Dragon Age

Alex-Alex is a mage BUT she uses a gun at times. Her twin sister, Morrigan, had ran away in the war with the Gremlocks and monsters.

Andy-Andy is Alex's best friend. They met at Andy's commander's old apartment.

Lea-Lea has powers, not bionic powers though.

Alex's p.o.v

"This data is worthless!" I said, chucking the databoard onto the pile of papers. "Yup!" Lea sighed, picking up a databoard from the pile of databoards. "I found something!" Andy yelled from the kitchen. She ran in to show us something on the screen.

"Giant Reaper things controlling the earth. Capturing humans,mutating their deaths into blue monsters called "Husks".

"Looks like we got another world to save" Lea said, running her hands through her hair. "Let's gear up" I said, grabbing my gun. "Yeah" Lea and Andy said, throwing the databoards down and putting their hard armor on. "Miranda! Isabela!" Lea shouted. Isabela and Miranda showed up with loads of weapons. We picked the weapons out and stormed out. We walked into Enemies' base. Which was sloppily wrote in red marker. "Huh! And I thought the Reapers can't write" I joked.

"No time for jokes, Alex," Andy said.

"It's time to bring back Earth" Lea finished with a smile. "No smiling! It's war time now" I whispered as we got further into enemy base. Lea rolled her eyes. Isabela and Miranda slammed through the reapers, throwing them into the wall. "Come on!" I yelled. "Go, go!" Andy screamed. We ran separately, fighting off all the reapers. "We have to protect that crystal!" Lea said as we ducked behind a cart. "Which one?" I yelled, pointing to the three crystals. "The red one!" Andy screamed. "I'm going in" I announced, cocking my gun. "Go grab the crystal, run out and we'll come out once we are done with the reapers here" Andy whispered. I nodded and stood up. Dodging the gunshots, I quickly grabbed the red crystal and ran outside.

It has been two hours now. I wonder where Andy, Isabela, Miranda and Lea were. I ran back inside and saw the four still fighting the reapers. I rolled my eyes and chanted a spell.

Within four minutes, all of our enemies collapsed to the ground. But what about the four best friends of mine? They collapsed to the floor too.

I ran towards their bodies and sniffled.

Only one question remains...

Are they dead?