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"We're home." Albert called out as he opened the door to the house, Ethan was a step behind him still holding the ice pack to his sore cheek. Both took off their shoes as they made their way into the house.

Giselle had appeared in the hallway, a smile on her face. "How was school?"

"Well," Albert smiled in return, leaning in to give a kiss on her cheek. "it's like always."

Ethan ignored the exchange, he should be used to it by now. "I'm heading upstairs then."

Giselle looked over to her youngest and noticed the ice pack. "What happened, Ethan?"

"Nothing, call me for dinner, okay?" The teen brushed it off, continuing to go upstairs.

The bluentte woman looked worriedly to her eldest, and Albert comforted her with a smile. "Don't worry, he's just cross that he tripped on nothing, the mark is from the sidewalk that's all."

"If you say so…" Giselle let out a breath, then made her way to the kitchen. "What would you like for dinner, Albert?"

"Anything is fine with me," The said teen shrugged, as he sat down at the bar counter facing the kitchen. "why not cook steak?"

"Mm, but we already have turkey in the oven." Giselle said as she rummaged through the fridge.

"Then mashed potatoes?" Albert suggested. "With mixed vegetables?"

"Sounds good," The woman heaved a sigh as she got up. "I'll make gravy too then."

Albert's lips twitched upwards. "Looks like we're having an early Thanksgivings then."

"Very funny," Giselle gave a snort in humor. Her thoughts then drifted over to the new addition to their family. "Albert,"

"Mm?" The said teen answered as he went over his homework on the bar counter.

"I should tell you that we have an… unexpected guest." Albert looked up, confusion on his face. Giselle bit her lip as she contemplated on how to break the news to her eldest. "He-"

"Who the hell are you?" Both mother and eldest turned towards the voice, undoubtedly Ethan's, coming from upstairs.

"Ah," Giselle ran a hand through her hair, a few clips decorating her bangs, a look of worry donned her face. "looks like Ethan found our unexpected guest."

Albert looked between his mother and the stairs, before choosing to go and investigate for himself. He dropped from the bar stool and headed for the stairs. "I'm going upstairs to see,"

He didn't turn to see what his mother would look like, and instead concentrated on taking two steps at a time. A loud thud made him quicken his pace to find that his brother was on the floor of the guest room, and a 20-looking man was on top of him, yawning as he rubbed the last bits of sleep from his eyes. "Next time, don't try to bother my sleep again. I won't always discipline you like this, y'know?"

The man gave another yawn and stretched his limbs, still in the position of sitting on top of Ethan. "Mm, but honestly I could care less."

"Just get off me!" Ethan yelled, struggling to get out from under the man's weight.

"How would I know that you won't just barge in and yell some random shit." The man cracked an eye, revealing deep blue orbs as he looked down at his cushion. "Like a few moments ago."

"I promise I won't do it again! Just get off of me, you're heavy!" Ethan yelled, his struggles ceasing for a moment before it picked back up again.

The man had stayed silent, observing his struggling cushion, and Albert took that as his opportunity to intervene. Clearing his throat slightly he knocked on the doorframe of the room. "And you must be the unexpected guest that mom was going to tell me about."

The man's eyes turned towards him, and Albert faintly noticed that the skin had a pale tan that hadn't gotten any darker than the normal skin color. He was brought out of his thoughts when the man spoke up, not moving his slouched position on top of his brother. "And I can see that you two are Yakumo's brats, you don't look like each other at all."

This caught both twins' attentions and caused them to both go still. Albert was the first to speak as Ethan opted to stay quiet. "You know of father?"

"That's a lot of respect for a dead person," The man raised a brow lazily. "I would have expected you to go ballistics when I mentioned him. Huh, guess I was wrong."

With a shrug the man picked at his ear with his pinky. "I suppose it won't be half bad staying here to train you guys."

"Train?" Albert questioned, his eyes narrowing. "Care to explain on exactly why you have come into this household, flinging our father's name at us, and saying you will train us? I won't accept half-assed explanations if it is without good reason."

"Sharp I see," The man nodded solemnly, not minding the glare that he was given. His stomach then gave a growl, making him sigh. "but first I need to eat, has Giselle finished her cooking yet?"

"Food will be ready soon," Albert stated curtly, his arms crossed. "so an explanation would pass the time quite well."

"I'd rather not, at least not until all of us have eaten and are sitting in the living room like a family." The man sighed, running a hand through his dark hair. "I'll just have to go downstairs then… still a bit too early for me to wake up and roam, but I'll have to stick with it then."

He got off of Ethan and made his way downstairs. "I'll see you two at the dinner table then."

"Who'd expected that kind of guy to be freeloading here at our house." Albert muttered, entering the room he made his way to his brother, who was still on the floor. "Ethan, get up, he's gotten off of you."

"Huh?" Ethan looked up and noticed the weightlessness he had. Checking his back, he sat up, a frown on his features. "Who let him in the house?"

"Apparently mom did, she was about to tell me about him, but it seemed that you found him before she could tell me anything." Albert pointed out, he helped his brother to get back on his feet. "I'm headed to change, and since you're already in your casuals then head downstairs and help mom with dinner."

"What's dinner?" Ethan grumbled, still pissed off by the idea that he was sat upon.

"An early Thanksgivings," Albert called back, exiting the guest room.

Ethan scrunched his nose, his brows furrowing in concentration. "Isn't Thanksgiving in November?"

Downstairs Giselle was busy finishing up the mashed potatoes along with the steamed mixed vegetables. The gravy was partly done, and soon that would be finished as well. She hummed as she simultaneously worked with the three pots on the stove. She nearly froze when a deep voice broke into her mood. "Your boys seem fine for their age."

Giselle turned around to see Lucas taking a seat at the bar counter, and she found herself wishing that he would turn the other way. She had a momentary relief when his eyes went down, probably to scan the homework that belonged to Albert, but it soon travelled back up. She gave a tight smile. "It's not good for the heart if you scare people, Lucas."

Lucas' head bent in silent apology. "I didn't mean to, I guess it's a habit ingrained in me from the beginning."

The both let the silence take over them, and Giselle took the opportunity to finish up the cooking on the stove. Lucas then spoke up again. "I have something to spill to everyone after dinner, is that okay with you?"

"Yup, totally fine with it." As soon as the words left her mouth, Giselle wanted nothing more than to take those words back. Whatever he wanted to say, she wanted to scream at him to get out of the house and not come back, but that wouldn't be too good. He was a guest after all. She set up the table solemnly and soon everyone was gathered at the table, dinner was much quieter than usual. The time seemed to pass as if it were nothing and Giselle realized that they were now sitting in the living room, awaiting what Lucas had to say.

The said man scratched his head in thought, his eyebrows knitting together. "Now I'm sure I had it with me… Ah! It must be in my bag, excuse me while I go and fetch the document."

The living room was tense with silence. And not one of the three spoke until Lucas had arrived again. Lucas handed over the letter to Giselle. "This is Yakumo's will, a piece of it that he kept within his Famiglia, hoping that it wouldn't see the light of day."

"Of course that didn't happen," He cleared his throat, looking away. Giselle read through it, and her hand flew to her mouth. "I should also say that I am sorry for your loss."

"W-Why?" The bluenette woman rasped, tears collecting at the corners of her eyes. Both Albert and Ethan were looking between the two adults, suspicion clouding their features. Giselle spoke up again, slightly more clearer than her last attempt. "Why, now?"

Lucas ran a hand through his messy hair, leaning back in his seat. "He didn't want you guys to be dragged into his world, and he wanted you three to live a happy life even without him. His leaving behind a legacy."

He cleared his throat again, maybe he should consider on getting a glass of water to drink. "But lately, with him gone, everything has gone hectic, we had to pull on the last resort, especially the higher ups aging and all that."

"But they can have their freedom of choice!" Giselle sounded desperate on keeping both the twins out of this business. It wasn't hard to connect that this situation was connected to their long gone father, Albert mused as he speculated the scene longer.

Ethan was at the end of his rope, since he stood up rather dramatically, Albert mused. "Just what are you two talking about?"

Giselle turned to her youngest, her face in deep worry. "Oh, Ethan honey, you will refuse on this right?"

"I can't refuse if I don't know of what it is I am supposed to refuse on!" The dark haired teen growled as his fists clenched.

"What Giselle, your mother, is trying to say," Lucas spoke up, drawing three sets of clear blue eyes to him. "is that you have the right to refuse the position of being an heir to the Astrale Famiglia."

He paused to think of the answer he gave, and seemed to be satisfied with it. His gaze raked over the twins, his eyes adopting an uncanny serious look that seemed to calculate every move. "So, what are your opinions, you either think about it and accept, or dust of your hands saying 'no shit' and completely discarding the idea I have told you."

Albert glanced over to his younger brother, noting how the emotions seemed to flicker past before it left a thoughtful look behind. "So you're saying that dad was a Mafioso?"

"In plain words, yes." Lucas replied curtly, his expression didn't lose the analytical look.

"And this Astrale Famiglia," Ethan started slowly, searching for the right words to form his sentence. "what is it."

Albert picked up on this. "Astrale Famiglia is Italian for Atral Family, right?"

"Yes it is, a Mafia Famiglia to be exact." Lucas nodded, no indication of being impressed crossed his face.

Giselle and Ethan both turned to Albert questioningly, the latter speaking first. "When did you learn Italian?"

"I didn't," Albert shrugged. "I took a fancy of looking through an English to Italian dictionary once, I only know of a few phrases, not too much to have a conversation with someone."

"Bookworm," Ethan muttered.

Giselle spoke up again, her worries increasing tenfold. The chances of them refusing grew slim. "You two will refuse right? Tell me you will refuse."

She expected Ethan to be the one to have an outburst on him going all for it, but never did she expect her eldest, Albert, the kind and sweet boy of hers to answer instead. "I'd like to know more of this, Astrale Famiglia, after all, I do believe that I have the right to know more about father."

His gaze went over to Giselle. "Don't you?"

The bluenette woman bit her lip, another tense moment went by before she finally let out a sigh of defeat. She could never win against that look, the same Yakumo gave her when they had some sort of dispute on something and he compromised it with a few promises. She shook her head slightly, her boys were big enough to stand on their own feet, stopping them now would leave a huge crack later on. She didn't want that, not in her family of three.

Lucas looked over to Ethan, after observing the small scene. The kid had intellect, something that was highly recommended for the position. "Your answer?"

The dark haired teen grit his teeth, a look of frustration on his face. "I'll go too."

Lucas nodded, the decision was made and step two was completed.

Well here are the OCs for this chapter:

By: 27tunafiamma72

Name: Giselle, Kimberly, Tetsuya

Nationality: American

Age: 29

Zodiac: Cancer

Birthday: July 21

Appearance: Giselle is an average, but beautiful, woman. Her cotton blue hair comes down to her small back; she usually wears it in a high ponytail during chores around the house. Her skin is a light crème color, and her eyes a clear crystal blue. Giselle wears skinny jeans along with a white T-shirt and sandals. She wears minimal make-up and often entertaining herself with the next color of nail polish she should put on.

Personality: Giselle is a woman of pride, and strong will. Since her husband's passing, she has taken on a more protective stance around her children, Albert and Ethan; pouncing on, anyone really, those who have hurt them. Her girl trends from when she was a teenager still run through her, despite being wary of the men around her. She never did like the open flirting she received. Giselle loves to bake and cook about anything, she takes other people's comments to heart.


By: 27tunafiamma72

Name: Albert (Kou) Tetsuya

Nationality: American-born, part-American, part-Japanese

Age 17

Zodiac: Leo

Birthday: August 15

Appearance: Albert is rather slim with a lean build he inherited from his mother. He had also inherited her cotton blue hair, which has a tousled look giving it a slight perm, and her crystal blue eyes. He has glasses, a round rectangular full-rimmed in the color red, which he wears whenever he reads. Aside from his uniform for school, which consists of a white dress shirt, black tie, black blazer with the school's logo stitched onto his breast pocket, and brown pants, Albert has a very casual wardrobe. His usual clothing would be gray khaki shorts along with a navy T-shirt, and sneakers. When he studies, he pins his bangs to one side with five bobby pins, it allows to let him see much clearer. Albert's skin color is a near crème, even though it tends to be slightly pale.

Personality: Albert may not have the strength his younger twin possesses, but he has the brains. He analyzes a situation given to him, and thinks on how to overcome it with the least problems. Albert is a pacifist, he never did like anything that concerned violence. Since the passing go his father, a Japanese man named Yakumo, Albert has been more aware of his surroundings, and helped his mother, an American woman named Giselle, as much as he could. Albert has a shy streak, more to the public than his house, and is often labelled as a loner in school. His love of academics, especially Mathematics, has awarded him many times, though it brought down sports to a lowly position in his charts. He can't understand the concept of people running after a ball. Albert's patience, perfected by being the older brother, is long and thick. It had taken years of practice and he is often proud of it. His love of homemade meals is boundless, and cherishes the food his mother cooks with care. As an older brother, Albert finds it his responsibility for his brother's actions, sometimes taking the blame, and making sure Ethan has learned his lesson with a lecture of sorts.


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