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"Alright kids, we're here!" Jack Fenton shouted as the Fenton family pulled up in front of their new home in the family Ghost Assault Vehicle. It was just a small house at the edge of the town of Heatherfield.

"How about you two go explore the town a bit while your father and I unload some things," Maddie said with an encouraging smile back to her two children, Danny and Jazz.

"Whatever," Danny grumbled as he jumped down from the family RV. The black haired teen started walking off without looking back at his parents. He didn't even want to look at them.

"Danny, wait up," Jazz said, as she ran to catch up to him. "Danny please, I'm just as upset as you are about this move, but mom and dad are only trying to do what they think is best..." Jazz started but Danny didn't want to hear it.

"They don't care about us at all. That's why they never asked if we wanted to move away from all of our friends," Danny snapped bitterly. "They just wanted to move because all the Ghosts dried up in Amity Park, so they wanted to go to another city with strange monster reports."

"Danny that's not true..." Jazz said, reaching out a hand to hold her little brother back, but her hand moved straight through him.

"I just don't want to hear it right now," Danny said before disappearing from sight.

Danny was sitting on the top of the tallest building he could find, trying to lose himself in the wind blowing past his ears.

But as he sat there his hand went into the neck of his shirt and drew out a dark green ring on a silver chain. The ring was an ugly thing with a skull engraved on the front of it and a slight glow that pulsed a sickly mixture of green and purple in the shadows around Danny's fingers. The Ring of Rage, the symbol of power in the Ghost Zone which allowed its true owner to draw upon the Ghost Zone's near limitless mystical energy. It was the physical vessel of the Ghost Zone's mystic Heart, the Heart of Darkness.

Frostbite had told him that most world's mystic Hearts would only change hands willingly, but the Ghost Zone was different in that regard. Danny had gained ownership of it the same way anyone would have; by defeating its previous master in single combat.

Once he had learned to control the ring's power, he used it to create a Veil around the Ghost Zone in order to stop the Ghosts from ever invading Earth again. So he had been the reason the Ghosts had stopped appearing and all the portals to the Ghost Zone had closed. Only Ghosts with unique powers or artifacts, such as Wulf's claws or Frostbite's Infinity Map could get through Danny's veil; all the natural portals had been closed.

Secretly, deep inside of his Heart, Danny was glad to be out of Amity Park. After he had used his powers to put an end to all the adventures, Sam and Tucker had been different. It was as if their friendship had required Danny to be constantly risking his life for them. Sam had been especially bad about it. Going as far as to say that Danny had given up what had made him special. Tucker had tried to put on a show of still being interested, but it was still clear that he was distancing himself from Danny. Without Ghosts to fight, Danny was no hero, he was just a freaky little boy with freaky powers.

It made no sense, how was the Ghosts disappearing a bad thing? People were safe. Wasn't that all that mattered? It wasn't like Danny was some kind of masochist who enjoyed being hurt in battle. Maybe that was why he was so unhappy. Because he felt guilty for not missing Amity Park.

It didn't matter, he was done with it all. Done with Ghosts. Done with fighting. Done with his old life. Or at least... that's what he thought. But one mystic Heart always attracts another. For better... or for worse.

Danny stood up and slipped the Ring of Rage back under his shirt. He turned invisible and took a step off the roof and let the air rush past him as he fell towards the ground, only using his powers of flight to regain control just before he would have hit the concrete. He didn't even bother to make sure that no one was around. He emitted a wave of glamour from the Ring of Rage so that anyone who might have seen him returning to the visible spectrum would believe that it was just an ordinary daily occurrence and forget about it.

"I guess I might as well get a feel for the town on foot," Danny mumbled to himself as he walked down the streets.

Within the next hour he had found the middle school he would be attending and the local movie theater. He briefly considered going to a movie, but there were nothing but chick flicks and monster movies, and he wasn't in the mood for a monster movie at the moment.

He was just about to start heading back to his new home, when he passed a poorly lit book store. He stopped and stared hard at it. There didn't seem to be anything strange about it, other than the fact that half the lights in the place must have been broken. But before he knew it he found himself opening the door and walking in. The air was heavy and had an almost hypnotizing quality to it.

Danny stopped in a single row of shelves and looked up at several books that had strange swirling letters on their spines. Danny felt like he should have known what the characters said, but nothing came to him. He was just starting to reach out for one of the books when a voice jogged him out of his trance.

"Oh, hello. Can I help you with something?" Standing at the end of the book shelf was a girl Danny's age, with blue eyes and straw colored hair worn in twin braids.

"Well uh..." Danny stammered at a loss for what to say. The girl started to giggle at him. "I... I'm not really looking for anything really," Danny said embarrassed. "I don't even know why I came in here. I'm not really one for books, but if felt like this place was calling to me." He started to rub the back of his neck. "I guess that doesn't make any sense, huh."

"Actually it does. I can't remember why I first came here either. But I like it, so I got a part-time job here," the girl said. "I'm Elyon, Elyon Brown."

"Danny Fenton," Danny replied looking around. "So you... work here?"

"Yeah, the store manager, Cedric, he's really nice," Elyon said. The two of them talked for hours before Danny realized that he needed to go home.

"Sorry, I kind of need to go home before my parents drive through the streets in a tank again looking for me," Danny said as he got up to go.

"Wouldn't they just call you? You do have a cell phone, right?" Elyon asked curiously.

"I do, but they don't," Danny chuckled.

"Well then how about we exchange numbers. Maybe we could talk again sometime," Elyon said, smiling sheepishly.

"Um... yeah," Danny said, pulling out his phone and exchanging numbers with the girl. "So I'll see you later." Danny said, trying to hold down a blush as he exited the store. After he turned a corner he put up his invisibility and flew off at full speed before the reality of what had just happened could sink in.

Back at the store Elyon was already punching in the speed dial for her friend Cornelia to tell her all about it.

The Heart of Darkness had met the Heart of Light.