Summary: Why is it Ueki Kousuke only realized it now that a day without Mori Ai is devastating?


Isn't It Obvious?


"This summer sucks."

Ueki Kousuke laid aimlessly on his bed, staring at the ceiling with empty eyes, his mind going really slow and just, nothingness. He turned left, declining his sister's offer to eat just seconds prior. If he could, he would love to went batshit right here and now.

He didn't know why he felt sick in the head like this. This is all Mori's fault.

Great, now he sounded like a girl.

"Ueki," Ai called his name. They were cleaning the park, just like they usually do at weekends. Sometimes even after school they go straight to sweeping it. Such good-doers were barely keeping their existence in this world anymore.

Said guy faced her, hands still doing their job respectively, "Huh?"

"My family is going to visit a relative in the Northern City tomorrow, so I guess this is goodbye for two weeks," she muttered with almost invisible guilt. Ueki simply hummed and continued his activity as if Ai just commented on the nice weather. She got irritated of his uncaring hum quickly,"Say something, Ueki!"

"What do you want me to say? It's not like I can stop you from going." He shrugged.

"Fine, then, don't miss me!" She hmph-ed angrily and sweeped the ground rather hastily, causing Ueki to frown.

"Dude, keep it down," the green haired boy lifted an eyebrow up. Ai shot draggers at him, so he just stayed silent to keep his soul still in his body. He sure wasn't in the mood to take beatings from Mori Ai.

So, that was three days ago and just like she said; he missed her. Not the 'oh my love wherefore have thee gone?' kind of miss but the 'now what?' sort of feeling.

If Ai was here, then without a doubt she'll talk, just talk, about whatever and he could respond or not at all. Usually, he just let her speak all her want and if she's commenting something, which was usually on normal things but she make it sounded like what he did was unusually strange, he would just sweat-drop. It was like an evil chain.

Nonetheless, he wouldn't want it any other way. Sure, Ai's constant scoldings and naggings could be annoying at times, but somehow, it wouldn't be her if she didn't. And she could be considered as a decoration fish. Why, you ask? Her hair never failed to remind him of big, vast pools of oceans. Okay, maybe stress-taking cute little fishes don't live in oceans, so she could be the whale. A blue whale to be precisely.

See, without her always-whenever-however voice which tagged him everywhere he go, the silence made his mind wander off to a Find-Similarities-Between-Mori Ai-and-A-Whale pop quiz. How mindblowing.

What now?

A few minutes of numbing silence passed by.

"Arrgh!" Ueki finally groaned in frustration, wincing idiotically on his bed as if he was burned alive. If his sane self saw this, it would think of a worm squirming under some salt. "It's too boring its killing me!" Distinctly, he heard his bell rang, of course he ignored whoever jerk it was to disturb his sulking. "Ugh."

The stupid bell rang again, twice. "Ugh!"

"Kou-chan!" His sister called, probably to tell him to eat already since he hadn't eaten anything today, and it was 5 pm now. He answered with some weird groans, his sister didn't catch them (or was too annoyed already by his antics, he'd go to a park and be a cleaning service there or whatever, just not like this) and proceeded to just bang into his room. "I don't know what's happening, Kou-chan, but if you keep it up, I'll be angry, you know?"

He wondered if it was a question, a suggestion, or a statement. Ueki stared at her with tired eyes, "I think I want to be-," he caught his tongue before it could say another thing, because a word like 'alone' wouldn't do for Ueki Shoko. "-here. I want to finish this summer homework, Nee-chan." He lied.

"Liar," Shoko narrowed her sleepy-like eyes at him, making him fidget in awkwardness. "Okay, then," she said happily and Kousuke sighed, good thing his sister was too innocent to suspect something on people. "Should I tell Ai-chan that you were sleeping instead?"

"Yea- wait, what?"

"Ai-chan's here, should I tell her you're unavailable now?"

His gray eyes widened. "Mori is here?" He muttered in disbelieve. "But she said she'd be in Northern City for two weeks."

The older Ueki didn't mind much of it and just deadpanned, "Well, she's here now."

Ueki quickly dashed out his room without further ado and what his sister been saying was true, there was Mori Ai, with her hands seated neatly on her laps, wearing the same eyeglasses with the same style she'd use it. "Mori?"

The aquamarine haired girl turned her head and smiled, "Oh, hey, Ueki." She said.

She said.

"How? I thought you were visiting you relative up in the Northern City?" He questioned, rather hysterically.

She scratched her cheek sheepishly, "Well, my parents sent me home because I couldn't take the cold temperature, look," she pointed to a helplessly-standing suitcase outside the door. "That's my case and I haven't even opened it before and they were like-," she tried to imitate her father's quirky voice, "-Ai-chan you'll get sick! Oh no what should we do? Ai-chan please, don't die yet I haven't been a grandfather! " She stopped the voice, backing to normal. "So I suggested to go home instead and here I am." Ai sighed, imagining her father cries and wails one day ago.

Ueki felt something warm blooming in his chest, he couldn't quite decipher it but it was comforting to have that feeling. He then grinned. I don't know why and how, but thanks, Inumaru.

Ai suddenly blushed, "But there's one problem…"

"What is it?" Said Ueki as he was back to his Hi-I'm-here-to-save-the-world attitude.

She sniffed dramatically and wailed on the floor in utter sadness. "They forgot to give me the key to my house…"

Faintly, the two teens could hear Shoko's squeal of happiness.


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