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Since he had nothing to do today, he'll be going home with Momoi again and because of how Ayuzawa acted earlier, his childhood friend kept on reminding him about the silver haired girl, he's sure that Ayuzawa's not annoyed with Momoi, its just that his partner's a bit cold heart-ed for a woman. However, it's as if fate was playing with him, Momoi saw the other girl walking ahead of them.

"Ayuzawa-san!" Momoi called despite Aomine's insistence to not call her, Ayuzawa faced the two of them "Are you going home?" she asked.

"Yes I am, why?"

"Let's all walk home together then." Momoi smiled at her.

"Thanks, but my house is quite far from yours." Ayuzawa answered, Aomine mentally agrees (it is true based on his experience), her house is near school but its quite out of route for the two of them, but he won't mind tagging her along, really.

"Its fine." Momoi was the one insisting, actually.

"No." she sternly answered surprising them. "Please don't concern yourself with my well being." She walked ahead of them again.

"Why is she always in a bad mood?." Momoi nudged him in the shoulder. "Are you fighting with her all the time? Seriously, Aomine-kun if you continue badmouthing her, she'll give up on you."

"Shut up, Satsuki." He said and strolled ahead of her, while she scampered towards him, still reprimanding him on how to react properly to Ayuzawa.

"Why are you so distant with people?" Aomine can't help but ask as he reads the manuscript she gave him.

"Speak for yourself." True enough. Aomine's a lot more socially challenged than she is.

"I am asking you."

"I'm not really distant, Its because I'm alright that's why I didn't want to bother you. See, the time that you take in accompanying me home could be added in reading those notes." She points at the script. "Then you could have more time and will be more ready."

"Is this really more important? You even got sick, 'cuz of this" he placed the paper on the counter.

"My health is important that's why I took medicines, my being sick is entirely my miscalculation so it's my fault, no need to involve other people. Now, will you tell me the pressure points mentioned there?" Ayuzawa's not in the mood for personal talks now, they have less time to finish this.

"How can you easily shift the topic like nothing matters?" Aomine was getting quite angry.

"It's because I choose what I say, the less you talk the less problems and diversions you have. I see that the demo matters more so I wanted to talk about it now, and besides with that way we could finish early."

"We could finish early even if we talk about some other things, and you don't need to do this to avoid your social life."

"I don't avoid it, and why are you so concerned about my social life? That's quite irrelevant and before you judge mine, look at yours first."

"Anything not related in first aid is irrelevant to you. Look, I know that you think practice makes perfect, even if I don't believe in that, we're doing this but you don't need to abuse yourself." Great, now he's speaking like he cares, well, doesn't he really care?

"If I or I don't abuse myself will be entirely my decision, I know what I prioritize so I know what to do." She was reminded of his previous attitude. "Unlike you, who'll have someone to accept you despite how you react because you're good, I have to work really hard to be accepted." She glanced at her fingers that were calloused and bandaged.

"You're really scary at times." He crossed his arms. "Do you even have a hint of emotions?"

"I do, and its not just a hint, it's a lot but I know when and where to use them, now... bringing a fight won't give us advantage in this situation."

"I'm not bringing a fight, but I don't think I can stand talking to you right now." He picked up his bag and went out of the room.

She shook her head and decided to wrap things around deciding they won't be able to practice today. Ayuzawa takes a breather in the hallway, in actuality, she is annoyed because she have shown another person a weak side of her, people often use that to get leverage and it frustrates her so much.

"Ayuzawa-san!" She was in the middle of her musing when someone called her, she spun around to meet her caller. "Can I have a minute with you?" Apparently, it was their class representative, Yuki. Ayuzawa was actually the elected class rep because of her grades but she declined not wanting to be involved with school governance.

"What is it?" Ayuzawa asks.

"Well, My friend from 2-C and I decided to bring back the flower arrangements club, and we've agreed to use the room near the backyard since its near plants and all... and we're hoping you could..."

"Help you?" Before Yuki even finished, Ayuzawa knew why she had approached her. It was because she was the smartest in their class, every teachers adore her, so sometimes her classmates who have to talk to their teachers, asks her because their teachers will listen to whatever she'll say. Usually Ayuzawa declines but seeing Yuki's eagerness, she decided to agree.

"Sure..." Ayuzawa checked her watch. "Sensei's free time is now, let's go?"

"Thank you so much, Ayuzawa-san." Yuki bowed before she followed the silver-haired girl.

"Ahhh...I didn't expect sensei to be a flower lover." Yuki comments as they exit the first year floors. "Since he's a guy and all..."

"People had unique tastes." Ayuzawa answered. The two of them head in the room Yuki wanted, truth be told Ayuzawa felt creeps in that room, and sometimes she saw a flock of emo students gathering there and to prove her nuisance, a group of bad-looking boys were there, they were wearing the standard Too blazer with punk shirts beneath.

"Ehhhh? That's Horai!" Yuki panicked. Ayuzawa remembers the name Horai, he was a delinquent and he leads a gang of notorious students. "We should probably go."

"Why should we? Your club owns this room now." Ayuzawa stated, definitely ready to scold this flock, she wasn't labeled a 'law-abiding student' for nothing. Somehow, Horai's eyes were diverted to them and he calls his group to pester this pretty ladies.

"Hey? Wanna join us." Yuki cringed as she saw the group approaching them. "Looks like the two of you are lost. This place is ours by the way." Horai adds.

"We're neither joining you nor lost, that room already belongs to the flower arrangements club so you better stay away from it." Ayuzawa answered despite Yuki's tug on her arm.

"Quite feisty aren't you? Wanna hit it with me then?" Horai teased before he laughed with his group.


"Wait up, Aomine-kun!" Momoi tried to catch up with her childhood friend. "You won't attend practice again? We're facing Kaijo this time, and what happened?"

"Kise's team... like hell I need practice to beat them." He said, he was quite in a bad mood, having a fight with Ayuzawa, sometimes he think that girl needs to check her tone when talking with people, and he actually thought she's becoming quite cozy for him.

"You even missed your PE practice, I thought your demo will be soon? You know that you need to have passing grades to play too, right?" Momoi scolds, somehow she noticed his expression turn grim when he heard PE practice.

"I don't think she - "

"Hey, Isn't that Ayuzawa-san?" Momoi said and Aomine reluctantly turned his head to where his friend is looking and then he saw his silver haired partner with their class rep and around six gangster looking guys with them.

"Hit it with you? Maybe you meant hit you, because I'll probably do that." Ayuzawa answered. "This isn't your territory or neither you own this place, because your 'right' here is the same percentage as our 'right' in this school, you could probably say this is your place if you're a share holder but with your looks, you're just like a dog claiming territory because you urinated in the place."

Aomine watched as Ayuzawa answered back at the guy with no hint of fear or remorse, even Momoi felt stunned with her action. "What the fuck?" Aomine snickered. Seriously that woman should know who she's dealing with before she rashly talks, she'll be in serious trouble.

"Why you piece of shit!" Horai pushed Ayuzawa on the ground and she fell, grazing her knee in the processs.

"Ayuzawa-san!" Yuki sat beside her as she saw Ayuzawa wince in pain.

"You better know who you're talking to."

"Aomine-kun, we need to - " Momoi who was watching the whole scene looked at the tall guy beside her, though he's not there anymore. When she looked in front again, she smiled.

"You need to learn a lesson, You bit- " suddenly Horai felt something powerful ram at his cheek and it made him stumble down. He felt his jaw dislocate. "Who - " somehow he had goose bumps as he saw Aomine towering over him, the taller guy had his glare intensified at him and fist still balled.

"Isn't that Aomine Daiki?" One of Horai's members said, their leader remembered that name and he stood up. "Ah...Shit!"

"You don't own this place, Asshole." Aomine spoke. "Listen to the girl and go." he had quite the fame of being ill-tempered and his body is already a testament to how much damage Horai can take.

"Remember this, Bitch!" Horai claims as he touched his now swelling cheek and backed away together with his group.

"You alright?" Aomine asked as he knelt beside Ayuzawa. "Oi..."

"I'm fine." She said not glancing at him and she stands up.

"Ayuzawa-san?" Yuki asked concerned at Ayuzawa.

"I'm fine, you need to check the room, right?" She meekly smiled at Yuki.

"No, we'll be taking you to the clinic, we need that cleaned." Yuki glanced at Aomine. "Neh, Aomine-san?"

"Fine by me." he nods even if Ayuzawa glared at him.

After her wound was dressed, Yuki bid goodbye leaving the two of them in the clinic, Ayuzawa can feel Aomine's stare at her.

"That's an avulsion." He stated and Ayuzawa scowled at him.

"Its an abrasion, moron." She said. "Why are you doing this?"

"What?" Aomine raised an eyebrow at her.

"This...why are you being friendly? Its annoying..we always bicker and we can't get along and the only time we get civil is in our practice, then suddenly you just started being, kind is never a word that suited you..." Ayuzawa looked at him. "Is it because you knew something about me? You felt pity? Or what?"

"If you ask me now, maybe its pity or understanding." He answered. "Shouldn't you just be happy?"

"I don't want to be happy if I don't know what's all behind this."

"I don't know why, actually. You're the smarter one, you figure out." He shrugged. "And does this have to have a reason?"

Somehow she felt annoyed with his answer. "I'll find the answer someday."

"I thought you are supposed to know everything." He smirked.

"Moron." She said but a small smile tugged her lips, which surprised Aomine, he rarely sees her smile. "Thank you, by the way."

"That's what you ought to say." Aomine placed his hands on his pocket. "You should've held your tongue back there."

"I can't. Holding my tongue won't make the situation better, and besides I'm not that childish to show my tongue, like that will hurt his feelings.." And he rolled his eyes at her. (Yup, she still doesn't understand.)

"You know what? You could actually be the perfect girl, with your looks, brains, housekeeping skills..." he thought of 'body' but if he blurts that out he'll probably earn an endless rant with her. "But you have a feisty attitude, seriously."

"You see...A perfect girl is like the square root of negative 100." Ayuzawa said as she stood up from the bed..

"Don't go algebraic on me.'' Aomine warned.

"Wait for it, Idiot." She grins. "A perfect girl is like the square root of negative 100, its a perfect 10 but imaginary." Aomine somehow got the meaning of what she said.

"Damn...even your jokes are scholarly." He comments and she laughed, for the first time, with him. (Maybe because she can't understand his jokes before.)

"Let's do our best on Friday." Ayuzawa said as she offers a hand, but Aomine just grinned at her.

"I don't like formal shits." Aomine said and instead grabbed her hand and forms it into a fist and fist bumps with her. "Better."

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