"Riku...what are you doing here?" Kairi looked at the clock and then searched for her robe. Riku was climbing in the window.
"I wanted to ask you about something Sora said today." Riku whispered as he sat on her bed.
"Sora said something that has you crawling through my window at 2 a.m. Jeezus."
Riku snorted "Yeah It's me anyway."
Kairi tied her robe and sat beside him. "What did he say?"
Riku looked at the floor gathering his nerve. "He said you let him kiss you."
Kairi laughed, "He told you?!"
Riku looked crestfallen and nodded.
"So why is that keeping you awake Riku...are you jealous?" Kairi adjusted her robe but instead of covering more it now covered less.
Riku bit his lip. "Maybe..."
" you want a kiss too?" Kairi asked as she slipped her robe off.
Riku watched her and squirmed a little and shuffled his feet on the floor. "Well yeah but..."
Kairi smiled and stood in front of him in her short night gown and played with the hem making it pull up even higher. Riku slid his fingers underneath his thighs as he sat staring at her face.

"You know Riku, with you being older than Sora I just assumed you'd been kissed lots of times by lots of girls. And here you sit blushing about asking me for one little kiss." She propped her knee beside him and ran her hand down his arm to take his hand. "A good kiss isn't just touching lips. You have to touch other places if you want it to be a really good kiss." She put his hand on her thigh and pulled it up to her hip.
"K-Kairi!" Riku stuttered making Kairi smile.
"Don't be nervous. Kissing is fun. You'll like it I promise. Why don't you sit back a little so I can sit on your lap."
"B-but " Riku stuttered again as She pushed him back on the bed. "Kairi w-wait..."
She crawled up on the bed and sat down on his hips. He reached up as if to stop her and she grabbed his hands and held them and wiggled her ass. Riku gasped. "Kairi! You don't understand."
"Oh I understand all right. I understand lots of things and I want to show you." She leaned down on top of him and pulled his hands around to rest on her ass. " look..." Riku started but Kairi covered his mouth with hers. As she kissed him she rubbed his chest and then started pulling his shirt up. He squirmed underneath her and she moaned. He kissed her back thinking she would stop but it seemed to make her more determined. She groped him and bit his nipple. His nipple! "Stop!" Riku squawked.
"You don't mean that." She said as she shoved her hands inside his sweats. "Oh...Oh!" Riku said as she shoved his pants and boxers down and he could feel that she didn't have any underwear on. She writhed against him and he mumbled "Aw fuck it."

The next day on the beach he fell on the sand beside Sora.
"You look like you haven't slept Riku. What did you do last night?" Sora asked.
"I went to ask Kairi's advice about something last night and now I wish I hadn't." Riku said feeling grumpy from lack of sleep.
"Why would you ask her advice about anything? Why didn't you ask me?" Sora said sitting up and feeling betrayed by his best friend.
Riku sat up too and snapped, "After last night I wish I woulda just did what I wanted and not asked her anything."
"Well why doncha just do it then and don't ask anybody!" Sora yelled in his face.
"Maybe I will!" Riku yelled back.
"Maybe you should!" Sora yelled louder.
Riku grabbed Sora's face and kissed him passionately.
Sora looked at him stunned. Riku looked back at him and smiled.
"Wow..." Sora said and put his fingers to his lips.
"Yeah. After you think that over, don't go ask Kairi for advice later unless you're prepared to fuck her for it." Riku said as he lay back down on the sand for a nap.