gabriel began pacing. "Come on. I believe you. Let's stop Cas. I know Dean and Sam are finishing the last stage now."

Harry was stuck at the bunker pacing as everyone arrived. Naomi and Gabriel had returned to heaven after convincing Castiel and Dean about the final tasks. Sam was a wreck. It took two months for him to recover but he only recovered because Balthazar, Castiel and Gabriel possessed him while he slept. Even their regular mending couldn't put him back together without their possessing him. Sam was furious but took it over death. They had ended up using Abadon as the final task and she had gotten away at the last second. A small rift could be felt between Dean and Sam.

Gabriel had kept Metatron from killing Naomi but he escaped heaven with the angel tablet but without the heart and bow. Harry was just happy everyone survived.


Dean was dead. Harry watched horrified as Sam placed him on the bed. Castiel was staring at the wall of Dean's room completely lost. Metatron had used the angel tablet power to kill Dean for stopping the spell to cast the angels out of heaven.

Crowley appeared with Naomi. Naomi had kept her word. She kept the angels in heaven and started doing good instead of the insanity that they had begun. No one wanted the apocalypse to start again. Hell continued making deals and heaven started answering prayers. It was how everyone wanted it.

"He's going to turn." Crowley's voice was low as he turned to Harry.

Castiel's head shot up. "Turn?"

"He has the mark. He can not die. He will become a demon without the torture of hell to turn him."

Sam ran out of the room. Everyone watched as Dean jerked awake his eyes black and Harry saw his father was no longer his dad. Everyone moved running to him. Dean put up a good fight. With his enhanced strength, Gabriel was the only one who could drag him to the back of the bunker and get him chained.

Harry was forbidden to watch as Sam, Castiel, Balthazar, Bobby, Gabriel and Crowley pumped him with blood and changed him back.


It was his eleventh birthday. Everyone was home and hunting was back to normal again. Abaddon was dead and for the first time in years everyone was breathing easier. Harry was packed in between Kevin and Garth and was sneaking cookies from Gabriel as he watched Gabriel transform the bunker to be filled with balloons and party favors.

The front doors to the bunker were open for Bobby and Charlie to join them. He was trying to ignore Princess as she ran around the room yipping at Gabriel's heels.

An owl swooped into the room landing on the table in front of him with its leg stuck out. Everyone in the room froze. Harry moved picking up the letter and was jerked unceremoniously out of the room. Everyone began to freak out.

Harry hit the ground hard. His hands went to his stomach. He thought briefly that he'd lost all his organs through his navel. What the hell just happened? Wasn't everything calming down? Harry's hunter instincts had him jerking himself off the floor and moving back. He was in a room surrounded by people.

"Young Harry," An old man stood walking towards him Harry moved away from his touch. "We were unsure how to find you."


Harry took another step back. "I don't know who the hell you are, but you messed with the wrong family."

Harry calmed when he heard the sound of wings. Castiel had Sam and Dean. Balthazar was standing next to Gabriel. Dean cocked his shotgun and looked around the room.

"Why the fuck have you taken my son?"

Everyone in the room froze. Harry was calm enough to actually look around now. The old man stood with another looking man with brown salted hair and golden eyes, a woman with an old pointed hat like a witch and spectacles and a portly man who began to bluster.

"We are waiting!" Dean roared.

The old man was the first to pull himself out of his stupor. "I am Head Master Dumbledore. This is Remus Lupin, Professor McGonagall, and Minister Fudge."

Harry moved slinging the letter at him. "Why did you take me here?"

Dumbledore picked up the letter and opened it handing it to Dean. "This was Harry's letter to attend Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"You felt it was in Harry's best interest to be kidnapped." Castiel spoke his voice frigid.

"We had no other way of finding young Harry. The magic in America blocked us from using spells. Only his school letter would be able to reach him."

Gabriel snorted. "You could have put all that information in his school letter. There is no excuse for you taking Harry here. I am reading this one." He pointed to Fudge. "He is planning to put Harry as a ward under the Ministry."

Dean snarled. "Over my dead body."

Fudge's mouth began to open and close like a fish. "You see here. That boy is not yours to take. He was never yours. He is Harry James Potter the boy who lived and you are not blood related or are given any legal rights to him."

Harry snarled. "I am not going anywhere with you. I have a dad and mom and uncles who will fight you."

Dean moved walking and getting into the man's face. "I'm telling you this right now. If you touch my son, heaven and hell will fight you. Are you willing to take on all of the angels and the demons under the king of hell? I think for the first time me and Crowley will be on the same side."

"Angels and demons. What you say is farce." Fudge blustered.

Thunder roared overhead and shadows split the room sending Castiel, Balthazar's and Gabriel's wings on the wall. Gabriel made sure all of his six wings showed.

Fudge cowered back. Everyone in the room seemed shocked or scared. Harry smirked.

Gabriel smirked winking at Harry. "Now that we have that sorted."

Dumbledore moved blocking Fudge from view and began to smile at them. "I apologize. We had no idea what had happened to Harry. We were worried he was kidnapped or put into an awful situation. We want what is best for the boy. Harry comes from a very magical pureblood family and from a muggle born witch. He will be very powerful. We wish him to come to Hogwarts so he can learn to control and use his magic as is his birthright. Harry's name has been listed in the Hogwarts register since he was born."

Dean was still furious. He was watching Fudge his hand twitching on his gun. "Where the hell are we Cas?"


"Fucking England!"

Castiel shifted on his feet but didn't reply. Sam was starting to twitch. "Is it normal for all wizards to go to Hogwarts?"

Sam always the scholar. Dumbledore smiled.

"Yes. His parents and godparents graduated from there. Remus Lupin was a school friend of your fathers."

Remus moved a little closer. Harry looked at Gabriel and Gabriel nodded. Remus wasn't human. "What are you?" Harry asked.

Remus flinched and looked at Fudge with fear in his eyes. Harry let the question go. "You knew my father."

Remus visible began to relax. "Yes, I was friends with both James and Lily. I saw them last a week before they were killed. We had no idea what happened to you. We were worried. Are you okay?"

Harry nodded. Remus pulled something from his pocket and handed it to Dean. "I hoped you would come today. I bought you something from our world. It is a chocolate frog. Happy Birthday."

Harry took it from his dad after Castiel approved it.

Harry opened the package and barely caught the frog as it jumped out of the package. "You eat this, it's moving."

Remus laughed. "Yes, they are most children's favorites sweet. Here in the magical community almost everything has spells on it including candy."

Harry laughed and began to eat the frog and moved to Gabriel to let him taste it. They both laughed when he bit off a still jumping leg.

"Dean, I think we should discuss this. It is Harry's education. I think they understand whose Harry belongs too." Sam spoke.

Dumbledore nodded. "Harry seems safe and well loved. We have not heard of angels being around muggles before."

"What the hell is a muggle?" Dean asked.

"Nonmagical people." Remus supplied.

Castiel moved. "Dean and Sam are not as trusting when it comes to magic. They have mostly witnessed the bastardized version of magic in America. A muggle can become magical by selling their soul to a demon to gain power."

"Is that really possible?" McGonagall asked.

"Very." Dean snapped.

"What about Harry?" She asked.

"Harry's power is very strong if he is upset or hurt. He can also do a few things without his wand." Castiel responded. "Dean and Sam could feel his magic was different even from the beginning."

McGonagall looked floored. "He can use his magic without a wand?"

Harry took a step from Gabriel and held up the chocolate frog box. He let it go and the box stayed where it was. He moved the box around the room and then crushed the box before sending it back to his waiting hand.

"Albus, this child is powerful."

"Yes Minerva. I really hope you will let Harry attend classes. It would be in his benefit to attend school and also meet others who share his abilities."

Dumbledore pulled out his wand and waived it. Several books appeared in front of Sam. This is some of the literature we give muggle parents who have a wizard child. It will explain more about our world and Hogwarts." He swished his wand again. "Here are directions to Diagon Alley. If you let Harry attend, he will be able to find all his school things there. We have a different currency but the bank there will let you access Harry's school vault so he can buy his school supplies. If he attends, his school fees will automatically be pulled from his school vault."

Sam and Dean looked floored. "Harry has a vault."

"Yes, Harry is the beneficiary of the Black and Potter's. When he turns seventeen, he will be a very wealthy man."

Harry snorted. "Is this a way to make me stay here? I only get my family's money if I go to your school?"

"Harry." Dean snapped.

Harry didn't back down.

"No, you will inherit when you are of age. You are the heir of both lines. Your godfather Serious Black bequeathed you his title and vaults and your parents automatically converted to you on their deaths."

"What about your previous education? Are you in school?"

Harry looked to the woman. "Home schooled. My family are hunters so I didn't get the grade school experience. I was tutored by Uncle Sam and Uncle Bobby. I know up to high school math and science, I can read and speak English, Japanese, some Enochian, and read Latin."

"Is it normal to be taught so many languages?"

"No, but if I want to do demon research I need it to read the really old stuff. Uncle Bobby tried to get me read cuneiform and Aztec but I don't understand any of it."

"What is Enochian?"

"The language of the angels."

McGonagall was impressed. "It seems like you have very smart tutors."

Harry snickered. "If you saw Uncle Bobby, you would be more impressed. He looks like an old redneck but he knows more about demons than anyone I've ever met."

Gabriel snickered behind Harry before Sam could smack him.

"Can we go home now? I know Charlie and Bobby are going to be upset."

Dean nodded stowing his gun. "We will think about Harry going to school, but I'm warning you. Do not kidnap Harry again."

Dumbledore just smiled. "We know Harry is safe and well taken care of. Again, we apologize and hope to see him at school in September."

Dean grabbed Harry and with a flutter of wings they were gone.

They came back to the bunker in chaos. Everyone was running around making calls. Charlie had dragged out the computer and was balancing it on the presents she'd brought. Everyone froze when they walked back into the room.

"What the hell happened to you idjits?"

"Harry's school kidnapped him." Dean snapped.

Castiel being calmer told them everything that happened.

"The frog moved?" Charlie asked when he was done.

Harry pulled out the crushed box and handed it to her with the wizard card. They both began to examine it as the rest of the adults wondered away to ponder Harry's future.

Harry and Charlie watched from the side as Gabriel snapped a cake in front of Harry and they dug in. Kevin and Garth sat with them at the table as the angels and hunters argued.

The angels excluding Castiel thought it would be okay. Sam wanted Harry to continue with his education, Bobby was distrusting with Dean and Castiel would always side with Dean.

Charlie ignoring them turned to Harry. "What do you want?"

Everyone turned to him. He looked at the cake in front of him and his stomach seemed to turn in on itself. "I've never had friends my age or went to school. I want to go."

Dean took one look at his face and caved. "Looks like, we are going to Dragon Alley."

"Diagon." Sam corrected.


Harry looked up to his dad and mom. "Really, I get to go."

They both smiled. Gabriel started snickering. "One kicked puppy look usually wins the fight."

Dean rolled his eyes and they all moved to Harry so he could open his presents.