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They had the room ready and decorated. They had all the baby paraphernalia ready. They even had the godparents chosen. They had ensured that every single member of the family knew when the baby was due. They had contacted St Mungo's on three separate occasions to make sure that the media and press were forbidden whilst they were in attendance. They had even taken themselves along to prenatal classes and 'how to raise a baby in the twenty-first century' classes at their local muggle clinic. They even contacted Draco Malfoy's wife, Astoria to ask if their were any particular potions that should be taken or avoided during pregnancy. But the one thing Harry and Ginny forgot, was to choose a name for the baby. For a long time their first born son was simply known by near, dear and even strangers as 'Baby Potter'.

"I think Lucas, is a sound name," Ginny said one evening, nursing her new born with a tiny levitating spoon, full of baby food. Harry had wrinkled up his nose. "It sounds too much like Lucius." And that was the end of the conversation.

"You could name him Spork," Ron said only half-jokingly. It had been three weeks and still no name was chosen. They were getting a little desperate. Ginny glared at her brother in mock despair. "Spork Potter?" she said, "It sounds like a one-way ticket to never ending embarrassment."

On Baby Potter's second month anniversary, out of sheer motherly love, Molly Weasley gifted her youngest daughter and her only son-in-law a book. It was a baby naming book. It was very long and by the end of the week Harry and Ginny had crossed off all the generic Adam, Adrian, Alex and Anthony off. By the second week they had reached the more obscure names beginning with A: Aristotle, Arnish, Aldwin and so on and so forth.

Hermione joined the couple for tea a few days later, and of course the topic of discussion eventually came to naming the newest member of the family. Hermione, the ever over achiever, had decided that today was the last day that Baby Potter would go without a proper name. She drained her tea cup and randomly opened up a page in the baby naming book.

"Jerome? Jason? Jack?" she ventured, but each one was met with a grimace or a quick shake of the head. Hermione sighed. "Okay, here are a few more, then I will change letter. Jordan? Jeremy? James? Javed? Jar-" suddenly she stopped speaking and looked up at Ginny and Harry.

"James." Ginny said finally. The older two, didn't ask her to explain further.

"James Potter." Ginny repeated and got up to pick her son up from the cot. Softly, Harry followed her, leaving Hermione seated at the chair.

"He does have his eyes." Harry said softly, looking into his son's hazel eyes and seeing his own emerald being reflected.

"Its perfect." Ginny said, in reply.

"Are you sure, though. We don't have to name him after my father." Harry cautioned.

"I want my son to grow up knowing about your father, Harry. He was a great man. Our son could not be given a bigger legacy than this."

And so James Potter was the name that stuck. Understandably the rest of the family was quite emotional. But it was nothing compared to the media and public's reaction. Some people were annoyed that Ginny apparently didn't get a say in her son's name and no matter how many times she repeated that she chose the name, the media still didn't want to believe her. Some people thought that Harry's father visited him in his dreams and asked him to name his son after his father. Harry repeated himself silly, but no one took any notice.

Rita Skeeter of course took full advantage of this and wrote, for once, a fairly accurate report of young James Potter's entry and naming.

The only question that remained was: what was going to be the boy's middle name?

But that took the Potters, yet another 3 months to decide. Until Arthur Weasley pointed out that James Potter would be incomplete as a name without its brother 'Sirius.'

And so a full six months after his birth, James Sirius Potter was named.

And Harry, other than agreeing to it, had no role in actually choosing the names.

What a surprise, eh?

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