Chris watched as Jessica yelled at Ed for who knows what. He could never tell with her since she was too annoying to get the full story out of her. On the side, Hulk was giving Ed a disapproving look while Wasp tried to calm Jessica down. He continued to watch them, scoffing occasionally.

"Chris, we should stop Jessica before things get out of hand. It wouldn't be healthy for the team if they continue like this," the captain on his shoulder advised. He gave a glare toward the hero, but followed his lead none the less.

"Jessica, stop being a brat and let it go." He knew that Captain America gave him a warning glance for his rude behavior; however, he brushed it off.

"Ed can't help being clumsy so don't scold him." He left before Jessica could give a sassy remark. He returned to him room and collapsed on the bed, Steve jumping on the bed frame to rest.

"We seriously need to work on your people skills Chris. I know you're still hesitant about your direction in life, but you should at least want to be well liked."

"Well, too late for that."

"Chris..." Steve threw him a knowing look.

"What? I've never dealt with this before, okay? I'm not a boy scout like you captain.Being polite and a neighborhood goody-good is not in me." He stood up and yelled at the hologram in front of him.

"You think it's easy for me to be nice and proper? Who died and made you my caretaker?"

"I never asked you to be polite, just honest," the captain's gaze softened. "You're not a bad person Chris. You're not mean or rude, just misunderstood." With that, Chris turned off the hologram and tried to fall asleep. Steve's words echoed in his head, causing him to toss and turn.

Hikaru stood outside of Chris and Ed's room, hoping to check up on the tan boy. He heard the commotion outside and went to check up on them, only to find that Chris already mediated their dispute. According to Ed, he stormed off to their room, and little did Hikaru know, Chris was having quite the conversation with a certain holographic hero. He accidentally over heard the conversation and immediately felt sorry for Chris. There was a moment of silence, signaling to the elder boy that the latter was probably asleep. He opened the door slowly and peered at the sleeping form, silently noting that it was fidgeting a lot. On instinct, he rushed quietly to Chris and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, rubbing soothing circles in hopes to calm him. The blonde's shoulders relaxed and his breathing started to to slow slightly. Hikaru's eyes started to close and he laid his head next to Chris's.

Behind the scenes, Thor gazed at his partner next to the blonde one. He was tempted to wake them up, but somehow, this felt right, so he ignored it.

The next morning, Chris woke up to find Hikaru's face a little too close for comfort. He wanted to scoot away, but at the same time, he wanted to admire the boy's flawless face. His eyes scanned over the soft locks that brushed against his forehead, the long eyelashes that barely reached his porcelain cheeks, and the pale pink lips that quiver slightly as he breathes. Before he notices it, he moves his face even closer to Hikaru's, inch by inch.

"Chris!" A booming voice rang out, causing both boys to jolt up, colliding due to their close proximity.

"Ow..." Chris and Hikaru grab their heads respectively. They turn to see Akira with a lost expression, Tony and Jessica looking at them smugly, and a pissed off Thor standing next to Captain America's disk.

"Aniki, why are you here? You didn't come back to the room and I got worried." Hikaru immediately jumped to his little brother's side, apologizing profusely for inconveniencing him. Thor cleared his throat, drawing attention to the forgotten disk by his side.

"I understand that you two would like to rest; however, I believe that you are forgetting something." He pointed to the blue disk that was furiously beeping.

"Oh, right..." Chris turned the hologram back on and an unamused captain stood there with his arms crossed.

"Heh… Sorry."