Updated 01/11/2020

This is a collection of NejiTen oneshots and the occasional miniseries. I'll update this front page as I add stories.

Shades of Konoha
Dragon and Phoenix

2. The Mission
* Summary: Neji and Tenten are on a retrieval mission, and Neji is NOT amused.
* Modern day AU
* Prompt from Aquarius Galuxy: NejiTen, ballpit
* word count: 1.3K

3. Kaiten
* Summary: Neji vs. Toddler - a.k.a. Daddy is in charge of lunch and it doesn't end well.
* Same AU as The Mission
* Prompt: NejiTen, beautiful/perfect/intelligent Neji vs baby... feeding time? ;)
word count: 2.6K

4. Buy a Rose?
* Summary: Because a pretty lady should always have flowers
* Modern day AU/Vampire hunter AU
* Random one-shot inspired by a recently resurfaced memory of a street vendor asking my boyfriend to buy me a rose... but the guy wasn't my boyfriend. He was a total stranger that happened to be standing near me.
* word count: 1.3K

5. Crossing Battle Lines
* Sumamry: When Lee is injured, Tenten makes a promise to look after the child he has rescued. She was not expecting to also be assigned to look after a former teammate, who never quite left her heart.
* Quasi-AU/wartime.
* Darker take on the Neji vs. Toddler prompt
* word count: 3.4K

6. L'appel du vide
* Summary: The problem isn't that she brings him to the edge - it's that she makes him want to leap.
* Canon Narutoverse
* word count: 1K

7. Racing Hearts
* Summary: Huyga Neji has a problem, and his solution might be the last person on earth who wants to help him.
* Modern/Racing AU
* word count: 2.3K

8. Shall We Dance?
* Summary: Neji accompanies his Father and Uncle because he was told it was a business matter. So why are they watching the couple in green dance the night away?
* Dance Marathon AU
* word count: 1.8K

9. Camellias
* Summary: Hinata notices the camelias being left on Neji's grave. Based on a headcanon by phoenixmiko on Tumblr
* Canon Narutoverse
* word count: 800ish

10. Classified
* Summary: Dr. Neji Huyga suspects that his patient is being abused by her husband, and confronts her.
* Modern AU, Doctor!Neji
* word count: 3.6K
****"Classified" addresses the sensitive issue of PTSD as well as abuse. I want to make it very clear before putting this story out there that acknowledging the difficulties of life with someone struggling of PTSD is not the same as romanticizing or condoning any potential/resulting abuse of the people that care for them. In no way is this an attempt to make a hero or a villain out of either party. Also, as it is a short story, it does not and cannot fully explore all of the intricacies and facets of these subjects, and I make no attempt to. This is a snapshot of a few hours in the lives of these characters; that is all.

This story is written and submitted with respect to all lives touched by the aftermath of war.

11. Sacrifice
* Summary: War is full of sacrifices that break the heart.
* Canon Narutoverse with a twist
* word count: 600ish

12. Like to Like
* Summary: In his clan, the old adage 'like to like' is an absolute. Until it isn't.
* (mostly) Canon Narutoverse
* word count: 370

13. Whisper
* Summary: It takes more than two men wearing spandex or the combined efforts of the Rookie Nine to embarrass Neji or Tenten. Or maybe it just takes the right words.
* Canon Narutoverse with Neji alive
* word count: 3.8K

14. Admiration
* Summary: Neji has known Tenten her whole life, and admires her.
* (mostly) Canon Narutoverse
* Tenten Appreciation Week. Prompt #1
* word count: 280

15. Your Hand in Mine
* Summary: Prompt for NejiTen Month 2017: Week One - Missions/Let me hold your hand for a second. Set in canon AU, five years after the Fourth Shinobi War. Neji not dead.
* Canon Narutoverse with Neji alive
* word count: 2.8K

16. Tanabata
* Summary: Neji and Tenten at Tanabata through the years
* Canon Narutoverse with Neji alive
* word count: 1K

17. Poker Face
* Summary: Prompt for NejiTen Month 2017: Week Two - AU/Competitions.
* Modern Day AU
* word count: 1.2K

18. Beautiful
* Summary: It comes as a simple and honest realization and slips through his lips and into the air between them without his permission or notice.
* word count: 210

19. Bullseye
* Summary: Tenten hasn't had a night with the dart league since the baby was born, and Naruto might be desperate.
* Modern AU
* word count: 1.4K

20. For Auld Lang Syne
* Summary: New Year means new beginnings - or maybe just fresh starts.
* Modern AU
* word count: 2.6K

21. I Fell Down a Well
* Summary: There is an archaic network of wells on the Huyga estates, in need of repair. Neji isn't sure why his Uncle is so reticent to explain, but trusts that this Tenten person can fix the problem.
* AU
* word count: 3.3K


22. Drive Me Crazy: Need a Lyft?
* Summary: Detective Neji Huyga needs a ride, and fast. Detective!Neji Lyft Driver!Tenten
* Modern AU
* word count: 436

23. Drive Me Crazy: Give Chase
* Summary: Neji lost the perp, but miraculously kept his lunch. Good thing it is time for dinner.
* Modern AU
* word count: 2.2K

24. Drive Me Crazy: Detour
* Summary: Neji gets a solid lead on his case, and picks up an unexpected partner along the way.
* Modern AU
* word count: 3K

25. Drive Me Crazy: Merge
* Summary: Neji takes time to speak to Lady Hinata about his current case and makeshift partner.
* Modern AU
* word count: 2K

26. Drive Me Crazy: Swerve
* Summary: Neji and Tenten find an unintended connection that lands them at a swanky party.
* Modern AU
* word count: 4K

27. Drive Me Crazy: Student Driver
* Summary: Neji isn't happy at how far Tenten's involvement in the case has gone, and he is less happy when it looks like she is a potential candidate for active duty.
* Modern AU
* word count: 2K

28. Drive Me Crazy: Hidden Drive
* Summary: Frustrated by a lack of progress, Neji takes a break to gain some perspective.
* Modern AU
* word count: 2.4K

29. Drive Me Crazy: U-Turn
* Summary: Neji and Konohamaru make a breakthrough in the case, and the best plan is not Neji's favorite.
* Modern AU
* word count: 1.3K

30. Drive Me Crazy: Blasting Zone Ahead
* Summary: New information and a race to the finish. An unexpected development compromises the safety of his team, and Neji isn't about to back down.
* Modern AU
* word count: 4.6K

31. NejiTen Month 2019: Body/Gender Bend
* Summary: Nejiko is used to being the best, and is determined to beat Ten at target practice.
* Narutoverse
* word count: 1K

32. NejiTen Month 2019: Body/Cursed
* Summary: They tell him he is born to bound - and he believes them.
* Narutoverse
* word count: 700ish

33. We Remember
* Summary: A prompt from Bunrising on the NejiTen Discord Server on 12/26/19. Angst/Bittersweet
* Narutoverse
* word count: 700ish

34. Secret Santa Exchange 2019: In Anticipation of Snow
* Summary: Prompt: Christmas/winter theme. Can be fluffy or angsty or anything in between Optional: +1 for adding Lee and Gai, +1 for narutoverse, +1 for steam rising from mugs of hot cocoa/tea, +1 for PINING
* Narutoverse
* word count: 6.8k

35. Secret Santa Exchange 2019: Tell Her Everything (mildly NSFW)
* Summary: This was originally an idea I had for an offshoot series of my 'You Must Believe in Spring' story. A quasi modern AU, where the Konoha gang is at University. All of the Konoha 12 are also in ANBU, which in this AU is a secret counter-terrorism organization.
* Narutoverse
* word count: 8k

36. No Soliciting
* Summary: Tumblr "ask": Hey could you write an AU where Neji is at home and meets Ten Ten when Ten Ten is going door to door as a Jehovah's witness?
* Modern AU
* word count: 1.9k