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Phoenix appeared in the headmaster's office. He look for the old wizard, but he was no were to be seen. Then herry remember that it was Halloween, and figured that Dumbledore most is the great hall. So he sat down to wait for him.

Well he was waiting he heard two phoenixes talking. It was Blaze and Dumbledore's Phoenix. (I can not think of his name.) Well they weren't really talking more like seeing witch one had the better singing voice. Harry/Phoenix just laughed at this. Just then he heard a noise out side the door, and in walked the headmaster.

"Why hello there, can I help you?" asked Dumbledore. Harry/Phoenix was surprised that the headmaster did not know him. He did not thank he change that much. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the pro. Clearing his through. "Why sir it hearts when someone goes to the school for four years, is a seeker for his house team, and tri wizard champ." Saying all this well smelling at the headmaster. Well he was saying all this the headmaster was more then supposed, this young man standees before him could not me Harry. He change so much over the time he was gong. Not the shy little kid any more, but a young man ready to face the world.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he notices the two phoenixes. Harry saw the he was looking at the white phoenix. "His Name is Blaze. He is the last of his kink." Harry said sadly. "He is a very lovely bird, but I do not know what kind he is" said Dumbledore. "He is a soul phoenix" herry reapplied.

"I have some questions for you Harry." Dumbledore told him. "Please call me phoenix when we are alone. It is my mage name after all, but insted I thank that it is a good idea for everyone to know I am a mage I would like to keep it quit." Harry told the headmaster. "Very well Phoenix, now for my questions, 1 what will we tell people about your change in looks, 2 what should we say about your Sudan return, and 3 how will we explain your new wisdom in magic?" The head master asked the young mage. "Well I will answer your questions in order sir. 1 we will tell them that I had a growth squirt 2. I will not return into Christmases, I have some things and people I need to see 3. I will hold back as much as possible, but if anyone ask I will say well I was in hiding I had some training." He told the old man behind the desk. "I see, may I ask who and what you have to do that you can not come back to the school now?" Dumbledore asked.

"Sure, but it will take a minute to tell. Lets see first I an going to see Fleur, and tell her how I fell about her, and hope it doesn't do harm to are friendship. That will take some time. If she fells the same I would like to spend some time with her. Second I will go see Victor and see were he stands in this was. By the time this all done It should be about Christmases and I will be back. Phoenix explained to the old man. "That sounds fun and interesting, and I hope it is."

"Oh before you go we should talk about were you will live during the summer? The headmaster said. " Well I was thinking of living in Hogmeed. I should be near the school since it is one of the number two targets for old snake face with me being number one." Phoenix smelled after saying this. "Very well my friend, but I would like you to live with your family there is a lot of processions there. It would make you safe." The aging old man said. " I do not need the procession any more, but I would like you to keep it up for my so called family. They have never got alone with me, but the so-called dark lord might go after them to get to me. Phoenix said still smiling.

"I should be going before any comes to your office looking for you and see me, and ask to many questions." Phoenix said before getting up out of his chair. "I will see you on Christmas. Before you leave two more things firs call me Albus, and second have fun." He told phoenix. "I will on both, but now I really must go." And with that he and his phoenix were gong.

Albus Dumbledore sat behind a desk just thinking about the talk with the young man that he thinks of as a grandson, and smiled because he happened to know that the young lady fells the same way he does. He knows this because the young lady has sent letters to the headmaster. Asking about Harry or should we say Phoenix, and she has told him in the letters how she fells.

____________________________________Harry in France___________________________

When Harry arrived at France he was in front a large house. He could not tell much about it with it been dark, but he could tell it was about five story's high, and a large yard.

Harry was just about to go knock on the door when he realize that it was late at knight, so he figure he would go in to town and see fleur the next day. He turned around and started to walk away when the door open and fleur was standing there looking at him with wonder.

Fleur was lost in here thoughts for a minuet 'I do not know he is but he is nice looking. All though there is something about him like I know him.' "Can I help you sir?" she asked him. Harry looked at her with a razed eyebrow. "Who do not know who I am? Well let me help you. We meet last year at Hogwarts, then I pulled your sister out of the lake, and when you left you told me you wanted to improve your English, and oh I a most forget you gave me a kiss on the check." Harry told her. Well he did not really forget, but he was not going to tell her that now was he. Well not yet.

"Harry is that really you? I mean you have change chance the last time I saw you." She had told harry. The young boy she had met last year dumbfounded Fleur. No he was not a boy any more. He was a verry nice looking man. She looked at him again, and was thinking that it would be nice to go out with him sometime. Then she came back to her senses and thought that he would never go out with her.

Well Fleur was lost in her thoughts harry was watching her, and trying to get up the courage to talk to her again.

"Fleur I came for a reason, and I really be happy if you could let me get to before I chicken out. I know we are friends, and I hope what I about to say will not do any harm to that friend ship. You see I like you more then a friend. I have since after the second task when I saw the real you with your sister, not the prim and propber, but the person with a big heart. Like I said before I hope the does not change you friend ship, but had a right to know how I felt about. Fleur I love you." Harry had said this well looking in to her eyes.

To say Fleur was shock would be the under statement of the live time. She could not be leave he had change so much, but that was not the point at the mount. He just told her that he love her. The person who she had a crush on.

"Harry are you sure what you said. I mean you could have any one you wanted, so why me?" Fleur asked him. She just had to be sure he really did fell the same is she did.

Harry looked at her funny, and then leaned in and kissed her squire on the lips. It was Harrys first kiss, and it was everything he thought it would be. For the first time in his life he did not want to get his parents back, he did not want to see his friends; all he wanted was the kiss to last forever.

Fleur was felling the same way. Many boys had tried to kiss her before, but this was heaven on earth. She two wished the kiss would never end, but with all good things it had to.

They puled apart and looked in each other's eyes again and Fleur was the firs to speak. "Harry I love you to."

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