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Vegeta Jr.'s last name was initially Briefs, but it was changed because when I researched it, I found out it was no longer Briefs, but Leigh. Or the very least, that was his mother's last name. So I'll be using that since Vegeta Briefs actually sounds really awkward to me. Leigh has a better ring to it.

Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1: Saiyan meets Princess

Inside a spaceship that orbited the Earth, a young man wearing a dark skeletal themed armor set was kneeling in front of a holographic screen.

The young man was known as Zastin, the Royal Guard-Captain of the planet Deviluke. He was currently in communications with his King through the Holographic interface.

However, the visual interface was not working properly and thus, the young man could only hear his King's voice through the device.

"So tell me Zastin, where in this damn universe did that my daughter of mine get to?"

"Earth your Highness, the Princess' ship has been spotted heading towards it."

"Earth huh?" The King of Deviluke replied. "A backwater planet just barely getting into the space age right?"

"Yes. However, in spite of that, numerous different aliens have already migrated to the planet in the past century. Though most prefer to live in hiding." Zastin replied.

"Alright, you know what to do. Just get that damn daughter of mine back home before she causes any more trouble for me."

"Yes your Highness!"


Inside his throne room, the King of Deviluke sat with a thoughtful expression.

"Earth... wasn't that planet the home of the guy who killed that old Glaerisian tyrant? What was his name... Frieza? Or was it King Cold?"

The King thought about the possibility of it being the same planet as well as the thought that the same person was still alive before merely laughing it off.

"Nah, must be a coincidence then. What are the chances that guy would be alive after a hundred years?"

Two young men were running through the streets of Sainan City.

"Oi, Goku! Hurry it up! I wanna get there early today!" A boy named Saruyama yelled.

He called out to a young man with spiky black hair and eyes. He had a lean build but was quite muscular for someone his age.

"Wait up, Saruyama!"

His name was Son Goku Jr., the great-great-grandson of Son Pan, who herself was the granddaughter of two of the world's greatest martial artists.

The first was none other Goku's namesake, Son Goku Sr., who was an ardent participant of the World Martial Arts Tournament known as the "Tenkaichi Budokai", becoming the champion during the 23rd tournament.

The other was Hercule Satan, champion of the 24th Tenkaichi Budokai and the Hero who defeated the monster known as Cell who had threatened to destroy the world centuries ago.

Though in truth, according to his grandmother Pan, it was actually her father, Son Gohan, who was also Son Goku's first born son, that defeated the abomination known as Cell.

As the two ran, Goku Jr. sensed something off and came to a stop.

"You go on ahead, I'll catch up with you at school!"

"Suit yourself then!"

As Saruyama disappeared from sight, Goku turned around and spoke.

"I know you're there Vegeta, just come out already."

A young man with spiky black hair standing up and widow's peak appeared behind him. He was wearing a blue tracksuit with both hands in his pockets.

"Been a while Goku, ready for our rematch?"

"Oh come on, so early?" Goku sighed as he laid a hand on his head. "You're a real sore loser aren't you?"

"Shut it! Last time didn't count since my mom distracted me during our fight. This time I'll even the score!" The other replied in an annoyed tone.

Vegeta Leigh, heir to the Capsule Corporation and Goku's most powerful rival.

The two first met six years ago during the 64th Tenkaichi Budokai where the two squared off during the finals in the Junior Division, having defeated all the other competitors there despite being mere nine-year olds.

Goku had won that match, and afterwards the two became good friends with each other, albeit a friendship where both sometimes insult and beat each other in good fun.

Both young men were startled to discover from their relatives that their ancestors, Goku Sr. and Vegeta Sr. were rivals themselves, and that their families were actually quite close to each other back then but became distant over time. Their meeting during the tournament eventually reopened old bonds between the two families.

The two both developed a competitive streak with each other since then. Both of them fighting each other in battles refereed by his grandmother Pan.

If Goku was right, then their current standing was 50-49, with him being in the lead thanks to their last fight.

"Do you think you can wait until this weekend? I still have classes until this Friday."

"Tch. Nearly forgot about that." Vegeta clicked his tongue, the young man himself was home-schooled by his mother and various tutors and so never sought the need to go to school himself.

"Why don't you just do the same as me then?" He asked his rival. "I mean, with your family's fortune, you could probably afford some of the best tutors."

"Yeah but my mom and grandma never really liked the idea of tutors so she decided to send me and my sister to school instead. Also..." He said but was interrupted by another voice.

"Good morning, Son-kun."

Goku nearly felt his heart leap out of his throat, he turned around and confirmed who was standing behind him.

Haruna Sairenji, his classmate in Class 1-A in Sainan High and also the Representative of said class.

She also happened to be the girl that Goku liked and an old friend of his.

"M-Morning Sairenji! Y-You're looking well today." He nervously said, mentally unprepared in facing the young woman in front of him.

"Hehe, thank you." She replied and smiled at him. Goku noted how cute she looked as she did. Haruna then took notice of Vegeta.

"Wait, I think I've seen you somewhere before..."

Vegeta turned to leave, but not before sparing one last look at his rival.

"Goku, don't forget, our rematch this weekend."

Goku could only smile at him at that, his blood pumping as he replied.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it."

Vegeta smirked in satisfaction as he walked off. By the time he disappeared through the streets, Haruna remembered who he was.

"Wasn't he the heir to Capsule Corporation, Vegeta Leigh?" She asked.

"Yeah, he is." Goku replied, his earlier shyness gone now that his mind adjusted to Haruna's presence. The two of them began walking to school.

"Son-kun, the two of you spoke like you knew each other?"

"We do. The two of us entered the Tenkaichi Budokai Junior Division around six years ago. We met each other in the finals and I won. After that we became friends and rivals."

"So he's the one you defeated in order to become champion?"

"Yep, the same guy." Goku replied. "Don't let his size fool you, he packs a mean punch. Though he's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him."

"Hmm." Haruna nodded. Although she didn't know much about martial arts, she knew that her old friend was quite skilled. If he said that someone was dangerous, then she'd believe him.

They then continued on their way to Sainan High, the two spoke of trivial things ranging from plants, how their respective families were doing, to what their hobbies were these days.

The two of them enjoyed it, having rarely spoken to each other in the last few years, and Goku was grateful for this opportunity.

'Just like old times I guess...' Goku thought as he smiled.

"Damn, I don't think I'll be getting used to this ever..."

"Aw c'mon, don't tell me you're not in the least bit enjoying this?"

It was lunch time and both Goku and Saruyama were eating inside the classroom.

Because of Goku's fame as being a direct descendant of the world's hero Mr. Satan and of the great martial artist Son Goku, as well as being a former champ of the Tenkaichi Budokai's Junior Division, he was often used to being viewed by classmates as a celebrity.

This was most especially the case with the girls in the class, who he was oblivious to the fact that he was actually considered by them as boyfriend material due to his friendly and helpful nature, and good looks as well.

"Ah, Son-kun looked this way~!"

"No way, he looked at me!"

"..." Goku could only grumble slightly in annoyance at all the attention. He only wished to eat his lunch in peace, was that too much to ask?

"Man I tell you. If it weren't for the fact that you were a martial arts freak, I'd hit you really hard right now. And it's not because of my jealousy!" Saruyama cried as he pounded the table.

"Yeah, good luck with that." Goku waved off his friend's reaction. He and Saruyama had met each other during middle school and became friends rather quickly since he was one of the few people to treat him as Goku and not as the grandson of the hero or the champion.

"By the way, have you confessed to you know who?"

Goku blushed slightly as Saruyama began smirking, having already guessed what the former would say.

"Man, you're pathetic!"

"And this is coming from the guy who keeps complaining that he doesn't have a girlfriend!" Goku retorted to which Saruyama reacted as if he was impaled by a spear. The young fighter continued eating his lunch.

"I saw you two earlier you know," The young martial artist froze slightly at that. "Entering the school together now? Don't tell me you planned on confessing to her and had me go on earlier because of that?"

"It's not like that, something else came up and I only ran into her by coincidence."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's the case." Saruyama joked. "So when are you planning on confessing?"

"...When I'm ready for it." He replied while turning his face away.

"You may be a real tough martial artist, but damn are you pathetic when it comes to women!" Saruyama laughed. "I mean, just the sight of a girl in a swimsuit is enough to make you so nervous that you faint!"

"That was years ago! I don't faint anymore."

"Oh yeah? Imagine Sairenji in a swimsuit then."

Goku felt his face go red as his imagination betrayed him and did what Saruyama suggested. He felt himself sink into his desk.

"Gyahahaha! I knew it!" His friend laughed. "You haven't changed a bit!"

"Shut up, it's different with her." Goku mumbled under his breath.

"Damn that Saruyama... talking like he's got that much experience when he doesn't have any." Goku muttered to himself as he walked home.

'Still though... he has a point. I've known Sairenji for a while now, but even now I don't have the nerve to confess to her.'

When Goku first entered middle school, he was surrounded by people who were in awe of him being the Champion of the 64th Tenkaichi Budokai Junior Division as well as being the descendant of Mr. Satan.

In all honesty, he became sick of the fame after a while. While it did have its benefits, he didn't really have anyone he could call friend at the time. His family had moved to Sainan three years after the Tenkaichi Budokai, so he had to leave behind his friend Puck back in Satan City.

Speaking of which, Puck was his best friend since childhood. Although they had a rough start at first, the two developed a strong friendship together.

Back to the matter at hand, Goku had been alone during middle school for some time. Scratch that, he was exaggerating, it was only about a week after he transferred into Sainan High after all.

However, that all changed when Haruna came into his life.

'Wait, why am I being so dramatic...? I think I've been watching too much soap operas with Grandma lately.'

The girl had become his first friend in middle school. He was grateful for the fact that she saw him as who he was rather than the descendant of the hero or the champion.

Her actions is what also caused Saruyama to open up to him, thinking that despite his reputation, he was still a kid like the rest of them at heart.

However, after the first year of middle school ended, the he and Haruna were separated into different classes. Although the two of them still spoke to each other, things between became awkward after a while.

Goku attributed it to the fact that both weren't in the same class anymore, and because of that they weren't used to each other's presence as they were before.

Now that they were in the same class again, Goku had long been wanting to restore their old friendship with each other, and possibly, begin something more with Haruna.

'The real question wouldn't be if I can confess to her... rather, would she accept it in the first place?'

He decided to shake his head free any thoughts regarding Haruna for now, hurried on his way home.

"I'm home!" Goku said as he entered the house.

Speaking of which, said home was rather a simple two story building. Despite their family's wealth, his grandmother Pan opted for him and sister to live in such a simple home due to herself living in one with her family when she was younger.

"Welcome back."

A voice came from the living room and Goku saw his little sister, Son Mikan, on the couch reading a magazine.

Despite being younger than him by four years, Son Mikan was far more mature than her older brother in many ways. Taking on the role of caretaker whenever their grandmother was away.

Unlike Goku, Mikan was not trained in fighting and was relatively a normal girl in all aspects.

"Where's grandma?"

"In the kitchen cooking dinner."

Goku nodded and walked towards the kitchen. There, he saw his grandmother doing what Mikan said she was doing.

"Grandma, I'm home."

"Welcome back, Goku Jr."

Despite looking like she was in her 60's, Son Pan was already 110 years old. Her long life-span could be attributed to her being quite the martial artist back in the day and staying healthy every day.

"Did anything interesting happen at school today?"

"Just the usual. Though I did run into Vegeta on my way to school." Goku replied as he took a bottle of milk from the fridge and began drinking.

"Really? Is he already that excited for your rematch? That boy is just like his grandpa Vegeta then." Pan reminisced the old days.

"I can't exactly blame him, I'm excited too!" He said as Pan merely shook her head.

"Ah, it warms my heart to see that you're really coming to resemble Grandpa Goku." She said as she turned off the stove and began setting the table.

"Really? What makes you say that?" Goku Jr. asked as helped her.

"You've got that look in your eye. Back then, you'd just run away from fights. Heck, sometimes you'd even wet your pants too."

"R-Really?" He muttered, embarrassed at his past self's antics.

"But now you're different. The Goku I see right now is just like his grandpa Goku. Strong, brave, and a good person."

"Stop it grandma, you're embarrassing me." The young man rubbed his nose a little in embarrassment.

As the small family ate, they were unaware of the coming events that would change the young Goku's way of life.

Said change was already crashing down on earth.

"Relaxing in a bath really is the best!"

Goku let his body rest in the warm water after a long day of school.

"I'm becoming more like Grandpa huh?"

The young man remembered the time when his grandmother had become ill.

Back then, she had told him of a legend about seven orbs known as the Dragon Balls. When gathered together, the Dragon Balls would summon the eternal dragon Shenron, who also would grant the wish of whoever summoned him.

However at the time, Goku thought that only one of the Dragon Balls would work. Back when his family still lived in Satan City, he journeyed throughout the area of Mt. Paozu just to find his Grandpa Goku's old house, whom he was told by his grandmother to have once owned a Dragon Ball.

He had been accompanied by Puck, who back then was a school bully who's regular victim was Goku himself. It was because of this journey that they became friends in the first place.

"Now that I think about it... I haven't spoken to Puck for a while now. I wonder how he's doing?" He began thinking for a few moments before smiling.

"Hmm... He's probably fine. He survived falling down a cliff after all."

It should also be noted that it was during this journey that Goku had first gained access to the Super Saiyan form as his grandmother called it.

According to her, Saiyans were formerly a race of beings similar to Humans in appearance with the exception of a tail.

As far as Goku knew, he didn't have a tail and so did Mikan and his grandmother. But she told him back then that they had their tails cut off after childbirth to prevent them from becoming giants apes whenever they see a full moon. It happened a few times with Goku Sr. and later to his son Gohan.

He, along with most of his relatives from his grandmother's side, were hybrid Saiyans, with their bloodline beginning with Goku Sr. himself.

His rival, Vegeta, and his family were also Saiyan hybrids through his ancestor's rival, the former Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta.

The Super Saiyan form was supposedly the next stage of evolution for all Saiyans, he wasn't too sure about since his memory was fuzzy, but the requirements were high in order to achieve it. One needed a high power level and sufficient enough emotional trigger to do so.

He had gained it when he became angry at a Demon known as Lord Yao for hurting a bear cub at the time. He easily defeated the Demon Lord afterwards.

When he showed the form to his grandmother, it was an understatement to say how proud she had been at him for achieving it at a young age. And because of that, Goku's training as a martial artist became even more intense.

"Back then, I was probably crying about my training becoming even more harder." He laughed to himself at the irony as he was now the type to look forward to such things after years of practice with his grandmother.

After defeating the demon, Goku continued on his way and eventually came across the old home of his ancestor.

There, he had found the Four-Star Dragon Ball as his knowledge on how to used the Dragon Balls at the time were limited, he couldn't use it.

It was at that time that he came across the spirit of his ancestor, Son Goku Sr., who had praised him for coming all this way just so he could cure his grandmother's illness despite being a coward back then.

He was later picked up by Grandmother, who looked as healthy as she was before her illness and that made him think that his ancestor might've had something to do with it.

"Still though... was he really a spirit? He looked so real too..."

"Hm?" Goku felt something off.

He could sparks of electricity around him, but couldn't pinpoint where. He then saw that bubbles were forming within the centre of the bathtub.

"What the-!?"


A sudden explosion coming from the bathtub. Rather, the water itself exploded into the air.

"W-What the heck!?"

When the mist from the water began to clear, Goku slowly felt his eyes go wide from shock at the sight before him.

"Mm...! Escape successful!"

It was a young girl around his age. She had pink hair that reached past her hips, peachy white skin, and a voluptuous figure that would've made any guy drop their jaws in delight if they saw her.

She then opened her eyes to look at him, they were a brilliant emerald. The girl had that innocent look too.



'Why me...?'

Shortly after the ruckus in the bath, both Pan and his sister Mikan came up running.

Goku pointed towards the pink-haired girl only for her to have vanished into thin air much to the young man's confusion.

Mikan teased him for being pervert dreaming about naked girls and told him that it was embarrassing as his sister for him to do so. His grandmother on the other hand had a more inquisitive look on her face but didn't say anything more as they left the young man.

Thinking that it really was just a dream, Goku entered the room only for him to see the same pink-haired girl from before.

"Ah, I'm borrowing your towel!" She waved at him.

Goku froze at the sight of the pinkette's body clad in a towel, her hair still somewhat wet from the bathwater earlier.

"W-Who are you...!?" Goku quickly turned around, covering his eyes as he did so.

"Me? I'm Lala."


"Yup. I came from the Planet Deviluke."

Goku widened his eyes slightly at that. The girl said Planet Deviluke... meaning she was not from Earth.

"Then that means... you're an alien?"

"That's right! You don't believe me?" She asked as she stood up. Goku froze up even more as he felt her near him.

"Well, you are speaking our language so perfectly..."

"Then take a look at this then!"

"Hmm?" Unable to help his curiosity as to what she was referring to, Goku did as he was told and felt himself drop on his rear, his mouth gaping.

The girl had turned around and showed her well-shaped bottom to him, a bottom which had tail with a heart shaped end attached to it.

"It's moving..."

"You see? Earthling's don't have these do they?" Lala spoke up, before adding something else.

"Also, I don't turn into transform whenever I see a full moon. Though I heard there used to be a race like that... my father said they became Giant Apes." The girl said as Goku flinched for a small moment

'I guess grandma was right about that then...'

He then remembered her state of clothing...

"Alright, I get it! Hide it!" He was blushing like crazy. "And before anything else, could you please put some clothes on!?"

"Aw, you're blushing? How cute~!" She laughed innocently.

Goku then took in a deep breath before lightly slapping the sides of his face at the same time. The blush on his face went away as he breathed in normally.

"So... you're an alien. Mind telling me why you appeared in the bathtub then?"

"It's because of this, Ta-da!"

Lala raised her left hand, revealing the bracelet that she was wearing.

"What's that?"

"This is Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun! This allows me to teleport anytime I want!"

"Teleport? That sounds neat." Goku commented.

'Now that I think about it, I remember grandma telling me that grandpa Goku had a technique that allowed him to teleport anywhere he wanted so long as he had someone or something with chi energy to act as a beacon for him to hone in on. Looks like this girl's invention is similar. Speaking of which...'

"Although the trade off is that I can't really pinpoint where I'm going, and I can only use it once a day, and I can only teleport short distances because of it."

As she spoke, Goku focused on the young girl's energy signature. Having been taught by his grandmother to do so at a young age, Goku could use it to locate anyone he knew anywhere now.

Such as knowing where Haruna-

'No, no, no! That just makes me a stalker!' He shook his head as he refocused his thoughts. 'Anyway, her energy is really similar to a human, but far stronger. It looks like she hasn't really harnessed that power either.'

He wondered to himself how powerful the girl would be if she trained, though he knew he would still be stronger than her in the long run.

"So why did you teleport here?" He asked the question that had been on his mind since the girl appeared. "I get that your teleport thing is random, but why did you teleport in the first place?"

The girl then smiled, albeit in a sad way.

"The truth is I'm being chased..."


"I thought that by coming here to Earth, I would've been safe. But they caught up to me and if I hadn't used Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun, I would've been..."

'Pursuers...?' A serious look grew on Goku's face. He briefly tell that from the way she talked and acted earlier, that girl really was sweet person. If she was merely putting on an act, then he would've sensed thanks to her aura.

His sense of justice was beginning to act up. If anyone was going to try and hurt this girl, then they'd have to go through him first.


He looked at the towel clad girl one more time, the pinkette smiling innocently at him. His eyes wandering towards her cleavage.

'This is just too stimulating!' The blush on his face returned. As he was about to tell her to put something on, the window to his room opened and both looked to see what it was that opened it.

"Lala-sama! Thank goodness you're alright!" A white being that had swirls for eyes and batwings on its back appeared from the window and flew right into Lala's chest.

"Peke! You found me!" She hugged it back.

"A robot?" Goku muttered aloud, not feeling anything from the small being known as Peke.

"I'm so glad! You were able to escape too!"

"Indeed! The ship was outside of Earth's atmosphere, so I was able to escape through a window!"

It was at this point that Peke noticed Goku who merely twitched in surprise when he noticed that the small robot looked at him.

"Lala-sama, who's this idiotic looking boy?"

"Idiotic...!?" Goku gaped in annoyance. Sure he wasn't brightest guy when it came to his studies but that didn't mean he was that dumb!

"Someone who lives in this house." Lala then looked back at Goku. "Now that I think about it, you haven't told me your name yet have you?"

Remembering proper courtesy, Goku introduced himself to the alien girl and her robot companion.

"My name is Son Goku Jr., though you can just call me Goku for short."

"So you name is Goku? What a nice name." She then brought in front of her Peke. "This is Peke. She's an all purpose costume robot I created when I was little."

"Pleased to meet you." Peke said.

Before Goku could say anything else, Lala removed the towel covering her body and, causing the young man blush bright red as he saw her naked briefly.

"Alright Peke, do your thing!"

In a flash of light, Lala was quickly covered in a white outfit that did fine job of showing of her curves. On her head was a white hat that resembled Peke's head and had a pair of batwings on the sides.

"It isn't too tight for you is it, Lala-sama?" Peke asked.

"Nope! This will do just fine!" Lala replied as she stretched her limbs a little in her outfit.

Goku felt slightly impressed at that. He once remembered Capsule Corp coming up with something similar, but not to this extent. Peke was clearly more advanced compared to human technology.

"So Goku... what do you think?"

"I think it looks great. Peke must be a useful friend to have." He replied. At least the girl was wearing something now he thought to himself.

It was at that moment he sensed two hostile signatures coming their way. Both had an aura similar to Lala but somewhat weaker than hers.

"Lala, over here!"

"Eh? Goku wha-?"

Grabbing Lala by the arm, he pulled her to his side as two men came into his room. Both were wearing black suits and shades, and both had tails similar to Lala.

"Geez, you're one troublesome girl. Maybe we should just tie you up before we leave earth?"

Lala grew an annoyed expression on her face, Peke herself was shaking visibly in her hat form.



"Didn't I tell you to make sure no one was following you?" She asked.

"I'm sorry Lala-sama!"

"You stupid robot! Everything I planned just went down the drain~!" Lala yelled like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Well then, have you prepared yourself?"

Lala merely stuck her tongue out at them. "Bleh! There's no way I'm going with you!"

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." The other one stepped forward and stopped in front of Goku.

"Move it kid, this isn't any of your business."

"Are you deaf or something!? I told you to-"


Goku delivered a kick to the man's face, at a speed so fast no one in the room noticed it until it was too late.

"Why you!"


Goku disappeared as the other went in to punch him before reappearing behind him and delivering both fists upon his head, knocking him down to the ground.

"Let's get out of here...!"

The young man quickly held Lala in his arms before jumping out of the window and onto the rooftops of Sainan city. He didn't need to involve his family in this situation and he needed enough space to fight properly.

The young man could've just flown away, but flying would've made him to conspicuous and he wouldn't be able to fight properly thanks to Lala being in his arms.

"Goku... why?"

"Don't worry about it! I can't just stand by when someone is being threatened. One of my moral codes as a martial artist is to always help people in trouble!"

Unaware to him, one person saw Goku jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

The person in question was none other than Sairenji Haruna. She was merely taking her dog, Maron, out on a walk as it was something she did every night. She didn't expect to see such as surprising sight.

"That was... Son-kun?" She spoke before the young man disappeared from sight.

'Who was that person with him just now...?'

Goku came to a stop at the park, judging that it was far enough from his home and large enough for him to fight in if necessary.

The two men from earlier appeared and landed on the ground not too far from them.

"You shouldn't have interfered human."

"Shut it! You're the ones who broke into my home unannounced you idiots! Show some decency and knock before entering!"

Both men took offence at being called idiots, before shaking their heads and focused their attention towards Lala.

"Lala-sama, please come back home already."

"I don't want to!" Lala declared.

"Yeah, you can't force her to... what?" Goku felt himself twitch as began to realize the situation he was in.

"But Lala-sama, it's the will of your father. As the Princess, you must come and fulfill your duty!" One of them argued.

"I don't wanna! Successor or not, I'm tired of having to go to arranged marriage meetings!"

"You mean to tell me you ran away from home, came here to earth, and teleported inside my bathtub because of that!?" Goku gaped at her but was ignored.

"I don't care what Papa says! I'm not going back home!" Lala said as a device appeared in her hand. It looked something similar to a phone.

"Transfer! Go-Go Vacuum-Kun!"

In an instant flash of pink light, a giant robotic octopus appeared in front of Lala. Goku stared in amazement at the machine as it floated in the air and aimed itself at the two men.

"Shit! One of Lala-sama's inventions!?"

"Alright, suck them up!"

As its creator ordered, the machine did so with full force. The men were quickly sucked in thanks to machine's ability to take in huge amounts of air.

"That's sort of messed up." Goku's come across weird things in his life, but none could top the situation he was in now.

He then noticed that the Vacuum Octopus wasn't stopping anytime soon as it began sucking some of the objects that were placed in the park such as benches, swings, and the like. He looked to Lala for a solution.

"Oi, Lala! Stop that thing already!"

"Sorry, but I think it's broken." The girl looked apologetic.

"I can't believe this." Goku sighed exasperated before a determined look grew on his face. He then jumped far to the front of the vacuum machine threw forward both hands in front of him.

"I'll just have to destroy it then!"

"Eh? Goku what are you...?"

As the force of the suction began taking him in, an orb of light developed around in front of Goku's hands much to Lala's amazement.

Goku drew closer and closer towards the vacuum, he yelled.


A large stream of pure energy erupted from Goku's hands as he blasted away the machine into oblivion.

In the Son home, Pan could see that attack as she watched it from a window.

'It looks like Goku's gotten himself into trouble again.' She thought.

Pan then smiled as she looked at the picture of her as a child being carried on the shoulders of her Grandpa Goku.

'Well, it's not like he can't take care of himself.'

"Amazing...!" Those were the only words that came out of Lala's mouth as she saw Goku destroy her machine with a powerful attack.

She saw the young man standing on the ground looking somewhat troubled. She looked to see that the surrounding area of the park had more or less been destroyed thanks to the events that happened.

"This is bad..." Goku muttered.


"Run away!" He yelled as he realized that police would probably arrive in the area soon to investigate. He didn't really have the patience to deal with them right now so opted to run.

Lala once again found herself being carried in his arms as Goku jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

They came to a stop while later after returning to Goku's home. Goku breathed slightly as he felt it was safe to let his guard down.

"I'm sorry Goku, I haven't used that thing since I was little so..."

"It's alright, it's not like I've been through worse."

"Hmm? What do you mean by that?" She asked, honestly curious.

"I tell you about it some other time, for now... wait. Didn't that thing suck in those two guys from earlier?"

"Don't worry about them! Devilukean guards are pretty tough you know!" She waved off.

"I guess." He nodded. Although they were forcing Lala to come with them, they didn't really seem like bad men. He just felt a little guilty in judging them so quickly because of their appearance.

"Also," Lala began slowly as Goku looked at her.

"Thank you Goku, for helping me that is." She smiled at him.

Goku felt himself step back slightly as he remembered the fact that Lala was an extremely beautiful girl.

"Don't mention it..." He mumble embarrassed.

"Man, what a night..." Goku muttered as he walked to school.

After the events of last night, Goku offered to let Lala sleep at his house that night since she didn't have any place to stay. However, the girl politely refused, saying that she had something to do first and bid him farewell.

He was worried about the girl since he hadn't heard from her since then, but shook himself free from the thought since she looked like she could take care of herself judging from weird inventions.

He had also given the girl his cell phone number, for whatever good that would do, for her to contact him if she was in any trouble.

"Good morning, Son-kun."

Goku stopped in surprise as he heard a feminine voice call out to him. He looked to see who it was, before he felt himself go nervous.

"S-Sairenji. G-Good morning!"

'Shit, another surprise attack!? Second time in a week!' He cursed as he was once again mentally unprepared in dealing with his crush.

As Haruna drew closer to him, she had an uncertain look on her face.


"W-What is it?"

"Yesterday, on the rooftops..." She mumble quietly, causing Goku to not hear her.

While she fidgeted around, Goku suddenly remembered his conversation with Saruyama yesterday.

"So when are you planning on confessing?"

"...When I'm ready for it."

'Now is as good as time any! If I don't then I may not get the chance again!' Goku thought as he cleared his mind of any distracting thoughts.

"S-Sairenji!" He called out to her, causing the young girl to be startled.

"The truth is...! That back when we first met...!"

'C'mon Goku, be a man! You've taken on both demons and aliens, you can do this!' His inner conscious cheered.

Unknown to Goku, he was so focused on the idea of confessing to Haruna at that moment that he didn't sense a familiar pink-haired girl floating down towards him much to Haruna's surprise.

"Ever since that time, I liked you!" He bowed his head. "So please go out with me!"

"Oh? So that's what you were thinking too~?" A innocent tone voiced out, Goku widened his eyes as he realized who was speaking and looked at her.

Lala was standing in between him and Haruna, a smile on her face as she latched onto Goku's arm.

"It's perfect then! Let's get married, Goku~!"


"Such a troublesome Princess we have."

Zastin, sat on the bridge of his ship as the two men he sent to retrieve Lala arrived back on the ship battered and torn.

He read through the report given by them, and came to a decision.

"It looks like I'll have to go fetch her myself."


Author's Notes:

As stated before this fanfic was inspired by "Dragon Troubles" (by mature-yet-innocent) that uses the same basic premise as this one.

I waited for years for the latter to update, but after a while, I decided to try my hand at it.

This is also my first fanfic that I've posted on this site, so reviewers please be gentle.

Anyway, regarding the timeline. I have posted a timeline of events as an extra chapter. It'll mostly a list of events taken from the actual DB history along with my own modifications to better suit my story. Such as Wrath of the Dragon taking place because it actually provides a suitable background for Trunks to actually get interested in swordsmanship.

I'm following the canon timeline of DB where Battle of Gods and Resurrection F took place, and depending on where Dragon Ball Super goes, I might reference its events if I can squeeze it in. Dragon Ball GT has mostly been ignored except for the Black Star Dragon Ball and a small part of the Baby Saga, but even then they have their own modifications (See timeline chapter) Why do I add those two sagas? Because I actually liked the anime enough that I'm putting them here out of nostalgia.

I also have plans for Goku Sr., Vegeta Sr., Beerus, and Whis in this fanfic, but they won't appear until WAY later.