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Chapter 1: The past before and the fated meeting.

Normal POV

It was another beautiful day in the City of Magnolia, as the Fairy Tail guild were celebrating their victory over the New Oracion Seis and Legion. And now let us see what is currently happening inside the Fairy Tail.

"What did you say you to me Flame-brain!?" a raven haired man growled.

"I said that you should work in a strip club and not in a guild!" a pink haired man laughed.

"Shut your mouth Natsu!" the raven haired man growled again.

"Gray your clothes!" a blonde hair mage shouted at him as she covered her eyes in embarrassment.

"Ahh! Where did my clothes go?!" Gray screamed out as Natsu continues to laugh.

"Like I said you should work in a strip club. You literally stripped in the fastest time ever!" Natsu smiled as Gray then blushed in embarrassment.

"Why you!" Gray then charged at Natsu who dodged to the right before someone punched him on the head, causing a massive bump to grow on his head.

"Natsu! Gray! Stop acting like little kids!" a scarlet haired knight said before she slammed both Natsu and Gray's head together, causing the two to cry out in pain while holding their head.

"A man will never stop fighting!" a man with white spiky haired screamed out loud before getting hit at the back of his head by a paper fan.

"Not everyone is a man you big nincompoop!" a brunette said as she kept whacking him in the back of his head constantly.

"Sighs, this place is always going to be loud, eh?" the blonde hair mage sighed as a young blue haired girl who was sitting next to her drinking a strawberry milkshake just turned at her.

"But without all of this, the guild would be boring, right Lucy-san?" the blue haired girl said as Lucy just smiled at her.

"You're right Wendy. You know every day you spend in the guild, you just grow more and more mature." Lucy commented as Wendy just blushed.

"It's because I don't want to be viewed as the weak girl, everyone thinks that I am." Wendy commented softly while nibbling her two fingers together.

"Haha, don't worry Wendy, someday you're going to be an amazing mage!" Lucy said as Natsu then crashed at a chair beside her.

"Damn these assholes." Natsu growled as he slowly got up before he realized something.

"Oh yeah, Happy let's go!" Natsu said as Happy then appeared on his shoulder.

"Where are we going Natsu?" Happy asked as he was chomping down on a fish.

"Well I heard that there was a rumour about a dragon at Sea Breeze Town." Natsu said ending with a small smirk on his face so that no one but Happy could see it.

Immediately, Happy got what the pinkette was talking about and smiled too.

"Alright let's go!" Happy cheered as Natsu smiled then walked off.

"Hey Natsu, do you need some company? Cause I can follow you if you want." Lucy asked with glint of hope shining in her eyes.

However, Natsu, not wanting anyone to know his secret along with Happy did something everyone would do when being asked to tag along when their trying to keep a secret.

Lie and then run away as fast as they can.

"Sorry Lucy, but it's only for the two of us, so bye!" and with that Natsu and Happy took off as if their life depended on it.

And in hindsight, it kind of did.

"Wait Natsu!" Lucy called out but seeing as the Dragon Slayer was too far away for her to reach, so she sighed and rested her head on the counter.

"What's wrong Lucy?" the white haired barmaid, Mirajane asked the blonde haired mage who looked somewhat depressed.

"Nothing's wrong, Mira." Lucy responded but Mirajane was having none of that.

"Come on Lucy, you can tell me. Is it about a guy problem?" Mirajane asked as Lucy just nodded.

"Who is it then?" Mirajane asked with stars shining in her eyes. Lucy just sighed, knowing that Mira wasn't going to leave her alone from the topic.

"It's Natsu…" Lucy mumbled the last part to herself but unfortunately for her Mirajane heard her.

"It's NATS-Muffh!" Lucy then quickly covered the barmaid's mouth before she just revealed her biggest secret to the whole guild. Everyone turned to the two but just shrugged it off and returned to what they were doing before.

"It's Natsu?!" Mirajane whispered in shock as Lucy just nodded her head, a small blush on her cheeks.

She would have thought that Lucy was interested in the Lion Celestial Spirt, Leo, or better known as Loke. However, it seems not.

'Who would have thought that she would have fell for him.' Mirajane smiled before frowning.

"But Lucy, you should know that you have a lot of love rivals and I mean a lot of love rivals for his heart." Mirajane said as Lucy sighed at that.

"Yeah I know, there's Lisanna, Cana, and a lot more from other guilds as well" Lucy said sadly.

"Yup, but I do wish you luck with that, after all Natsu's too dense about love." Mirajane giggled while Lucy just slumped on the table once more, knowing how true that statement was.

With Natsu and Happy

"So Natsu did you really heard a rumour or just want to be free from acting like a dumb idiot all of the time?" Happy teased as Natsu just grumbled.

"You make it seem that being dumb is a super easy. Trust me, it's really not. Especially when I have those urges to release my full power when fighting." Natsu sighed as he remembered what Igneel told him before he left.


"Natsu come over here" a red dragon called out to the young pink haired boy.

The dragon was covered with dark, red scales. He has scars on his belly and neck, with the largest one, which is an X-shaped, located on the centre of his body. His back has numerous black spikes, reaching down all the way from his back to the end of his tail. The dragon has a triangular head with horns, a pair of large, round eyes with yellow sclera and a sharp horn pointing upwards just above his nose. The dragon also sports very sharp canine teeth, and has claws with long, sharp, red nails. The dragons bony wings resemble that of a bat.

This was Igneel the current Fire Dragon King.

"What is it dad?" A younger Natsu asked as he was covered with bruises and scars that he got from training.

"Did you know that tomorrow will be the 7thof July in the year X777?" Igneel asked as Natsu widened his eyes in shock before lowering his head.

"Yeah, I just didn't think it was so soon." Natsu said softly as tears started forming in his eyes. While Igneel just placed his giant claw over his head.

"Do not cry my son. Just know that I will always be watching over you." Igneel smiled as Natsu smiled as well.

"Alright! I won't disappoint you, dad!" Natsu said while Igneel made a sound of surprise.

"Before I forget, Natsu as you enter the human world and get into fights, you are unable to use your full power." Igneel stated which cause Natsu to fall on his face.

"But why not? I had to train hard in order to get all of these powers and you're telling me that I can't use it in fights? Then what's the points of me learning it?!" Natsu shouted in anger at his father as he pointed a finger at him.

"I never said you will never be able to use it. I said you should not use it! There's a massive difference." Igneel said with annoyance in his voice.

"Oh…Ok but why not?" Natsu asked with a clueless expression on his face.

"As you know, the strength that you possess is much stronger to those other Dragon Slayers, much less wizards. S in order to not hurt them severely, you'll need to tone down your power to a minimum." Igneel explained as Natsu nodded his head.

"So I am unable to use my true strength because it's too strong and I may destroy everything?" Natsu asked and Igneel nodded.

"Yes, I'm glad that you're finally learning." Igneel teased and Natsu growled in return.

"Yeah whatever, but this is not the real reason you called me, is it?" Natsu raised an eyebrow as Igneel smiled again.

"You are smart, my son. You are right I am not calling you out to merely tell you about me leaving but because the dragon association has granted you the title of-"

Flashback end

"The title of the Dragon Prince. The highest title among all Dragon Slayers and even Dragons. And is only second to the king." Natsu said as he remembered his talk with Igneel.

Yeah, but can we leave soon? I want to train my new ability!" Happy said as he was flying around Natsu.

Natsu could only chuckle as he remember the time when he first taught Happy that.

"Alright, come on." Natsu and Happy continue to walk and fly respectively.

With ?

There was a young black haired woman currently sleeping in her bed.

"* yawns * that was a good sleep." the black haired woman commented as she rubbed her eyes. The black haired girl looked no older 21 years old. She is currently wearing a nightgown that fits her luscious body.

"Hey Kei! Are you awake now?" asked a white exceed that came out from the covers of the bed.

"Yes I am Sachi." the girl now revealed as Kei smiled at her exceed.

She remembered how she found her egg in front of her house. It was a rainy day and she was alone at home and saw an egg in front of her door.

And being the young angel she was, she brought the egg over to her house and raised it until it hatched. It was safe to say that she was shocked to see a cat come out from an egg but after doing some research she figured out what Sachi really is.

"So Kei what should we do today? Should we go to the bar and sing again?" Sachi asked which caused Kai to giggle.

"You don't even sing along, Sachi. And no we are not going to go to the bar. We are just going to relax at home" Kei smiled when she saw Sachi look up with her face full with happiness.

"Really?!" Sachi looked up with excitement in her eyes. Kei smiled again before nodding her head.

"Yippee!" Sachi then started flying around Kei who was giggling at her exceeds childish attitude.

"Alright then let me get ready first, then we can collect some berries at the forest." Kei smiled and Sachi just nodded in response.

Kei then got out of bed and got into the shower.

The shower then touched her smooth skin and steam was coming out from the shower.

(A/N: Be honest who is thinking of something perverted!)

After a few minutes she then came out of the shower.

She is now currently wearing a black leather jacket, a grey shirt and a cut-off jeans revealing her smooth and luscious legs, her clothing may not reveal much but a sane man can still see that she is hiding a sexy body.

"Well let's head out then" Kei said while Sachi just nodded happily.

With Natsu

Natsu and Happy are currently walking in Sea Breeze Town. They were asking people about seeing any dragons around the area but just as expected the rumour is just a rumour as the townspeople did not see a dragon in sight before.

"Well just as expected not one person has seen a dragon near here. So what should we do now, Natsu?" Happy asked the pink haired man.

"Well, we could just go deep into the forest and train that." Natsu suggested and before he knows it he was already being lifted in the air by Happy.

"Well someone's excited for the practice match." Natsu teased.

"Well what do you expect? Everyone thinks that I'm just a cat with wings and have the ability to speak, and nothing less." Happy said sadly as Natsu nodded his head, understanding his partner.

"Looks like we both have the same problems then." Natsu said.

"Yeah now that I think about it, I guess we do." Happy said.

"Wait stop right there." Natsu said, pointing at a clear field in the middle of the forest. It was a distance from all life and that means no one could see them or hear them.

"Alright then." Happy then sped downwards and dropped Natsu who made a perfect landing.

"Alright then, let's get this show on the road!" Natsu said as Happy was then surrounded by dark light.

After a while, Happy had stopped glowing and in Happy's place was a different being.

In Happy's place was a blue coloured werewolf, Anubis hybrid. It had sharp teeth. Its eyes glow an intimidating red. And on its body had black stripes all over. Also its tail was covered with spikes. It also had its small angel wings on its back.

This was not the Happy that everyone was used to.

"Tenebrarum Eques. You still suck in controlling that immense power, but let's change that today." Natsu said as he closed his eyes.

(A/N: Tenebrarum Eques means Knight of Darkness in Latin)

He could still remember the day that led him to discover this brand new form.


Location: Fairy Tail guild (Library)

"Natsu, how is being cooped up in a library going to help me become stronger?" Happy asked as he flew around Natsu before landing on his head.

Natsu smiled at this as he looked up from the book that he was reading to face his partner, "Well, we know that you're an Exceed after reading some of these books, and they said that alongside your Aera magic, you're capable of learning different types of magic." The Exceed's eyes brightened up at the thought.

"So I can learn even stronger magic and be on par with you?" Natsu nodded his head as Happy cheered and began flying around in happiness.

"That's awesome!" he cheered, but that was when his wings died out due to his lack of magic and crashed into a shelf, causing the books on it to crash down onto him.

Natsu quickly scavenged for the downed Exceed, but that was when he knocked into a book that dropped to the ground.

'Got to teach Happy on self-control next time.' The Dragon Prince thought to himself before picking up the book and after scanning through its context, his eyes widened before a smirk grew on his face.

Happy, managed to wake up to see his 'father' smirking to himself, causing him to be confused,

"Natsu? What's wrong?" the pinkette then turned the book over to Happy with a smile as the Exceed stared at the giant black figure on the page.

"I've found out how to get you stronger."

Flashback End

Of course it wasn't as easy as that since Happy was unable to control its powers at first and would lose control, the same problem that he has now.

Natsu was then engulfed in a bright light as well and once the light died down he looked like a brand new person.

His pink hair was now black in colour, his black eyes turned red, his muscular body became even more muscular. Every part of his body had scales on them. He also grown dark red wings on his back and a long sharp tail with spikes on the tail.

This was the true form of the Dragon Prince.

"Man, it's been such a long time since I returned to my true form!" Natsu said happily as he stretched out.

"You know, I'm really jealous of you, Natsu. You look so cool in your real form." Happy said in a rough voice.

"I miss being in my real form too, unfortunately we have to hide it from everyone. We can't risk being found out by everyone." Natsu said disappointedly but he knew the consequences of his actions.

Despite what people think of him, Natsu was actually responsible of his actions and knows what right from wrong. After all, as a Dragon Prince, he had LOTS of responsibility. In fact, he could choose NOT to destroy buildings during missions if he wanted to. However, he wanted a bit of fun and may or may not cause too much destruction.

"Anyways…" Happy started with a smirk.

"Let the battle begin!" Natsu and Happy said at the same time before charging at each other.

Natsu then lunged forward at Happy with his fist ignited with black flames.

"Fire Dragon's Crusher!" Natsu then punched Happy in the gut and Happy flew a few feet away.

"That hurts quite a bit, but what can I expect from a Dragon Prince? Darkness Roar!" Happy then shot out a beam of negative energy straight at Natsu.

"I'm definitely not going to stand around and see what that'll do." Natsu said as he then dodge the attacks by flying up into the air.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu then shot out a torrent of black flames from his mouth whilst flying in the air.

Happy however managed to dodge the flames by jumping to the side.

"Hyper Slash!" Happy's claws then glowed red before he jumped into the air and then started flying towards Natsu.

Happy then started slashing continuously as an attempt to attack Natsu.

But unfortunately for Happy, Natsu dodge every slash that came at him.

Happy then sent one more slash towards Natsu, but the Dragon Prince managed to grab it and he slightly flinched when he felt his hand burning just from touching it.

"Fire Dragon's Claw!" Natsu then sent a kick at Happy's side before slamming him to the ground.

Happy was then currently falling to the ground at a fast pace.

But before Happy even touched the ground Natsu then punched Happy again, sending him crashing into a tree.

"Come on Happy! Show me your true power!" Natsu taunted.

"Then face this! Hyper Slash!" Happy then charged at Natsu before he kept on the offensive by slashing at Natsu who managed to dodge it all.

Happy then tripped Natsu with his tail, causing him to fall, and slashed Natsu on his chest. Natsu then gritted his teeth as the pain surged through his body.

As Happy was about to slash Natsu again, Natsu then tripped Happy and sent a hard punch at the Exceed's midsection, causing him to cough out some saliva.

Happy then charged at Natsu and continued to slash Natsu at a very fast pace.

Happy then attempted to trip Natsu once again, but unfortunately for him Natsu already prepared for the attack and jumped up before he kicked Happy who was then sent crashing into a nearby tree.

"The second time won't work on me, Happy. And you should know that!" Natsu taunted as Happy then growled menacingly as his eyes turned dark black as he then started roaring.

'Looks like Happy lost control of that power.' Natsu thought as he watched as Happy who was now shooting out beams of negative energy straight at trees, completely destroying every single one.

"Well sorry about this Happy but I need to bring you back!" Natsu said as he charged at Happy while dodging all the attacks, Happy, finally noticing the Dragon Prince, charged towards him.

Natsu then punched Happy in the face with his Iron Fist attack and dodged the close range attacks coming from Happy.

"Time to end this Happy!" Natsu shouted as white flames started dancing around Natsu's body.

"Holy Flame Dragon's Mode!" Natsu's whole body was then engulfed in the white and orange flames.

"This is it! Holy Flame Dragon's Draco Gladium!" Natsu then charged at Happy as his hand was then surrounded with orange and white flames.

(A/N: Draco Gladium is Latin for Dragon Sword)

Natsu then punched Happy in the face and sent him crashing through multiple trees.

Natsu then healed himself with his flames, as he then ran deeper into the forest to find Happy.

After a while of searching, Natsu finally found the unconscious form of Happy who was lying on the ground. After falling unconscious, the Exceed returned back to his original form. His blue body was covered with burn marks, bruises and scars all over his body.

Natsu then walked towards Happy with his hands covered with white flames. He then placed his hand on top of Happy's head.

"Heal." as soon as that word escaped Natsu's mouth, a bright light then covered Happy and all of the wounds that Happy sustained during the battle all recovered.

Happy then woke up as soon as Natsu finished healing him.

"Natsu? What happened?" Happy asked.

"The power consumed you again and I had to punch the living light out of you." Natsu stated as Happy had a look of disappointment on his face.

"Hey what's wrong?" Natsu asked as he saw the look of disappointment.

"I lost control of the power and I nearly rampaged out again." Happy said as Natsu then thought about it.

Will they ever find a way to help Happy control that power?

"Come on, Happy. I believe that you'll be able to control that power! Come on, now let's get something to eat, I'm starving!" Natsu smiled as the disappointment look on Happy's face was then replaced with a cheerful look.

'Natsu always have this ability to make people smile. I have the best 'dad' ever!' Happy thought happily.

"Aye Sir!" Happy said.

"Alright let's get going then!" Natsu said as they started walking ahead.

After a long while of walking both Natsu and Happy were still in the forest.

"Natsu we've been walking through this place for so long! Do you even know where we're going at all?" Happy asked, annoyance laced in his tone.

"I did! And we're supposed to see the exit a few minutes ago" Natsu protested.

"Does that look like the exit to you?" Happy asked as he pointed his finger in front of him. And to prove his point, the road in front of him were full of trees, and there were no signs of light coming from it.

"Well we wouldn't have to be stuck here if someone could just stop being a lazy and fat cat and fly us out of here!" Natsu shouted.

"Well if you forgot, I am still injured!" Happy retorted.

"Sure, excuses! That will work." Natsu said as Happy got annoyed.

"Well you could fly us out of the forest!" Happy growled.

"Then everyone would know my true form!" Natsu retorted.

As the two were having an intense argument. They didn't even realize that behind them were Kei and Sachi, both of which were blushing.


Kei and Sachi were still searching for some berries, for the whole time, they could only find a few berries.

"Ugh where are the stupid berries?" Sachi whined while Kei giggled at Sachi's childishness.

"We will find it Sachi please be patient." Kei said in a soft voice as Sachi then flew over Kei's head and rested on it.

As the two were still looking for the berries. No sound was made and Sachi decided to break the silence.

"Kei do you think that you will find someone that you love?" Sachi asked out of the blue which caused Kei to blush.

"What kind of question is that?" Kei shouted.

"Well we have lived alone for a long time and you have never liked a guy before, so…." Sachi said as Kei just sighed.

"Well I never truly liked a guy before because everyone is just looking down on my chest and not trying to know me at all." Kei said angrily remembering all the time men were looking at her with those lustful eyes.

"Yeah but you should really try-" Sachi was then cut off by people shouting.

"Well we wouldn't have to be stuck here if someone could just stop being a lazy and fat cat and fly us out of here!" a voice shouted.

"Well if you forgot, I am still injured!" another voice retorted.

"Sure, excuses! It will work" the first voice said

"WellYOUcould fly us out of the forest if you really want to!" the second voice growled.

"Then everyone would know my true form!" the first voice retorted.

As the two were quarrelling, both Kei and Sachi were hiding behind some bushes.

"Who are they? And Kei doesn't that blue exceed look really cute?" Sachi asked as her white face was sporting a massive blush.

Kei however didn't hear what her Exceed said as her focus was on the pink haired man, just the sight of him was already made her blush uncontrollably and her heart pound faster than it had ever been.

'What is this feeling?' Kei thought to herself.

Flashback end

"Stop spouting your nonsense! I know you can still fly." Natsu growled.

"If I could still fly I would have done it long ago!" Happy retorted.

While the two were quarrelling Kei and Sachi decided that it was time for them to leave so they walked back slightly.

However, before they could even take a step back.

"Find then, let's get those people behind the bushes to find our way out of here." Natsu said, pointing his thumb at the girls' direction.

Both Kei and Sachi were shocked, wondering how the pinkette managed to notice them seeing as they hadn't made any loud sounds which alerted them.

"So, why were you two hiding behind those bushes?" Natsu asked, raising an eyebrow. Didn't they know that if they wanted to stay hidden, they shouldn't be talking?

The two slowly got up, with Kei putting her hands up in the air as if she were a criminal that got caught by the police. And to be fair, it almost seemed that way as well.

Her eyes suddenly caught sight of the pinkette's eyes as the two gazed at one another before he broke eye contact.

"So…who are you two?" he asked in a suspicious tone.

"My name is Kei, and this is Sachi. The two of us actually live nearby and were on our way back." Kei responded and Natsu stared at her, trying to detect if she were lying and upon seeing the calm look on the girl's face, he nodded his head.

"I see, well if that's the case, do you know the way out of here? My partner and I are lost and we've been here for quite some time now."

Kei was about to respond when,

"Yo boss, I managed to find someone here!" a booming voice resonated in the forest, forcing Natsu to shield his ears. Seconds later, a large group of people began appearing in the clearing they were all standing in. The one standing in front of them all, and most probably the leader of the lot, was a brunette, wearing clothing most would see thugs wear.

"My, my, what do we have here? A rather attractive lady, I must say." The brunette said, looking at Kei with a lustful look on his face as the ravenette felt a shiver run down her spine as she glared at the man.

"Hey brat, you better not be thinking of doing anything stupid. If you don't wanna die, leave the woman here and scram. Don't worry, we'll return her back after we're done with her."

"Though they'll probably be broken by then." The men all laughed and Kei was horrified at what she was hearing but before she could even respond back, the pinkette stepped forward.

"Don't worry about it, let me handle them." Natsu reassured, walking forward to face the dark guild member who seems to be examining the pinkette before his eyes widened in shock.

"B-boss, that's the Salamander!" Everyone's eyes widened in shock and upon closer inspection, they all realised he truly was the famed Salamander of Fairy Tail.

Nervousness began welling up in their hearts…in all but one.

"Heh, the Salamander, eh? If I can defeat you then I can show the world just how powerful I am." The brunette smirked as he instantly began charging in at the pinkette who could only stare at him.

Just when he was an inch away from the Dragon Prince, the dark guild leader instantly faked a punch to the left before sending a right hook at the pinkette.

Upon feeling his punch connecting, he smirked maliciously. However…

"Ah! My hand!" he yelled out in pain as Natsu gripped onto the aforementioned limb tightly.

"So, what about you guys? You coming too?" Natsu asked in a bored tone, and this angered each and every one of them as they grabbed their respective weapons before charging at the Fairy Tail member.

Sometime during the scuffle, one of the dark guild member decided to try to sneak up behind Kei, in order to use her as a hostage, but before he could even lay a hand on her, she ducked underneath his hands before sending a direct kick at his diaphragm, which caused him to drop to the ground, unconscious.

A few minutes later,

Natsu then wiped the dirt of off his vest and began walking towards Happy and the two females, all around him were the unconscious bodies of the opponents he had faced.

"Is this seriously the best a dark guild can do?" Natsu sighed, feeling a bit disappointed, as Happy walked towards Natsu.

"You're already stronger than most dark guild. Why do you bother in going full strength?" Happy asked.

"I wasn't even fighting in full strength. All of them were just ridiculously weak." Natsu scoffed as Happy shrugged before he climbed up Natsu's shoulder.

"Anyways…" Natsu then turned to Kei and Sachi.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel and this is my partner, Happy." Natsu introduced themselves with a bow as the girls decided to introduce themselves as well.

"Wait a minute, your name is Happy?" Sachi asked the blue exceed.


"That means both our names mean happy!" Sachi exclaimed happily.

"Yeah!" Happy said as it attempt to fly but due to his exhaustion from his battle earlier on, he was unable to control himself.

"Come on let's go and play over there!" Sachi said as she pulled Happy's hand and flew off.

"Guess Happy made a new friend." Natsu smiled as he chuckled.

"Yeah and so did Sachi." Kei smiled as well.

Immediately, a growling sound could be heard within the forest, and the girl looked around frantically, wondering where the source of the sound was, only for Natsu to rub the back of his head sheepishly as he pointed towards his stomach.

"Sorry about that, I guess I'm feeling a bit hungry." Natsu said as Kei couldn't help but release a giggle, "Well, I have cabin just right over there if you want some food, it's the least I could do for helping me." Kei said as she pointed at the general direction of her house.

"Great let's go!" Natsu said as he grabbed Kei's hand which shocked her and ran at a fast pace.

Kei then blushed as she felt the warmth in his hands.

Natsu then smiled as he and Happy made a new friend today.

But will their new friendship turn into something more?

End Chapter

Fairy Tail Dialogue

Fairy Tail Dialogue

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