Author's note: Hello everybody! I want to thank all of you for following this story! I have moved the previous chapter to a new story, considering it wouldn't follow the setting and pacing of From Val Royeaux with Love. I will end this with a little epilogue to give it some closure... but I assure you if you like this story, The Inquisitor, Leliana, and the rest of the Inquisition still have some adventures to partake in and I'm having way too much fun writing for them and getting all of your awesome feedback and enthusiasm. Thanks again and hopefully you will continue to follow these two through hell and back (Or the void and back, rather.)

Brady examined the blade Cullen had thrown him. It was dulled, like a sparring blade would be, and had seen better days. The blade had awful nicks and scars that would be utterly exploited in a battle.

Cullen held a cocky grin, holding his weapon out in front of his body. "We could switch to wooden blades if it pleases you, Inquisitor."

Brady's lip flinched, and he brandished the blade with ease. "I'll manage, Commander."

Cullen lunged forward. Brady countered and pushed him away. He held the hilt with both hands, swinging heavy and precise on the Commander's off balance defense. Cullen regained his footing and slapped Brady's attacks away.

"Interesting." Cullen chuckled, putting distance between Brady and himself

"What is?" Brady narrowed his eyes, but couldn't help but let a smile break his facade. He noticed Cullen's distance, but let him have it for the time being.

"You and Leliana were both late to your posts this morning..." Cullen cocked an eyebrow, now circling around the inquisitor.

Brady squinted at the Commander, "And?"

Cullen shrugged, taking steps towards Brady with an uneasy nonchalance in his strides, "I'm guessing you two made up?"

Brady watched Cullen go in for a hit on his hilt, and Brady countered, knocking the blade out of his hands. Cullen frowned and threw his hands up. Brady let out a laugh, "Nice try."

"I was sure that one would work." He picked up his blade from the ground and tossed it away with the rest of the steel sparring blades. Brady did the same, and followed Cullen through the courtyard. "You know, she did seem happier this morning." Cullen remarked, looking forward and closely examining his soldiers in the sparring ring.

Brady tossed a curious look over, "Did she now?"

Cullen itched the scruff on his chin, "Are you two finally, uhm-"

"Inquisitor." A scruffy voice called out from behind them.

They both turned, noticing the inquisition agent and greeting him. "Yes?" Brady spoke up, straightening his stance.

"Sister Leliana has requested to see you in the rookery, your worship." The agent nodded.

Cullen looked to the Inquisitor with a grin, "I guess that answers my question." He let out a soft chuckled.

Brady rolled his eyes and redirected his attention back to the agent before them, "Thank you, I'll see her shortly."

The agent bowed his head and departed. Cullen turned his body to Brady and crossed his arms, "Did you break her with flowers? Candles? A poem?" Cullen teased.

Brady let out a chuckle and waved Cullen away, "Really, Commander... if you want to gossip, you should talk to Josephine more."

"Just lock a door if you have to," Cullen smirked, "I'd hate to hear about you two in the barracks."

"Noted." Brady nodded, and walked away.


"Over here."

Brady entered the top floor of the rookery. Birds rustled and flew around him. He scanned the room and saw her sitting by her alter. None of her agents were there, and he safely assumed she relieved them for the moment. She looked up at him with a soft grin. "You called?"

"I did." She placed the tea cup she had in her hand on the saucer and rested them both on the bench she was sitting on. She strode closer to him. He stood still, allowing her to approach him. His eyes were gentle on her. He noticed her sulky expression, but didn't speak a word about it; he knew she had something to say and wouldn't bring himself to ruin her own explanation. She filled his palms with her petite hands and he squeezed on them with a gentleness that reflected on his face.

"Well, what is it?" He smiled softly, looking down into her ocean eyes.

She looked down at their hands and allowed a thought to escape, "I just want to make sure of something." She brought her eyes up to his, noticing the nervousness she was bringing to him. She laughed despite herself, his innocent look on her almost erasing her worries.

"Leliana," He almost pouted, his brows arching over his eyes.

"Do you still want this?" Her eyes stayed on his. She watched his expression drop.

His tongue parted his lips and his brows scrunched together, "I thought I made that clear last night..." He pulled on a smirk, "...and this morning."

She smiled and dropped her head again, only to look up just as quickly. "I've lost a lot in my life, and I don't I could afford to lose you as a friend if this... arrangement... does not work out."

"Well," He toyed with her fingers and placed his hands on her waist, drawing her closer. "It's a good thing I'm not going anywhere, right?" He pressed his forehead against hers and grinned, "I promise to always be there for you. And for the record, I don't think I could afford losing anyone else either."

Her cheeks reddened at his words, "Very well, Inquisitor."

He pressed a kiss on her forehead and drew her in for a hug. Her hands found comfort around him as he rested his chin on the top of her head, almost thanking The Maker aloud for giving her to him.