Inside the Lives of the Fellowship. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story. Tolkien does! That said, lets get on with the story. Oh! by the way, all of the fellowship are living in the same house at the moment. If I decide one or two have to go I'll alert you.

Legolas woke up one morning feeling very cranky. He saw some birds on his windowsill and decided they should not be there. He stood near it for several minutes tapping his foot. When the birds didn't get the idea, Legolas raised his voice to a shrill scream, " IF YOU BIRDS AREN'T GONE IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS I WILL PERSONALLY SHOOT YOU OFF MYSELF!!" Aragorn, who happened to be sleeping in the next room, jerked upright suddenly when he heard Legolas screeching. He took a quick glance at the clock next to his bed, it was only 5:00AM. He groaned loudly and went to go tell Legolas that if he could kindly SHUT UP that things would go much easier for the rest of the day due to the fact that he had been up all night reading a book to Pippin and Merry who could not go to sleep. With that in mind he stalked off to Legolas' room. When he got there, he saw that the birds were gone and Legolas was calmly making the bed. "If you could please do me a favor and KEEP QUIET!! then I believe you and I will get along much better for the rest of the day" he said as calmly as he could. Legolas scowled and said, " It was all the stupid birds fault!! If they hadn't been singing in my ear I wouldn't have had to yell." Then he shot a dirty look at the birds who now were singing in the tree right outside his window but at an angle so that he couldn't shoot them. Aragorn shook his head wondering what the Elf's problem was but decided against asking as he would probably just get a lament over the stupid birds. He shrugged his shoulders, " Just keep it down ok?" Legolas nodded briefly, " Fine, but remember it was the birds fault". With that he finished making the bed and walked quietly out the door past Aragorn. Aragorn shook his head again and went to go rouse the other sleeping members of the Fellowship since he figured Legolas' screaming probably woke them up anyways. Besides he thought, THERES A FOOTBALL GAME ON TODAY!!!!

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