1. The Sky Kingdom

Chapter 5

Announement: Additional scenes has been added to this chapter.

Negi, Matt, Sora, and the girls ran as fast as they can to get away from the imposter waiter who is after Sora. They are in the busy streets of the market district, and they hid in the crowd hoping the imposter and his men wouldn't catch them. As the team is hiding for the enemy, Matt makes a command, "I think we lost him, but who knows when more of his crew will show up and find us. Ayaka call the gang and the dean, and tell everyone we're being chased."

"Roger that Matt." the class rep replied. She then takes out her cell phone and dials the first call. "And I know just who to contact." Once she presses the phone number buttons and then the call button on her phone, it contacted to the girl who is reliable of sending information on the internet.

On the other end of the receiver's cell phone, it rang and shook from its caller. The girl picked up the cell phone and replies, "Hello, this is Chisame." She listened in on her phone from the caller on the other end. "…Class rep, what's going…" Chisame kept listening, until… "WHAT!?" Chisame widen her eyes in surprise.

"I haven't got any time to explain Chisame, but we need help!" Ayaka shouted as she talks into her cell phone. "Sora is being tailed by this weird man. It's only a matter of time before the he and his people are going to capture her. Hurry Hasegawa-san! Get the word out!"

"I'm on it!" And with that Chisame hangs up her cell phone, and with lightning speed she grabs her laptop's keyboard and types up an emergency message to send it to all of class 1-A on their cell phones. With the message finished, she quickly clicks the send button, and the message is sent to the students, including Dean Konoe. And all the students from class 1-A, which are in different areas of the campus, received Chisame's urgent message on their cell phones. In no hesitation, they all read the message and quickly headed toward the area where Negi, Sora and the others are being chased.

Back at the market district, Negi, Matt, Sora, and the student girls are hiding looking everywhere high and low from the enemy.

"See anything yet?" Matt asked to this team.

"Nothing so far." Makie noted.

Chamo popped out from Negi's pocket, hops onto his head, and looks around for the crooks. "I don't see them." Chamo noted. "Perhaps we lost them for the time being."

"Hey! What are you kids doing here?" someone shouted from behind. The mystery team jolt in shock and turned around to see who made that call. There in their view is a policeman, look like in his thirties and a little hefty, stood in front of the team looking firm at them. "You kids should not be fooling around here. This area is for employees only."

"Sorry sir," Fuka speaks up to the policeman, "but there's this waiter imposter that wants to kidnap this girl."

"Yeah, and he and his men are after her." Fumika followed.

"Really?" said the policeman in little surprise, "Well then don't you worry, I'll protect her no matter what. You just leave the law enforcers to do the work." The policeman then walks close to Sora and sticks out his hand to her. "Take my hand, and you'll be safe." Sora nodded in concern and did what the policeman said. "Okay ladies and gentlemen, I'll just take Sora with me back to the station where she'll be safe." But just as he and Sora were about to leave…,

"Wait a minute!" Chizuru shouted and quickly got in front of the policeman with her stern look. "You're not going anywhere with Sora."

"Ma'am, if excuse me —"

"You're not a policeman."

"Wha-What do you mean?"

"Sora is new here in Mahora, yet… how did you know her name?"

The team blinked in surprise and realization, and was amazed by Chizuru noticeable listening skills, just like Matt. The fake policeman gritted his teeth, and then…, Swoosh! Click! He pulled out a gun just like the waiter imposter did. "Don't move girly! Come closer and I'll shoot you." Chizuru didn't flinch from the gun the policeman imposter had, but she scrunches her eyes. The imposter turned around towards the rest of the team, "That goes for you too kids. Move closer and I'll shoot you." The team widens their eyes in fright as they are in bind letting the kidnapper trying to get away with Sora. Just when it looks like the crook had won…

Swoosh! Swish! Swoosh! Something from the air swooped down…, Clang! and knocked the gun off the fake policeman's hand. The gun landed on the ground without making a shot and a Kunai landed its pointing end on the ground as well.

"Is that a Kunai?" Fuka wondered.

"But that means…" Fumika said.

"Who threw that!?" the policeman imposter yelled. He waited for an answer, when suddenly…, Woosh!

The imposter turned toward the sound, but…, "HIYA!" the policeman was kicked in the face and pushed back up against the brick wall in pain. Sora was released from the thief and looked up to see who saved her. In her view she sees…, "Hey-a kid, you okay?" Fei Ku said and smiled.

"Fei Ku!" Negi, Chamo, Makie and Ayaka said in unison.

"Don't forget me!" someone shouted. The team looked up toward the voice, and incoming falling from the sky is Kaede Nagase. She landed safely on the ground and spreads out her Kunai sticking them between her fingers. "We got your back."

"Kaede!" the twins said in sync.

"Perfect timing girls." Matt complemented.

"We thought we didn't make it in time, but we did." Fei Ku said with glee.

"We got Chisame's urgent message, and quickly came to your aid as fast as we can." Kaede noted. "The others are on their way."

"Great girls," Ayaka responded, "but let's not celebrate now. We have to get away from these crooks before they get Sora for good."

Suddenly the fake policeman started to groan and move again, and he got the mystery team's attention. "Time to bust a move everyone!" Matt commanded. Everyone agreed, and the whole team left the place and continued to run away.

But just not far from the mystery team, the waiter imposter and his men spotted the team. "Look! They're getting away with the girl." the fake waiter shouted. "After them!" And he and his men charged after the team.

Meanwhile in a faraway land hidden in the hills, a huge air bomber that's landed on the top of a hill overlooks the city of Mahora. Inside the airship is the man with the glasses looking out his front deck window as he sees the city from a distance. He grins evilly while staring the city. Just then, a henchman of the glasses man came up right behind him and kneels to him.

"Sir, we located the girl." said the henchman, "Shall we proceed our capture of her?"

"Hold on my loyal soldier." the man in the glasses said, "Wait for a few minutes until those pirates are tired out, then we'll make our move. I'll give you the command when it's time."

"Yes sir." the henchman stood up and bows to the man in the glasses, and then he left the scene.

The man with the glasses smirks evilly, "You may have escaped little girl, but you will be my ultimate key for me to succeed my glorious mission."

Back on the streets of the Mahora city, the mystery club is on the run to get away from the crooks that are trying to kidnap Sora. The team came upon a huge intersection as they stopped to figure out which way to go.

"Alright, now which way do we go?" Natsumi worried.

"If we go to the right, then we'll reach the train station." Matt stated, "We can then take a ride and head back to the dorm safe and sound."

"A good idea Matt," the class rep responded, "They won't even catch us once we get on that high speed train."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Chamo shouted, "Let's go!"

Everyone agreed, but just as they were about to take another step, men in red pirate outfits popped out of the blue and surround the mystery team in all directions. They all carried guns in their hands and aimed at the team. The waiter and policeman imposters appeared with the pirates as they huffing and puffing to catch their breath.

"You're surrounded!" the fake waiter shouted.

"Hand over the girl, or else!" the fake policeman followed and yelled.

The team is in a pinch. "Ala Alba! Do something!" Matt shouted and panicked.

"I'm afraid we can't." Fei Ku replied with concern.

"If we make a move, we might get shot instantly." Kaede said while gritting her teeth.

Seems like the mystery team is cornered, when… Bang! Bang! Boom! Gun shots were fired from the sky, and they hit and knocked off the guns from the pirates. "Ow! Who did that!?" said one of the pirates. The pirates looked around to find the source of the bullets, but then… BOOM! A bomb on the ground exploded creating a huge smoke. The pirates and the mystery team couldn't see in their view. Then all of a sudden… WHACK! SLASH! BAM! POW! BOOM! BANG! When the smoke cleared up, all the pirates including the imposters were down to the ground in pain. And the mystery team was surprised in relief when surrounding them are Asuna, Setsuna, Chao, and Satomi in their pactio form.

"Asuna! Setsuna!" Negi shouted.

"Chao! Satomi!" Matt shouted and followed.

Asuna gave the team a wink, Setsuna smiles to the team, and Satomi and Chao gave a thumb-up.

"About time Bells," Ayaka said in concern, "what took you so long? Fixing your bells?"

Asuna makes an angry look, "Hey! At least I saved you guys in time!"

"Don't thank only us," Satomi says to the team. Ala Alba makes a confused look, but Satomi pointed upward toward a building's rooftop.

The team looked up, and in great surprise and joy, the team sees Mana, Yuna, and Konoka in their pactio form smiling and waving back at the team.

"Hey girls!" Matt shouted to the three girls on the roof, "Perfect timing!"

"All part of being a Mystery Club member Matt-san!" Yuna shouted and replied back at Matt.

Mana then makes a command, "Now hurry and get going! We'll take care of covering your backs!"

The team nodded in agreement, then Ayaka makes an ordering command to the team, "Asuna and Natsumi, I want both of you to accompany Negi, Matt, and Sora to the train station. Kaede and everyone else, transform into your pactio forms and fight with me to stop these crooks."

Everyone nodded in complete understanding. Kaede, Fei Ku, the twins, Chizuru, Makie, Zazie, and Ayaka quickly got into their pactio forms and prepared for battle while Negi, Matt, and Sora, along with Asuna and Natsumi, dashed off into the streets and headed towards the station.

"NO! They're getting away!" said one of the fallen pirates who is trying to get on his feet. Another pirate noticed the escaped kids with Sora running away as he tries to follow them. But just as he stood and was about to go after Negi and the others, a pink ribbon swirled and wrapped around him making him immobilized. The pirate turned around and sees Makie in her pactio form and her artifact ribbon stopping him.

"You're not going anywhere you crook." Makie shouted.

Then came Ayaka, in her pactio form, stepping next to Makie. "You want them, you're going have to go through all of us." Ayaka demanded.

The run is on as Negi, Matt, Sora, Asuna and Natsumi passed through every building and reaching towards the train station. Along the way, a thought hit Matt. "Hey Natsumi!" he shouted, "Transform into your pactio form."

"What for?" she wondered.

"If my memory serves correctly, and my memory always serves correctly, you have the pactio power to make yourself and those who touch you become invisible."

"Yeah, but what about it?" Natsumi became curious, but a firm and sneaky look from Matt gave Natsumi the answered as she blinked. "Of course! Right Matt!" She then pulled out her pactio card and yells out, "Adeat!" She is in her Timid Actress form and brought out her ultimate disguise mask.

Matt looked up ahead where the team are about to come across a corner. "I'm pretty sure there are pirates around the corner." Matt stated, "Get ready Natsumi." she nodded.

High on top of a building's ceiling is a pirate overlooking at Negi, Matt, and the team who are about to turn around the corner. He touches his earpiece communicator and speaks, "Alright men, they're on your way. Get ready." And on the other side of the corner are the pirate men waiting to ambush on Negi, Matt, Sora, and the girls. They got into their stance and prepared for the attack.

Negi, Matt, and the rest of the gang are approaching the corner. "Heads up, we're about to turn." Asuna shouted.

"Natsumi!" Negi shouted. Natsumi nodded, and she quickly stretches out her hand for her to let the team grab her hand. Negi touched Natsumi's hand first, then Asuna's to Negi's, and then Matt's to Asuna's. Matt reaches to Sora and calls out to her.

"Sora! Grab my hand!" Matt shouted. Sora didn't understand and know why, but she did what she was told and grabbed Matt's hand. Once Sora took Matt's hand, the strategist calls to Natsumi. "Now!" without delaying, Natsumi quickly put her mask artifact over right eye.

The pirate men were waiting to ambush to mystery team, but so far no sight of the team. "What are waiting for!?" said one of the pirates' communicator, "They just turned around the corner. Get them!"

"Sir, we don't see them." said one of the ambushing pirates.

"What!? You idiot! They're right there!"

"No they're not!"

"You complete dolts! I just saw them! THEY ARE RIGHT THERE!"


The pirate men don't know what's going on, but it turns out Negi, Matt, and the girls were invisible to the naked eye. Natsumi's magical artifact has turned the team invisible, and they were slipping right through the ambushing pirates.

"Great work Matt." Asuna complemented, "You're idea worked."

"It's a good thing you're the strategist on the team." Negi noted.

"Thanks for the complement," Matt replied, "But right now let's get out of here before we get caught." The rest of the team agreed.

As soon as the mystery team is in the clear of the pirates, Natsumi removes her mask off of her face as the team appeared to be visible again. They kept running ahead aiming for the station. "The train station is up ahead!" Matt shouted, "Once we make it there and get on it, we're home free."

"Roger that Matt." Asuna followed.

Within seconds, Ala Alba has arrived at the station, but the team stopped and flinched in fright. Of horrible luck, the train station is full of pirates waiting for the Sora to ambush her. The team panicked that there option to take the train is now impossible.

"What do we do now?" Negi said in concern.

"Whoa! There's so many of them." Chamo said shock as he popped out of Negi's pocket.

"I can use my mask again." Natsumi suggested.

"Won't work," Matt said, "Those sliding doors have a motion detector camera on them. We can't get in the station unless we have been seen."

"Great Matt, anymore brilliant ideas?" Asuna complained.

"I'm thinking!" Matt looked around to find an escape route. Without delaying himself, Matt spotted an open street for the team to run away. "Ala Alba, this way!" And the team followed Matt.

They kept following Matt to where he is going, but rotten luck struck him and his team again when they encounter the edge of the riverbank. To make matters worse, the group of pirates came from different directions and surrounded Negi and the gang. There was nowhere to run now.

A pirate begins to speak to the team. "We got you now you loathsome pests." He said in an evil manner, "Now hand over the girl, and nobody gets hurt. If you don't…," Then another pirate pulled out his gun toward the team, "then you can say good-bye to either one of you." The mystery team became a little scared.

"Matthew-san, you're the strategist," Natsumi said in fright, "what do we do?"

"Matt-san, one of us is going to get killed here." said Asuna in her upset mood.

Matt frantically looked all around the area to see if there was any possible escape routes, but all of them are blocked by the pirates. Then Matt looked at the river as he sees the water running really fast downstream. Matt stared at the river for a moment, then he scrunches his eyes and makes a firm look. He then turns to the team. "Everyone, get on the wall." he said to Ala Alba. The members and Sora were confused of why Matt said that as they made curious looks on their faces. "Don't ask questions, just do it." Everyone was still confused, but they did what Matt said. Negi, Sora, Asuna, and Natsumi all got on the wall while facing the pirates. Matt also got on the wall as well. "Okay guys, grab each others' hands." And the team did. Without any movements, the team kept staring at the pirates who are still cornering them. Matt still has his firm look, but then he speaks, "…You want us?" There was a moment of pause for the pirates and the mystery team, "…Come and get us." Then in a flash, Matt jumped back and pulled his team off the wall. Ala Alba was then fallen into the river below and SPLASH!

The pirates were surprised as they witnessed what had happened. They all looked over the wall and to the river to see if the mystery team survived. "Why of all the…! Where did they go!?" said a pirate.

"I don't see them." said another pirate.

"I can't find them either." said another.

"The captain isn't going to like this." said the final pirate.

The pirates became enraged. "Quick! Follow down the river and hurry!" And all the pirates scattered out and try to find Sora and the mystery team.

Down the river, Ala Alba got their heads out of the water as they are floating down the stream very fast. They were passing by two bridges as they are getting close to a huge lake coming up soon.

"Keep your heads above the water!" Matt shouted. The team and Sora are treading above the water very well to keep their heads out of the water.

"So, what's next Matt!?" Asuna shouted.

"As soon as we get to the lake, swim to shore and hide."

But just as they were about to take Matt's advice… "HEY! You guys!" Negi, Matt, and the girls heard the shouted voice and looked up. And the team smiled to see Yue and Nodoka on Yue's broomstick, Haruna with wings on her back she created, Evangeline, and Chachamaru flying above them. And Nodoka is also carrying Negi's staff. "Hang on! We're coming for you!" Haruna shouted as she's the one calling to the mystery team. In a second, the flying mages came swooping in close to the team in the water.

"Here Negi." Nodoka said as she gives Negi's staff to him.

Negi got the staff, "Thanks." Then he gets on it as he is now flying just a few inches above the water. Negi then reaches out to Sora. "C'mon Sora, hop on." Sora reaches for Negi's hand, and when she grabbed him, Negi pulled her up and she sat in the back of him.

Haruna got close to Asuna. "Need a hand?" Haruna asked as she stretches her arms and hands to Asuna.

"Yeah, thanks Paru." Asuna replied as she grabbed onto Haruna and the two flew out of the water.

Chachamaru grabbed Matt, and Evangeline got Natsumi out of the water and into the air. Everyone was in the sky flying in midair.

"Where to now, Oda-san?" Yue asked.

Matt looked around the surface and spotted a forest not far from where Ala Alba is flying. "Head over to that forest, and hide." he commanded and pointed toward the forest. The rest of the team spotted the forest, and they all swooped into it in fast speed.

Once the team is deep inside the forest, Matt looks around the area to see if there aren't any pirates. The scene is safe as Matt checks his members. "Is everyone alright?" he asked.

"Yeah Matt," Asuna replied, "we're all good."

"How about you Sora?" Haruna asked, "you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," she replied calmly, "thanks."

"The scene is safe here." Matt stated, "We better get a move on and head back to the dorms before the pirates are going to catch us for good."

"Agreed Matt," Negi responded, "let's hurry."

And soon the team exited the forest. In no time, they arrived at an open walkway road and encountered a few club hall buildings of Mahora Academy. Matt checks the scene again, and so far no pirates. He told the team to move out as they cautiously prepared themselves for any sneak attacks. The team approached the shore of the lake as Matt looks high and low for any pirates. So far still, no pirates.

"Okay everyone, I think we're good." Matt stated calmly. "I better contact the other members telling them we're okay and where we are." Then Matt pulled out his cell phone.

"A good point Matt." said Yue.

"I'm really glad we're out of that mess." Natsumi said in relief.

"Those criminals are sure persistent, and gave us the element of surprise." Negi noted.

"No doubt, but I think we lost them for good." Asuna responded in relief.

Matt is almost done sending a text message to other members.

"How much longer Matt-san?" Nodoka asked in little concern.

Matt replies, "Just give one second, and I'll have to do is—"

"Matthew! Look out!" Chachamaru shouted him, and she pushed Matt to the ground. The two hit the ground hard, but are perfectly fine.

"Hey Chachamaru! What was that for!?" Matt said in anger.

"Look!" Chachamaru pointed and showed Matt as he was surprised to see a bullet, thick as a cork, was shot to the ground and smoke coming out from it. Matt almost got shot. When Matt saw the bullet, and so did the other team members, they looked around to see where the bullet came from and spotted the cause. Stood in their view are two pirates with one holding a gun and aiming at the mystery team.

"Captain, we found them." said the pirate without the gun.

Negi, Matt, and the gang were shocked. But things have gotten worse when a few more pirates are now surrounding the team from different directions.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Asuna said in anger.

"Jeez, I really do hate these confounded pests." Eva said in anger.

"Alright you guys! Apprehend them!" shouted one of the pirates. And all the pirates charged to the team.

Matt quickly reacted as he looks around for a safe place to get away from the pirates. He then spotted one of the club hall buildings. "Quick! Get into that building!" Matt shouted and pointed. Negi and girls heard Matt's order as they followed him into the building.

"Stop them! But don't hit the girl!" shouted a pirate. And some of the pirates pulled out their guns and start shooting at the mystery team.

Ala Alba ran as fast as they can to get inside the building and avoiding the bullets. "They're shooting at us!" Natsumi shouted and covered herself.

"Keep running!" Matt shouted.

Soon the mystery team arrived at the door of the building and quickly went inside. The pirates didn't want to lose Sora, so they followed them. Ala Alba ran down through the halls of the building as Matt searches a place to hide. He then spotted a door that's opened to the inside of the room. Matt reaches the door and gives the command to his team, "Quick everyone! In here!" Negi and the girls went inside the room, and Matt followed last and slams the door shut.

Once the team is inside, they discovered they're in a small study room that hasn't been used for years. But there weren't any ways of escaping and with the windows high near the ceiling as the team are trapped. Matt looked around and spotted a few old wooden chairs the corner of the room. Matt grabbed the chairs and placed them in front of the door as a blocking obstacle for the pirates to get inside the room.

"What do we do now, Matt?" Haruna panicked, "We're trapped like rats."

"Hang on, I'll think of something." Matt said while he is panicking a little.

"You gotta think fast Matt," Eva warned him, "those pirates are bound to find us in here."

Matt understood Eva as he tries to think really hard of how to get out of their situation. Suddenly Matt heard footsteps coming from outside the room. Negi and girls also heard the footsteps as the team assumed it is the pirates looking for them. Ala Alba remained quiet to fool the pirates that the team isn't in the room. The pirates passed by the door, and it sounded like they didn't bother to barge into the room. The sound of the pirates' footsteps started to fade away knowing that Ala Alba is safe for now. The team felt relieved… click! click! or so they thought. The team heard and saw the knob on the door that's starting to turn. One of the pirates is trying to get inside of the room. But due to the blockade of chairs Matt put at the door, the pirate couldn't get in, that's when…

"Sir! They're in here!" said the pirate trying to open the door.

Ala Alba flinched in grave shock. Then the whole team of pirates arrived at the door as they to barge inside the room.

"Open the door you little pests, or we'll shoot you until you never see the light again!" said a pirate in anger.

"Negi, Matthew! What'll we do!?" Natsumi shouted in fear.

"Why don't we just ambush them with our magic?" Asuna suggested.

"It wouldn't hurt, but we don't have enough members on our side." Matt stated, "And we can't let Sora get hurt in the middle of our fight."

Asuna understood, but still the team is in a desperate situation as the chairs that blocked the door are starting to make cracks. Things look bleak for the team as they might be at the end of their rope.

But just when all hope seems lost… Knock! Knock! Knock! Sora heard the sound and turned towards it. There she sees a wooden panel within the floor that's trying to pop open. Sora observed carefully as the panel is trying to open, when… Boom! The panel flipped open and out came a man wearing a white robe that is in his mid 30s, is bald, and has a brown bushy mustache and beard. Sora screeched a moment and landed onto the floor. The mystery team heard Sora's scream and turned toward as they also see the man in the hole.

"Hey, it's that a trap door!?" Haruna said in surprise.

"Who are you Mister?" Yue asked.

"No time to talk!" the man quickly replied, "Hurry! Grab Sora and follow me."

Nodoka flinches a little and speaks, "Wait… how did you know her name?"

"Just get her and let's go!"

Matt looked back at the door and panics as he sees the chairs blocking door are starting to break apart. Without hesitation, Matt reacted, "We got no time! Get Sora and Go!"

Without a moment to lose, Negi grabbed Sora, and the team quickly followed the man and entered the trap door. Once everyone is inside, the man quickly closed the trap door and locked it tight from the inside.

Within seconds, the pirates rammed the door a few more times and… BOOM! The door opened and all the chairs are broken into smaller pieces. The pirates then came barging in the room with their guns loaded, but to their surprise, the mystery team is gone. The pirates were confused and shocked. "Oh c'mon! How sneaky are these stupid kids!?" A pirate complained.

Deep underground, Ala Alba, Sora, and the mysterious man are suddenly sliding down through the tunnels' depths. Ala Alba and Sora screamed in fear as they all kept sliding down not knowing where they'll end up. Everyone kept sliding down in the underground tunnels for a while, until they came across the end of the long slide and out to the opening. Once they all got out of the tunnels, they've all landed on the ground except for the mysterious man who landed on his feet, and Sora landing gently on top of Ala Alba.

After a few seconds of dizziness, Ala Alba snaps themselves and brought their consciousness back. They looked around to see where they are, and to their surprise, they're inside a hidden underground cave that's filled with a plethora puddles of water, and green glowing gems on the cavern walls.

"Whoa, look at this place…" Haruna said in amazement.

"But, what is this place?" Matt wondered.

"You're all in a cavern deep beneath of Mahora Academy." said the mysterious man to the team. The team and Sora turned to the man who is staring at them. "Those evil people will not find us in this well hidden place now."

"Uh…, thanks for saving us…" Negi slowly responds.

"And just who are you mister?" Eva curiously asked.

"Yes, and how do you know about Sora?" Chachamaru followed up.

"There's no need to worry." the man replied in calm manner, "I'm no enemy to either you or Sora. My name is Kumo, and Sora isn't the only one who knows about Caelum."

Everyone became more curious when Kumo mentioned the sky kingdom's name. "How do you know about that hidden place?" Negi asked, "Unless…"

"Wait," Matt spoke up, "are you…"

Kumo nodded, "That's right, I'm a being that once lived in the sky kingdom." With that he said everyone became surprised.

Sora was speechless at first, but then she speaks, "Mister Kumo…, thank you for rescuing us."

"It's my pleasure to help…, but I must warn you that should not go to that place." Everyone flinch when Kumo said that.

"B…But why not?" Nodoka asked.

"Caelum, our lost kingdom and home, has been forbidden to everyone, including you magicians, to make sure that no one is bound to set foot in that place even it means people who are interested to solving its secrets." Kumo found a small boulder and sat on top of it. "Caelum contains a powerful secret that none of us sky kingdom people are never to reveal to anyone. In fact, the secret to that place has remained in the veil for so long that we forgotten what the secret is. There are impure heart people out there who want to discover the secret of Caelum and use it for their own selfish purposes." Then he makes a concern look to Ala Alba and Sora, "I'm just also afraid that if you discover the secret of Caelum, you might go corrupt and never leave that place once and for all."

Matt rises and speaks, "But we're not like that. You see Mister Kumo, we're actually called Mahora's Mystery Club, Ala Alba. Our job isn't discovering secrets and use them for our own purposes. Our only goal of the club is to go on incredible adventures and discover their great secrets so we can learn the history from them. Plus it's our job to help others to those who are need from evil people who take advantage of them and use them for their selfish ambitions, like Sora." Matt looked at Sora, and she nodded in agreement with Matt. "And right now, our mission is to protect Sora from those evil heart people, and the only reason we want to know more about Caelum, the sky kingdom, is that we want to know the secrets of that place before those evil people do so we can make sure can we understand Caelum's situation and make sure it remains a secret forever."

Kumo became little impressed after hearing what Matt said. He then speaks, "Then…, you will protect all of us and the sky kingdom?"

"Of course sir," Haruna said with a wink, "we might be high school students, but it's our job to make sure no gets hurt and put those villains behind bars."

"It's all part of being a mystery club member." Yue stated giving a peace sign.

Ala Alba gave grinned faces to Kumo as he smiles in thankfulness. But then Sora looks at all the gems glowing and hanging on the walls. She was surprised to see all the gems. "All these gems…," she said. Sora got everyone's attention, "…they look like mine."

"Like yours?" Kumo asked.

Sora heard Kumo, turned to him, and nodded. She then showed Kumo the gem she wears around her neck. Kumo then became a little surprised when he sees the gem on Sora. "So I see…," he said in little shock. Kumo then stood up and walks up to Sora. He then pats her on the shoulder. Ala Alba just kept staring in curiosity. "Sora…, you have an incredible gift." Sora was confused, but kept listening. "Do you have any idea what that gem is you're holding?"

"All I know is, it contains a magical power that my mother gave to me, and it has been protecting me ever since." Sora said.

Kumo makes a firm look, but he calmly speaks, "I see…, you're mother is a very kind woman." Sora looked up to Kumo.

Ala Alba kept watching Sora and Kumo in curiosity. Then Chamo appeared and hopped onto Negi's shoulder. "Hey, what's going on bro?"

"I'm not sure." Negi replied in confusion.

Kumo begins to speak again to Sora, "Sora, that gem you're holding once belonged to Caelum." He then turns to the gems on the walls. "All these gems were once lived in Caelum. But ever since evil people rose, we sky kingdom people took many of these magical and precious gems and hid them safely here deep in these undergrounds and in the magic world in order to protect them. Right now I'm using these gems to use their power to share the magical energy here in Mahora to keep the life of the flora prosper forever. Pretty soon I have to leave this place to make sure these gems remain a secret forever. Sora, you must understand that gem you're holding is the key to saving Caelum including yourself. Sora dear, please protect yourself…, you are the key to Caelum."

Sora became a bit confused, and so did Ala Alba. "The 'Key to Caelum?'" Negi wondered.

Kumo then turns to Ala Alba and speaks, "Mystery Club people, will you protect Sora 'til the very end?"

"Of course we will," Nodoka responded, "We'll protect Sora, and find the sky kingdom before anything else happens."

"You can count on us." Natsumi followed.

Evangeline makes her evil smirk but saying she agrees to protect Sora, and Chachamaru bowed in response. Matt gave a thumbs up, Asuna winked with a grin, and Negi smiles. The other two librarians smiled in agreement.

Kumo was pleased. "Thank you everyone. We sky kingdom citizens are in your debt. I'll help you people show you the way out of this underground." And Kumo guided Ala Alba and Sora out of the underground cave.

Before they were about to move, Matt and Eva are close to each other as Eva speaks, "Hey Matthew, what did Kumo mean that Sora is 'the key to Caelum?'"

Matt puts his fingers on his chin and thinks. "I don't know…" he replied, "Sounds like she's important. But if that's the case, then we'll have to be extra careful and making sure Sora is safe." Eva nodded in agreement, and she and Matt walked and start to exit the cave.

After a few minutes of walking down a long tunnel underground, Ala Alba, Sora, and Kumo arrived at a dead end wall. Everyone was confused that maybe they were lost, but Kumo knew what to do. Kumo approaches the wall and searches something. He then found a loose rock sticking out and presses into the wall. In an instant, the wall started to move making Ala Alba and Sora jolt a little. Then the wall revealed an opened door leading to the outside world. Kumo told them to go through as he left the door open. Once everyone was out, Kumo speaks to everyone one last advice.

"This where we have to part now." Kumo said to them, "But let me give you one helpful tip. If you manage to find Caelum and disaster strikes, heed this word." Ala Alba and Sora listened. "exitium." It was an unfamiliar word to them as they made curious looks on their faces. "Farewell young ones." Kumo then returns inside the cave and closes the wall behind him. The entrance to Kumo's cave is now a green grassy hill.

When the cave's entrance is completely sealed in disguise, Ala Alba and Sora looked out toward the scenery. They are on top of a mountain and are close to Mahora's astronomy observatory. They can all see the Mahora Academy from afar as well. As the team and Sora felt relieved to be outside and free from the pirates, they stared at the sunset scenery of Mahora Academy. Sora turned to Ala Alba and begins to speak.

"Negi, Matt, everyone…," Sora said grabbing everyone's attention. "I wanted to say thank you very much for protecting me with all of your hard work. I hope I didn't really mean to get you guys involve in this terrible problem."

"No sweat Sora," Asuna replied with a smile, "we're just glad that you're alright."

"For sure," Yue followed, "if there's one thing you need to know us it's that we never let some mean people hurt our friends."

"Well…, it's rather nice to least to help someone in need of desperate for once." Eva said with a little blush.

"Feeling kind, Eva?" Haruna said with a cheeky grin.

Eva jolted in surprise, "Wha-? Well I— of course not. I just don't want to see a young girl get hurt, that's all."

"Riiight Eva."

"You want me to suck your blood Four-eyes?"

Everyone else except Sora made embarrassing looks on their faces.

Sora only giggled, but then she speaks, "You people are really kind and generous to me. I never expect to me wonderful friends like you to protect me from those awful people. You really are trustworthy people."

"That's what we are here for." Negi said with a grin.

"No doubt," Matt followed, "That's part of being a mystery club member."

Sora smiled with great joy. She then closes her eyes for a moment and then she calmly speaks, "You know everyone, there's something I really need to tell you."

"What is it?" Natsumi asked.

"About who I am really am." Everyone listened to Sora's confession. "My real name is… Sorina Kayla Caelum."

Everyone paused for a moment after hearing that name. "That's your name…?" Nodoka said in little surprise. "Sorina?"

"Caelum…?" Matt said in curiosity. He then pauses and thinks for a moment. "Caelum…, Caelum…, Caelum…" Then Matt flinched in surprise after he realizes that name. "Wait! You're last name is Caelum?"

"That's right Matt." Sora replied.

"What's wrong Matt?" Chamo asked as he is on Negi's head.

Matt was still surprised that he couldn't speak, but he did. "Sora…, that means…, you're a…" BRRZZZTTTT! "AAAAHHH!" Matt screamed in pain when something hit his back and shocked him. He then collapsed to the ground.

"Matthew!" Negi cried as he and everyone else were shocked.

BRRZZZTTTT! Suddenly, Asuna, Chachamaru, and Yue were zapped from behind their back and fell toward the ground in pain. Negi, Sora, and the rest of the team turned to see what's causing their friends to fall, and in great shock they are surrounded by soldier men in green uniform with their large guns. There were about thirty of them encircling and trapping Ala Alba and Sora inside. Sora begins to fright as Negi held his staff up in defense. Eva, Haruna, Nodoka, and Natsumi who were still conscious are in their fighting stance.

"Well, well, we meet again my precious Sora." said a man's voice out of nowhere. Ala Alba looked around to see who said that. Then in coming from the soldiers is the man with glasses wearing a brown tux with his evil grin and look. He was happy to see Sora again, but the mystery team isn't. "Thank you for taking care of Sora for me young ones. She's been through a lot of trouble, but now that we've found her, we can take it from here."

"You're not the same villains we encountered earlier today." Natsumi noted.

"So then who exactly are you?" Asuna said as she is still conscious and in pain.

The man with the glasses shakes his head in shame. "Ah, excuse me, where are my manners." he said, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Moya, the chief executive of these soldiers here. And my job is to take Sora with me to fulfill my purpose. Now that I have introduce myself, hand over the girl or else…"

"Or else what you dirty rotten rat?" Haruna said anger.

"… or else… you're young man will suffer so much pain than before."

Ala Alba were confused of Moya's last statement, but then…, "Augh!" the mystery team turned around and spotted Matt Oda in pain with a soldier holding a knife in front of Matt's neck. Ala Alba gasped.

Eva with anger turned toward Moya, "You little monster, release him now!"

"Of course I will, if you hand over Sora to me."

"Forget it!" Natsumi shouted, "You will not take her, and use her to find the sky kingdom!"

"Oh, so you young kids know about Caelum? Well, that's certainly interesting. But still, it's either Sora, or you're friend." Ala Alba looked back at Matt as the knife is getting to his neck. The team was panicking in fright, and Sora is frightened that Matt would get hurt.

"Never!" Negi shouted, "You will not have—"

"No stop!" Ala Alba heard the shout and turned to see Sora who made the call. "Don't! That's enough! Let him go, and I'll go with you."

"But…, but Sora…" Nodoka said in shock.

"It's okay. I don't want you people to get involve and get hurt. Thanks for protecting me, you really are my good friends." Sora makes a tear in sadness that this is not what she wanted to do, but she did it to save Matt Oda.

Moya evilly grins and speaks, "That's a good girl. Just come to me, and I'll let your friend go." Sora did what Moya told her to do as she walks up to him. As Sora passes Ala Alba as the team was shocked for her to give up for her friends.

"Sora! You can't be serious!" Asuna shouted.

"Please Sora don't!" Nodoka shouted.

Sora heard her friends, but she didn't obey them. She then arrives in front of Moya as she turned around toward her friends making a sad look on her face. Moya pats Sora on her shoulder, then looks at the soldier holding Matthew. He nods telling the soldier to let go of Matt. The soldier did, and Matt was released to ground. Matt looked up to see Sora now being held captive to Moya.

"Thank you kids for your cooperation." Moya said evilly, "Now then, we must be on our way." Then he snaps his fingers. Then out of the blue, three helicopters appeared above them. The helicopters dropped the rope ladders for Moya and his soldiers to climb up to them. Moya went up first holding Sora captive while the soldiers still have their guns loaded locking onto Ala Alba. Once Moya and Sora were on board, the soldiers then started climbing up the ladders and into the helicopters. Once everyone was on board, the helicopters lift up the ladders and started to fly away.

Yue and Chachamaru got their consciousness back feeling a little bit in pain. Negi and Asuna went over to Matt seeing if he is okay.

"Matt, are you alright?" Negi asked.

"Yeah…, I'm fine." Matt replied in little pain. "But Sora…"

"Unfortunately…, they got her…" Asuna said in mourn.

Matt looked up and spotted the helicopters that have Sora inside of them. He makes a firm look on his face. Matt was mad that Moya used him for ransom, and Matt we'll never forget his dirty deed.

"Are we really just going to let her go? Nodoka said in sorrow.

Everyone turned to Nodoka who is feeling down, but Matt speaks, "No, Nodoka. Sora only said that because she wanted to protect us. If it wasn't for her, I might have my head sliced off, and I really want to keep my head in place."

"So what do we do now?" Eva said with concern.

"Let's first head back to everyone else in Mahora, and we'll think of something of getting Sora back. We'll have a great advantage if all of us club members are together." Everyone else agreed of Matt's suggestion as they all nodded.

Everyone then started walking back to Mahora Academy. But Negi stops for a moment and looks back to the sky that had the helicopters. "Don't worry Sorina, we'll save you." he thought with a concern and firm look on his face.