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Fruit Alphabet: Fig

Dating a king was definitely not a walk in the park.

For the nth time that fateful afternoon, Robin let her breath curdle with the sizzling heat of the nonexistent wind. Closing her eyes in an exasperated manner, she let her hands glide smoothly over the desk her head was currently resting on. On and on did she carefully pushed her hands; only stopping when her fingers finally twitched at the touch of the porcelain containing a certain dish laid beside her sight.

The damned fig kept yielding her failed dishes.

From the very first second the sun decided to reveal itself and until the climax of the day, Robin had been tirelessly depleting the fig supplies of the castle of Ylisse to try to come up with a delicious recipe. She had tried baking, frying, steaming, stewing, and filleting some figs that would uniquely represent her feelings—egads, she even tried BROTHING— but none were victorious enough to both look and taste in the same rhythm with her standards. Blazes, she even made an effort to clear up all her paper works in one night just to buy her time to cook up something!

But in the end, her blood and sweat (not to be taken literally) have all thrown themselves in the trash bin. The MASTERPIECE she has created was none other than a measly candied fig that even a baby could do. It looked so lame. The dish appeared so meager that a third-class aristocrat would probably never lay a finger on it; much more if he were the KING. Robin bet Chrom would not spare it as much as a single glance.

"Me and my uncooperative skills!" Robin complained out loud, "Why is it that when I make something aesthetic, it tastes like barf? And if I make something scrumptious, it looks like a pile of pegasus poop! Why can it not be both? Why me? Why is it that the best I could create is a delicious run-of-the-mill candy?"

Dear gods, if Chrom weren't the richest man in Ylisse, she would have bought him a sword or whatever off the market and be done with it. But unfortunately for Robin, diamonds and gold only appear as twigs and branches in front of her beau.

Removing her fingers from the plate, Robin pushed herself up and from sitting on a wooden chair. After cracking a few of the bones at her back, she hesitantly picked up the dish before setting it on a table somewhere far from normal sight. And then, with a few scuffle of her shoes, she went back to the desk she was dilly-dallying on and slumped her body onto it. She let her right cheek, like how her habit programmed her to, cuddle the waxy surface of the table.

She sighed a long, droned one. Oh, if only she did not love the king so much… Life would have been much easier.

"Wow, even for a queen, that was a long sigh."

Robin's eyes popped open. At the alarm of the voice she was so used to hearing, she jerked her posture upwards and craned her head a bit to take in the sight of the man she loves.

Chrom was there; standing ever-so-unkingly with a hand on his hip and amusement bathing his face. He looked so casual; too casual that Robin wondered if he somehow managed to fail his lessons on 'how to appear like a regal royal' at least five times.

Robin stifled a giggle. If she were unladylike—like how Chrom slapped it in her face—, then he would have nary an ounce of kingly aura about him. At the very least, they had a common ground.

With a smile which has taken her lips hostage, Robin gave him a nod of acknowledgement, "Is there a problem?"

Chrom removed his hand from his hip before walking towards her, "None at all," He started and pulled out a chair in order to sit on it, "I was just wondering what you were doing here. Is it bad for a husband to address his wife?"

Robin trailed her eyes towards the blue-haired man and presented him a false pout, "I'm not your wife."

At the sound of her words, Chrom could not help but let a loud chuckle escape from his voice box. He laughed, and when he finally calmed down enough to grasp his speech again, he wiped a mirth off his eye and spoke, "Not OFFICIALLY, no, but we practically are a married couple."

He paused just to render himself victim of his wife's eyes with deep compassion, "How could we not be, when we already sleep on the same bed?"

Robin flushed a deep shade of red. She brought a fisted hand to her mouth and coughed a few times to adjust to her embarrassment. After settling herself, she closed her eyes and weakly retorted, "That was one night."

"Yes," Chrom agreed, "And it was one hell of a night."

Robin flinched. With the clock yelling loudly in her eardrums, she was constantly reminded that fifty shades of red are starting to conquer her cheeks.


"I'm surprised I didn't get you pregnant then."

"Chro—wait, did we..?"



Robin could not believe it. She could not understand how in the heavens would that have surmised in the absence of her consciousness. How could she have committed such a grave mistake? Well, sure, she would not deny that Chrom and herself have been doing each other some favors but… She did not expect herself to flaunt her own body to him that willingly. She did not expect herself to hand over to him her virginity like she was giving out cookies.

"Oh gods," Robin murmured, not believing her own acts, "I REALLY should have not trusted Vaike! He said it was juice! I should have… I should have expected there was alcohol in it. Oh dear me…"

Robin was anxious. She was regretting everything that happened that night. She was more or less hyperventilating, and Chrom could clearly see the panic rising in the brown of her eyes. With a laugh, the king put a gloved hand on his queen's shoulder and patted it gently.

"I was joking, don't take it seriously."

Robin heaved a sigh of relief.

At the sight of her releasing her breath and having her left hand resting calmly on her chest like that, Chrom smiled a sincere one. However, after a few seconds have passed, he once again took the stick of teasing for himself and decided to prod her more.

"Although I must admit, I DID manage to caress some silky parts…"

"Chrom, please."

The man smirked. He was on a roll today, and he was not going to let it end that easily.

"What," He turned towards her with his head resting atop his palm, "You talk as if we aren't doing those things."

Robin, though she hated to admit it, squealed. At a moment's notice, her mind was suddenly being washed over by the millions of flashbacks of their little excursions. Thoughts of her running her hands down his bare torso; memories of him kissing her perfervidly starting from her mouth and under; the feeling of his calloused palm hiking up from her stomach to gently but firmly squee—


With her beet-red face being displayed to him and only him, Chrom could not take it any longer and a loud laugh rolled off his tongue. His fists roughly made contact with the desk—Robin swore she heard the wood crack—and his head threw itself back to make his laughter even more dramatic. If he hadn't his rear end planted on the chair under him, then Robin was sure Chrom was ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing.

"Gods," Chrom wheezed out in between his laughter, "I hadn't a laugh like this for days!"

With memorized precision, Robin's hands did a catapult at her face. She inhaled and exhaled into it before spreading her fingers apart to peek at the blue-haired man. Embarrassed as she was, Robin could not help but smile at the sight of her lover merrymaking like that. To try and hide her complicated expression, she let her small hands collapse to her lap before awkwardly fiddling the edges of her coat. Her bangs went down to cover her eyes, and so when Chrom decided to talk again, she peered cutely through the strands.

Running his pointer finger through his dry lips, Chrom called out to his wife once more, "You know what? Being with you changed me in more ways than one." He gently sang out to her.

Giving off a smile that could even rival the rays of the sun, Chrom smoothly stretched out his left hand towards her before grabbing a sweet-smelling lock of her hair. With a few expert twirls of her hair strands with his fingers, he slipped his hand away from her curls and to the creaminess of her face.

"I used to be so dense and carefree about love. Marrying did not even cross my mind back then." He neared his face towards her and took in the scent of her shampoo, "But when my right hand made contact with yours and my eyes succumbed into the beauty of your own pair, I felt a wake-up slap. We spent more time with each other; by the gods, we were together most of the hours of our days. It came to me that we weren't 'friends' anymore. I realized that "Hey, I think I love this woman". But I didn't keep my hopes up, maybe you loved somebody else."

He shifted from his position. To access better view of his beloved, he completely turned his chair towards her and snagged a hold of both her cheeks. As he let his cobalt-blue eyes dwell on her bright hazelnut ones, he adoringly skated his thumb over her smooth derma.

"But then you gave me those looks. Your eyelashes which flutter shyly as you peered up at me with bashfulness; your nose that wrinkle ever so cutely at the sight of Risen; your lower lip which juts out adorably when you get mad… And your eyes…"

Chrom couldn't help it anymore. At the heat of the moment, his cheeks were starting to get filled with blood; he was flushed like the ripest tomato in their garden. But he didn't feel like backing out. He was no more the prince Chrom that hyperventilates at the sight of his crush named Robin; he was a courageous king now.

He breathed out the word that he could describe Robin the best with:


Robin's addressed orbs glossed over. They were getting moist, and she was sure that it would take no more than a few seconds before her fat tears start rolling down. In order to prevent the king from viewing her emotion too much, she abruptly shifted her view to the ground.

"W-what are you talking about? I'm no one special. Why me, anyway? You could have just chosen Maribelle or Olivia or… Or Sumia. They're a lot more beautiful and ladylike than I could ever be."

Robin's fingers dug into her trousers. She was biting her lip; just imagining Chrom being with anyone else hurt like a myrmidon's fatal strike, but she had to open her eyes to reality.

Chrom, suddenly conscious of his wife's rising insecurity, lifted his hand and trapped her chin with his fingers, "If that were true, then why are you the only one I see? If that were true, then why is it that when I open my eyes in a crowd, out of all the people in the world, the first person my sight lands upon is the woman in front of me right now?"

Robin's face scrunched a little before her teeth unconsciously started biting her lip. She closed her eyes to prevent the waterworks, but the liquid content behind her lids were too much for bearing. With one, last hiccup, the valve was released and her tears dripped down her face.

Chrom did not stop her from crying. Instead, he smiled a very warm one and pulled his lover in a very tight embrace. Rubbing the small of her back with his right hand, he brought his mouth to her hair and kissed it tenderly.

"Robin, you are a treasure. No matter how you class yourself or how plain you might think you appear to the society, you are still the most precious gift in my eyes."

He paused, then smiled genuinely as he closed his eyes, "Just like those candied figs you cooked for me. You might think it's completely average, but it was actually the best dish I had tasted in my life."

Ah, so he knew about that.

"Robin," He lovingly called out; cupping her face with his hands, "You are the best woman I could ever hope for. I love you."

Chrom fluttered his eyelids shut and planted Robin's lips a chaste kiss.

"Thank you for being my wife."

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