Lampposts and Lollipops: Chapter Seven

Quirkishly Quidditch

The two teams, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, both prepared for the ever approaching game. The cool evening air held a hanging fog over the entire stadium. On the Gryffindor side, Hermione and Omi sat together. If the stadium had been empty, Omi thought, then the fog would've had been a tad scary; however, the masses of people caused a great amount of activity.

"So, what's this game like?" Omi asked, a bit concerned with the knowledge he currently held of the game. All's he knew was that it involved a few different types of balls, broomsticks, Harry as seeker and Ron as another player. From this, he still had no idea as to what Qudditich actually was.

"It's a tad confusing if you've never seen a game," Hermione began. "You see, there are different types of balls-"

But Hermione's words were unheard by Omi at this point, for he saw a point of much greater interest across the field. Aya was being followed by a girl, and to be blunt, Aya looked pissed off. Ahead of Aya were a snickering Ken and Youji. Omi stood from his spot, not giving Hermione any word of what he was doing.

He swiftly walked through the stadium. He met up with his three team-mates when they were already seated.

"Hey, Omi," Youji said, smiling--Omi didn't notice the wink that was ever-so-obvious. He patted the spot beside him.

Omi sat down and watched the girl that had sat beside Aya.

"Are you okay, Aya?" she asked, looking at Aya with a great amount of concern on her face.

"Fine," he snarled at her.

"Really?" she muttered, looking down at her hands that were folded across her lap. "It doesn't seem like you are." Her voice was at that point a sad whisper.

"I said I was okay," he snarled again. "Can't you just leave me alone?"

"I…I just want to get to know you, Aya, that's all. Why do you have to be so mean to me?"

Aya nearly killed Youji when he heard a tiny snicker. Aya didn't want to have to be nice to this girl; he didn't want to have to deal with her. He simply wanted her to leave.

"Look, I have a lot of things to do. I don't have time to get to know people."

She gave him a look of confusion. "If that's what you really want…"


The girl stood, her hands clenched tightly together. "Goodbye then, Aya."

Once the girl was away from the point of her hearing them, Youji spoke up. "Man, you sure do know how to please the ladies, don't ya?"

"Shut up. You know as well as I that we have work to do."

Youji grinned at him. "There's always time for the lovins, Aya."

Aya turned away from the other man and scanned the stadium. Nothing unusual was happening. In fact, everyone looked joyous: it was a time of celebration. Of course, now was the ideal time when Schwartz would attack…at a time when no one would be paying attention.

"I'll be back in a minute," Omi said to the three, standing up.

"Where are ya going?" Ken asked, taking a sip of his drink.

"Err…to the bathroom."

"I'll come with you," Youji decided, quickly standing up as well.

"I think that I can make it by myself, Youji," Omi said, giving the other boy an unyielding look.

Youji hesitated, but sat back down. "Okay."

How is it that I seriously still get treated like a child by him? Omi thought. It's not as though he's the only one that's fought Schwartz.

The blonde boy made his way through the masses of people until he found himself at the boy's restroom. The stadium restroom was rather dank and depressing. There were no windows, though sunlight shone through the cracks in the old, gray wooden wood that the walls were built from. Omi turned the faucet on and splashed some water on his face: the air outside was a bit humid and muggy. The cool water was refreshing to him. He looked around for a towel-dispenser, but found none. So, he improvised and simply used his shirt.

As the boy dried off his face, arms wrapped around him tightly, and a hand clamped down on his mouth.

A deep voice whispered in his ear, "Don't try to escape, Bombay. You're already ours."

Omi shook his body, but the strong arms that had him restrained wouldn't unleash. He couldn't speak or scream, though he tried. He simply yelled into the hand that muffled every one of his words. He heard footsteps come up behind him and felt another set of hands pulling his arms backward. A tight rope was tied around his hands. The same was done with his legs. A wad of cloth was stuffed into his mouth, secured by a silk cloth that was tied around his head. He was then pushed into one of the stalls. Finally, he saw he who it was that had attacked him: Crawford and Nagi.

"You can go help the others, Nagi," Brad muttered, holding Omi down by pushing on his stomach. "I can handle Bombay by myself."

Nagi smiled and left.

"Now, we're going to do this my way, Bombay," Brad said, hosting Omi up onto the toilet seat and tying him to it through the means of the thick, metal pole in the back.

Brad's fingers lightly traced over Omi's shirt. "Schuldich told me about how you weren't very kind to him when he offered himself to you, Omi. That's not very nice, now is it?"

Omi simply glared at the man. If only he could've told Brad what he was feeling…

The older man stood up from his crouched position and kissed Omi on the head. "Well, I suppose that I'll just have to teach you a lesson, now, won't I?"

The blonde closed his eyes, telling himself to block the other man out: that was the only way that he could forget this and not have to live through it.

Brad crouched down again. His hand shot between Omi's legs, firmly grasping the boy through his pants. Omi grimaced, tears squeezing out of his eyes.

"Don't you like it, Bombay?" Brad questioned, a smile spreading across his face as he felt the boy his in hands and saw Omi's expression.

Brad let go and gently began to un-zipper Omi's pants. He gingerly placed his hand inside and proceeded to softly squeeze the boy.

"Now…I know you like that, don't you, Bombay?"

Omi tried desperately to block Crawford from his mind. He hated himself at that moment: hated the fact that his anatomy worked in the way that it did.

Brad sighed in pleasure as he felt Omi harden. "See, I knew you'd start to like it."

"Hey! What the hell!" A middle-aged professor yelled, as he walked into the bathroom and saw the two boys. Before the man could take out his wand, Crawford jumped up and kicked the man in the stomach.

Omi's eyes were wide with fear. Any chance he had of rescue was now simply out of the question, he thought, as he saw the unconscious man sprawled out on the floor.

"I've had enough of you, Bombay," Crawford muttered, grinning at the boy. "Besides, I'm sure that we'll have fun later. For now, I have more important matters to attend to"

Brad then punched Omi in the stomach. Before Omi knew what was happening, his eyes shut and all went black.

Warm eyes gazed down into his own. Soft, warm hands cradled his face.

"It's okay, love, I'll protect you now."

Omi's eyes slowly blinked open. His dreams, so full of sugary sweet were dampened when he saw that it was night. He was in a place he had never been before; however, he knew that he was in the school.

His stomach hurt, and he had a throbbing headache. He began to lift his body up, but changed his mind when the dizziness hit. Out of fear and worry he called out for anyone that may be around.

A minute passed until an older, short witch came out in her nightclothes. "What is it child," she asked, her eyes full of sleep.

"W-where am I?" Omi asked, swallowing hard.

The witch smiled at him and turned on a lamp beside him. "You're in the hospital wing, dear. Don't worry, everything is okay. I'm Madam Pompfrey, which I'm sure you didn't know."

Fully reassured, Omi gave her a little smile. "I have a horrible headache," he groaned.

Madam Pompfrey smiled at him. "I'll give you some medicine, then you must go back to sleep. It is, after all, 2:30 in the morning."

Omi nodded her, only wanting his head to stop hurting.

Once given the medicine, Omi drifted off into a deep sleep and dreamt about that sweet someone in his sugary world.


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