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Yeah, so this epilogue is definitely not canon-compliant. Snape doesn't die, because who needs THAT? Not me! The three dots separate a 15-years-later scene. Enjoy!


The graduating students were gathered in the Great Hall, getting ready to ride back across the lake with Hagrid, their first-year tradition backwards. All of the staff were in the room too, and when the students started filing out of the room, Snape took hold of one of Harry's arms and kept him behind.

Harry stood before him and waited for whatever it was he wanted. Snape slowly reached inside his robes and took out a small black box; Harry held his breath as Snape dropped to one knee and opened it with a slightly trembling hand to reveal a shiny, silver ring.

Snape said weakly, nervously: "Marry me?"

Harry couldn't actually say 'yes.' All he could do was kneel down to the elder man's height and wrap his arms around his neck, burying his face in his shoulder.

It may be the day Harry leaves Hogwarts, but he knew it was just the beginning of something beautiful.

"Daddy, Papa, if you want me to go to bed then you'll have to catch me first!" said Rose. Harry grinned as their adoptive daughter teased them. Daddy and Papa were Harry and Snape, respectively; she had taken to calling them that from the first time she met them. With a swoosh of long auburn hair she turned around and ran away and they could hear her small feet patting across the floor. She turned five today, and her birthday practically gave her a free pass to act however she wanted.

She laughed as Harry and Snape chased her up the stairs, and she finally reached her room, jumped into her bed and scrambled to get under the blankets. She decided she wasn't going to give them too hard of a time- not tonight anyway. Harry and Snape took a seat on the edge of the bed with her.

"Do you want us to tell you a bedtime story first, sweetheart?" asked Harry.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Rose as she squirmed under her blankets. "Can you tell me a love story? One that's as sweet as the ones in my storybooks?"

Harry reached out and ruffled the soft reddish-brown hair. "Hmm…it'll be a challenge, but I think I can do that." He only had to think for a moment before he shot Snape a meaningful glance and began.

"Once upon a time, there were two people who didn't understand each other very well. One was a professor, and one was a student desperately trying to understand the material he was being taught. It wasn't working out so well and the student could swear the professor hated him, because he picked on him relentlessly."

Snape caught on immediately. "Hey, not that relentlessly!" he said in mock defense.

"I'm the one telling the story," Harry teased. He turned back to Rose and her bright blue eyes went wide.

"But one day, the student dared to ask the professor why he hated him so, because he was frustrated and he was only trying to learn. In response, the professor took him by the arm and started leading him to what the student felt sure was his doom. He was terrified of what was to come.

"But what happened next wasn't what the student expected at all. There exists a beautiful mirror, Rose, that if you stand in front of it shows the deepest and most desperate desire of your heart: The professor took the student to that magical mirror. Much to the student's surprise, the professor stood in front of it himself and told the student what he saw."

Rose had come out from under her blankets and was kneeling on the bed, facing the two. The mention of the mirror seemed to have sparked her imagination.

"What did he see Daddy, what did he see? Gold? Money? Heaven?" Snape and Harry shared an intimate smile, and then Harry chuckled warmly.

"Don't jump ahead of the story now, Rose! All good guesses, but no. You know how we always tell you to be careful with your words, because even a few can change a person's life?" Rose nodded eagerly.

"Well, the professor only said two, but the student understood the meaning fully, and it shocked him very, very much. Do you want to know what those words were?"

"Yes, yes!" said Rose, now bouncing uncontrollably. Harry couldn't suppress a chuckle.

"He took the student's hand and said: 'It's you.'" Snape fidgeted a little and felt his face get warm.

"The teacher saw the student in the mirror?" Rose smiled as comprehension dawned on her face. "So the student was the deepest desire of the professor's heart- he loved him!"

"Exactly. That's how the student found out the teacher didn't hate him after all, and from there on their love blossomed."

"I love happy endings…" sighed Rose. "Is it a true story?"

"Of course it is. Would I ever lie to you?" Rose giggled.

"No, I guess not. But then who were the people in the story?"

"The professor was Papa, and the student was me," Harry said simply. He leaned down to kiss Rose's forehead, and when he pulled back she was looking up at him, comprehension in her twinkling eyes. Harry and Snape stood up and walked over to the door to take their leave.

"Good night," said Harry tenderly and turned out the light.

Couple of notes: Rose is in fact a witch and knows of magic and all that. And they're living in London.

But honestly, I made myself cry with this chapter- I'm so fluffy :) I may add more onto this story later, but for now I'm leaving it here. Reviews and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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