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Chapter 9

"You will all disperse, far away from each other. You will have two minutes to do so." RED ordered, her voice clear and strong. "After two minutes you will receive a signal that will indicate that you may start fighting. While the initial plan was to have multiple bouts, due to an... inconvenience, Chaos requests mine and Beta's presence, so we will simply have a free-for-all, which should be sufficient."

Summer nodded and straightened his fedora, while RED gestured to Winter, who waved his hand impassively. Rainbow colored Mist rose from the earth, swirling around the four mystically before lightly coating them. He then gestured upwards and mist flew into the air, where it floated over the battlefield, covering the clouds and bathing the forest around them in a beautiful aurora of blue and pink.

Summer raised an eyebrow. "Yo Winter. You're not giving yourself an advantage, are you?"

Winter looked at Summer and shook his head. "I'm setting up the Iris messages so that the Olympians can observe the battle." He said tightly, flicking his hand and allowing the mist to blanket the trees. "When Autumn and Spring arrive, the ice will be able to find and track them."

Beta looked around him, smiling lightly beneath the hood as he saw all the wildlife slowly disappearing. The birds stopped chirping, and settled into their nests, where they nuzzled their young. Rabbits hopped behind trees and into their burrows. Even the ants dropped all the bits of food they were carrying, and quickly crawled back into their homes. Luke could've even sworn that he heard a bear padding its way back to the cave. Was this Spring's doing?

It seemed that even when they had to fight, the seasons would always devote power to keep their subjects safe. It was no wonder that they were the favorites of Chaos. He understood why Winter preferred a job other than an assassin.

In a flash of purple light, Autumn flickered into the clearing, wearing a light purple hoodie with jeans. "Sorry, I got held up. Spring will be here soon. Said she'll just jump into the fight."

Rachel nodded and then gestured to everybody. "In that case, your two minutes start now!"

The forest was still, petrified like a picture. Everything was unmoving, even the leaves not moving due to the lack of wind. Winter had only seen something like this once before; when he had intruded upon the territory of Spring in a time of crisis, who was trying to put out a forest fire that later became known as the Big Burn.

Percy walked calmly through the trees, leaves freezing and crackling between his feet, the wind around him rustling the brush. He took a deep breath, charging his machinery to 50% capacity. It was December, although since Camp Half-Blood had no seasons the weather was relatively even, which gave everybody an equal advantage.

Except for him. Very few people liked the cold, after all.

Subtlety wasn't exactly Percy's strong suit, and when faced with the other seasons, he figured a frontal assault was the best strategy since he had the greatest elemental strength. He sensed the water vapor in the air around him, constantly keeping a wary lookout for any opponents.

As he walked, Winter thought about the other seasons. Spring was annoying, but he didn't mind that too much. She could make interesting company, if only she knew when to back off.

Summer... no Leo, was the same. He had matured slightly, but was otherwise still a joker.

Before Winter could think any further a fist slammed into his back, launching him through a row of trees. He growled, flashing out of the broken trunk and kicking his assailant into those same trees. The assassin flipped end over end before righting himself on a tree trunk, straightening up sideways.

"Beta," Winter growled.

"Winter," Beta smirked casually, looking perfectly at ease standing horizontally. "Or should I say-" A shot from a Beretta silenced him.

"Not a word," Percy hissed, the barrel of his pistol smoking as he looked around warily at the rainbow mist circling the two. Luke only chuckled in response, tossing the caught bullet behind him.

"Oh don't worry." He said, disappearing in a rush of air. He reappeared behind Winter, launching a high kick. "I'm bound to privacy."

Winter blocked the kick, then leaped back. Beneath the hood, his eyes glowed he waved his hand. Thin whips of liquid nitrogen formed in the air, hissing and smoking as they lashed out at Beta. The assassin jumped back, then ran straight through the whips, flinging three knives at Percy with deadly precision. Winter leaped back, gritting his teeth in frustration as one of the blades grazed his shoulder.

Using his powers wouldn't be enough against an opponent who could dodge everything he threw at him. He would have to combat speed with agility and reflex.

"25% capacity." He murmured, feeling the blue in his eyes dim. This would lower his elemental strength in favor of movement. He flipped backwards, dodging knives thrown at the speed of sound, and rolled behind a tree. He flung his hand out, slamming a metallic fist into Beta's face as he approached. The assassin wasn't deterred, flipping forward and bouncing back, lashing out at Winter. Percy threw his head back, just barely dodging.

The two were about to charge, when they both paused, feeling a ripple in the forest.

A groundbreaking roar surrounded the two fighters, waves of anger and rage rippling over and around them.

Winter and Beta looked towards the direction of the roar, before narrowing their eyes and turning back towards each other.

"Not our problem," Beta stated before charging, his fist meeting Winter's.

Autumn was skipping through the forest ecstatically, able to think clearly for once. Maybe it was a good idea coming here after all! She couldn't hear anything, and with her teleporting skills, she wouldn't even have to fight. As long as she didn't run into that infernal beast of Spring's, she could simply back out of a fight, and wouldn't have to show off her powers to the Olympians like some newfound trophy.

Roxana didn't like fighting, it wasn't really her preferred method of solving problems. Her powers complemented her perfectly, telepathy allowing her to influence decisions, destroy minds in the blink of an eye.

As she passed trees and forestry, she heard a small murmur. Cocking her head, she slowly started to move away from it before hearing a shrill scream, full of fear. Her mind buzzed, terror flooding her mind before she squashed it back down.

Did the Olympians forget a camper?

With a frustrated sigh, Autumn ran towards the voice quickly, her peaceful moment forgotten.

Percy jumped back after exchanging a volley of hits with Beta. He nearly had him. He was about to charge again, before the assassin suddenly disappeared, a small whoosh of air signifying his retreat.

I let him think we were equally matched. Percy thought, his eyes narrowing as he sheathed his knives. Did he realize?

Then he heard it.

A loud thudding, like the footsteps of a giant monster. Whatever it was, it was heading towards him.

Percy simply melted into the shadows and traveled away, not in the mood to fight whatever demon Spring had probably brought into the fight. He leaned against a petrified tree, not worrying as it frosted over from his touch. Spring wouldn't just let the animals of the forest die, she probably had some magic that could reverse the aftermath of the fight.

With nothing to distract him however, he realized how boring this fight was getting. The Olympians must have expected them all to just jump out and start hurling out magic randomly.

The truth was, the seasons never fought anybody even close to their own caliber. They never needed to, since any potential threats were just that: potential. With the help of Chaos, any possible matches for the four were stamped out before they could grow too strong. Their main strength wasn't brute combat like Ares or Horus; they were perfectly fine with hiding in the shadows, taking their enemies by surprise.

He was supposed to show off his powers though, to which he would happily oblige.

Percy took a deep breath, feeling his power welling up inside of him like a basin filling up with water. He released the power through his core, feeling a chill pass through his right arm.

From Winter's palm, a small ball of wintry frost grew, forming a sleek ridged handle that fit perfectly into his palm. Shards of ice flew around him until they formed a long, sleek blade, perfectly balanced and engraved with intricate runes and enchantments. Within a few seconds, the first season was gripping a two-handed Chinese Miaodao, the curved blade glinting with enchanted ice.

Before he could do anything though, he felt a small tug on the back of his neck the moment after he heard a loud scream. With no more than a slight pop, every human in the forest suddenly disappeared.

Winter fell from the air, landing gracefully on the floor of the Throne Room, where all the Olympians were staring at him in confusion. Upon looking around, he found the rest of the seasons and Beta, all looking slightly confused as to where they were. With a small flick of his wrist, the Miaodao melted away into thin air.

Behind him were the residents of Camp Half-Blood, with the Son of Poseidon and Annabeth in front. They sat to the side, beside Hestia's hearth which was currently no more than a small flicker, leaving the usually bright room quite dampened.

Summer was flat on his back, gasping, while Spring smirked at him from above him. "Really? Why wouldn't that thing die?" The only reply he was given was an undignified snort.

"Stabbing something that can't feel pain won't kill it, stupid."

Beta was looking at Chaos questioningly. In response, Chaos merely directed her gaze to Autumn, who was uncomfortably holding a child... a golden-haired girl who was crying in her arms.

"Chloe," Winter breathed, running over to the child.

"Win-Winter!" The young girl wailed, running into his arms. She sobbed into his shoulder as he lifted her up easily, adjusting his grip on her to make her comfortable. Looking at the angry face of Chaos, Percy immediately realized what had happened, and glared at the Olympians. However, he quickly turned his attention back to the girl he was holding, rubbing her back soothingly.

Spring looked angry, and Summer just looked confused.

Take care of her, make sure she's fine. The voice of Chaos echoed in his head. We'll take care of them.

Upon receiving a nod from Beta, Winter walked towards the doors of the Throne room, his boots soundless on the marble floor. Nobody moved to stop him. The moment the door closed behind him, Chaos's facade broke.

"What the HELL were you THINKING!" She roared, her form growing in size until it was larger than the gods. Her aura magnified tenfold, and all the Olympians gasped in pain as they unceremoniously collapsed forward, falling to the ground in front of their thrones, with the only exception being Hestia. Behind her Chaos heard a number of screams, and she turned back, her red eyes glowing murderously. With little more than a wave, the demigods were teleported back to Camp Half-Blood.

"Did even ONE of you think of actually MAKING SURE THAT YOUR CHILDREN WERE ALL HERE? THAT YOU HADN'T LEFT A YOUNG GIRL BEHIND TO WANDER A BATTLEGROUND ALONE?" Chaos's voice was deafening, and every one of the Olympians winced in pain as they feebly tried to rise, only to be crushed as her aura increased.

Nobody saw Autumn slip out unnoticed, holding her head.


Of all the Olympians, Zeus was the one who managed to rise to his knees, his face contorted with the effort of even staying up. "You... don't... argh..."

A black boot shoved him back to the ground, and he looked up to see golden irises glaring at him.

"Yes, she does." Summer said with barely restrained anger. "Remember your place, Olympian."


Chaos took a deep breath, and blocked most of her aura, ignoring the sighs and whimpers of relief from the Olympians. She turned around, and looked towards her assassin. "Beta, with me!"

Luke nodded. "Yes, milady."

As Beta walked towards her, Chaos looked over her shoulder as her size decreased till it was that of a human once more. The glare she sent the Olympians was enough to freeze them in place as they started to rise.

"You are lucky that I have an appointment that I need to be at. I'm far from done."

With a polite nod to Hestia, Chaos grabbed Beta's shoulder and disappeared in a flash of black.

"Chloe?" Percy asked softly, as he sat on the steps outside the throne room. He shut down his aura, warming his body to a snug temperature, and saw with relief as the child seemed to melt in his arms. "Do you want to talk to me?"

She shook her head and clutched his neck. "I wanna be with you." She mumbled.

Percy simply said, "Okay," and let her rest, relaxing as her sobs slowly subsided. After a minute, she spoke, surprising Percy.

"There... there was fire." She said quietly, her voice fragile. "It was-hic-really hot. And then-hic... there was this, this thing..."

"It's fine," Percy said softly, but firmly. "You don't have to explain it to me Chloe. I understand."

He stayed immobile on the staircase as the young girl's sobs and hiccups slowed, until finally her cries gave way to deep breathing.

She had fallen asleep crying.

Percy grimaced. What had Spring and Summer been doing? He couldn't really be mad at them, since they were probably unaware of a third presence, but still... He shook his head. At least he had the sense to hold back. He would really need to thank Autumn next time he saw her. If she hadn't arrived there in time...

But first, he had something to do. He rose carefully, making sure that Chloe was sound asleep in his arms, her head buried in his shoulder. While he would have loved to express his frustration in a more... informal manner, it wouldn't do to wake her up. He slowly walked back up the steps.

Just as the Olympians were recovering, shakily rising back into their thrones, the doors opened, and Winter walked in. The grand hall was silent as the first season strode in, a young child of Apollo sleeping in his arms. He walked until he reached the middle of the throne room, and despite not being able to see his eyes, every Olympian could feel his penetrating gaze looking through every one of them.

There was silence for nearly a minute before he spoke.

"Let me make something very clear," He said quietly.

"We are not being forced to help you." Despite his volume, the Olympians had no trouble hearing him. "Chaos has simply pulled in a favor. We are neglecting our duties to the rest of the world by staying here."

"If we want to, then we can simply take the demigods to a safe haven and leave you irresponsible fools to your doom. Instead, we are choosing to assist you. However, if another incident like this happens again..."

A gust of cold air blew through the room, and Winter's hood fell back, revealing a mop of raven hair and penetrating blue eyes filled with hate.

"Then I will leave. And once Winter leaves, then the others must follow."

Without another word, the first season turned around and strode out of the hall, the doors closing shut with a firm rumble behind him.

Chaos sighed as she sat back down at her office in Utopia, looking at all the paperwork in front of her. Treaties to be signed, disputes to be solved... but there was one thing she needed to take care of first.

The interviewee in front of her.

"Angelina Clarisse Beckendorf," She read off, looking at the paper in her hand. "Daughter of Charles Beckendorf and Silena Beckendorf. 12 years of age. A mere 3 feet and eight inches, for unknown reasons. Legacy of Aphrodite and Hephaestus, applying for the role of Assistant of Chaos for Solar System #02, notable planets in it being Venus, Earth, and Jupiter. I presume you know the requirements?"

The small girl nodded with a small, mischievous grin. "Yup!"

"And do you think you qualify?"

"I dunno. Do you think I qualify?"

"Can you even read?"

"Hey! And yes I can." The girl said airily. "I can also file all of your documents and whatnot for you. And do just about everything else. Except for fighting. If you want me to do that, then tough."

Chaos raised an eyebrow. "You're acting as if you're already hired. Most applicants would be quivering in their shoes if they spoke to me like that."

"Not me. I know that you're a big softie inside, Chaos." Angelina said with a grin. "Besides, I know that I'll get the job. For one, nobody else applied. I think they're too scared of you. Also, call me Angie. Everybody does, except for my mom when she gets mad."

Chaos sighed. "Very well Angie. However, what if I do find somebody more competent than you?"

Angie frowned. "Then I'm sorry."

"You are sorry. Why?"

"Because... I'll have to do this." With a small flick of her hand, a mechanical arm extended from behind the young girl. With a flash, a key lime pie hurtled through the air and straight into the face of the strongest being in existence.

Angie grinned, swinging her legs as she watched Chaos blink through a faceful of cream. She took the time to pull a juice box from her pack and stick the straw in it. She was so focused on stabbing the box that she missed Chaos's muffled words.

"You're hired."

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