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"You and Steve disappeared last night," Brandon spoke to Valerie as he poured her a glass of orange juice the following morning.

"I thought you would have been too busy with Kelly to notice," Valerie retorted, before taking the glass off Brandon and sipping her juice.

Brandon simply laughed at her comment before sitting down at the round table to read the paper.

Truthfully, she and Steve had gone no further than making out the night before. He certainly didn't repulse Valerie but she didn't feel overwhelmingly attracted to him either. He was simply great to have some fun with and fun was something she definitely craved right now.

The whole moving to L.A thing was less exciting than Valerie had expected it to be. Everyone seemed to be so cheerful and well behaved it almost sickened her. Seeing how seemingly perfect the lives Brandon and his friend seemed to lead was not something Valerie found enjoyable. What had shocked her most was that last night while they were out at the club, no one even tried to get an alcoholic drink. Once she had arrived home she was thankful for the flask of vodka she kept hidden under a pile of clothes in one of her draws. She had needed a sip to feel like herself again rather than someone who was trying to fit in with a group of goody two shoe teenagers.

There was one person Valerie had heard of who didn't seem so squeaky clean like the rest of the gang. Apparently he was spending his days at home on his couch and his nights down at some stingy bar on the outskirts of town. She had overheard Brandon and his parents talking about him in the kitchen one day. Dylan Mckay was his name and Valerie knew he used to be Brenda's boyfriend and that he was currently feuding with the Walshes. She could recall Brenda's long phone calls where she would tell her all the great things they did together and the struggles they went through. She knew he must be a half decent guy because Brenda had confessed to her that she had lost her virginity to him.

Dylan intrigued Valerie deeply. He seemed like he would prove to be not only an adventure but someone who she could actually relate to. Brenda had sent her plenty of photos of she and Dylan while they were dating and Valerie knew exactly what he looked like. Neglecting to care what the Walshes thought, she decided that she would go and pay him a visit at the bar that night. It wasn't like they even had to know.

There was a mixture of different smoke wafting throughout the small dingy bar. It was predominantly occupied by men who seemed to be womanless. Valerie saw that she was in fact the only woman of her age in the venue. The others seemed to be at least over forty.

It wasn't particularly difficult to find Dylan. He was playing a round of eight-ball with another older looking man who looked equally as disheveled as he was.

Dylan's hair was scruffy and his shirt had what appeared to be a beer stain on its fabric. His face looked slim and he had bags under his eyes that suggested he hadn't slept for days. Despite all this Valerie still found him oddly attractive… much more attractive than she found Steve. Dylan's imperfections enthralled her and she was finally happy to meet someone who seemed so raw instead of someone who seemed so happy-go-lucky it was as though they were fake and putting on an act.

"Hey," Valerie approached him with great confidence, picking up a cue stick.

"Do I know you?" Dylan responded, staring down the colored balls as he aligned his cue stick before he took his shot.

He didn't even turn around to make eye contact with Valerie after she spoke to him. Instead, he remained seemingly un-phased by her flirtatious attempts to gain his attention.

"Soon you'll know me," she spoke, placing a hand on his back as he made his shot.

The two watched on as none of the balls fell into any of the pockets.

"You look like you could do with some help there," Valerie commented.

This prompted Dylan to turn towards her and finally fully acknowledge her presence. When he did he was a little thrown by her beauty. He wasn't expecting someone like her to walk into a bar containing low lives like him. She bit her lip and looked at him with piercing eyes that Dylan thought were the most vibrant shade of blue he had ever seen. It had been a while since he had been in the company of such an attractive woman.

"So what do you say? Let me have one shot," she spoke seductively, batting her eyelashes at him.

"Fine," Dylan stated, before moving aside slightly so she could make her shot.

Valerie's shot turned out to be much more successful than Dylan's previous one. She managed to pocket three balls and put Dylan in the lead. He had to admit he was impressed and intrigued by her.

"Dylan you should get girls to fight your battles more often," his opponent spoke.

"Shut up dude. You're just jealous she's on my team not yours," Dylan yelled back to him before taking a swig of his beer.

As soon as he put it down on the floor beside the table, Valerie picked it up without permission and took a sip. There was something intimate about placing her mouth on the top of the bottle that was still warm from where his mouth had been.

"That's the stuff," she spoke, before handing the bottle back to Dylan.

"It sure is. So what brings you here anyway?" He questioned her, raising his eyebrows at her. "Usually the only women in this joint are over forty or here to work," Dylan remarked.

"I'm new in town. I just came here to get away from the typical crowd at the central Beverly Hills clubs. I'm kinda not you're typical girl you know."

"I gathered that," he spoke, smiling for the first time since she had arrived.

"Are you gonna make your shot or what man? Maybe your lady can do it for you again?" Dylan's opponent teased.

Suddenly, Valerie felt Dylan's hot breath on her ear as he leaned into her, brushing some of the strands of her hair away gently so he could whisper something to her. She felt a shiver run down her spine. She loved the thrill she was experiencing in that moment.

"Tell me how to make the shot," he whispered, before grabbing her hand and pulling her down towards the table with him where he stood hunched over it.

Valerie lent over his body, leaning into his as she placed her hands over his on the cue stick, guiding his movements.

"Now. Make your shot," she whispered to him, watching on proudly as he made the perfect shot, winning him the game.

As his opponent walked away defeated Valerie and Dylan jumped up and down before she hugged him and he didn't hesitate to hug her back.

"You're really something you know that?" Dylan told her, pulling away from their hug but still leaving his arms around her waist.

"I do know that. So are you," she told him, taking the opportunity to kiss him hard on the lips.

Dylan was surprised by her bold move but not disappointed. Kissing Dylan was different to kissing Steve. Dylan held her more firmly than Steve did and he breathed harder and more loudly. He smelt of smoke and tasted of alcohol and kissed her as though he was trying to rub the flavor of it onto her tongue. He didn't hesitate to pick her up and place her on the edge of the pool table. Valerie wrapped her legs around his waist and ran a hand through his un-brushed hair. Dylan's hands ran up and down her spine before coming to rest on the back of her neck as he pushed her head closer to his.

It didn't take long for people in the bar to whistle at their behavior. It was then that Dylan broke their intense kiss.

"Wanna get out of here?" He asked her, in a low, throaty voice quiet enough for only Valerie to hear.

"Sure I do. I was beginning to think you'd never ask," she responded with a slight giggle.

"Well can you blame me? I was just a little distracted," he winked at her, before surprising her by looking into her eyes and smiling as he slowly reached one of his rough looking hands up to her face to softly stroke her cheek.

Valerie shivered at his touch before he gently pulled her off the pool table and took her hand, leading her towards the door.

She could definitely understand Dylan's bad boy, yet, gentlemanly appeal Brenda had once described to her.

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