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Long after Drago has been defeated, Berk and other Viking tribes became united. An imaginable accomplishment and it was Hiccup nonetheless who had united each and every one of them. It took a year to unite them and only months for them to accept the dragons in their society like Berk. They've heard of the incredible battle that has taken place in the King's domain where two Bewilderbeast, a dragon with the size of a mountain and can freeze anything at a large area within seconds.

Up till now, the remnants at the Battle that took place in Berk still stood. The ice that Drago's Bewilderbeast was left untouched, all to remind not only the defeat of a person as cruel as Drago, but also as a testament that dragons had protected that Hooligan tribes when the Bewilderbeast attacked. Most of the conference that took place was at Berk, where all the other chieftains gathered to see the stories they've heard.

Marriage. Something that Hiccup had planned with Astrid for a very long time. But after Stoic's death and Drago's attack there had been too many things to handle within and outside of Berk. But she changed her mind, sure she was still at Hiccup's side, but she found someone…new.

Even if we got married together, you'd be too busy for me. Those words echoed to him again and again, night and day, when he sees Astrid with that commoner. But she's right. He loved her so much but there were so many things that he must do, but that didn't stop that pain that he's feeling inside.

Within that year, he not only united all of Vikings under a single banner, but also discovered so many of their kinds. Unfortunately for Toothless, there was no Night Fury that has been spotted. He's left with the only choice of mating with Cloudjumper, and the offspring of the two was a two-winged Night Fury. Amaze by what he saw, they started to crossbreed dragons, with their permission of course. They are considered as people to every Viking, they've showed intelligence that cannot be simply explained by any humans, not even Hiccup. But when asked, the chief of Berk would simply say "It's the mysterious bond between dragons and humans." Which even made the other tribes more amazed. Was it Odin's decision to make up with these magnificent creatures? Or was is Loki doing tricks on their minds. But Berk has survived for almost six years with dragons, they've had a lot of trouble along the way but it was so worth it. Not a single of the tribes are starving, there were no need for other tribes to pillage because dragons would help them fish, which proved a million times more effective than using nets.

Some remained with traditions but Hiccup has changed Berk. With dragons pouring in from every location, he knew it was only a matter of time before the whole world will see dragons. And if they still see Vikings as the savage creatures they once were, then fear would be instill within their hearts, causing doubt and trust issues with the other countries.

War… something he never liked. Even though he only fought one, the time with Drago, he didn't used violence to kill, till the end, he wanted Drago's mind to change. Even when Drago ordered Toothless to kill Stoic. That was of course hard for Hiccup, he wanted to kill him so bad, he wants to strangle his neck with his own hands, to plunge that sword deep in his heart. But that wasn't him.

So, if one man's mind could not be changed up to the end of his life, can he sacrifice so much for the world? His dad for Drago's, and the entire Viking for the world? Can he be that selfish as to sacrifice everyone just so they would change their minds about dragons? Valka and Astrid was now his guiding light, they both gave advises which helped him sleep a lot better at night. Even though hearing her voice or being alone with her was ten times more painful when he thinks about her.

Snotlout, Tuffnut and Ruffnut, Fishlegs, Astrid, Valka, these are the new people within his council. The people he trusted the most. Hiccup positioned Snotlout to be his second-in-command, because like his dad and Spitelout, they can do the more Viking ways. Especially when it was needed. They all changed, they needed to be. There were little times for Hiccup and the gang to just simply fly around. Flying, it became a necessity for Vikings, with the help of dragons they can fly towards the edge of their known world within hours. For him, some took even longer since they aren't a Night Fury.

Dragon Master, that's what he's been called outside of Berk. Some of the other chiefs accepted their allegiance to him but remained to be distant, and Berk became the guardian for both Dragons and Vikings. There were still some unrest within the tribes that's too far for Berk to handle, so they had to send a few armed forces to help the chiefs secure peace.

And he was right, next month, a month just before Astrid's and her new man's wedding a few of the soldiers found their way on the archipelago. No one welcomed them, instead, they reported everything to the Dragon Master. He was both excited and scared at the same time. Will the rest of the world see dragons as an ally or threat? Companions or slave? Will they decide to accept dragons within their society or will they plan to kill every last one of this creatures? These were all what he had in mind. It was eating him.

"Friends, welcome to our place." He greeted, landing Toothless on deck of the ship where men covered in metal armor surrounded him. "Please, I request peace." He said, as he looked up to the sky which everyone followed, only to see a hundred dragon riders like him ready to sink the five ships that's on standby. "Where is the person leading this ships?" Hiccup knew he's on the right ship. It was the biggest, most protected, and the most dangerous among the other four.

A short old man came out, along with two bodyguards. "I am the Duke of Weselton, Heinrich, t-to whom am I speaking?" he stuttered upon seeing the black dragon's sharp-razor teeth. "Can you please remove that… what is that thing?" he asked.

"This here is Toothless, a dragon." Hiccup saw something in the old man's eyes. He saw the plan that's already simulating in his mind, he's dealt with this types before. Alvin, the Outcast, though their actions might be different, their purpose is the same. They wanted dragons not to accept but to use them. "Incredible, a flying creature, the money I could-" he cleared his throat "Please, come in…um…"

Good thing he was still wearing his mask "Call me the Dragon Master" he said in an intimate voice, hoping he'd get the message. "You and your men will not be allowed to pass through here, unless you want your ships to sink at the bottom of the ocean." He said, spotting the two bodyguard's hands pulling something out of their pocket. A knife… that's a cliché right there. He was now sure it's the same people like Alvin.

The Duke immediately knew that Hiccup had read him "P-Please, let me-"

"If your flags ever flew on this land again, I will burn them all, personally." He promised, as he went back to Toothless and rode on the back of him. "Come on, bud" he whispered, as the dragon flew, an arrow nearly missed him on the head "What the!"

"You idiot!" The Duke cursed, grabbing the crossbow from himself. "Come back here!" he screamed, but was greeted by spikes that came from another dragon. A man was scratched by the spike and quickly fell ill. "What have you done!" he then turned his gaze at the men "Fire!" they all grabbed this device that shoots arrow, twice the speed and power but lacks the flexibility of an arrow. The time it took to reload was longer as well.

With the command of his hand, the other dragons burned the sails. Leaving them on the open water. "Hiccup, they'll come back. You know that, right?" Eret said, he became Hiccup's bodyguard, sort of. He pledge his life to protect Hiccup just as he spared and trusted him after the Drago event. He proved to be very helpful, despite not being in the council, his experience at being a dragon trapper had made him confront people of all sorts, specifically the dangerous ones. So he knew how they think, how they act, how they'll plan.

"Chief, I can return with few riders and burn them." Snotlout said, flying besides Hiccup and Eret.

Then they heard a chuckling "Snotlout, always the violent one, huh." Astrid flew in front of them "I think your decision is right, if we kill them we could risk a war." She said, though the boy wasn't looking at her eyes, ever since that breakup. It still hurt her though, and it always will.

He remained quiet "Call the twins and Fishlegs." He ordered Astrid, looking straight at her, rather, pass her. "Then I will make my decision" she nodded, as she flew down finding the few riders that ever conquered the Zippleback. Since it requires two riders, they must be synchronize like the dragon. And since they've all changed, Ruff and Tuff are still like Snotlout, but they are cunning.

"You called, chief?" Ruff said, she's still free on the market and Hiccup was the dream man for every Viking women right now. Conqueror of Dragons, Rider of the Alpha Dragon, Dragon Master, Dragon Trainer, Slayer of Red Death, Chief of chiefs, and so many more titles. And his titles were just… titles, but they were the evidence of his accomplishment. Vikings doesn't easily believed in something that has not been proven, but ever since the Red Death, people started to see the light in Hiccup. Which was followed by everyone.

"Kill them or spare them?" the taste of the word kill never really suited him, it was bitter and tasteless, and it was death.

"Spare them, war is at hand. If we spare them then people won't think we are as violent as they think" Fishlegs said, since he was one of the few people Hiccup took to see the world for a moment. They saw that they are afraid of the things they do not know. Especially when it could spell 'threat' to them. Astrid nodded, forcing him to find her eyes. She hated it, but they must talk about it.

"I think we should go for the kill." Tuffnut said "If we left no evidence then they could just conclude that they're lost or been on an accident." Ruffnut nodded but disagreed with her brother.

"While that is indeed correct, there will still be remnants no matter how hard we clean up. If fire has been spotted then they will thing that it's either 'something' or 'someone' that has destroyed their ships." She said "Spare them." She gave her vote.

He's stuck with a tie.

"All riders, head straight for Berk. We're going home!" he yelled, loud enough for the rest of his army to be heard. Army, the word he never used in front of anyone. He created it not to attack but to defend, but it still doesn't justify him to create such forces in his hands. But if he's to save Berk from the threat of the unknown he need forces such as this. Up till now, he was glad only a few, almost every criminal has only tasted the wrath of his army.

The Outcast was their last opponent. It was really hard since not all Outcast wanted a war with the Dragon Riders, they wanted peace but their children and women are to be hurt and rape if they don't comply. Not only that, some were killed and some weren't fed for a week. Hiccup can't see who the target is and who's not.

Eret, being the least known Viking in Berk and the other tribes, volunteered to infiltrate the Outcast and cause an unrest. Once the forces of the Outcast are divided, Hiccup and his forces would sweep down from the sky and rain fire to those who tortured, rape, and murdered men women and children.

From then on, he became the beacon of hope for the Viking.

When the Duke arrived back at his kingdom, he quickly informed the King of Weselton. Adding a little lie in his story wouldn't hurt right? He told them of how the Dragon Master burned down their ships. Yes, the Duke himself burned the other three ships and killed some of his people. He's going to make tons of gold with those creatures!

The talk about dragons instantly became a topic for every kingdom. It spread like wildfire and is only spreading even more. Soon, it finally reached Arendelle, and when news of Dragons from the north reached them, everyone was on the brink of panic. Why wouldn't they? Arendelle is one of the few kingdoms that's closest to the mysterious archipelago up north.

"Elsa, do you believe the Duke of Weselton?" Anna asked, as she and her sister, along with Arendelle's generals and advisers held a meeting. "I mean, he's the lying type, but dragons? Even if he planned this he wouldn't lie something that could give him the title of crazy old man!" So Anna is not the best when it comes to speaking but she has a point.

"We do not know the truth behind this, but we have to take precaution" the general said, Elsa nodded.

Before the news had reached Arendelle, it has been a week since the Duke had spread the news. "My Queen!" Kai entered the room, sweating as he pants from running.

"What is it?" she asked

"A joint attack from the Southern Isles and Weselton decided to pass through here towards north!" he handed her a letter.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle,

We are terribly sorry for the disturbance that we might cause, but this threat of dragons cannot be ignored. Along with a few other kingdom soldiers, we request your permission to launch a full scale assault on the north. We will not be on your docks, we only request to use inhabited lands- north of your country to launch an assault there.

King Theodore of Weselton

Below his signature was the three more Kings that signed the paper. "Tell them to proceed, but Arendelle will only give them a week to launch an attack. They would need to buy our provisions should they need them, we are not allied to them neither are they a friend of ours. We are not obligated to assist them but if this dragon threat is real, I will allow such acts only this time." Kai nodded and quickly ran back.


"Anna, if this Dragon Master guy is real and he's a Viking like our history books told, then he's a threat not only to us." She gave her an assuring smile "We will not be at war with the Vikings but we must remain prepared."

"My Queen, it's best that we do not spread news of your powers up north." She gave him a confusing look. "I don't mean to be too forward, but if needed be, your powers are our last line of defense-"

"How dare you! That's the Queen you're speaking to!"

"Please, gentlemen, enough." She said in a soft voice, quickly calming down the generals "If need be, I am not afraid to use my powers" she said, she had mastered her powers and she will definitely use this to protect Arendelle.

Astrid stormed inside his house "Hiccup! They sent an entire fleet!" she yelled.

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