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Title: Betrayals In the Dark

Rated: PG-13 maybe R later


The wedding chimes resounded through the valley and the happiest bride walked out of the church with her charming prince. Problem was the bride was Ginny and the prince was Draco. Hermione had been maid of honor. She watched the couple. Mainly she watched Draco. Couldn't anyone see that he was evil? He was using sweet Ginny. Ron had tried to talk Ginny out of the marriage, but she refused to listen. Hermione knew that it was up to her to open everyone's eyes to the real Draco Malfoy, not some sugarcoated shmuck, but she had to find out what game he was playing.

Draco had never made anyone happy without some benefit to himself. All she had to do is find out his secret. She knew that Draco had been on his guard ever since he knew that she was going to be maid of honor and that she was going to be going with them on their honeymoon. Ron did make Ginny promise to bring Hermione along. Of course they would share separate bedrooms, but she would be there if Draco showed his true colors.

Draco was dressed in a black tuxedo and had a white rose in one of his buttonholes. He smiled his brilliant please the audience smile. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted Granger watching him. He smiled inwardly. So the little Mudblood thought that she could unravel his secrets and protect her friend. Look around you little Mudblood, I've fooled them all and you'll be just as easy. All he had to make sure was to not show his disgust of the little Weasley woman. Now his wife. To think that they can believe that he would stoop so low and marry a Weasley without some other agenda planned is unbelievable, but the little mudblood wasn't fooled. Well he would just have to work a little harder. It ruined all his plans when he heard that Miss Granger had gotten herself invited to his honeymoon with the Weasley chit.

He was going to get rid of Ginny as fast as possible, but now that Miss Granger had poked her nose into his business he was going to have to play the loving husband for the time being. His jaws clenched as Ginny wrapped her arms around his. He felt like he was going to roll over and die. To think, he had kissed her and now he had her, wrapped all over him.

Seduction had been the game and he had easily won Ginny's trust and admiration. Add in a little sugar coated words and she had fallen straight into his arms. No wonder the Weasley's were so poor. None of them had any brains.

Hermione was wearing her best dress. The dress white and form fitting. There was a slight train and it looked lovely on her even though it was what she wore to Harry's marriage to Cho. She hadn't gone out to buy something new to attend a wedding that she knew was going to ruin the life of one of her dearest friends. Right before the wedding she had tried to talk to Ginny, but Ginny was already floating out to space on cloud number five with DARLING DRACO. How had it happened? She was there when Ginny fell in love and she couldn't prevent it.

Night came and the after party was in full swing. The band was playing "Are you lonesome tonight" when Hermione saw a hand stretched out to her. She glanced up from her wine and she saw that the hand belonged to Draco Malfoy. She gave an audible gasp. Never in a million years would she dance with him or expected him to ask. It was so sudden and he smelled so good.

"May I have this dance.. mudblood?" Hermione never understood what prompted her to except. Maybe it was the wine or just his heady scent but she found her lips moving in ascent.

"Yes only if you don't call me mudblood," was her mumbled reply.

"After all these years I don't think you really care whether or not I call you mudblood. Now do you?" This question jolted Hermione awake. Draco's face came into focus and his signature grin was on.

"Our dance is finished. I don't dance with rude, obnoxious ass like, yourself. If you will excuse me, Mr. Malfoy, I see my dance partner now. Goodnight and if the night is good then I won't be seeing you for the rest of the evening." Hermione felt her pulse race as Draco smiled. There was a wicked twinkle in his eye.

"You're either dancing with me or someone much worse," he whispered into Hermione's ear.

"You dear Malfoy are as bad as it gets around here."

"Gentlemen.Ladies.. my darling bride. Don't you all believe that it is the duty of the bride of honor to dance with the best man?" There were cheers through the crowd. Ginny looked at Hermione and she read apology in them. Then Ginny too nodded.

"Even my lovely bride agrees. Well Miss Granger I'd like to introduce you to Crabbe and Goyle. Both are my best men. Take your pick Miss Granger."

"Victor Crabbe, I would be delighted if you would dance with me." Hermione smiled a charming grin at both Crabbe and Malfoy. Malfoy winked back and brushed passed her to join his bride, but not before whispering, " That's my girl."

Besides the unfortunate dance with Crabbe. The rest of the night went fairly well. Malfoy was by his blushing bride all night. Hermione was one of the last to leave the party. She wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong that night. Malfoy was not happy about the marriage. This Hermione was sure because she had seen his true feeling etched on his face when he thought that no one was looking. "I see you Draco Malfoy don't you try to hide. You're not who you are pretending to be."

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