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Bart was going to be his friend.

It didn't matter if the Blue Beetle of the past was just as monstrous as the one he'd known all his life.

It didn't matter if the guy kicked puppies or set things on fire for fun.

Bart was going to do, going to become, anything he had to in order to get close to the Blue Beetle.

Even a monster.

He thought he was ready for anything. For evils and horrors he couldn't even begin to imagine.

Then he saw Jaime Reyes for the first time….and it was more horrible than he'd ever imagined.

Because he'd prepared himself to befriend and ultimately betray a monster.

But he hadn't prepared himself for Jaime Reyes.

He hadn't been prepared for the stolen kisses after missions.

He hadn't foreseen the warmth of an armored hand holding his own.

He hadn't planned on being called Cariño and Cielo.

He'd expected a monster.

But instead he found a soulmate.

And that made his mission more horrible than he'd ever imagined.

Because this boy, this terribly wonderful boy, was going to become a monster.

The very monster he'd come back in time to slay.

And the one he'd fallen hopelessly in love with.

Ummm I kind of jotted this idea down when the series had just started introducing Bart and I never really got back to it. I still think it's kind of nice though so I figured I'd post it and see what everyone else thinks. Please read and review!

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