Why do I allow myself to be tortured this way? I have promised the impossible! There is no way that I'll be able to refrain from speaking to another woman for an entire week! How did I allow Rebecca to talk me into this? I'm a nervous wreck!

Am I going through... withdrawal?!

"Uh, Sain?"


Oh my goodness! It's just my boon companion. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

Why does he look so confused? "Sain, I've been standing here this entire time."

I guess that's why.

"Sain, what's going on?" my boon companion asks me. "You've been jittery since we've started our shift together on guard duty. Did something happen?"

"You've got me," I admit, throwing my hands up in surrender. Kent does know me far too well for my own good. "I... am in love with Rebecca."

Why does that comment make Kent raise his eyebrow? "As much as I congratulate you for actually developing real feelings for someone, I don't see why that would make you so anxious. What else happened?"

Wow. He's good. "The truth is, she doesn't believe me."

"Because you flirt with any woman that moves?"

That's a jab at my character if I ever saw one! It was only that one time I tried to flirt with that girl in the medical chamber. How was I supposed to know she was in a coma?

"Kent! She woke up after I left and you know it!"

And now he's laughing at me! He doesn't laugh at anything!

"I'm sorry, that's just pay-back for what you did to me earlier today," he explains, but that's a horrible excuse. He should be thanking me! Even though he doesn't admit it, I'll bet he was absolutely ecstatic that I was able to find him a spot where he could watch our Lady Liege bathe without being seen! Who cares that he would have been found out if he tried to escape from that bush? Why would he want to leave anyway?

Oh yes, I guess we should get back to the situation at hand. "Anyway, I begged my wildflower to let me prove my feelings for her. She said that she would only believe me if I refrained from speaking to any of the women for an entire week. And yet, it's only been an hour and I'm already unable to handle myself!"

Kent seems to think about this for a long time. He is my best friend, so he's obviously taking this seriously. But eventually, he speaks: "Sain, you clearly don't love her if you're finding this task too difficult to handle."

If it was anyone else saying that, I'd consider it as hogwash. But Kent would not lie to me. My boon companion would not deceive me. He's being completely honest.

But I have to admit that this time, he's wrong.

I hold my hand to my heart as I explain myself to him: "I'm sorry Kent, but... is it not love when my heart aches whenever she frowns? Is it not love when I can't stop looking at her even when I'm flirting with someone else? Is it not love when I feel jealous whenever she speaks so casually with another man? Is..."

I suddenly stop speaking as the realization hits me like a bolt of lightning.

I've... I've figured it out...

"Of course!" I say, ready to reveal my sudden revelation. "No wonder she doesn't believe me! If she feels hurt whenever I flirt with another woman... how could she justify that I have feelings for her?"

Surprisingly, I must say that Kent looks impressed. "Interesting. I can't believe you figured that out by yourself."

"Have you no faith in me?" I gawk.

"Occasionally," he answers, a hint of a smile playing on his face. "So, you know what you have to do now, right?"

"Right!" I respond, and I take off as fast as I can so that I can find my wildflower and apologize to her...

...and there she is, gazing longingly at the campfire at something; probably the gooey marshmallow she's cooking! But now is not the time for that!

I need to make sure she knows that I understand her feelings now...

...and the only way to accomplish that is to beg for her forgiveness!

"Rebecca! Rebecca! Forgive me!" I shout to her, and when I arrive at the campfire, I fall on my knees and basically start worshipping the ground in front of her sandals. I figure some extra grovelling will help the situation, won't it?

Although, it seems like she just looks confused for some reason!

"Oh! Uh... Sain! Um... hello?"

"I will never flirt with another woman again!" I declare, even though I can barely believe the words myself! But, I think this is the only way that I can get Rebecca to truly know that I love her. "I didn't notice this until recently, but it hurts when I see you getting too casual with another man in the army... and now I understand why you don't have any faith in my claims of love for you. How could you think I love you if I flirt with other women? It must feel like I'm betraying you every time I say I love you and then I try to woo someone else!"

She looks incredulous! I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing!

"I'm so sorry..."

Why isn't she responding? I can't even look at her anymore, because if I do, the uncertainty is sure to kill me!

I just have to wait, and...


Did she just kiss my cheek?

"Sain..." my wildflower whispers, and I look at her... and she's smiling at me! My heart brightens immediately! "I have to tell you the truth. I knew you were serious the whole time, but I still needed reassurance of your feelings. I fully understand now!"

Yes! The plan worked! I am forever in my boon companion's debt!

"Rebecca! I pledge this to you! No matter what, I promise that I..."


Huh? Is that my Lady Liege? It is! And she's... oh my goodness. Why is she wearing such fancy and... revealing attire? Gah! I knew my Lady Liege was gorgeous, but her figure is more prominent than I originally thought! Much more prominent...

"Sain, since you say you're such an expert on women," she starts, repositioning her body as she speaks, "I need your honest opinion; how do I look?"

I very slightly shift my eyes in Rebecca's direction, and through my peripheral vision, I can tell that she's waiting to see what I'm about to do. As she munches on her marshmallow, it looks like she can become very happy... or very angry at the drop of a hat if she so chooses...

"NO! This is a test, isn't it? KENT! Your plan isn't going to work!" I shout into the sky, shaking my fist furiously, and the two girls just look at me like I'm a lunatic. But, it has to be said! I think this is Kent's doing! "My Lady Lyn, if you truly want an honest opinion, find Kent and..."

"Don't worry, I already plan to do that," she laughs. "I've been looking for a way to get Kent to reveal his feelings for me ever since I caught him watching me bathe, even though I know that was your doing, and I know he doesn't have any idea that I saw him. Regardless, even though it was Kent's idea to see how you'd react to my questioning, I plan to use this outfit against him as well. I don't think he even knows that this outfit exists! I packed it just in case I needed it for something, and I guess today's the day!"

My Lady Liege waves goodbye to leave my wildflower and I alone again, and another glance at Rebecca reveals that she's happy and relieved at how I handled the situation.

How do I know this? Because she kisses me! On the lips this time!

And it tastes like marshmallows!


Author's Notes

This fic is for Fireminer! It's been a while since I've done a straight romance/humour story, and I must say I'm a bit rusty! This was surprisingly tough to write, but hopefully everyone enjoys it!

I'm not sure where the "girl in the coma" joke came from, but I included it anyway. AND MARSHMALLOWS!

Kent's gonna get it for sure! Although, what's the worst that's gonna happen to him? :D Well, I guess I don't have too much to say about this fic. Just don't guest review please! I'll see you guys when I upload my next A Glimmer of Hope chapter!