Apparently So

(Chapter two of Dragon Age Fanfic)

Chapter WILL be short. OCs will be needed.








Reaper or Human:

Alex's p.o.v

I heard moaning. Isabela, Lea, and Miranda all stood up. But what about Andy? "Is Andy dead?" I asked.

"She" Miranda started.

"Is" Lea continued.

"Dead" Isabela finished.

I choked back my tears and gasped. "What? She is dead?! How?!" I yelled, panicking. "Either your spell says kill Andy or she died because a reaper unexpectedly shot her" Lea explained."What? I mean, Andy looks like she got shot but my spell can shoot people" I yelled. "Oh shut up! We're going to be another target of a reaper apocalypse if you keep screaming" Isabela hissed.

"I'm commander here and I suggest both of you to shut up!" Andy's voice yelled. "OMG we thought you were dead" Isabela squealed like a pig. "I faked my own death so the reapers can retreat because they killed your commander" Andy said, standing up and brushing herself off. "Don't do that again!" I yelled. "Nah, let's just go home. We will rest, plan and take earth back!" Andy commanded. "I thought I was commander!" I whined. "Well, you got demoted because you had let somebody fake their own death" Andy said. "*snicker, snicker* Poor poor Alex" Isabela said. "Go die" I snickered back.