The Negima! Mysteries & Adventures

Inspired by the creator: Ken Akamastu

II. Journey to Other Worlds

1. The Sky Kingdom

Based on the movie "Castle in the Sky" by Hayao Miyazaki

Author's Notes

Hello everyone! Before you read this, make sure you read the first arc of this series. This is the second arc of the series and it will be all about traveling to different worlds. You can find the first book on my profile.

One announcement I have to say: Starting on this book, I've decided to do my stories chapter by chapter instead of cramming all my chapters in the same episode. I thought it makes readers to read the chapters easier and shorter than trying to read the whole thing together and scroll to the part they are left off. I will mark down which episode and which chapter on my chapter list in order.

Hayao Miyazaki's films are really fantastic. "Castle in the Sky" is one of my favorites, so I decided to do this episode based on that movie.

I hope you enjoy this next arc in the series. Thank You ;)


High above in the night sky where the thick clouds are, there is a huge airship flying toward its destination. It was one of those military bombers only it's so huge that's big enough to fit a soccer field inside.

Inside the airship contains a room where a captive eleven-year old girl is held. She has short dark-violet hair with short bangs. She wears a red ribbon on her head and a long white shirt that stretches to her knees, with short-sleeves. She also wears a green gem necklace. She sat quietly on her bed looking outside of her window feeling so sad and trapped.

Just then, the door to her locked room opened. She noticed and looked to see who it is. Coming inside is a man wearing glasses with short blonde hair with his bangs sticking out. He wears a light brown tux, with a purple tie inside, and he has black long pants. He stares evilly at the girl, "It's time my sweet dear." The girl didn't respond but gave a mean glare.

They step outside on top of the airship as the man with the glasses and a couple of soldiers escorted her to the balcony. The man with the glasses starts to speak, "Soon everyone in the world will bow down before me. And you girl are the key to my success." The girl didn't respond but makes a frightful look on her face. They reached the balcony as everyone got into position. The girl is standing in middle of the balcony while the two soldiers stood close and behind her not letting her escape. The man with the glasses stood in front of her and notices something. The girl quickly reacted when her necklace started to glow. "Ah, yes!" said the man with the glasses. "We must be getting close." The girl became scared, until…


Out of the blue, an explosion was set off causing the people on the airship to hit the floor. "WHAT IN THE-!?" The man with the glasses shouted. He looked up and sees men with bandanas on their heads as they were riding on flying mechanic manta rays. There are four of them and each had a bag full of bombs inside ready to be sparked and thrown. Just as the men were about to make a move, a call is made on their transceiver.

"Men, don't you dare hurt that girl!" said a womanly voice on the transceiver. "We need her in order to get to the kingdom."

The men on the manta rays nodded in agreement as they swarm in and tossed bombs onto the ship. The exploding weapons made contact as they burst into a huge exploding fire causing the soldiers and the man with the glasses to protect themselves from the blast. The girl however took this opportunity and manages to escape from the ambush. The man with the glasses noticed. "NO! Stop her!" he shouted to the soldiers.

The young girl ran all the way back to the ship hoping to find a way to escape, but she hit a dead end. She looked around only to find nothing and a deep drop down to the surface. The girl turned around and sees the man and the soldiers closing in on her. "Come along little girl." The man with the glasses asked evilly. "You know you can't escape." The girl begins to shake in fright. But above them is one of the men with the bandanas holding a bomb that's ignited. He threw the bomb toward the men on the ship and exploded closely to them. The explosion shook everybody on the ship that the girl is losing her balance. She was at the tip of the edge when… she slipped and falls down into the clouds. "NOOO!" The man with the glasses shouted.

"Oopsie…" said the man with the bandana.

"What!? What Happened!?" said the woman on the transceiver.

The young girl screamed and kept falling toward the clouds as it head straight to the earth's surface.