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Title: Betrayals In the Dark

Rated: Pg - 13


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Draco's eyes narrowed. His grip tightened. He felt a surging anger that he couldn't explain. When he had seen her comming out of the elevator with a beautiful flush to her cheeks he had been angry. Crazily angry. He had yet to understand why. For now all he wanted was for her to understand that she was never to see that other man again.

"You're hurting me," Hermione got out in barely a whisper. She was shocked by her quivering voice.

Draco's attention fell to her wrists and he sneered, "If you ever see that man again these dainty wrists of yours won't be the only thing hurt." Maybe it was to prove his point, but his lips fell on hers with a feverish passion that left them bruised. There was no doubt in the kiss. He was claiming her as his whether she chose him or not.

Hermione felt her legs quiver and give way. If not for Draco's grip upon her arm she knew she would've slipped to the floor. How can one kiss make her weak to the knee.

"Darling? Is that you? Come to bed Draco," Ginny's voice carried through from the bedroom. Draco let go of Hermione so fast that she stumbled foward only to be held once more in his embrace. This isn't over Mudblood. Far from over he whispered breathly into her ear and with that he was gone; leaving a trembling Hermione in his wake.

"Hello...Yes um I would like to book a suit at your hotel for the next two weeks. Are there any openings?" Hermione sat on her bed with hotel brochures piled around her. With pen in hand she was checking off all the ones that had openings. So far there were none.

"Yes I see. yes most unfourtunate. Please contact tact me if you have any last minuet openings." Hermione sighed in resignation. It was summer vacation for all the children and as a treat all the mothers and fathers of the world had to choose to come to Hawaii. She stretched and opened the blinds to welcome another glorious morning. Her skin felt soft and refreshed. She smiled and combed her hair and dressed in her new black string bikini. It was a day for the beach and tanning. Grabbing a book with her, A short History of Nearly Everything. She set off to enjoy her day. Thankfully Draco and Ginny were still asleep when she left. She certainly didn't want Draco looking at her in this swimsuit. The way he looked at her made her feel naked even with very conservative clothing on.

The morning promised a hot day. Not many people were at the beaches yet, but Hermione was sure that they would be comming by the dozens by midday. With her book opened to the chapter on Elemental Matters she was set on reading on a lounge chair in the sand. Every few minuets she turned around so that her tan would be even. She was so deeply engrossed in the book that she didn't notice that a gentleman had placed his lounge chair by her side and was studing her. It wasn't until the mans shadow blocked her light source, the sun, did she turn and face the intruder upon her solitude.

Alex Greenit grinned down at her as Hermione shielded her eyes to get a clearer view of him.

"I see that you are reading the novel by Bill Bryson on everything that you might ever want to know about the world that we inhabit." It's exceedingly well written for a nonfiction. I myself prefer fictions, but Bryson is a humourous fellow and his facts were ornamented with bits of dry humour." By this time Alex had sat down on his lounge chair and Hermione was once more laying with her eyes closed against the sun and letting the front of her body soak up all the suns rays.

"Are you going to swim Miss Granger or will you laze around all the day long."

"I planned on lazing about Mr. Greenit unless someone were able to encourage me to take a dip in the sea and rescue me should I be drowned by the waves."

"Then it shall be my honor to defend you against the onslaught of the waves. Will you come and dip into the sea with me. I promise that it will be a wonderful experience. It is nothing like the seas of your hometown. You'll find the water quite warm." Smiling Hermione put down her book stood. For a moment her features caught the rays of the sun and Alex was blinded by her exquisit beauty.

And who was to see them now, but of course Draco Malfoy and Ginny Malfoy. Draco saw both the dazzling Hermione and the awestruck Alex. He felt his teeth grind together. So this is where she went so early. To meet her lover. He thought with disgust. A witch with a muggle lover. What pissed him off more was Ginny's happy remarks about how perfect Hermione looked with such a hansome young man and how she would dearly love to see Hermione married. Of all her friends it was her best friend Hermione that was still single and unattached at the moment. She smiled happily up at Draco and he felt his stomach churn with disgust.

"Let's go over and say hello, Ginny Darling" Said Draco with a suave and charming smile.

Ginny with her brows crinkled in thought asked, " Do you think we aught to intrude. They seem happy by themselves. Maybe we'll meet this mystery man some other time."

Without another glance at Ginny Draco strode towards Hermione. His eyes burning hot coals on the back of Alex's head.


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