Prompt. Fluffy. Any setting. Elsa wants to take Anna for their first date. But what is a proper first date with your sister?

Well fiddle dee dee, as Cindy's Aunt Fairy says. If this was Arendelle the queen's will is still above question, but here in Disney the rules are different. The peasants don't believe I'm Queen Elsa, they think I'm an actress, a modern day mummer cavorting for their amusement. Aping scenes from my life in silly shows.

Which means no one believes Anna is my actual sister. Which would be great for planning our first date. Except, not only do they have a prejudice about same sex couples we never had, they also have Rules about where we can be seen eating. Because of both of those, our date falls under the Rules.

Rule 3, no character must ever be seen doing something that would shock the rubes.

Rule 5 characters may walk anywhere in the Park unfettered. But they may not enter any establishments including attractions, shopping plazas or restaurants except those adjacent to that character's attraction.

Rubes and yokels is what the peasants are called in The Rules. Characters are how the residents are addressed. And for some reason the Land is called a Park. I am not familiar with the idiom.

Some of the other girls call them entrants, rather than rubes, yokels or peasants. I think that sounds nice. And accurate. Entrants enter and depart our land each day. But there are peasants who are residents. Look at Smee or even Sleepy. I'm royal, Jessica's famous, Pinocchio is enchanted. But Smee, or Sleepy? One is a pirate captain's valet, the other a short miner. The only things that make them special is they are residents. But still, peasants.

And what about roustabouts and crew? They are here and free and know many of our secrets. But, they are born entrants, not immortal, not held to Rules or at least not all the rules, and to a degree not even held to all the physics of the Land. Obviously the biggest is they can leave.

But even within our borders. I can walk the boulevards of the Land freely. And I have free reign in my demesnes, a small section of Fantasyland where I can go anywhere, do anything and my powers work completely unfettered. Anywhere else they only work when no one is looking and any number of other conditions. However I physically could not enter an attraction not my own. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion. Physically I could not enter them. It's not even like an invisible wall. More like wading through soup that becomes honey, then treacle, then mortar until I reach the doorway. By then I absolutely can't move a single inch further in that direction. I cannot pass the doorway. Except It's a Small World, for some reason we can all move freely there as well. As if we were each in our own demesnes. Except those among us who have magic cannot use it there. Not even in those miniscule ways it still works on the streets and boulevards of the Land. Regardless my point was the crew and roustabouts who work here are not restricted and can go into any ride or attraction.

But I'm not taking Anna to its a small world or just out walking the streets for our first date. 12 minutes is long for a ride, but really terribly short for a date. And its not like one of us is Tommorowland and the other Fantasyland, or even one from Wild Ride and the other from Daring Journey. We are from the same Land, the same Attraction, the same Canon. We not only can go everywhere together, we could go to the palace. There was a door for me in Sleeping Beauty's Castle, as there was for each of the princess, that opened into our ow home and palace. Servants and all, just as we knew it, except the exits now only led here. Most egress was to that selfsame door in Cinderella's Castle. With the front door, at least for now opening across the Land, in the small pocket of my demesnes; a reconstruction of our frozen town square in the middle of the California adventures. I don't remember a time before. But apparently until they chose to split the area of my power not every resident could walk freely between the two sections of the land. But now each of us could walk those streets and boulevards as well but only I had two disparate areas where my magic was at full potential.

But that's just a curiosity with a side of passing interest, it wouldn't make my first date with Anna any easier. Or, better, and I wanted it to be perfect.

Anna and I had admitted our feelings for each other shortly after every door in the palace started opening onto this small strange land. The servants still staff their posts within but they no longer leave and if you speak to them they seem distracted to the point of foolishness. The most the servants do only their job and no more. The guards do absolutely nothing. When I realized Hans of the Southern Isles and the Duke of Wessel were once again ensconced in the guest quarters and ordered them seized the guards jumped to obey, but they hadn't gotten two rooms away when they forgot their orders and wandered off.

Neither of them venture any deeper into the castle than their quarters so in reality unless I was to have a reason to seek them out I would never see them in my home. Occasionally catching glimpses of them on the street are of no import, as long as I assure Anna never sees them. She is perfectly happy to ignore the rules and beat Hans senseless. And with her great strength and his small size she once tossed the Duke from the portcullis of sleeping beauty's castle fifty yards into the fish pond. And the last time that happened we were suddenly unable to leave the palace for two days. If it had been me my powers would suddenly disappear for a week, but Anna's strength cannot be separated from her. So they confined her, and me as well because I guess either I'm supposed to control her, or they are using her love for me and dislike of seeing me confined to control her.

We put the time to good use, growing closer. But that just made it all the more important to me that she have the perfect first date she deserves. We had certainly gone beyond first date status within the palace. But I think my sweet girl deserved that sweet story. She is so beautiful and perfect and full of life. And I not only have our whole lives of shunning her to make up for. But even now. She could have anyone she wanted. That Kristoff peasant boy was clearly smitten. The dwarfs and pirates followed her around like baby geese when I'm not there to shoo them off. Even Olaf the snowman is coal over carrot in love with her. And what do I have to offer? I might be 'striking' or 'a handsome woman'. But compared to her ruddy vitality I am as cold and bloodless as ice. And there's that. My powers might be impressive, but I think any potential partner would be willing to admit they are more trouble than they were worth. I'm not only Queen of a monarchy that consists of my palace and a space of land of slightly smaller dimensions than my village square in my memory. And every one of my good friends is also either ruler or heir of an equally miniscule principality.

Not much to recommend me. If I was to be honest I think the fact that I am her older sister is one of the biggest reasons Anna loves me. And not in a titillating 'because its so wrong' way. Because Anna has never given me the slightest hint that she can even intellectually wrap her head around why others would think it was wrong. She certainly didn't.

And that blind spot was yet another reason I needed our first date to be perfect. To be worthy of the trust she put in me when there was absolutely no reason why she should. I blindly followed my fathers orders and even after his death I kept her at arms length until the sheer insanity of our new situation. Waking up one day in a castle staffed with automatons and every door opening in the exact same place. Expected to reenact scenes from my life several times a day, with the only positive was seeing my Anna punch Hans hard enough to arc him up in the air and over the low wall.

I knew Anna was so in love anything would be perfect in her eyes. Doing nothing and keeping our special sisterhood behind closed doors was even acceptable. She had directly said so more than once. But I wanted more for her.

It was so funny I had asked everyone I had scratched my head and raged at fate for two weeks when finally Snow told me the simplest thing in the world.

Even though Cindy, my best friend after Anna, was one of the First. Those who had been in the Land since its first day and personally knew the wizard who had created it. I wasn't as friendly with them as I was with some of the others.

I considered Snow a friend, but I had maybe had four one on one conversations with her ever. So I hadn't gotten around to asking her personally, I knew she knew what I was wondering, we were a fairly small community after all.

Then one day as I stood at the fish pond feeding the fish dried peas, they love them, Snow came to stand next to me.

"You're getting in your own way." She said.

"Am I?" I replied, not yet understanding what she was talking about.

"You know that the rubes would shun you for being romantically linked to your sister. You know a smaller but still significant group would take issue just with you both being girls." Snow continued.

"Yes, I've heard. That's why I am nervous." I agreed.

"But you stopped looking right there. Yes people would grab the torches and pitchforks and run you out of town if they knew about your lesbiancestuous proclivities. But this isn't some European brothel. This is the most childlike place on earth. You can cuddle and share an ice cream at Kristoff's Icy Load, or whatever that new frozen dessert place is called. You can walk down every street in this bitch holding hands, and get no more reaction than 'Aww look at how close those sisters are". You can kiss Anna full on the lips in the middle of your little meet and greet in front of the Royal Theater, and as long as its quick and tongue-free. Everyone will clap and be pleased as pigeons that you aren't freezing her out anymore. You want to have a sweet, old fashioned first date with your sister. Just do it. The rubes are dumb as cattle. No one will blink. It'll be adorable. And then you can rush off to the palace to lick the same pussy whose diapers you used to change."

I was a little offended by her crassness. But as soon as she saw she'd offended me she offered an obviously sincere apology. "Sometimes being a tittering joy monkey all the time really gets on my tits. Do this same thing for fifty years and see if you don't want to smoke a joint while masturbating with the hilt of Excalibur on the sword in the stone statue. But I love these foolish mortals, as I know you do. Its just sometimes I have to say something dirty just to remind myself I'm a person."

I excused myself from Snow causer she was clearly in a mood. But now I knew what I was going to do. Ice skating, to remind her of the day I taught her, the first time I thought there might be more than sisterly affection there. Then sharing an ice cream, and a nice walk across the land holding hands. See if we can prove Snow's theory right. And if we can, then everything after that is going to be easy as I could ever ask for.