Disclaimer:I don't own Charmed or any of its characters.

Timeline: Season six. This story won't follow the canon. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Summary: Wyatt travels to the past to stop Chris from changing history. Set after season six' "Little monsters".

The lonely warrior

It was night and the Halliwell sisters were at P3, sitting at the bar. "To us!" Paige said, raising her glass slightly.

"To us," Piper said, doing the same.

"The three most powerful witches of all time," Phoebe sipped the drink.

"Hi," Chris said, walking to them.

"Hi, future boy," Phoebe turned to him.

"No demon hunt," Piper said, drinking her cocktail.

Chris sighed heavily. He wasn't prepared for this when he traveled back in time. Piper, Paige and Phoebe, specially Phoebe, seemed to worry only about their personal lives. "Piper, I know you're tired, but..."

"No, buts," Phoebe said, picking herself up. "Chris, you really need to relax."

"I'm not here to relax, Phoebe. I already explained it to you," he said in frustration.

Phoebe rolled her eyes. "Fine. You don't wanna relax, not my problem. But we need some time to ourselves tonight," she explained.

Chris shook his head and walked out.

"He's really annoying," Phoebe said, drinking her cocktail.

"You're telling this to me," Piper winced.

"He's worried," Paige commented. "I don't know... He seems so..."

"So what?" Piper asked.

"Lost," Paige said, drinking her drink.

Chris walked to the back room and turned on the light.

"How long no see, little brother," a man said, closing the door.

"Wyatt," Chris frowned. "What are you doing here? How did you know..."

"Well, it seems you can't trust in your... friends," Wyatt said with a grin.

Chris winced. He recognized that look in his brother's eyes. "Who did you torture to get the information?" he asked.

Wyatt let out a small laugh. "No one! You know, torture doesn't work. Tortured people lie. No, I cast a spell on Uncle Coop. Of course, I needed to kill him after the told me the information. The man was a traitor."

Chris stepped back. "No, you're lying..."

"Are you sad?" Wyatt taunted him. "But I needed to kill him, Chris. I need to eliminate all the traitors. That's exactly what happened to your father."

"You evil son of a bitch..." Chris ran to him and punched his face.

Wyatt fell back against the wall. "You know, little brother," he said, wiping the blood of his mouth. "If anyone else did this to me, I'd kill them on the spot. But you... I can forgive you. Just come home with me and promise never cross again."

"I don't think so," Chris said, throwing an energy ball at him.

"Chris," Paige said, as she walked into the room. "Oh, my God, what's happening?" she asked.

"Get outta here," Chris shouted.

"What?" Paige frowned, as Wyatt orbed behind her.

"I came here only to bring you back home. Don't force me to hurt her!" he said, sending an electric bolt at Paige, who fell unconscious to the ground.

"Paige!" Chris screamed, walking to her.

Wyatt waved his hand and sent Chris against the wall. "I'm losing my patience with you, Chris. Are you come with me or not?" he asked angrily, an energy ball in his hand.

Suddenly, Piper and Phoebe stormed into the room.

"Paige!" Phoebe shouted, running to her sister.

Piper was fast and tried to blow Wyatt up, but nothing happened.

"You know, it wasn't very nice of you," Wyatt said, grabbing her by the arm.

"Don't!" Chris screamed. "Don't hurt her!"

Wyatt let out a large smile, as Piper struggled to get out of his grasp. "She's coming with me... See you at home!" he said, orbing them out.