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-The Greenbean-

Green eyes trailed him.

He didn't even know it.

Addisyn watched as the newest member of the Glade slipped his guard and paced toward the looming doors of the Maze, still open for another half an hour. She adored Chuck, really. He was like a cute little brother to watch out for, especially with the cruelty that could sometimes be displayed among the boys, but she had no idea what Alby was thinking posting him as the new Greenbean's keeper.

The newbie had run, almost straight out of the cage.

Both agile and tall, their newest brother also displayed signs of being highly intelligent. She had seen how his deep brown eyes darted here and there; assessing his options for escape from the moment Gally had hauled him from the steel box below. He picked his exit route, breaking through the crowd of intimidating boys (she had told Newt time and time again, suffocating their newest members with scare tactics the moment they rose from the tunnel would do them no good), and sprinting for the doors of the Maze. He would have made it too, had it not been for the inopportune moment of less than stellar observance before he encountered an oversized rock.

Once settled, he didn't let his fear consume him. Instead, he asked questions, plenty of them. Ones that other newbies had never even thought to consider in the craze of no longer remembering their lives and being introduced to an entirely new social system.

Quick on his feet, quick in his mind.

Giving Chuck the slip would never have been an issue for someone like that.

So when he took a walk toward the doors, studying the soot-colored concrete walls, Addisyn left her place in the Garden, following silently behind him. She didn't want to call attention to herself, didn't want to let him know that she was there quite yet. Addy wanted to watch him, to witness the expressions flicker across his face as he mentally cataloged what lay before him. The dense concrete, the grooves of the track that aided in the push and pull of the doors, the thick ivy that crept along the tops and sides of the corridor which led into the depths of the Maze. She watched as a mixture of awe, confusion, and trepidation passed over his face; narrowing and widening his eyes, pulling his lips into a thin line or an open-mouthed expression of astonishment.

"Strange, isn't it?"

Her murmur caught him by surprise and she bit back a giggle as he choked on his inhalation, jumping a few inches off the grassy expanse they stood on before whipping around to face her.

Addisyn used his moment of shock to study the boy, her sharp eyes drifting over his physical person in an attempt to discover what it was about him that had called to her from the moment he arrived. He stood quite tall, though not as tall as Newt, and floppy brown hair sat atop his head. Equally brown irises were set in ebony eyelash-rimmed eyes, they glinted in the sunlight and spoke as a conduit to all that he was feeling. He was fair skinned with freckles dotting along his face here and there, a small mole just shy to the left corner of his mouth. Like Newt, he possessed a leaner body frame, though it didn't seem to hinder his abilities at all. Muscle corded along his forearms, the veins firmly visible as he clenched his fists along with his jaw while staring down at her.

She couldn't put her finger on it, but she could have sworn she knew him.

"What is this?" He rumbled, the frustration due to his lack of knowledge clearly heard while he bit through his words.

Addisyn tilted her head to the side, silently watching him.

The Greenie's nostrils flared in his irritation and he advanced a single step toward her before catching himself, flexing his fingers once again. His features rearranged themselves as her quiet observation continued, an angry glare and scathing scowl marring the strong line of his jaw and brow.

Familiarity struck her so fiercely, she almost stumbled in dizziness. Her green eyes widened, the faint ring of golden brown on the iris edges becoming more pronounced as she stared back at him, barely aware of the blatant display of his fury that softened until a similar expression to hers morphed his once angry face. Shaking her head forcefully, she broke eye contact with the newbie, ignoring the way he continued to peer so intently into her face- she felt as if all the secrets of her soul were openly laid before his feet.

"They call it the Maze," She murmured, inching a step or two closer toward the ominous entryway.

Addisyn heard him swallow harshly before coming to stand by her side, his movement slow and cautious. There was a dim sensation of surprise when he came to a stop so closely to her stance, leaving her shoulder to nearly brush his upper arm, the backs of their hands grazing one another. She didn't even have the instinct to tense as she did around many of the other Gladers; despite knowledge of her relationship with Newt, there were still those arrogant enough to try. This touch however, seemed innocent in its placement, more as if it was an unconscious source of reassurance and comfort that neither knew how to explain.

"Yeah," He muttered lowly, his tone still unsure. "The kid said something like that."

"Chuck?" Addisyn laughed quietly, arching a single brow as she stared ahead. "Good kid, he is. A bit of a gabber though, he means well. The youngest that's been sent up in a while."

It was silent for a moment, only the vague sound of boys and bugs in the background.

She strained to speak, words that she didn't know but yet knew enough to be able to speak them sat on the tip of her tongue, ready to break free from her lips at any moment. It appeared the same way for the Greenie, like he was itching to say something, just unsure of how to do so, or how it might be received. Addisyn breathed in deeply, forcing her body to relax through the long exhale. The charged tension lingering between them dissipated, and she watched from the corner of her eye as he opened his mouth, finally ready to ask her the questions she knew he needed answers to.

"Why won't anyone tell me anything? Why can't I remember…why do you seem so-"

The shout came with no warning; she wasn't even sure how she had missed the arrival of the two of them.

Chuck cried out to her, aiming to grab her attention, before Gally charged ahead. Addisyn had no chance to stop him, nor to get in his way as he grabbed the Greenbean by his shoulders and gave him an almighty shove backward. The force he put into it caught the unaware boy off guard, leaving him with zero resistance as his body flew through the air and made contact with the dusty ground, a pained grunt echoing after the harsh sound of impact.

Something sparked within her at the sound.

"Thomas!" Addisyn screeched, darting forward immediately.

She didn't even register the name that had left her lips.

He was coughing and sputtering, scrambling to get his feet back underneath himself in face of the new threat the Keeper of Builders posed. Addisyn didn't question her instinct to help the new boy; instead she crouched down, clasping her hands securely around his forearms to guide him into standing once more. They stood close, mirror images of each other's stance while she checked him over, unaware of the attention she garnered with her scream. Already, more than half of the Glade was making its way across the open expanse, a certain blonde headed individual taking post as one of the front runners, his hand gripped around a machete as precaution.

She hissed in a breath as the brunette winced, her thumb tracing the outline of a cut along his temple. Anger pooled in her blood, prompting her actions as she spun around and fixed their new company with an enraged glare.

"What the shuck is the matter with you Gally!?" Addisyn yelled, gesturing toward the person at her back.

"Me?" Gally shouted right back, puffing out his chest and taking a step closer with the arrogant idea of intimidating her. "What's the matter with you, she-bean! He ain't supposed'ta be nowhere round here 'n you want to tell him 'bout the Maze!"

Without thinking, the girl gave the taller boy a shove of her own, anger fueling her strength. Gally stumbled backwards a step or two, but nothing like she was hoping for. She didn't quite register that the new kid had gripped her arms after that, swinging their position so that their backs stood faced to the large doorway of the Maze. He held out an arm, a visible sign of protection despite not knowing even her name, putting his body between the two feuding Gladers.

Gally nearly snorted in aggravation, lunging forward to grab at their arms.

They were too close to the doors, she knew, but she couldn't help the instinct to shy away from his grasp as he made to pull both her, and in turn- the greenie –from the opening.

"Get your hands off of me!" Addisyn shrieked, a mixture of anger and panic she couldn't explain warring with her senses.

The boy stood just in front of her, shoving Gally away from them with a shout.

"Don't touch her!"

"Addy!?" The accented voice was filled with concern, a bit deeper in his more than likely anger-fueled state as he approached the scene.

Chaos easily erupted when the crowd joined them at the doors, multiple shouts for calm and for the two of them to step away from the doors ringing out in the air. The Keepers made up the frontline, forming a semi-circle around them as they held up their arms in a surrendering motion, waving them closer instead of trying to approach. Her eyes had just barely made contact with the ones she peered into every night before falling asleep, but she got little time to assure him that she was alright. A back appeared in front of her, a foreign arm that didn't feel all that foreign wrapped around her hip from the side, forcing her up against it protectively.

"Leave us alone!" He shouted, panic lacing his tone.

"Take it easy," Alby's voice reached her ears, attempting to soothe. "Alright? Take it easy now."

It did little to help or reassure after the Greenie's previous treatment, only pushing him further back from them as he kept Addisyn pressed tightly up to his back. The position was strange at first, mainly in the sense that it didn't feel as awkward as she assumed it would, and her fingers seemed to curl into the back of his slate gray colored shirt without her permission, completely ignoring the sweat soaked material as his larger hand pressed her even closer against him.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?!" He demanded, angling them into the corner of the doorway.

"Let's just…let's just calm down, yeah?" The British voice murmured, closer than most. "I need you to let our Addy go, alright?"

Newt's voice eased the tension Addisyn's muscles; leeching away the inexplicable panic and fear that Gally's aggressive attack had ignited. Instinctively, her right hand had fallen to her stomach at some point, her palm pressed flat against the smooth expanse. Confusion laced her every thought, capturing her attention when she should have been using it to observe the situation and somehow convey to her blonde counterpart that she was, in fact, alright.

"Get back!" He snarled, inching the duo back another step or so.

Alby opened his mouth to retort, his fists clenched down at his sides in irritation, but Newt's smooth lilt cut over him.

"Okay! Okay, just…just step away from the doors, please."

The blonde-headed boy was practically begging, desperate for their newest addition to allow her away from the opening of the Maze. The sun was sinking steadily lower, minutes and seconds ticking by, drawing nearer and nearer to the time that the grinding of the doors would echo through the Glade, closing the Maze off to the Glade for the nightly hours. Addisyn swallowed thickly, fighting against the fright that had dimmed once Newt had appeared so that she could reassure the Greenie in the hopes that she could push him into the Glade and out of harms way.

"Why won't you tell me what's out there!" He demanded, his free hand punching at the air in his frustration.

"We're just tryin' to protect you man-"

Newt licked his bottom lip worriedly, holding out his hands in a pacifying manner after dropping his weapon and meeting her green gaze. "It's for your own good, brother, truly."

"No! Okay?!" He nearly shouted, continuing to wave his arm around almost hysterically, his movements jerky and stressed, backing up until Addisyn's back as pressed flush against the concrete. "You guys can't just keep me here!"

"I can't let you leave-" Their leader started, before Addisyn interrupted. "Alby, shut up! That doesn't help!"

"Why not?" The newbie asked, his tone desperate.

It was then that a thunderous rumbling sounded, echoing from the very heart of the Maze outward toward them. The thick concrete vibrated at her back, sending an ominous shudder down Addisyn's spine, and her fingers curled around fistful's of the newbie's shirt even more tightly than before. Her nails bit into his skin, making him hiss slightly, the pain though was overridden by the sheer intrigue over the unknown and the fear of something much greater than him.

Everyone fell silent, freezing in place.

Their eyes burned into the corridor, refusing to blink, even as the fear of what the Maze held reflected there in their eyes. Chuck's face was blotchy and stained pinkish red, the stress of the confrontation and his worry for Addisyn prompting a thin film of moisture to cloud his eyes. Newt's eyes met hers, pleading silently for her to step away from the doors, to come to his outstretched hand so that he could take her in his arms.

He wanted her nowhere even near the opening to the darkness that lay hidden within.

"What the hell?" The brunette boy whispered, drawing in panting breaths.

It was the sudden gust of wind that pushed her to act.

The Greenbean had remained utterly still, his only movement was to turn his head into the wind, squinting his eyes against the onslaught while those gathered outside the doors in front of them either looked away or raised an arm, protecting their eyes with their sleeves. She drew a breath, giving the taller and heavier boy a bit of a push, gently, until she gained his attention. His eyes were wide, scared, and his own fear made her heartbeat race in her chest.

"I know," Addisyn spoke, her voice just above a whisper, something only he could hear. "I know, that you don't trust them. But I need you to trust me."

A hollow roar pulsed around them, eating up the distance between where they stood and the turn that led out into the maze in a way that could be felt within their very bones. The Gladers shifted anxiously, but she paid them little attention. She held his gaze instead, silently conveying both her fear and urgency, watching as his emotions flickered across his darkened orbs. Until finally, it was there.


Deep clanging and cranking were preludes to a long, aching groan as gears and chains shifted, jump-starting the massive double doors into action. She wrapped her hand around his then, a firm but gentle tug pulled him away from the opening they had backed into. She felt him there, hovering right behind her, less than half a foot between his chest and her back. Addisyn didn't stop until she had pulled him free from the dangers of the Maze, until she had reached the blonde-headed, hazel-eyed boy who had never taken his eyes off of her. Her free arm wrapped around his waist, her forehead pressed into his collarbone; her fingers never unwound from the newbie's, keeping him anchored to her in the face of his newest discovery.

He didn't blink.

He didn't speak.

His mouth had fallen open, his breath came in frantic pants and inhalations.

...he never let go of the girl's hand.

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