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*Caroline's POV*

"Nik, you have to stop with this obsession!" I exclaimed, entering our bedroom. He turned to look at me with a confused look on his face.

"What obsession?" He questioned. It was 1909 and Klaus had little by little become more and more obsessed with his new species creation. He stopped his search when Alexander was born, but all of a sudden his obsession began again. I have no idea as to what brought this but it is getting really tiring.

"Your obsession with making those new creatures." I reply, going to stand in front of him. "That is all you think about anymore. You're eating and you are talking to Elijah about your new discoveries. You're in your study most of the day and at night you only come in and sleep. You don't even ask what I did throughout the day or you don't go with your son or your daughter anymore. They miss you….I miss you." I added, above a whisper as I placed my arms around his neck. He dropped his sight.

"I'm sorry darling, but this is important to me." He answered, getting out of my grip. I crossed my arms against my chest.

"Are you insinuating that your family is not important anymore?" I questioned. "What happened to 'Family above all?'...Huh?" He turned, giving me his back. "Look at me you coward!" In a sudden move, I was pinned to the wall, my arms forcely placed on my sides by his own.

"You are important to me, but right now I have different priorities." He stated. I pushed him away with all the strength I could muster. He just took a few steps away from me.

"You have said it all." I whispered. I felt my eyes start to get watery, fogging my vision. I rapidly blinked, making the attempt to clear it. "I hope you find what you crave for."

"What are you saying?" He asked me with a glimpse of fear in his eyes, but he quickly covered it with a small glare. I shook my head as I walked towards our open space where we kept our suitcases. I grabbed one and then I went towards my wardrobe. "Caroline? What are you doing?"

"I'm making your life less difficult. I'm moving away from your way to your successful life and dreams. I notice when I'm not wanted somewhere and honestly, that is all I have been feeling for the past 10 years." I answered while I grabbed my dresses and I placed them in my many suitcases. I sensed him get closer to me.

"You are no burden to me." He stated. "I love you more than anything-"

"But right now your priorities are different." I interrupted.

"You misunderstand what I am meaning to tell you!" He exclaimed, raising his hands up in exasperation. I stopped what I was doing, placing one hand on my hip.

"Am I?" I spat. "You just said your priorities were different! Priorities in my point of view is family but for you this all has changed to finding a way to make hybrids! We barely even have any sight of you anymore! You can't find time to be with us and when you do the only spoken language is hybrid talk and I can't take it! I can't live this way anymore, I don't…" I paused taking in a few breaths. "...I envisioned a different life and this is not it."

"Don't say that." He whispered taking a step towards me.

"What do you want me to say?! Will you let your hunt for this nonsense alone?! Will you stop all of this and be the Nik I know and love for over 400 years?" I inquired. I felt my heart pump fast as I heard him sigh. The anticipation of his answer was killing me a little.

"It's not nonsense to me. This hunt is finding power." He replied. I bit my lower lip as I felt my heart stop for a second. I lowered my head trying to repress the tears that were coming.

"Love is power Nik." I stated, barely above a whisper.

"I need more power." He simply replied. I looked up to see his eyes glistening with the unshed tears. I know this was killing him, but I also know that he was willing to let me go. His eyes said it, he didn't look too eager to stop me or even compromise on his search.

"I understand." I said before I flashed away, not letting him give me another word. I entered my daughter's room and I told her it was time to go. We had already discussed this. If he didn't stop me, we were going to leave that same night and I told them to have their luggage ready for if I come to them….which I did, unfortunately.

"Can I say goodbye?" Emily asked as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"I suggest we don't." Alexander added while he entered his sister's bedroom. "It will be too hard."

"We must go." I mumble. Alex and Emily glance at me before they look at each other as they nod. I smile at them before we flashed away.

(Present Times: 2010)

"How was high school?" I asked as I saw Alex and Emily enter. We have recently moved to Seattle, Washington. The kids, or my grown up kids, were now too young looking to keep living in the same place so we had to move. Alex is 21 and Emily is 19 but they look like they were meant to be in high school. They received my genetics that makes them look a younger age than what they really are.

"I had many girls flaunt around me today." Alex replied while smirking. He was always receiving compliments from girls, he's my handsome young man…..just like his-

"Not as much as me brother." Emily added. "The guys were reckless, following me around like lost puppies." She giggled.

"Remember, not just because we are over 400 years old, means you can act like a harlot sister." Alex teased.

"Alexander!" I reprehend.

"I'm sorry mother." He apologized before he looked at his sister. "You know I adore you sister, and that I will always have your back...and won't mind to beaten up any suitors that are not worth to be near you." Emily smiled warmly at him.

"Thank you Axl!" She expressed, attacking her brother with a hug.

"You two remind me of…" I stop myself from saying more but Alex and Emily quickly get what I was going to say.

"Father and aunt Bekah?" Alex finished. I licked my lips before I smiled brightly at them.

"Dinner is ready! Go wash up and I'll set the table." I answer instead. They give me a wary look but they do as they are told. I have been missing the Mikaelson's so much, especially my husband. Yes, I still name him as so because I love him even though he chose his hunt over us.

I have had suitors over the years, I've had some flings and some 'boyfriends', as they are called now a days, but I've never let anyone that close to me. Actually, I have a date tonight. That is why I made the kids their favorite dinner because they are very protective of me, especially Alex. He loves to interrogate the men that enter our home, he loves playing with their head. He's just like his father. Emily on the other hand, likes to see the good in the men that come. She keeps the balance when Alex is questioning.

"It smells wonderful!" Emily exclaimed, taking a seat in her usual place.

"We have the most magnificent mother in the world!" Alex added. They are up to something.

I place the platter of lasagna on top of the stove, letting it cool off before I turn to look at them. "What did you do? What are you about to do? Or What do you want?" I ask. They made shocked faces, ready to become the martyrs. "Let's leave the drama out of it, would you?" I add while looking at Alex. He closed his mouth and then he sighed.

"Fine….we want to ask permission to go to a kickback at the forrest." Alex replied. "It's a starting of the new school year tradition!"

"Yes, please mother, can we go?" Emily pleaded, giving me her best puppy dog eyes. They just know how to play with my feelings.

"You may-" They cheered, high fiving each other. "-on my terms!"

"We know mother." Alex replied.

"If asked of our father, we reply that he died at war and that we can not live a day without remembering him." Emily stated.

"If asked of our mother, she died of cancer." Alex added.

"If asked of who you are, you're our aunt that was left with the responsibility to take care of us." Emily said.

"I'm 18." Alex recited.

"I'm 17." Emily adds.

"We do not show our vampire abilities to anyone, not even if they are the most trusted person...unless they meet you and they are mother approved." Alex comments.

"Good." I reply. "Who is hungry for lasagna!?" Now it was their turn to look at me weird.

"Where did you meet him?" Alex asked.

"I'm I that easy to read?"

"You could choose another dish to prepare for when you are going to tell us of a date." Emily suggested.

"Right." I state. "Well, I met him at the grocery store. He helped me with getting something I could not reach and we ended up scheduling a date for tonight." Alex gave me a hard look.

"I will not leave until I meet the guy." He answered.

"I wouldn't put you pass that." I tell him. "But I doubt you will be able to use your mind control on this one."

"How come?" My son questioned, already grabbing a plate for himself. He then flashed towards the fridge, grabbing three blood bags.

"Because I tried to earlier and it did not work. I know that he is human because his heart beat is strong, but he just can not be compelled." I answered. "I think he must be wearing something with vervain."

"No problem mother, I can still scare the living hell out of him with only my stare." He added.

"That is just another characteristic you herited from your father." I stated without even thinking. I watched their faces fall for a second before they smiled at me. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring him up-I just…."

"Don't worry mother, we know you miss him dearly. I do to." Emily commented, placing her hand on top of mine.

"Let's just eat." Alex interrupted. He was harsh with the topic of his father. I don't think he will ever forgive him for letting us go.

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