Time to Survive

OCs are needed. (Name:, Age:, Trivia: Best friends/enemies:, ETC) My co-writers/authors are two of my friends from Minecraft. MistressOfHorror (a.k.a Missy or Mistress) and mcook034 (a.k.a Cookie)

Alissa's p.o.v

Quinn, my best friend, and I were walking down the streets. But in a few weeks, war will break loose. Mike, my other friend, walked up to us. He kinda grew up in the woods because he could survive with resources in the wood. My sister, Pandora, texted me that Mike, Quinn and I should go to the diner and meet her there in ten minutes.

Mike had blonde hair, blue eyes, he is tall and husky. Mike and Pandora are the leaders/commanders since they are really wise and intelligent. And brave. Mike is NINETEEN

Pandora had white hair and really bright blue eyes. We call her "Electric" She has control over FIVE elements. She is sweet and merciful but REALLY smart in battle. She is kind of like the Commander/Leader out of us all. She is really wise and intelligent. She is really brave. She is EIGHTEEN

Quinn is the jokester of us all. She cheers us up but in her heart, she is afraid to tell everyone that she doubts we're gonna survive. Quinn is SIXTEEN.

I'm the shyest, sweetest and cunning girl. I have alot of powers. I'm secretly an assasin. I use a bow. I am SEVENTEEN and Pandora is my older sister who taught me everything I know now.

"Listen, Mike," I said. "I know everything clear now" Mike interrupted. "It's true! She likes you. Pandora LOVES you" I cooed. "No she doesn't. If she did, why would she be angry at me for no reason?!" Mike yelled, throwing a vase across mine and Pandora's house. "It was her anger side. I know her. Trust me! I have been living with her for seventeen years now" I yelled back. "Jeez Alissa? Why does Pandora make everything so hard and you have to clean up after her?!" he yelled. "I-I don't know" I said, starting to tear up. "Alissa, I'm so sorry. I was just mad at Pandora for making you clean up after her" Mike softened.


"Oh crap! Do you know what happened?" I asked Quinn as we stared at the burning city of Ohio. Zombies, demons and dragons appeared out of nowhere. "Nope! But I heard Pandora and Mike got back together" Quinn said. "FOCUS!" I screamed quietly, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking them hard. "Hey!" Quinn whined. "Let's go get our gear and find Pandora and Mike" I ordered. We went to our secret base underground the Temple of Heroes. I instantly found Mike and Pandora hugging. "It is war-time now" I said, scaring the heck out of them. "Alissa! Don't scare your older sis like that ever again" Mike scolded. "I'm seventeen" I said seriously. "Let's look at the map" I continued, folding out a map. Pointing her fingers all over the map, Pandora said,

"Well, looks like someone has been planting all these demons, zombies and dragons"