Lampposts and Lollipops: A Harry Potter and Weiß Kreuz Crossover

Chapter One: Owls Attack Japan

Warnings: mild swearing, shonen ai (if that's what you think of it as)
Pairings: None, so far
Note: Yeah, there'll be yaoi in this fic. In the next chapter actually, when we visit Hogwarts. ^_^
By the way, Manx is probably OOC. Sorry. I'm not that familiar with her character.

"Ken!" Omi complained, turning off the stove. "Didn't I tell you to turn it off at 5:30?"

Ken smiled guiltily up at his younger, fellow assassin. "Sorry, Omi. I forgot. There was a game on TV, and I guess that I just got sidetracked."

Omi rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I should have listened to Youji."

"'Bout what?" The brunette soccer player asked, his eyes intently fixed on the television screen.

"To never let you in the kitchen."

Without waiting for a response from the other boy--although he really didn't expect one; Ken was shouting at the TV--Omi went to check on the "food."

What lay before him in an ever so innocent manner in the pan was most defiantly not the pasta he had put in earlier. Instead, tiny, charcoal black strings were plastered to the bottom and sides of the pan. The sauce, once red, had followed in suit its companion, and was also a stomach-churning color of black and brown.

Omi groaned. He hadn't even asked Ken to stir the pasta. Just turn it off at 5:30. Who would've thought that it would be a little overdone by 6:15?

Well, so much for angel-hair pasta, Omi thought picking up the phone. Time for the good old take-out sushi . . . again.

* * * * * * * * * * * Youji walked into the door of the Weiß apartment.

"What the hell is that smell? I thought that you said you were fixing something good tonight, Omi."

A sullen Omi had just placed the phone back on the hook and looked up at the blonde in front of him.

"I did fix something good; however, someone forgot to turn the stove off."

"I said I was sorry!" A voice shouted from the living room, over the noise from the television.

"I told you not to let Ken help you. So, what're we having? Sushi, again?"

Omi nodded. "I just ordered take-out. I was about to go get it."
"I'll come with you."

"I'll be fine on my own, Youji."

"It's starting to get dark."


Youji didn't say anything else, but just grabbed his coat and put it on. "C'mon, let's go."

"Youji! I'm not a little kid! I can walk a few blocks by myself!"

"You're close enough to a kid, Omi. Now, C'mon."

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Why are you always calling me a kid, Youji?" Omi complained, as the two walked down the sidewalk.

"Because you act like one," the older of the two muttered, taking a drag of his cigarette.

Omi wrinkled his nose when the wind blew the ashy smell of smoke his way. "Smoke gives me a headache, you know."

"You just now noticed this? I'm surprised you haven't complained sooner."

"I've known it since I had to start putting up with it everyday. I've also known for some time now how much of an ass you are."

"Watch your mouth," Youji said firmly, in a parent-like voice. He flicked his cigarette on the ground. "Happy?"

Omi glared at Youji, who wasn't really paying much attention to him.

Need he mention the fact that all three of his roommates vocabulary wasn't the cleanest it could be? They certainly didn't use language suitable for a little kid to hear.

Omi was seventeen, only a few years younger than the others. What was the point of him refraining from using curse words in front them. He felt there was none, but still rarely talked as vulgarly as some people did.

He just couldn't understand why everyone around him treated him like a little kid. Even the kids and teachers at school did. He couldn't help it if he probably the shortest and thinnest guy in the whole school.

"What're you doing, Omi?" Youji asked in an annoyed tone.

Omi's train of thought was lost, and he glared at Youji. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you like you're going to keep on walking, and we're already at the sushi place.

Turning a little pink from embarrassment, Omi scowled at the other boy.

"Hey, I'm not the one being a ditz," Youji grumbled, as they both walked into the take-out restaurant. After getting the sushi, the two quickly walked back to the apartment.

Youji tossed the sushi on the table, just as Ken came into the diningroom/kitchenish place.

"Back already?" the brunette asked, taking a seat at the table and getting some food.

"You could've at least cleaned the pan out, Ken," Omi said, as he ran warm water into the pan which once held the burnt pasta. The seventeen-year old was only slightly annoyed.

"Sorry, Omi," Ken said, his mouth full of sushi.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Aya grumbled, coming into the room from the flower shop.

Ken just blinked and kept his mouth closed from that point on.

"Manx came by today," Aya muttered, half-glaring at the raw fish.

"What did she want?" Youji asked, getting something to drink, then sitting down.
Aya shrugged. "She mentioned something about owls..."

"Owls?" Omi questioned, joining the other three at the table.

"Yes, Owls."

"What?" Youji asked, looking a bit confused.

"I don't know, really. She just kept on talking about owls and this magical castle place."

"I'm confused," Omi said bluntly, taking a bite out of his sushi.

"She was being very confusing," Aya agreed. "Just kept on ranting on about magic and stuff."

"Maybe everything's driven her insane," Ken offered, finally taking a rest from eating.

"Yeah, maybe," Youji said, shrugging.

As dinner went on, Ken rambled on about the soccer games he had been watching earlier on the TV, Omi just sighed and tried his best to look interested, Aya glared, and Youji opted to smoke a cigarette.

After dinner was over, Omi went off to mess around on the computer and Ken took a nap. Aya being Aya watched the news, while Youji was out trying to pick up a girl or guy. Aya wasn't really sure which.

Clicking through the various news channels, Aya stopped when he got to Channel 5.

"Aviation officers have found some type of a force heading straight towards the area, "the newscaster lady said, "It should hit by noontime tomorrow. At this time, we will speak the head of the Aviation department to see if any other facts have been found."

A middle-aged man appeared on the TV, dividing the screen into two sections.

"What else can you tell us about this strange force, sir?"

"We've found out what this "force"--as you put it--is," he began in a tired voice. "It seems as if it is a very, very large flock of birds."


"Yes, More precisely, owls. Many different species of owls all traveling together."

"Are you sure about this? It seems so strange."

"I'm quite sure, ma'am. We can't even get near them. It's like there's a force field around them or something."

"Thanks you very much, sir. Is there anything thing else that you'd like to add."

"Well, I would like to tell people to be careful. We're pretty positive that the owls mean no harm, but we can never be certain."

"Thanks again," the lady said, as the screen went back to full-size, making the man disappear. "Now, onto weather..."

Aya turned the TV off, and shuddered a little bit. It all seemed a bit creepy to him. First Manx was going on about owls and magic, and now this. A force field protecting the owls? Aya felt there was a little bit more going on than just Manx going crazy.

* * * * * * * * * * *
It was a Saturday, therefore, Omi didn't have to go to school. He could sleep in all day if he wanted to. In fact...

"Youji!" a high-pitched voice cried, followed by moans, and the wall next to Omi's bed shaking.

"Damn," Omi growled, realizing he wouldn't be sleeping into today. Especially not when Youji was in his room screwing someone.

It happened almost every Saturday and Sunday. Omi was tired of it. So, he did the only thing that he could, he got up and started towards Youji's room.

Sure, it would probably cause Youji to kick his ass, but it was worth it. The man-whore of the house had to realize that he wasn't the only one that lived there.

When pounding on the door didn't work, Omi did the only other thing he could. He threw the door open, scared of what he was going to see.

Sure enough, Youji was most defiantly having sex. Omi cringed at the nudity of the slutty redhead and the man who was currently on top of her. Omi's innocence would never be regained after this.

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled boldly, and promptly slammed the door. Then, he went back to his room.

To say the least, he was a bit surprised that the noise actually stopped. He did, however, hear her leave. Now was the time Youji would come and kick his ass.

Omi was even more surprised when a pissed off Youji didn't barge into his room.
Apparently, Saturday was going to be a decent day, he decided, curling up under his blanket.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Ken rose an eyebrow at the four envelopes that Manx handed him.

"What are these, Manx?" he asked, from behind the counter.

"Your chance to join the owls, of course!" she said brightly. "And to go to Hogwarts!"

"What the hell is Hogwarts?" Ken grumbled, starting to become annoyed. Manx had been going on about magic and this thing called Hogwarts for awhile now.

"A school of wizardry, silly!" Manx giggled.

"Wizardry?" Ken asked chuckling a little. "You've gotta be kidding me, right?"

Manx shook her head vigorously. "No! I'm serious!"

Whoa...she has really gone off the rocker now, Ken thought, picking at the wax that the letter was sealed by.

"So, is this one for me?" he asked jokingly, holding up the envelope with his address and name.

Manx pouted. "Be serious, Ken!"

Rolling his eyes, Ken opened the letter. Two pieces of paper were enclosed. One, discussing the materials he would need, the other, a letter explaining what Hogwarts was and that he had been accepted.

"Aren't I little old to be going to school?"

Manx frowned. "No."

"Whatever, Manx. None of the other guys are gonna wanta go. I can guarantee that."

"What are you going on about, Ken?" Aya grumbled, walking into the shop.

"This," Ken grumbled back, handing Aya his letter.

After reading it, Aya looked at Ken, then at Manx.

"What is all this about?" he asked seriously.

"It's for a mission, Aya," Manx explained. "Really. It is."

Aya sighed. "What kind of a mission?"

Manx bit her lip in frustration. "Well, I'm not really sure. It's important though, I know that."

"Why do we have to go to a wizard school?"

"I don't know. It's not a normal mission, obviously. As far as I know, it doesn't even involve Schwartz."

After about ten minutes of glaring at Manx, Aya spoke.

"Fine. If it's for a mission, we can do it."

"Aya! Are you crazy? This is insane! You actually believe he-"

"Shut up," Aya growled. "I'll tell the guys about it."

Manx smiled.

"But if anything weird goes on, we're leaving, got it?"

Manx grinned. "Sure, Aya."

"Okay. Good. Now, when do we leave?"

"The school year starts in two weeks. We'll be traveling to Diagon Alley in a week and a half."

"What's Diagon Alley?" Ken asked, finally giving into the fact that he would have to go to Hogwarts, even if he didn't want to.

"A marketplace."

Ken rolled his eyes. "For what?"

"To buy the supplies, of course," Manx answered. "There's already money in the bank there, by the way."

Aya nodded. "Okay."

Manx smiled again. "Don't worry, Aya. I'm sure it'll all go just fine."

"What about the owls, Manx?" Ken asked. "Do you have an idea what's up with that?"

Manx shrugged. "Well, it may just be some hoax or something. Sometimes wizards do that kind of stuff."

"Send flocks of owls to harass us?"

"Well, they can do pretty much anything that they want to, so, yeah."

Ken rolled his eyes, and started to tend to the flowers.

* * * * *