Looking out for the four animatronics, Elsa also listens to the voice of the guy who talks on the phone. He then instructs her what the animatronics are and why are they after people.

Elsa then plays and observes the metal door's controls, until Foxy appears right in front of Elsa. Screaming in fear once again, she closes the door. Foxy then says, "Hey, dude, I just wanna let you know the pizza's ready.", and Elsa quickly disagrees. Foxy then says, "Sorry, man. Just curious.".

Looking around, three of the animatronics are together and they try to get their way in by breaking the glass windows. Bonnie then appears and screams, "Someone removed the PIZZZAAAAAA!".

All of the animatronics scream so loud, that Elsa was forced to cover her ears. She has a idea when she finds the phone. She called 911.

"Hello?", says a doctor on the phone.

"Hello. This is Elsa! I'm in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Something bad has gone wrong and you need to hurry and save me befor-", Elsa calls. The phone goes off.

"Hello? Hello? Hello?!", says the doctor, thinking that something bad has happened.

Unknowingly to Elsa, she accidentally pressed on the hang up button because of the loud noises that the animatronics are making.

"Are you kidding me?", Elsa says, after she hung up on the call accidentally. "Guess you gave me no choice!", she then says, as she calls a 24/7 pizzeria service.

After a while, the pizza employee arrives to give the pizza, distracting the animatronics for Elsa to take a break from all the noise. She then sighs and says, "This is gonna be a long night.", she reliefs.