"Better safe than sorry...better safe than sorry...", Elsa continuously says, with the phone call going on. She thought the night will never end. "I'm hungry.", she then says, trying to look for chocolate.

Elsa then sees Chica finding a chocolate bar and eats it, much to Elsa's distraught. Chica then says the chocolate tastes bad, making Elsa's eyes glow blue and making her angry.

Later, Chica and Foxy look for Elsa until Elsa comes to them.

"You don't. Mess. With Queen Elsa.", Elsa grits her teeth, angrily saying this.

Foxy then mockingly taunts her, but fails to distract or avail. Using her ice powers, Elsa kills Foxy by using a dozen of icicles at him. Chica and Freddy runs away from the crazed Elsa, while Bonnie was the next one to be killed by Elsa's ice powers.

Freddy goes in the security room but Chica begs him to let her in, saying: "PIZZZAAAA!". Elsa charges right to Chica, and is killed as well.

Freddy, as the last animatronic, looks for Elsa in the security system, noticing she transformed into her Disney INFINITY self. "The cold never bothered me anyway.", Elsa warns. Freddy then looks at another camera to see Elsa running towards the security room, but Freddy closes it just in time.

"I'm so startled.", Freddy says in horror. Elsa pops up and does a blood-curdling yell which Freddy screams in fear.

Then everything turned dark.

Seeing Elsa before the power turns off, with a few silent moments in complete darkness, Elsa scares and kills Freddy. Suddenly, the clock turns...


Exiting the pizzeria, Elsa, back to normal, is shown to have oil all over herself. Anna asks her when she arrived, "What happened?", and Elsa answers, "Don't ask."

As they went back to Arendelle, they both had a talk.

"I'm not going back to that place ever again."


"It's scary. But I have some good news!"


"I got my payment and chocolate before you saw me outside.", Elsa said, as she held out two bags. One has gold and one has chocolate.

"You're the best sister ever.", Anna concludes, as Elsa feeds her chocolate.