DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I own none of the characters or anything else from Harry Potter, all of that credit goes to J.K. Rowling. I own nothing except the plot line in the following story. And before I forget, WARNING: Harry/Snape slash. If you don't like that and you read this, you're GUNNA have a bad time!

This is my first story, so sorry if it's bad- go easy on me!

Hope you enjoy :)

"Why do you hate me so much?!" exclaimed Harry one Potions class, unable to contain his frustration. Snape had been reprimanding the fifth-year student for how horribly he had brown his Cure for Boils, and made it disappear from the cauldron after he saw it- far from the first time he has done this to one of Harry's potion attempts. The whole class went completely silent, including Ron and Hermione on either side of him, eagerly awaiting Snape's answer to this question.

"HATE you?" said Snape, his signature mocking tone in his voice. "...class dismissed. Stay behind, Potter."

Everyone stood up from their seats calmly and walked out of the dungeons door as if they couldn't care less about Harry's fate- except Ron and Hermione, who took a look back at him before exiting the doorway, looking worried that Harry was in huge trouble. Harry braced himself mentally for what would come next. After everyone had left, Snape strode over to his seat and knelt down to Harry's sitting height. His face oozed a sense of fury, and somehow his velvety black hair looked ruffled. Harry knew he was probably going to get a month's worth of detentions, but instead Snape's face suddenly softened and he shook his head like he couldn't believe himself. He took Harry by the arm, running him out of the dungeons.

The journey was filled with urgency, as though Snape couldn't put it off another minute. They ended up coming upon the wall on which Harry knew the Room of Requirement was located, and Snape quickly paced three times in front of the spot, his head down, whispering something so quietly that Harry couldn't hear what he was saying. As the door finally appeared and they entered, Harry found himself in what looked like a deserted, unused classroom. There were seven battered, turned-over tables around the perimeter of the room, and the light blue paint on the walls seemed to be chipping off. A grand mirror stood against the wall on the opposite side of the room, and they walked over- Harry recognized it right away as the mirror that shows your heart's desire. Snape positioned himself before The Mirror of Erised, looking at it and appearing very peaceful and content.

Harry looked at him quizzically for a moment and then said, "Sir?"

Without ever looking away from the mirror, Snape took Harry's hand and squeezed it in his own. Harry was surprised at this action but didn't resist it. "It's you," said the Potions Master.