The Pledge

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***This is rated M for future chapters'***

Thousands of iridescent bubbles slide down my body as I turn the shower off. I reach for my towel and wrap it around my small frame. I wipe the steam from the mirror and study my face. I walk out of the bathroom into the small dorm room I share with Christina.

Christina is sitting on the floor in front of a mirror applying her makeup. She looks up at me when I walk into the room, "geez, took you long enough, how dirty were you?" she laughs. "Ha-ha" I sarcastically reply.

I look on my bed and see the outfit that Christina has set out for me tonight. It's a black corset type shirt with a short black skirt. Both are obviously Christina's as my wardrobe consists mostly of yoga pants and t-shirts. I sigh loudly after inspecting the clothes "what?" asks Christina, "you need to look hot tonight, it's the pledge party, you need to make an impression."

She's right, tonight is an important night we are going to the Faction Pledge party. The Factions are like fraternities but are coed; there are five at our school to choose from, each one has different "mission".

Abnegation: They are to good-doers, the selfless ones that help people before they help themselves. They are the volunteers and public servants of the school.

Amity: They are the peace loving, organic, "crunchy" ones. They focus on environmental issues and helping the world become a more peaceful place.

Erudite: The scholars, the scientists, pre-med and engineers. They are constantly studying and doing experiments trying to learn more about everything.

Candor: The truth seekers, mostly pre-law students. They focus on honesty and proving that if we are all truthful that crime would plummet.

And finally Dauntless: They focus on bravery and strength. The protectors, the ones that stand up for the weak.

I finish getting dressed and let Christine do my hair and makeup. My long golden hair cascades in soft curls down my back. I look in the mirror and am glad she forced me to wear this. My long legs look great in the skirt and 4 inch black pumps and my chest looks amazing in the corset shirt.

I look over at Christina who is putting on the last minute touches and admire her beauty. She has jet black hair that she wears naturally curly, caramel colored skin and beautiful green eyes and pouty lips. As I stare my eyes are drawn to the small scar on her right cheek and I frown. When we were seniors in high school she was involved in a horrible car accident with her high school sweetheart Will, she walked away with a few scratches and bruises but unfortunately Will didn't make it. It's been a difficult 10 months but she is finally healing both physically and emotionally. She told me recently she was ready to "put herself out there". Watch out boys.

Once Christina decides we are both as hot as we can be we head out to the parking lot. We jump into my car and head to the party. Although we are both not old enough to drink legally I know there will be plenty of alcohol flowing tonight so I volunteer to be the designated driver.

When we arrive at the Dauntless faction house it is swarming with people. We make our way into the door and I scan the room to see if I recognize anyone. The room is filled with both current member and pledges like us. I finally see a familiar face; I wave at the young guy with light brown skin and warm smile. "Uriah" I yell and he waves enthusiastically and heads towards us. "This is my roommate and best friend Christina. Christina, this is Uriah, he's in my sociology class".

"Nice to meet you" Christina says reaching her hand to shake Uriah's hand, he grabs it and brings it to his lips and kisses her hand with a smile. Christina giggles and I see her eyes light up which makes me smile.

"Uriah, I didn't know you were pledging Dauntless, with your silly personality I would have thought you would be Amity," I say. He chuckles and starts dramatically flexing his muscles and says "you want me to skip around a meadow with these guns?" Christina and I both laugh.

"So, who needs a drink?" asks Uriah

"I'm good, Christina why don't you go ahead, I think I'm gonna step outside for some fresh air." I tell them. They head off to the bar area where as expected the alcohol is flowing freely.

I walk towards the back of the house and think about who actually lives here. My understanding is that some of the upper classmen and leaders live in the upstairs rooms while most of the other members live in dorms or off campus. I finally see the sliding glass door that leads to the deck outside. I squeeze my way through the mass of people and gently slide the door open. As I stop outside my heel catches on the track and I start to fall. I'm not the most graceful person so this isn't my first fall. I brace myself for the impact when I feel someone grab around my waist and steady me. It takes a moment for me to realize that I'm not falling and look up and see him, he's tall with chiseled features and thin lips but what draws me in are his eyes. They are the darkest blue color I have ever seen.

We both suddenly realize that he is still holding my waist and lets go quickly causing me to blush. I stand up straight and adjust my skirt, wiping my palms at the same time.

"You alright?" he asks, looking me over. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks for the catch; I was worried I was going to give everyone inside a nice show" I laugh nervously.

"I haven't seen you before; you must be a pledge this year." I nod, still struck by his good looks and the fact that he is speaking to me.

"Tris" I say reaching my hand out to shake his.

"Nice to meet you Tris, welcome to Dauntless" He responds, not giving me his name.

"Well I guess I should go find my friends they'll be worried if I'm gone too long" I say as I walk backwards away from him.

He shakes his head, "have fun in there" he says turning towards the railing on the deck staring into darkness.

I walk back inside to find Christina. I see her and Uriah sitting together on an ottoman laughing and sharing a beer.

Christina looks up at me while I walk towards them. "Where have you been and why do you have that stupid smile on your face?" she asks. Stupid smile? I wonder to myself and then realize that since I left the tall stranger outside I have had a wide grin on my face.

"Oh shut up, I'm having a good time. What I can't smile?"

"I'm just joking with you Tris, no need to get all upset." She says as she stands up.

"So, are you ready to go? It's getting pretty late and I have to work in the morning." I ask.

She sighs but agrees. We head to the front door and in the corner of my eye I see my stranger leaning against the wall, our eyes meet and I turn away blushing, I turn back and he's still looking, staring actually like he can see into my soul. I give him a small smile and open the door.

I look back and see Christina and Uriah walking arm in arm. "Do you think you can drop me off at my dorm, I have had a little too much to drink and probably shouldn't drive?"

"Of course, jump in." To my surprise they both climb into the back seat and start kissing right away. I slide into the drivers' seat and turn up the radio to drown out the slurping noises coming from behind me. "Um Uriah?" no response, "Uriah!" I yell. "Huh yeah what" he stammers, trying to compose himself. "Which dorm?" "Oh Matthew's Hall, it's on the right."

I pull to the curb in front of Matthew's Hall, it's like all the other dorm building, brick with ivy climbing the walls. Will opens the car door and gets out with Christina right behind him. The kiss against the car for a few seconds before Uriah jogs off towards his building. Chris slides into the passenger seat and I just stare at her waiting for an explanation. "What? He's cute and nice and funny. Give a girl a break." I just laugh and speed away.

I had to work all day Sunday; thankfully the student book store is only open until 4:30pm on the weekends. When I get off I head to my room and quickly change before heading out for a run. I leave a note on the counter for Christina.

Hey C,

Out for a run, be home soon. Dinner tonight?


The weather is perfect for a run, not too hot, not too cold. I'm in my own world just daydreaming when I see someone running the opposite direction, as he gets closer I realize it's my stranger from the party. He's in running pants and a black t-shirt that clings to his chest. He looks amazing; I wonder if he recognizes me, should I say something? Then he stops about 3 feet in front of me.

"Tris right?" he asks. I shake my head trying to catch my breath. "Yeah, hi how are you? Beautiful day for a run huh?" I stammer I'm no good at small talk. "It really is" he replies. "I don't think I caught your name last night" I say hoping to continue this conversation. "Four" he says, "Four? Is that a nickname?" I press. He mouth twitches at the corners slightly as he says "yeah something like that."

"Are you ready for initiation into Dauntless?" he asks

"As ready as I'll ever be I guess, I'm kinda nervous. I don't know what to expect."

"You'll be fine, there is something special about you Tris you'll breeze right through it." Four says

Special about me? I just smile at him trying to contain the blush creeping into my face.

"It was nice bumping into you tonight Tris. Maybe we can go for a run together sometime."

"I'd like that" I say. I'm about to ask him for his number but he slips his headphones back on and continues running.

I run back to the dorm and jump in the shower. Just as I'm getting out Chris walks in. "Tris?" she yells. "In here" I respond.

I walk into the room and Chris is sitting on her bed. "Let's go get some food I'm starving" she says. I agree, so we head out to a local pizza place. We're gonna call it an early night because Dauntless initiation starts tomorrow at 8:00am sharp.

The alarm goes off at 6:30am and we both groan. Christina jumps into the shower first and I follow once she's done. We both put on yoga pants and t-shirts with running shoes not really knowing what to expect. We grab a quick breakfast at the cafeteria and head over to Dauntless House. There is a huge banner that reads "Welcome Pledges" when we arrive.

I see Uriah and some other pledges milling about on the front lawn. When Uriah sees us, well Christina actually, he runs over and pulls her into a bear hug lifting her from the ground. Christina squeals in delight. Suddenly there man standing on the porch, he's tall with blonde hair and has more piercings in his face than I can count. "Pledges" he says loudly and the group quiets down, "You have chosen Dauntless as your faction, we believe in ordinary acts of bravery, we trust you will continue our traditions. I'm Eric, one of your leaders." As he finishes a few more people appear on the porch. "This is Tori, Zeke and Four. They are also your leaders, we will help you navigate the initiation process to become full fledge members of Dauntless." With that the group cheers loudly,

Four's a leader? Why didn't he say something? Now I feel like a childish girl thinking he may have liked me when he was probably just sizing me up for initiation.

We file into the house and I am the last to enter. Four is standing at the door and he grabs my arm as I walk by pulling me back. "What?" I ask irritated. "I just wanted to apologize for not telling you my standing here at Dauntless" he seems sincere.

"It's fine, I'm just a little confused, I thought I may have felt a connection but now I think you wear just sizing me up." I say a little annoyed.

"No, you're right, there is a connection, I feel it too." He smiles.

My face burns like it's on fire I must look like a silly school girl. "Well maybe we can start with that run you promised me" I say avoiding his eyes. He leans in close to my ear and I can feel his breath and my stomach tightens, "definitely" he breathes into my ear.