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A/N: Written as a fill on Comment Fic for Caz251's prompt "Uncomfortable Situations."

"I can't believe you." That's a lie. Of course she believes. Hello, vampire. Monsters aren't known for being trustworthy.

Spike doesn't look sorry.

"I need a mirror." She looks around Spike's room, her hand over her neck. She was clear about this right from the beginning in Sunnydale.

"Not gonna find one in here."

She has to go meet with Giles and D'Hoffryn in five minutes. Now she's going to show up looking like she just had sex with a vampire who apparently needs to mark his territory like some alpha male (and here's she's been thinking he can get over that when Angel isn't around).

"You look good, pet. No one'll notice."

She has to go back to her apartment. Her hair's too short to be of any use now but maybe she'll have time to put a scarf on or something before D'Hoffryn materialises in her living room. "They better not." She slightly slams the door when she leaves his bedroom.

Xander glances at her from the sofa as she walks by. "Hey, Buff. Nice hickey."

If she doesn't die of uncomfortableness in the meeting, Spike is going to learn a very dusty lesson about following her rules.