On the last DXDXS: The Sinister Vegez transformed into a Giant Ape in order to crush Goken. Goken already feeling the drawbacks of the Kaio Ken, decided to use the Spirit Bomb. Using the Solar Flare, Goken managed buy time to gather the energy required, but Vegez attacks before Goken could launch it, allowing the evil prince to slowly torture our hero. AS the Saiyan hero struggled to survive, Vegez is attacked by Issei's Juggernaut. Despite the advantage speed, it was no match for Giant Ape Vegez's immense power. Just as all seems lost, Vegez's tail was cut by Irina who waited until Vegez guard was drop from failed attempt. Vegez became furious at this and started to ruthlessly attack the DXZ Fighters. As Issei tries to help, Goken stops him. Goken tell Issei to use the Spirit Bomb the Saiyan Hero managed to save before it disappeared. Will this be the key to end the grueling battle against the Saiyans?

Chapter 32: The Finale of a Grueling Battle

"Holy shit, that's a lot of power." Issei exclaims as he holds the spirit bomb.

"Issei, Listen… I know you can do this, I believe in you… but be careful… this is our one chance so make it count…:"

"Right, no way I'm gonna screw this up."

Vegez stands in front of Sairaorg, Rias, Irina, and Kuroka. "These fools are almost out of energy, they're dead now." Vegez grins sinisterly. Akeno charges from above.

"Tsui Rakurai!" The lightning queen fires two powerful lightning bolts, but the Saiyan Princes dodges and flies towards her. He delivers a hard punch to the face. As Vegez begins charging an energy strike to finish off Akeno, he stopped by a double axe handle strike from Koneko to the head. The Saiyan looks back with bloodshot eyes filled with fury.

"Little Bitch…" Vegez growls as Koneko flies down.

Akeno drops down and is caught by Sairaorg.

"Are you all right?" The Lion King asks.

'I'll be fine after some rest, but that Saiyan still has that much strength."

"Sona and the others will be here soon. We need to continue on but he is making it difficult."

Irina looks over to where Xenovia is, lying face to the ground, her bodysuit nearly ripped.

"Xenovia, please be okay." The Angel worries. Irina brings out her wings and flies to see upwards.

"Koneko has grown much stronger than she was before." Kuroka looks above. "But she can't hold him off for too long now."

Vegez and Koneko clash in the air and both drop down below. The Saiyan prince fires an energy blast, but the Nekomata quickly drops down and dodges the attack. She lands down looks up.

"Nekohameha!" Koneko fires at Vegez.

"HAH! That attack huh?!" Vegez quickly moves away from the blast and passes thru. The junior searches for the Saiyan in the sky. She quickly sees him reappear.

"Again!" The Nekomata fires attack only for Vegez to dodge it again, she continues her attacks with great persistence.

Xenovia and Kiba begin to pick themselves up and start heading to fight.

Issei grits his teeth as he holds the Spirit Bomb in his palm.

"Dammit, that son of a bitch is moving too fast, how the hell am I gonna hit him…"

'Don't use your eyes when throwing the Spirit Bomb, feel it out, use your senses and instinct… you will know when the timing is right…"

Issei eyes widened and looks around.

"What the fuc…who's there?!"

"I am the one who taught Goken the Spirit Bomb… the Lord of Worlds, King Kai"

"He's the one who trained Goken in the Other World." Ddraig explains. Issei eyes widened from this information.

"I really did not expect this would happen, you are in control of the Spirit Bomb, remember that you hold the fate of the Earth."

"Wow, the whole world…" Issei mutters. Images of people of the world start to flow in his head.

Irina drops to the ground. The Ace of Michael tries to get up, but the Saiyan falls and stomps her back to the ground.

"KAWF!" Irina coughs blood from the sudden impact.

"Don't die on me yet, I'm gonna make you suffer for what you did to my tail." The Saiyan says as he grounds his feet to her head.

"YOU BASTARD!" Xenovia charges at the prince. Durandal glows bright blue. "DIE!" Xenovia fires an energy slash at the Saiyan who jumps and charges straight to Knight Piece, surprising her. The Prince then head-butt to the face, launching her back, as well causing her nose to bleed. The Saiyan grins sinisterly as he looks around to see all of the remaining DXZ Fighters. Each of them weakened and bruised from Vegez's assaults.

"You've all fought well, all of you are not as weak as I thought…" The Saiyan walks forward to them, in a steady pace.

Sairaorg, Koneko, Kuroka readies themselves as does Rias and Akeno who charge up the last of their magic. The Saiyan grins as he stares at the DXZ Fighters.

Issei still holds the Spirit Bomb watches with great hesitation, he shakes with anger watching the woman he loves and his friends facing the wrath of the evil prince.

"I've got launched it now..." The Perverted stops himself and wipes the sweat from his forehead. "No… King Kai said I'll know…"

"Time to end this." Vegez charges and fires a barrage of Ki blasts. "RAAAAAAAAH"

Rias and Akeno quickly activates magical shields and protect themselves. Sairaorg, Koneko and Kuroka dodge the attacks, but with difficulty.

"HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP THIS UP?! HAHAHHAHAHA!" Vegez laughs maniacally as he continues his barrage.

"BOOOOOM"! BOOOOM!"" The cliffs and boulders of the wastelands begin to crumble from the attacks. Xenovia sees Irian and quickly shields her from the debris and rubble. Koneko runs and dodges each of the attacks while Sairaorg and Kuroka block and counter each attack.


Kuroka fires back. The blasts hit each other, but is still overwhelmed the Saiyan's superior power.

"IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE?!" Vegez taunts as he continues.

"I'm using almost all of my power." The Nekomata thinks to herself, as she jumps out of the way from the attacks.

The Saiyan Prince stops his attack and watches the dust settle. He grins and waits to see who is left standing from his barrage.

Sairaorg barely stands in one knee as is Kuroka. Rias and Akeno both breath heavily as they topple to their knees as well. Xenovia briefly gets up from Irina, though dirtied from the rubble. Kiba lifts himself with his sword as he tries to go the attack again. Koneko falls over and stops herself from falling.

"Just how much strength does he have?" Kiba wonders. "I can't let any of my comrades down. Not again!"

"You Earthlings sure are a tenacious bunch. I guess all of you prefer I kill you individually. Guess Cappa rubbed on me, having choose." The Saiyan scans around. "I'll leave Keleriac last, next would be his woman, I want to kill her in front of him…" Vegez looks Sairaorg, Rias, and Kuroka, he turns to see Kiba, Xenovia who stands in front Irina who start to picking herself up. Vegez looks forward and sees Koneko.

"YOU'RE IT!" Vege shouts as he charges straight at the white haired Nekomata.

"SHIRONE!" Kuroka shouts as she quickly tries to halt Vegez. She tries to use her immobilizes but to no avail.


Issei manages to senses the Saiyan Prince Ki.


"DO IT KID!" Ddraig shouts to his wielder.

"EVERYONE DOWN!" Issei warns his friends. All of DXZ Fighters look, as does the Saiyan.

"?!" Vegez looks from what he heard.

The perverted then throws the powerful Energy Ball. It flies with great speed.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Vegez exclaims.

"Come on, hit…" Issei grits his teeth.

All of the DXZ Fighters move out of the way.

"GRRR...RAAAAAAH!" Vegez jumps and dodges the attack.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Issei shouts in frustration.

The Spirit Bomb begins to head towards Koneko.

The Gremory Rook looks up to see the attack heading to her. Kuroko looks up and see the Bomb heading towards her little sister.

"SHIRONE MOVE!" Kuroka shouts

Other World

King Kai's Planet.

"Goken try the rebound!" Kai advises his student telepathically.

The Earth

"Koneko, you have to bounce it back!" Goken communicates


"It won't hurt you as long you don't have evil in your heart, you have to bounce it back!"

Koneko puts her hand in front of her and readies herself, she manages grab and push it upwards to Vegez.

"What? No!" The evil prince's eyes widened as the bomb comes and hits him.

The DXZ Fighters all look up in the air.

"AAAAAAAARGHHH!" As Vegez screams in agony, the entire Wasteland is covered in great bright light. Everyone tries to shield their eyes but can't help but watch as Vegez is once again launched upwards to the sky. The Saiyan continues to scream as he flies up in the sky. Soon it gets dark and becomes silent.

King Kai's Planet

"Oh my…they did it…they won!" The Kai cheered for the DXZ Fighters as he hopes around for the victorious heroes.

Back on The Earth

"She did it…Koneko bounced back it…FUCK YEAH! WE WON" Issei shouts and echoes in the crumbled land. The Perverted Pawn jumps in the air in victory. Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina all smiles at the news as does Sairaorg. Kuroka looks to see Koneko sitting back, laughing a bit softly

"You did it, Shirone, you've grown so much…" Kuroka thinks to herself. As everyone cheers, Goken lies and sighs with relief. The DXZ Fighters all gather and circle Goken

"Dude, you really overdid it." Issei remarks.

"Yeah had no choice but to take a gamble on the Kaio Ken…" Goken replies softly and weakened. "I'm glad… you're all okay…" The Weakened hero glances to Akeno who weakly smiles at him.

"I'm glad you're alive…" Akeno smiles with a tear.

"Asia is ." Rias tells to her pawn, Goken then gets them realizes something important to say to his master.

"Hey Rias?" Goken calls for his master.

"What is it?" "Rias asks concernedly, worrying about her little Goken. Just as he is about to ask, the weakened hero notices something dropping from the sky. Rias and Akeno takes notices and look up as well. Everyone follows suit as the object crash down.

"CRAAAASH!" Vegez lies upward, his armor is nearly completely destroyed, cuts and bruises are spread around the Saiyan Prince.

"Is he…?" Irina worries.

"No he looks finished." Kiba answers. The Knight walks over to the Saiyan. "The blast really took care of him. At least the world won't have to face his wrath,"

"NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!" Vegez wakes up. Kiba is shocked and horrified by Vegez sudden return, he starts to pick himself up.

"I've got handed to you, shooting me in the back with that attack almost did kill me, but let me give you some advice, if you're gonna shoot it at someone, make sure it finishes them off." The Saiyan then slaps Kiba in the face, tossing him away.

"Kiba!" Rias cries for her Knight.

"How does it feel knowing you blew your one chance of saving everyone you care about and see them dead beneath my feet? Hahahah

"Cough cough" Kiba starts coughing up blood. The Saiyan prince starts his trek to group.

"What is he…" Irina shakes from fright. Xenovia tries to pick herself up but stumbles.

"Never in my life, have I ever been so frightened…"

Akeno quickly gets up and stands in front of Goken. The Lightning Queen tries to gather her strength but is too exhausted as is Rias and Issei.

"Hey, Ddraig, please tell me you have some reserves or something?'

"I'll try muster as much as I can." Issei brings the Boosted Gear.

"I'm gonna protect everyone no matter what."

"This is it Keleriac…No more tricks, no more miracles, no chances of escape…"Vegrz breathes heavily as he continues walking to the group. "I'm going to do what I should have done from the very beginning, I'm going to send all of you insolent pests into Oblivion!" The Saiyan Pirvce quick cross his arm together and begins to charge up. Sairaorg senses Vegez's power.

"Everyone! BRACE YOURSELVES!" Issei quickly covers Rias, Akeno tries to ready a magical shield.

"RAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!: Vegez fires a super explosive wave. The Balst spreads everywhere. The Dx Fighters are all blown away. As the dust begins to settle, The exhausted prince breathes heavily on a small spot in a large crater, he examines his surroundings. Sairaorg and Kiba lie face down, Xenovia and Irina are on their backs, their body suits have nearly been ripped to shreds, Kuroka covers Koneko but both have passed out. Akeno lies next to Goken, her miko is also torn a bit, her undergarments can be seen thru the shreds.

"Damn it all…how can I be reduced to this…I didn't have enough energy to kill them all…" Vegez grunts. The Saiyan nearly passes out but stops himself from collapsing. He starts floating to Goken and Akeno's location. "I need to finish this now…need to recover fast…" The battered prince land and stares down at his fellow Saiyan.

"I'm going to finish you off first Keleriac…" Vegez begins charging his energy to his right hand.

"THE HELL YOU WILL!" A Voice shouts from behind. Vegez turns around to see Issei charging with Ascalon.


"GO TO HELL!" Issei slashed downward to the Saiyan Prince's backside.

"DAMN YOU!" Vegez manages to turn around and fires back an Energy Blast. Issei is hit straight in the chest.

"Cough cough…." Issei coughs blood from the attack but is still conscious, His uniform shredded in front, leaving only his Kuoh Academy jacket.

"Damn it all… I can barely move…if I don't heal soon, I might not be able to move again…" Vegez grits his teeth as he turns to his back, grunting a bit from the pain. The Saiyan Prince lifts his armor, and pick up a small device. He punches some buttons and finally stops.

Azuma City

Various Trucks and Vans surround the crater created by the Saiyan pods. One of them has crabe and wench is lowered to the pods.

Two government agents wearing white hazmat suit are guiding it down.

"Let's hurry up and get these to lab pronto."

"What you worried that it's gonna fly away?" One of them jokes.

Vegez's space pod suddenly activates and blasts off to the sky. The two workers jump back from as they watch the spaceship disappear.


"You had say it didn't you?"

The Wastelands

"I never before I have I had to retreat. How can this be possible… " Vegez thinks to himself as he waits for his space pod to arrive.

Soon, Vegez's space pod came down from the sky and slowly lands and opens up.

"At last." Vegez soon crawls to his pod while Issei watches him go into his pod.

"That must be his ship." Issei says to himself.

"C...Curse it all...so...cl...close..." Vegez barely says as he gotten closer to his ship. "How can this be…I'm the Prince of all Saiyans…to retreat like this…"

"Damn…it…what does it take to kill this guy…" Issei manages to get back on his feet. He once again brings out Ascalon and begins to walk to Vegez was. Using the sword as a crutch, Issei rushes as fast as he could to end the battle once and for all. The Saiyan Prince manages to reach closer and closer.

"You really think…you're going to get away…?" Vegez hears and turns to Issei behind once again. "No chance asshole…" The pawn raises the sword upwards.

"No…I can't move…" Vegez's eyes go wide and bloodshot.

"DIE!" Issei swings down fast

"STOP!" The sword stops right in front of Vegez's face. Issei turns around looks at Goken.

"Goken…was that you?" Issei asks

"Yeah it's me, I'm too hurt to use my voice so I'm talking to you telepathically. Something I picked up from King Kai…Listen Issei, please…let him go…"

"WHAT? Do you have concussion or something?! We got to kill this guy! Did you forget what he and his buddy did to our friends?! You think he's gonna have a change of heart or something? You wanna repeat of what happened with Deicon?" Issei shouts out loud.

"I know, it's gamble but there also something more…"Goken explains.

"Something more?"

"When I was training with King Kai, he told me that I needed to surpass him, and the faction leaders. I thought I was strongest in the world. But when I fought Vegez and I felt…happy."

"Happy?" Issei perplexed by Goken's reason.

"Yeah, I was happy to find a rival…"

"A rival? In him…"

"Yeah, see, I was kinda of jealous of you…I mean you had Vali…you and him were rivals, destined to fight each other and try to beat the other…I wanted that too…"


"Issei, I want to fight him again…I want to fight and beat him with my own strength..." Issei starts to shake his hand. The swords rattles. The Saiyan Prince begins to climb in, breathing heavily.

"So kid…what're you going to do?" Ddraig asks as he listens in to Goken's telepathic messages.

The Gremory Pawn takes a big breath and recalls Ascalon and the Boosted Gear.

"Thanks Issei…really appreciate this." Goken expressing his gratitude to his friend.

"Well, you did save the world and plus saved Rias from marrying Riser, so at least I can give you this. But remember you have to beat him got it? Otherwise I'm gonna have to step in and finish him, you got it?" Issei says with confidence.

"Heh right…"Goken nods. The ships begins activating. Issei tursn to see.

"Don't expect me for mercy when I come back to this planet…I'll make sure you all suffer…heheheheheh" The Saiyan snickers.

"You lousy stinkin…" Issei growls.

the pod closes and Vegez passes out. The Battlepod then flies out into the sky. Both Goken and Issei look up to see the Spacepod vanish

Elsewhere in the wastelands.

Ophis looks up as she senses Vegez's energy retreat into sky.

"They must have spared him." Ophis explains.

"Then you should have let us passed."

The Dragon smiled and turned to see four individuals, each of them wearing school uniforms. A dark haired young glasses wearing young man wearing a wizard robe, a beautiful blonde blue eyed women wearing orange armor on top of her uniform, a silver haired handsome young man wearing priest robe on top of his uniform and in the center, a dark haired handsome young man wearing Chinese robes below his waist. He places a spear on top of his shoulder, tapping it repeatedly.

"Can't take the risk of you killing everyone in their weakened state." Ophis replies. With Vali gone, you would use the opportunity in wiping those you feel are a threat."

"I've seen the devastation from the power of the alien invaders. We must wipe out anything that is threat to mankind, be it, Devils, Fallen Angels, Dragons, and the Saiyans are included." The Young Man explains.

"It's too late now, The Faction leaders will arrive soon as well as the rest of them."

The mysterious youth sighs and summons a teleportation circle. The rest of the group gather in.

"We will be back Ophis. After all, I do want to test the True Longinus on being beyond the stars and that Goken seems to be the prefect opponent."

"You might get another chance Cao Cao. You and the Hero Faction might be needed."

Cao Cao smirks as he heads to the circle and they all disappear in a flash.

In Other World

King Kai ponders in his planet after seeing the conversation of Phis and Cao Cao.

"Never thought latest wielder of the True Longinus would appear, no wonder Ophis left to intervene. From what I heard, they want to wipe out anything they deemed dangerous to the humans, and regardless of the consequences. Still, I hope Goken knows what he is doing, letting Vegez go is huge risk for the Earth. Though they should be fortunate that it was just the Saiyans who paid a visit. No matter how much they train and fought, the Earth would have been doomed if he had appeared." King worries as image of a silhouetted figures appears, with his arm spread downards while behind lies shadowy figures, each of them wearing armor similar to the Saiyans.

On a small planet, far far far away from the Milky Way Galaxy. In a strange armada base

A figure stands alone in a room smiling in the dark while looking on the planet's night sky. He swirls a glass of wine as he listens to a voice recording from the room's speakers. The figure is short bright grey and magenta humanoid with reptilian feature by having three toed talons like feet. He has four horns protruding from the side of his skull in forty-five-degree angle. He wears the battle armor but with a magenta motif that matches his color as well as arm and leg guards

"Why don't we get to Planet Namek and get what we want…" The Figure smiles at the words of the Saiyan Prince.

"My Dear Vegez, after many years of loyalty, you've finally decide to betray me…even so, you given me something that might make me forgive you…you must be sure that these power spheres must exist otherwise you wouldn't have risk taking such a gamble of betraying me. You're a smart one compared to the other monkeys…hehehehehe…" The Figure speaks out loud. A grunt soldier comes in the room and quickly takes a knee.

"Lord Frigid we are nearly ready for Planet Namek. We are currently looking for the fastest route." The Soldier relays to his lord.

"Good, now hurry it up, you don't want to keep me waiting right?" The Alien Overlord turns to solder who quickly gets frightened by the menacing aura protruding/

"Yes sir." He bows and runs off.

Frigid turns back to window and smiles as dark and magenta aura starts to emanate around him.

After a long grueling battle, Vegez has finally been defeated but with prices of victory being very high. As Goken and the rest of the DXZ Fighters all ponder of what to come, new dangerous have already started to take action. As this saga ends, another is about to begin on the next Highschool DXDXS!

(Author Note)

Hey everyone, sorry it took way too long to update the chapter. Man, I took an entire year to update. A combination of writer's block and distraction attributed to this long wait.

But thanks to help of AJ Styles (Not the Wrestler) and SaiyanV500, I was able to conclude the Saiyan Saga of DXDXS. Now to begin the Namek Saga and next the Frigid Saga. I must admit that half of the chapter probably has some typos and grammar mistake but I will correct it later.

It was really tough trying to think of how Frieza's DxD counterpart would look like. Initially I thought Frigid first form would look like a combination of Frost and Froze from Dragon Ball Heroes but decided to make him look a more radical but still has that devious as you would expect from Frieza's counterpart.

In the next chapter, you'll finally find out the origins of the Dragon Balls of DXDXS Universe.

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