A Corpus outpost where snow has fallen as crewmen and MOAs roam around. Ships come in and out, carrying cargo to wherever they come from or wherever they'll go to. Cargo that may have been collected as merchants or sold off through greedy means.

Two Corpus crewmen walk in the hallway with their Dera's in hand, mildly having a chat together as they have nothing else to do than patrol the grounds. As they walk down the stairs though, they don't notice the presence of a being who sits in the fixtures up above. Frost.

Lined with glacier blue designs along his white armor, wearing what some might see as a heavy coat. With his head turtlenecked by the "coat," a horn protrudes from the forehead of his helm as his blue eyes gleam like ice. And on his back is the Latron rifle and a pair of axes, his Dual Zoren. An air of frost surrounds this being that kneels among the fixture. And as he holds himself in place handsomely, he looks below as to what will be his first victims.

The two Corpus crewmen walk off as Frost leaps down behind some nearby crates, out of sight of the crewmen. And after a few moments, he rolls out and smashes the ground, unleashing the wave of icicles that pins the two crewmen up into the air, killing them. But even with his silent entry, the Corpus are alerted.

Corpus crewmen and MOAs start to come forth, rushing into the room to attack the intruder. Frost, seeing that he has been detected, readies himself by taking out his Dual Zoren.

Corpus after Corpus come out to fight this winter fiery. Frost rushes forward, catching the incoming Corpus off guard as he slashes MOAs and crewmen one after another. After slaying one group, he sees behind another platoon of Corpus coming, so he takes out his Latron to spray bullets into them.

But after a couple shots that downs some crewmen and MOAs, Frost sees that among the Corpus ranks is a larger Corpus. Wearing an orange suite and wielding a Supra LMG, Frost trains his fire on this giant Corpus known as the Corpus Tech. But the more the two trade fire, the more Frost notices how deadly the Tech is. As he continues to fire upon the Tech, Frost assembles some frosty energy into his left hand and fires it upon the Tech. The shot hits dead on, hitting the arm of the Tech as the Tech repulses in an attempt to brace for damage. As the freezing ice spreads across the body, the Tech is finally frozen over by the ice shot. And in the next second, to clean away what must be primarily taken out, Frost digs his Zorens into the Tech's frozen body, causing the body to break away into ice chunks.

Damaged from his stand off with the Tech, Frost sees that he is now surrounded bywhat seems to be the entire outpost's worth of crewmen and MOAs. To his defense, Frost casts a Snow Globe around himself. The Corpus rain fire on the globe, but to no avail. Not being able to see inside, some crewmen brave themselves and charge in as the others keep firing on the globe.

The few crewmen who enters the globe feel the chill of winter, unable to move as quickly as they could outside the globe. But they continue on, attempting to find the cold being that had intruded their outpost. Finally, one crewman sees a small light of blue. The crewman attempts to pull his gun forward to start firing. But what he is seeing is a blue orb of energy between the palms of Frost, as he readies to finish this skirmish once and for all.

Before the crewmen in the globe can pull their trigger to fire at him, Frost raises the ball of energy with his right hand up to the sky. And as he crushes the orb filled with sub-zero energy and throw his arm down, the entire room is devastated with a blizzard, chilling all foes in the vicinity. Some flinch in their last moments, others can only cry out in pain as their body turns into ice inside out. The walls themselves, being no exception to the blizzard's wrath, begin to cover in frost, causing most machinery to shut down instantly.

Moments later, Frost's globe naturally dissipates as he stands up straight. He stands among frozen statues of what used to be Corpus crewmen and MOAs. He walks forward and as he exits out the room, all the ice statues crumble away.

I always envisioned that DE would create these extravagant short-videos that displays each individual Warframe for what makes them..."special." A video that showcases their powers and how powerful a Warframe is, from an "idea" standpoint. But, knowing that DE is already doing so much for the community, I rather post here my ideas of how these Showcase videos would look like.

I do claim, I will bend some items within the story so that these "video" ideas will have more impact to show how amazing the frame and frames to come will be like.

More frame ideas to come, but I wanted to start out with Frost, my main frame. Enjoy~!

FUN FACT: Frost is currently the only frame that has a non-ultimate ability that has the capability to freeze enemies in their wake physically, including most bosses. Though the damage inflicted is minor and the freeze will only last for up to 10 seconds unmodded or when the target has received enough damage, this ability can create borrowed time to revive allies or reconfigure one's positioning. Recasting on the same target can create a semi-permanent stun as long as energy is provided.