Title: The Trouble

Summary: The trouble with boys like Edward Cullen is I can already see how it will end. But the thrill of driving down this road with him is almost worth the crash.

Note: So I was clearing some files off my computer and I found this story. It's pretty old, but after metaphorically wiping off the dust, I figured it was good enough to share. I think it was meant to be a one shot, but it's kind of long… so I'm just gonna have fun with it.

I'm going to post in multiple short chapters. Just because I think the story is better told with little breaks. But I'm planning on posting several times a day. This is just meant to be a short fun project while I muddle through my midterms and try not to explode from stress. Sharing stories with you guys tends to lift my spirits. I hope you like it. : )

Once upon a time a few mistakes ago
I was in your sights

"Edward Cullen is staring at you," Angela whispers into my ear, giggling slightly. I look up from my peanut butter and jelly and at his table.

If he was looking, he's not anymore. Instead he's laughing at the pretty girl next to him. I blush heavily and look down at my lunch. Angela doesn't try to defend her claim, and instead we change the topic.

Honestly, why would Edward Cullen stare at me?

I'm going to update in about an hour's time. Promise.