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Brandon squeezed toothpaste out of the tube and commenced brushing his teeth. He turned his head towards the right and was greeted by a view of the empty room beside the bathroom he was currently occupying. This was his last day of not having to shut the bathroom door whilst he used it as his longtime family friend Valerie Malone was officially moving into Casa Walsh the next morning.

Brenda's absence had changed many things among his family and friendship group. Being that he was her sister he missed her greatly. As proud as he was of her for chasing her dreams of being an actress, he wished she'd chosen to pursue her career in Los Angeles instead of London. At times he felt like whilst Brenda was still living with him, he took her for granted. Now that she was gone he mused at the fact that he missed the little things like using her toothpaste when his ran out or hearing her alarm go off seemingly too early each morning to get her up for her workout. He could no longer admit his home and heart still felt full.

As Brandon rinsed his mouth out, he took a deep breath and stared at himself in the mirror, mentally telling himself not to be so sappy. He knew that upon Valerie moving in, his mind would be occupied. When he saw Valerie for the first time in many, many years at the airport the following morning, he didn't expect her to occupy his mind quite the way she did.

"Hi," she spoke chirpily, flashing a now perfect set of white teeth which were covered in braces the last time Brandon had seen her.

Brandon continued to stare, trying to convince himself she really was the same Valerie Malone from Minnesota. Her eyes were a vibrant blue color and he wondered if they had always been quite so bright. He realised he had barley seen them as a young child. He recalled that she used to have a full fringe that was a little too long meaning her thick hair used to cover them half the time. The rest of her face used to be covered in acne that looked untreatable but now her skin looked like porcelain. She had grown up and changed so much. She looked amazing.

"Dude why didn't you tell me she was this hot!" Steve, (whom had just come back from a holiday himself and met the Walshes at the airport) whispered into Brandon's ear while Cindy embraced Valerie.

"Because I didn't know she was! Trust me she never used to look like this," Brandon responded, before Valerie approached him and shook his hand.

Her hands felt soft and she smelt like an intoxicating scent of vanilla and cinnamon.

"Wow, aren't we all grown up now!" Valerie exclaimed as she retracted her hand after the firm shake concluded.

"I could say the same to you," Brandon spoke before going to grab her bags which were resting beside her feet.

Valerie's defined lips formed a small smile before she turned and the group made their way out of the airport and back to the Walsh Residence.

It was a beautiful day for the barbecue the Cindy and Jim had planned. The sun was radiant and the sky was blue. It was almost too perfect for Valerie's liking.

"So that's Valerie huh?" Kelly nudged Brandon as he sat on a chair beside her, pointing to Val who was sporting a crop top and shorts while playing basketball with a ridiculously enthusiastic Steve Sanders.

"Yeah that's her alright," Brandon confirmed.

"And you're going to be living with her," Kelly said seriously, raising her shapely thin eyebrows at Brandon as she spoke.

"Yeah… but Kell, look, you know I'm in love with you," Brandon sighed, turning to face her.

Kelly looked down, her eyelashes resting on her cheeks.

"Kelly, Valerie is an old family friend. She's like a sister to me. You're my girlfriend and I love you and you need to remember that," he told her, placing his hand on her thigh which was covered by the material of her summer dress. "Besides, it looks like she and Steve are getting rather chummy," he signalled for her to look at the way Steve high fived Valerie with both hands before grabbing hers and swinging their arms after she shot the basket ball straight through the net.

They both laughed before Steve took the opportunity to embrace her for a small second.

Kelly left the conversation at that. Brandon was one of the most sensible and smart people she had ever met. Since she had begun to date Brandon, she was amazed by just how much he had already taught her. Not just about the world, but about how it was alright to feel something so powerful about someone. She realised that right now he was teaching her she was able to invest her faith in him and trust him fully, and that he wouldn't let her down.

Donna, David Andrea and Jessie took an immediate liking to Valerie. They thought she was exuberant and the breath of fresh air that they had all been craving. Things had been hard for a majority of them recently. Donna and David were still getting over their breakup after she had caught him cheating on her. Andrea and Jessie had been struggling as new parents and Steve was on the rebound from a bad relationship he had endured over the summer. Not to mention everyone's concern about Dylan was constantly in the back of their minds. People suspected he wasn't in the best of ways due to numerous things such as his fathers death and Brenda's sudden departure. The fact that he was also broke due to having his money stolen and that Erica was in trouble, was also causing him great turmoil. Sadly none of the gang knew what they could do for him. Brandon was the most likely candidate to be able to aid him effectively but unfortunately Dylan was feuding with the Walshes and Brandon really didn't want to confront him any time soon.

Before they knew it, sundown had arrived and in honour of it being Valerie's first night in Beverly Hills, the group decided to take her to a club downtown.

"Welcome to the hottest club in Beverly Hills," Steve remarked as he grabbed Valerie's hand and pulled her onto the dance floor.

Valerie stood opposite Steve and laughed at his obnoxious and dorky dance moves. Steve wasn't the kind of guy she would typically go for but she found him incredibly sweet. He seemed to have gone to a huge amount of effort to make her first day in LA fun. He also seemed to have taken it upon himself to ensure she was always included in conversations with his other friends and that she looked happy. Still, she couldn't deny that he was a little full on in the energy department. He always seemed overly enthusiastic about everything, especially his dance moves he currently busting on the dance floor. Valerie didn't know if she could take it much longer.

"You're a nutcase you know that?" she laughed, as she begun to dance herself.

"You're gorgeous, you know that?" Steve smoothly told her, taking her in his muscular arms as a slower song started to play.

Valerie rested her head on Steve's shoulder as they began to sway. It had been a long time since she had experienced the touch of a man like this. His arms were strong yet gentle at the same time. She could feel his hard abs beneath his shirt as she rested against his body. Being so close to him physically felt good. She couldn't deny that he was well built.

Suddenly, Valerie spotted Brandon and Kelly in the corner. Kelly looked tipsy, despite not having consumed any alcohol. They began to make out and Valerie found it odd as she wasn't aware Brandon was with Kelly. When she had stared at them for as long as she could she slowly wrapped one of her legs around the bottom of Steve's. She was being overtly flirtatious but she failed to care. She just wanted to get out of the club.

"Can we get out of here and get some air?" Val whispered into Steve's ear, watching the red hairs there fly around a little as her warm breath hit his skin.

"Sure!" Steve shouted, cursing himself for sounding so excited about her request.

The cool night air hit them both as they stood out the back of the club, beside the dumpster bins, against the exterior concrete wall.

Steve looked down at Valerie. She was utterly stunning. At that moment, as the moonlight illuminated her round face and highlighted her shiny, soft brown hair, he thought she was one of the most attractive women he had ever encountered.

"You really are gorgeous," he said in a deep voice as he slowly raised his hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Valerie bit her bottom lip as though she were trying to suppress a smile before she met Steve's gaze with her own.

"Yeah yeah… wanna make out?" She asked casually, throwing Steve off guard and making him more excited than he was when he saw Christmas dinner.

"You're the girl of my dreams!" He exclaimed with a grin larger than life on his face as she moved to stand in front of him.

Valerie grabbed Steve by the shirt and slowly pulled him down the wall until he was sitting against it, before she sat in his lap and kissed him deeply.

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