So this is just a story idea that popped into my head that I'm still unsure about. Depending on yalls opinions of it I may decide to continue it. Btw there will be strong language throughout. You have been warned. Enjoy.

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"I still don't get why you have to drag me to another one of your meetings with her royal bitchness and her lackeys. Most of our men are still untrained in combat and I could be using this time to be teaching them." Fidelis complained as he walked behind Adam through the halls of one of the White Fangs hidden bases of operations. "You know as well as I do that none of them actually give two shits about our cause. Their just using us to get what they want." He added in his low almost demonic sounding voice which was the effect of his masks voice changer. "I'm like ninety percent sure that bitch is actually just some kinda demon in a very slutty human form, seriously it's like she's begging for people to ask her how much she is per hour. Have some fuckin class."

Adam sigh as he listen to his friend. Adam had known Fidelis for years and couldn't think of anyone more dedicated to the White Fang than him. "I am well aware of all of that, but we need every ally we can get regardless of motives. As for why I'm bringing you. Well if I'm walking into a room full of snakes I'd prefer to have someone I can trust watch my back." He said with a grin.

Fidelis laughed. "We both know that I'm not really the one you want watching your back." Hearing this caused Adam to stop. He turned to look at his companion. He stood just a few inches shorter than Adam, he was wearing a closed long blue leather trench coat with a thick leather strap running from his right shoulder to his left hip connecting to a matching belt around his waist. Around his neck was an old white scarf with tattered ends. He wore black pants and black leather combat boots. His hands were wrapped up in white bandages. Across his back was his large Gunbai war fan, he never went anywhere without his had spiky mid-length black hair that reached just to his ears and on top of his head was a pair of ears that were similar to those of a dogs. The thing that stood out the most however was his grimm mask. Unlike most members of the White Fang, his mask covered his entire face rather than just his eyes. It also lacked any markings, it was simply white with only two small slits over where the eyes were located. He never took his mask off in front of anyone. Adam was among the few to know what he looked like under it.

Even though he was also wearing a mask it was clear that Adam wasn't amused by the joke. "If your referring to that traitor than just shut up. I lost all respect for her when she abandoned the cause. As far as I'm concerned, shes no better than one the those humans who treat us like trash." As he said this he turned back towards where he was going and proceeded down the hallway before stopping in front of a door. As he placed his hand on the doorknob he paused. After taking a deep breath he pushed the door open letting himself and Fidelis in.

Once inside they were greeted three people, two of which Fidelis recognized. The first was the queen bitch herself Cinder, he'd had the misfortune of meeting her a few times before. Next to her was none other than the infamous Roman Torchwick, in all honesty Fidelis didn't really mind the guy. In the couple times they'd run into each other he actually proved to be one the few humans who didn't piss Fidelis off, mainly cause you could tell that he just hates everybody equally instead of alienating the faunus. Finally there was a girl that Fidelis had never seen before leaning against the wall. She was short and had strange colored hair, a mixture of brown and pink. Her eyes appeared to also be different colors, he could also smell the slight scent of ice cream coming from her. Leaning against her side was an umbrella.

Adam walked over to the table and took a seat while Fidelis just stood behind him with his arms crossed. "Hey Roman I heard you lost a fight with a little girl a couple weeks ago." Fidelis said with a chuckle, which sounded extremely creepy due to his voice changer.

Roman smirked at this before taking a puff from his cigar. "Well in my defense, she did have a really big gun."

"Lets get onto business." Interrupted Cinder who didn't even acknowledge Fidelis's presence. "Roman are you prepared to take the dust shipment coming in on that freighter next week?"

He sighed. "Yeah though it wouldn't hurt to bring a few more men. I got this gut feeling that we're gonna have some issues."

"We can't spare anymore men. Every time we lend you men their either killed or arrested." Adam said from his spot at the table.

"Well maybe if they were better trained we wouldn't have these problems." He retorted.

"I'll go with him." Fidelis said out of nowhere.

Cinder narrowed her eyes looking at him. "Why would you want to help? I was under the assumption that you hated all of us and didn't want our help." She said placing her elbows on the table and interlaced her fingers.

Fidelis stepped forward and stood next to Adam. "First off I don't hate all of you, I just hate you. As for why, I'm bored and can't stand to be around your, probably fake, over sized tits anymore." He said smiling beneath his mask as he saw the anger in her eyes from his statement.

"Actually that may not be a bad idea." Adam added. "With the preparations for the festival underway security is gonna be tighter everywhere. Having someone of Fide's caliber as back up could definitely come in handy." Adam said nodding to his friend. Fidelis was one of the best fighters in the White Fang and was infamous throughout the underworld for his skill.

"Sure I don't mind bringing Fan Boy." Roman said as he put his feet on the table.

Cinder sighed. "Very well then. In the mean time I will be getting everything ready for Mercury, Emerald, and I to infiltrate Beacon Academy. Neo you will be assisting Roman by acquiring intel on the forces from Atlas. Any questions?" The room was silent. "Alright onto the next order of business."

4 hours later

Fidelis was currently trying to relax on the roof of an apartment building in town near the docks. After sitting through 3 hours of listening to that bitch talk he needed some piece and quiet. At the moment he wasn't wearing any of his gear. A lot of people think that he never takes it of when in reality he just never takes it all off around people. He often takes it all off before heading into town so he wont draw attention to himself. Sense nobody knows what he looks like under the mask or know what his voice actually sounds like he doesn't need to worry about being recognized. He sat there for a few more minutes before he felt his stomach growl and decided to go get something to eat.

He jumped from the roof of the building he was on into an alley before making his way into the street. He always liked walking around during this time of year when everybody was putting up decorations. As he walked he came to a hot dog vendor and got himself a large chili dog and then found a near bye bench to sit on and enjoy his lunch. It only took a few minutes to finish the dog. Deciding to go to the docks and look over where he and Roman would be executing the robbery.

As he was nearing the location he saw a young blonde haired faunus being chased by a pair of police officers. Fidelis was actually enjoying the show as he watched the boy throw a banana peel into the face of one of the officers. He was about to turn and leave when he saw a group of girls. He actually had to stop and rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "Well I'll be damned." He said to himself as his eyes fell upon one of the girls in particular. She had long black hair and was wearing a bow.

He recognized her immediately. Blake Belladonna, a traitor to the White Fang. Deciding that it would be entertaining to follow her for a little while before saying hello he ducked into an alley. He watched as they all started to chase the blonde faunus only to crash into a young ginger haired girl. He actually chuckled a bit as he watched the girl in red agree to be friends with the strange girl who they knocked down. That when things started to really get fun to watch. Blake and the white haired girl who to his surprise he recognized by the symbol on her back as a member of the Schnee family were arguing about faunus. "Now anyone with a heart would just walk away and report in." He said to himself as he listened in to their conversation. "Fuck it, time to start some shit."

"So you admit it. The White Fang is just a radical group of terrorists." Argued the Schnee.

"That's not what I mean't and you know it." Blake defended.

"Then what exactly did you mean by it?" Fidelis said aloud as he exited the alley gaining all the girls attentions. "Cause it did sound a lot like that." He said with a grin as he noticed how tense Blake had become. "Also I prefer the term 'chaos enthusiast' rather than terrorist."

"And who may I ask are you?" Asked the Schnee with crossed arms who was apparently not please about having a stranger enter their conversation.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm an old friend of Blake's and I just wanted to say hello." He walked up to the two girls and bowed dramatically. "Please lady Schnee, don't waste your time on worthless faunus riffraff like me." He said as he reached to grab her hand so he could complete his little performance by kissing the top of it. Just as he was about to touch her hand her felt a blade at his neck. He turned his head to see Blake with her weapon drawn.

"Don't touch her." She said in an even voice.

Fidelis retracted his hand and smiled. "You know Blake my feelings are hurt. I haven't seen you in so long and this is how you greet me. I'm just glad Adam isn't here to see this." Fidelis said with a smirk.

"Why are you here?" She asked as she got more frustrated.

"Well you know me, I love a good festival. I mean have you seen the streamers? Fantastic!" He said completely ignoring the blade that was still placed at his neck.

"Uh Blake, what's going on?" Asked the girl in the red hood.

"Come on Blake. Put the weapon away, I'm not even armed. All I want to do is tell your friends all your dirty little secrets and possibly ruin whatever hopes you had of being happy at that school." Fidelis said letting out a laugh when he saw the look of fear in her eyes. "Oh how I wish Adam were here so he could see that face your making right now. You should have seen him the night after you ditched him, I've never seen him more pissed in my life. He kept screaming about how much of a traitorous cunt your are and that the next time he sees you he's going to tear you to shreds. I can only imagine what he's gonna think when I tell him I found you hanging around with a Schnee."

"Blake whats he talking about?" Asked the red headed girl again.

"Are you gonna say it or shall I?" He asked enjoying every second of this. The look of fear and anger on her face was just to good. Fidelis knew how much her leaving the cause had hurt Adam. Adam had been a good friend to him for years and Fidelis always had his friends back so if he had a chance to torture someone who hurt his friend he'd take it. "Go ahead and tell them how your really a faunus and were a former member of the White Fang. Oh shit my bad I accidentally said it all. But don't worry kitten, I'm sure they won't judge you."

The whole group was silent and every bodies eyes were on Blake. Deciding he'd done as much damage as he could he decided to take his leave but not before adding one last thing. "Well this just got awkward I think I'm gonna take my leave. By the way, if you tell any of them who I am I'll hunt them each down cut off their heads and leave them in a box on your pillow." And with that he walked away without anyone trying to stop him. They were all trying to figure out what the hell had just happened and probably didn't even register he leaving.

Blake was one of the very few who knew what he looked like under his mask so he had to make sure she kept quiet. As he made his way back to the base he looked at the decorations. "I love a good festival."

So yeah there's the first chapter. Everybody always writes stories about good guys so I thought I'd mix things up a bit and write one about a villain and I got to say its a lot of fun writing someone like Fidelis. If you guys liked this chapter than let me know and I might make a series out of it. LATER.