Herry Potter was siting at he ant and uncle home. In was 11:50 an night and he would me fifteen in ten minutes. Now this would not be a big deal for the normal person turning fifteen, but herry potter in not your normal person. You see herry is a wizard. Well he will be after he finishes school.. The raisin harry was happy he was turning fifteen is he was still alive. You may ask what is so specal about this well he has faced the most evil wizard in hipster four times and is still alive. When he was just a baby the course bounced off him, then he stopped him from getting a stone that would help him get back to power, in second year of school he stop a memoir of him from taking from, finally in his fourth year he was in the triwizared torment. Were he fought the now full powerful wizard.

Now we join harry just before his birthday.

"A happy birthday to me" herry sing to him self he was just about to turn fifteen. With 20 seconds to go he was waiting for he letters form his friends and his godfather. Now with 5 seconds he could see the owls coming. And at midnight he disappeared.

AN. Text chapter herry get a big suppress.