A/N – Welcome to another story. This story is just a light, fluffy story. The story is set in 7th year and Voldemort was defeated when Harry was a baby. It has 10 chapter and updates will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy!

"Quiet!" Severus Snape bellowed at the seventh year Gryffindor and Slytherin students.

The Potions Professor was currently in the charms classroom as he taught a combined Potions/Charms lesson with Professor Flitwick. The lesson was an extra addition to the school curriculum which the Headmaster had decided the students would benefit from. For the last month the class had been brewing a potion and mastering a charm that would give them a glimpse of their future lives and today was the day to do the practical lesson.

"Once everyone is settled, we can begin," Snape said, glaring at the students as silence fell around the room. "One by one you will come up and receive your potion, you then drink it and say the incantation. For the next five minutes your body will appear to be asleep and when you awake you will have experienced an hour in your future life. As we discussed last week, you have no control over how far into the future you will go. Some of you may see years into the future, while some of you may only see a few months down the road."

"And don't forget once you've returned you don't have to tell anyone what you've experienced," Professor Flitwick added. "If you want to share that would be great, but if you want to keep it quiet that's perfectly fine."

"We'll start with Mr Longbottom," Snape announced.

Hesitantly Neville Longbottom got up from his seat and headed to the front of the class. Sitting down in the chair provided he took the small vial of potion Snape handed him and got out his wand. Knocking back the potion he muttered the incantation and within seconds he was fast asleep. For five minutes the class chattered and watched Neville, until he began to stir and wake up.

"Did it work?" Flitwick asked excitedly.

Neville grinned and nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, it was great."

"What did you see, Neville?" Dean Thomas called.

"I was the Herbology Professor right here at Hogwarts," Neville replied as he stood up and went to re-join his friends.

"I hope I've retired before then," Snape muttered under his breath, causing Flitwick to giggle beside him.

"Mr Weasley, would you like to go next," Flitwick called across the room.

Ron nodded and eagerly headed up for his turn. Five minutes later the spell had ended and a grinning Ron returned to his friends.

"I was a professional quidditch player," Ron announced happily. "It was amazing."

"Is this thing even accurate?" Draco Malfoy sneered, looking at Ron in disgust. "Because there is no way Weasley is good enough to play quidditch professionally."

"You're only saying that, because you're jealous," Ron snapped back. "I bet your future life is boring."

"That's enough," Snape called, stopping the arguing. "Mr Zabini, you're next."

Casually sauntering up to the front of the class Blaise Zabini took the potion off Snape and settled down in the seat. Casting the spell he drifted off for five minutes and when he woke he was wearing a satisfied smile.

"What did you see?" Theo Nott asked his friend as he re-joined his classmates.

"I think I'm going to keep that to myself for now," Blaise responded. "But needless to say, I've got a lot to look forward to."

"Miss Granger, it's your turn," Flitwick called.

Hermione Granger confidently walked to the front of the class, took the potion and cast the spell flawlessly. When she awoke Hermione looked rather stunned, but also quite happy with whatever she had viewed. As she returned to the rest of her class everyone looked at her expectantly.

"I'm not telling you what I saw," Hermione said as both of her friends opened their mouths to question her about her experiences.

"Why?" Ron moaned. "Was it awful?"

"No, it wasn't awful. It was really nice, actually," Hermione replied, smiling slightly.

"Then why won't you tell us what you saw?" Harry Potter questioned, looking at Hermione suspiciously. "What's the big secret?"

"No secret, it's just private," Hermione shrugged.

"Potter, Weasley, stop hassling Miss Granger," Snape called over to the trio. "If she doesn't want to tell you what she saw, that's her business. And Potter you can come up and take your turn."

"Sorry Hermione, I didn't mean to hassle you," Harry said to his friend, before making his way to the front of the classroom.

When Harry was finished he practically bounded back to his friends, a huge grin on his face.

"I take it your experience was good," Ron said, grinning at his best friend.

"It was brilliant. I was married to Ginny and we had a couple of kids," Harry said, clearly thrilled with what he'd seen. "I've just spent an hour with my future family and it was amazing."

"That's great, Harry," Hermione smiled at her friend. She knew how much he desired a proper family of his own so she was thrilled he would be getting what he always wanted.

"Miss Parkinson," Snape called, drawing everyone's attention back to the front of the room.

Pansy Parkinson settled down in the chair and immersed herself in the spell. Five minutes later she woke with a smile on her face.

"I've just had a baby," She announced as she stood up.

"Poor sod, I feel sorry for the poor bloke that knocked you up," Theo remarked, causing laughter amongst both the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Pansy wasn't the most well liked student as her bitchiness riled people.

"Do you want to know who I had the baby with?" Pansy asked with a smirk.

"Yeah," Blaise replied with a nod, knowing that it wasn't likely to be him after what he'd seen during his experience of the future.

"Theo," She announced with a flourish.

"No! There has to be some sort of mistake," Theo cried, looking horrified. "Please Sir, tell me this isn't true," He begged, turning to Snape.

"If Miss Parkinson saw it then at this moment in time it's going to happen," Flitwick answered. "Of course just because the event was witnessed doesn't necessarily mean it will come to pass. A massive change in circumstances could alter the future, although everything you witness using this potion is a pretty big certainty to happen at this moment in time."

"No, I can't let that happen," Theo said, shaking his head. "I can't have a baby with Pansy. Tell me how to change the future."

"I would have thought that was fairly obvious," Snape drawled. "Don't sleep with her. You can't get her pregnant if you've never slept together."

"Yes that's it. Don't sleep with Pansy," Theo sighed with relief. "Just remember that, don't sleep with Pansy."

Under his breath Theo began chanting his mantra of 'don't sleep with Pansy'. While his friends and the other students laughed at him, Pansy glared at him before stomping off to the back of the class.

"Miss Brown, it's your turn," Flitwick called, as Theo continued to chant under his breath.

Lavender Brown flounced up to the front and perched on the seat. When she'd finished with her experience she ran back to the other students and flung herself at Ron. The pair had an on-off relationship, but at the minute they were currently off again as Ron was too hung up on his best friend to concentrate on Lavender.

"Oh Ron, it was lovely," She gushed. "We were getting married and it was so romantic."

"There has to be some mistake," Ron said, detaching himself from Lavender's embrace. "I can't have been marrying you."

"And why not?" Lavender demanded. "I saw it and we were happy. You told me you loved me."

"I don't know why you saw that, but I'm not marrying you," Ron insisted. "I'm marrying Hermione."

"What?" Lavender screeched. "You can't, you were marrying me," She protested, stomping her foot like a petulant child.

"Back me up Harry, Hermione and I were together in your future weren't we?" Ron asked, turning to his best friend hopefully. His look at the future had all been about his career so he was hoping Harry might have witnessed some of his private life.

"Sorry Ron. The only people I saw were Ginny and our kids. I have no idea what was going on with you or Hermione," Harry replied, looking sympathetically at Ron.

Ron whirled round to face his other best friend. "Hermione. I know you didn't want to talk about your future, but at least tell me if we were together."

"We weren't," Hermione answered.

"Are you sure?" Ron asked in desperation. "Did you actually see me?"

"I'm sure, we weren't together," Hermione said. "Not that I needed to see my future to know that. I've told you before Ron, we're just friends. I don't love you as anything other than a friend, I'm sorry."

"See, so you are marrying me," Lavender said triumphantly.

"Now that's sorted, perhaps we could press on." Snape's bored voice cut through the conversation regarding Ron and Lavender and their potential nuptials. "Mr Malfoy, it's your turn."

Draco walked to the front of the room and sat down to wait for his potion. Snape had just opened a new batch and was busy measuring out the right amount for him to take. Just as Snape was about to hand the potion over to Draco, the sound of an argument reached the front of the room. Looking up he found Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle embroiled in a wrestling match.

"Give Draco his potion, I'll go and sort those two out," Snape said, handing the two vials of potion over to Flitwick.

Handing the potion to Draco, Flitwick watched as the blond drank it and cast the spell. Satisfied Draco had cast the spell correctly he turned his attention to the brawling Slytherins at the back of the room. Within a few minutes Snape had sorted them and was returning to his place at the front of the class.

"Sorry about that," Snape said to his colleague.

Flitwick nodded at Snape and turned his attention back to Draco, who would be waking any second. While Flitwick was waiting for Draco to wake Snape picked up the vial of potion he was pouring from and froze when he saw it was empty. Looking down onto the table he spotted the tiny vial he'd filled for Draco was still full.

"Did you give Draco all of this potion?" Snape hissed at Flitwick, not wanting to alarm the students.

"Yes, that's what you handed me," Flitwick replied.

"I gave you the tiny vial as well. That was the one you were supposed to give to Draco. You've given him the one that was meant for several students," Snape snapped, not impressed by Flitwick's negligence.

"Sweet Merlin!" Flitwick gasped, turning his attention back to the still sleeping Draco. "What have I done? Will he be okay?"

"He'll be fine, we just need to wait for the potion to wear off," Snape replied.

"How long will that be?" Flitwick asked, looking around nervously at the students had realised something was wrong and were watching them intently.

"I don't know, a couple of hour's maybe," Snape shrugged. "I suggest we take him to the hospital wing until he wakes up. It'll be safer than leaving him here."

"Quite," Flitwick nodded in agreement. "I'll dismiss the class and you can see to Mr Malfoy."

"Nott, Zabini, come here." Snape snapped his fingers as he called the two Slytherins over to him.

When they arrived at his side he explained the situation to them and told them what he wanted them to do. While he levitated Draco to the hospital wing they would accompany him and make sure all the doors were opened and Draco didn't get hurt.

Leaving Flitwick to dismiss the class Snape and the Slytherin duo set off to the hospital wing with Draco. Five minutes later they arrived at the hospital wing and Snape set Draco down on a bed, while he explained the situation to Madam Pomfrey.

"Is he experiencing the future all this time?" Theo asked, looking down at his sleeping friend.

"Yes," Snape nodded. "Most likely he'll experience a good few hours, maybe even a few days."

"Will it all follow on or will he flip around?" Blaise asked.

"It will all follow on. His whole experience will just carry on from the original hour he was supposed to see," Snape explained.

"I hope he's having a good time then," Theo commented as him and Blaise turned to leave.

Snape nodded as he looked down at the sleeping student. "Here's hoping."